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Sri Lanka tour of England 2016

Scorecard - 4th ODI, England vs Sri Lanka at Kennington Oval, London, England (29 Jun 2016)

Sri Lanka

305/5 (42) RR:7.26

England won by 6 wickets (DLS method)

MOM: Jason Roy

309/4 (40.1) RR:7.69

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41.3 - Woakes to Mathews, FOUR, that is excellent batting. Woakes became predictable. Mathews knew the yorker was coming up, he danced down the wicket, took it on the full and smashed the drive to the deep extra cover fence, rocketed away to the fence

40.5 - Plunkett to Mathews, FOUR, hat-trick of fours. Full and Plunkett misses the yorker length, Mathews walks across and flicks it in front of square. Plenty of bottom hand behind that shot and he placed it to perfection

40.4 - Plunkett to Mathews, FOUR, cheeky from Mathews, shuffles across to the back of a length delivery, gets inside the line and uses Plunkett's pace to scoop it over short fine. Almost went the distance

40.3 - Plunkett to Mathews, FOUR, Mathews brings up his fifty. Another captain's innings from him. Came in when his side had lost two quick wickets and rebuild the innings with Chandimal. Shimmies down and almost yorks himself, but got enough power to drill the drive straight down the ground, beat long-on's dive

39.2 - Woakes to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR, good start to the over, consecutive boundaries for Shanaka. Woakes has missed his yorker length and has conceded two fours. This was short and wide, Shanaka jumps up and cuts it over backward point, no need to run for those

39.1 - Woakes to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR, that is very unlucky. Length delivery on middle and leg, Shanaka goes for the mow towards cow corner, gets an inside edge which nutmegs Shanaka and races to the fine leg fence

38.3 - Willey to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR, Willey goes for a back of a length delivery and pays the price. Offered width as well and Shanaka opens his account with a classy cut shot, waits and steers it to the right of backward point. Relied on timing rather than power

37.2 - Woakes to S Prasanna, FOUR, edged and four. Not where he intended but Prasanna won't mind. Fullish and outside off, Prasanna throws everything at it, the outside edge goes fine and beats third man comfortably

37.0 - Willey to Mathews, FOUR, a gimme ball really from Willey. A nice height full toss on leg-stump, Mathews had already made up his mind to play the scoop and Willey made his job easier, done nonchalantly over short fine

34.0 - Willey to Chandimal, FOUR, nice improvisation from Chandimal, he knew Willey was attacking the stumps, moves across to get inside the line, whips it behind square on the leg-side for a boundary

32.5 - Plunkett to Mathews, FOUR, this time he finds the gap. Short and following the batsman, Mathews made sure he came down the track, had the room to swing across the line, placed the pull in between mid-wicket and mid-on

19.1 - Adil Rashid to Gunathilaka, FOUR, nice way to greet Rashid. Backs away to the leg-side, opens up his shoulders, goes up and over mid-off. Even though it was a mishit, he got enough to clear the fielder

18.1 - Moeen Ali to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, expertly done. Moeen Ali pushes it through as he is not able to grip the ball, Mendis waits and steers it late past short third man, raced away across the wet outfield

17.3 - Adil Rashid to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, an acrobatic dive from Plunkett almost saved four for England. Flighted outside off, Mendis drives it hard and to the left of long-off. Plunkett did all the hard work of getting there, but the dive and momentum of it takes the ball along to the rope

16.0 - Adil Rashid to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, oh lord! This man has been batting like he owns the ground, like he owns every moment, like he owns every delivery coming at him. Such confidence, tossed up just outside off - Mendis sinks to one knee and loft-drives it up and over extra cover, played!

15.0 - Moeen Ali to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, short again and this has been punished. Had enough time to dance back and blast the pull through mid-wicket

13.2 - Adil Rashid to Gunathilaka, FOUR, SL having nothing to lose. They certainly seem to have come with a plan and a positive one. Not sparing anything that's average or below - Short one and Gunathilaka had enough time to rock back and murder the pull through mid-wicket

13.1 - Adil Rashid to Gunathilaka, FOUR, that's a gimme. Slow, short, wide - Gunathilaka leans on his back leg and spanks the drive through the covers. No chance for the man in the deep

11.2 - Adil Rashid to Gunathilaka, FOUR, nice and sensible from Danushka Gunathilaka. Saw mid-off was inside the ring, jumps down the pitch like a bull in pamplona and lofts it straight, got to the pitch and placed it over the fielder

10.1 - Plunkett to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, that ball has four written all over it, the moment it left the blade, the moment Mendis decided to lean on his front foot and stroked the drive. Scorched through the covers, nuff said!

10.0 - Woakes to Gunathilaka, FOUR, overcompensates and bowls a dross, down leg and that's been tickled past a diving short fine. Adil Rashid's the fielder

8.5 - Plunkett to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, more orthodox stuff from the willow of Kusal Mendis. Just hops and gets on top of bounce to punch it square, pierecing backward point and cover

6.4 - Plunkett to Gunathilaka, FOUR, poor bowling this from England. This has been the umpteenth ball that has been sparayed on the pads, Gunathilaka flicks and he just had to beat short fine. Did so by some distance...

5.4 - Woakes to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, and now he follows it up with a classy straight drive. On the stumps and Mendis just had to put bat to ball, he did so with sheer confidence and the timing did the rest

5.3 - Woakes to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, jeez! Mendis is in some mood to punish the bad deliveries - Not letting that go scot-free. Good length but wide enough for Mendis to punch it past point, timing at its very best

5.0 - Willey to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, not again! Willey continues to bowl on that same lines and Mendis has seen enough of that - Shuffles a fraction and clips aerially, a four into the fine leg fence

4.4 - Willey to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, that's the shot of the day so far. Dripping with class and authority, twirling in towards his pads - Mendis just flicks his wrists and extends his arms - Up and over mid-on, the ball dribbles, dribbles and kisses the fence - Just to make you aware of the outfield

4.0 - Woakes to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, too straight and Mendis says "Thank you" as he whips it off his pads, done that with some amount of confidence. Oh! This lad can play...

3.3 - Woakes to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, streaky but a boundary nonetheless. Short and wide, Mendis rises on his toes and flays it with a horizontal flat-bat past the slip cordon. Lots of oohs and aahs...

3.0 - Willey to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, superb shot to get going. Tad short and ample width on offer, Mendis frees his arms as he punches this square on the off-side, no chance for the fieldsmen

0.4 - Willey to Gunathilaka, FOUR, top shot! Full and curling in around off-stump, Gunathilaka merely pushes it with soft hands, down the ground and to the left of mid-off. ALahore THE WAY

34.2 - Plunkett to Chandimal, SIX, Chandimal brings up his fifty with a fine shot. His teammates are up on their feet. He acknowledges it with the raise of the bat. They need him to keep going. Short and outside off, Chandimal hops and ramps it over third man. The pace of Plunkett meant it went all the way

30.2 - Plunkett to Chandimal, SIX, that's been smoked. Even Chandimal has a wry smile on his face. He liked the connection on that. Shimmies down to convert it into a length ball and hammered it into the stands at long-on

28.4 - Moeen Ali to Mathews, SIX, this was what he was looking for on the first ball of the over. Crouched a bit to get under the off-break and once he got underneath it, he nailed it over cow corner for a maximum

22.1 - Moeen Ali to Chandimal, SIX, fabulous shot! This is how you should play an off-spinner. Dances down the wicket, gets right to the pitch of the ball and smokes it with the turn over deep mid-wicket. Went all the way into the crowd

38.2 - Willey to S Prasanna, out Bowled!! Once again Willey hits the sticks. No fireworks from Prasanna. It was a well-directed yorker from Willey, Prasanna was a tad early into the swipe across the line, he went on one knee and missed it completely. The ball went underneath his bat to hit the middle-stump. Sri Lanka losing a bit of steam towards the end. S Prasanna b Willey 9(8) [4s-1]

36.4 - Willey to Chandimal, out Bowled!! Timbah! A crucial moment in the game. Chandimal had got his eye in and was looking dangerous, but Willey sends him back with a perfect yorker on leg-stump. Chandimal moved too far across to play the paddle over short fine, in the end he got nothing on the ball as it clattered into the base of leg-stump. Sri Lanka would have wanted him to be there till the end. Chandimal b Willey 63(51) [4s-1 6s-3]

23.2 - Adil Rashid to Gunathilaka, out Caught by Moeen Ali!! Rashid at it again. Second wicket for him and the set batsman has to depart. It was cleverly bowled from the leggie. He saw the batsman giving himself room, hence followed him with a quicker, fuller one, Gunathilaka didn't have the room to free his arms and ends up scooping it wide of mid-off. Moeen Ali had a fair bit of ground to cover, he does so with ease. Gunathilaka c Moeen Ali b Adil Rashid 62(64) [4s-7]

19.4 - Adil Rashid to Kusal Mendis, out Caught by Plunkett!! A fine knock comes to an end via a terrific catch. The duo had come out with a set plan; that is to attack from the word go. The loopy leggie from Rashid which is well outside off, Mendis went down on one knee to sweep it over mid-wicket, the turn took the ball away from the bat and he hit it towards long-off. Plunkett runs forward, dives full length and latches onto it. Made sure the ball didn't pop out as he hit the ground. Kusal Mendis c Plunkett b Adil Rashid 77(64) [4s-13]

1.3 - Woakes to Gunathilaka, out K Perera Run Out!! Gunathilaka dropped this to his left and called for an ill-advised quick single. There was never one there, Bairstow hunts it from cover - Dives and hits the furniture. Perera was just inches behind, but hey! There's that fine line between out and not out. Perera actually had to run around Woakes as he too was pouncing to collect the ball. K Perera run out (Bairstow) 1(1)

36.5 - Willey to S Prasanna, 1 run, might have been the slower ball, Prasanna bunts it to backward point and sets off. Roy fires at the bowler's end and that would have been interesting had it hit

19.0 - Moeen Ali to Gunathilaka, 1 run, fifty for Gunathilaka. A well-compiled knock. A much needed one for Sri Lanka after losing Perera early. Quicker and angled in from round the wicket, punched to long-off

14.0 - Adil Rashid to Kusal Mendis, 1 run, and Mendis continues to impress - A half-century and a well-deserved one for him. Floated straight, Mendis stays legside and gets inside the line of the delivery to drive it down to long-off. It's been all classy from this bloke

40.1 - S Prasanna to Buttler, FOUR, and that is the game. The second highest successful run chase in the history of ODIs for England. Gee, the transformation after the 2015 WC has been brilliant to watch. The entire team is delighted and skipper Morgan is all smiles in the dressing room. Coming back to the delivery, Buttler steps out and sends it over the infield wide of mid-on

39.3 - Pradeep to Bairstow, FOUR, the idea was right from the bowler to go for the yorker as a follow-up to the bumper, but he didn't get it spot on, allowed Bairstow to get under it and smash it down the ground to the left of mid-on

39.1 - Pradeep to Bairstow, leg byes, FOUR, no sir, can't bowl a leg stump line with 16 needed off 18 balls. Bairstow tries to glance it fine, misses and it rolls off the thigh pad to the fine leg boundary

38.5 - Maharoof to Buttler, FOUR, that's sliced away nicely by Buttler. He backed away and went hard at this full delivery, deliberately played with an angled bat and he placed it to perfection

36.1 - S Prasanna to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow takes the aggressive route as well. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Bairstow steps out, gets close to the pitch of the ball and inside-out drives it hard over extra-cover, bounced just inside the rope

35.2 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, FOUR, a swipe across the line from Roy and the edge flies over short third man. The batsman stepped out to muscle this slower ball wide of long-on/mid-wicket, got a thick edge and he swung hard enough that it had enough legs to the clear the infield

34.0 - Lakmal to Bairstow, FOUR, short again and without any paace to cause any sort of trouble. Banished with disdain to backward square leg for another boundary.

33.2 - Lakmal to Jason Roy, FOUR, cutter from Lakmal, Jason Roy picks the length very early and rocks back to slap it with a flat bat past a diving fielder at the deep mid-wicket fence

21.0 - S Prasanna to Root, FOUR, swept and swept fine. Gets on one knee and sends the ball to the fine leg fence. Timed it to perfection.

20.0 - Maharoof to Jason Roy, FOUR, Roy gets on top of the bounce and pulls it well in front of square for his 11th boundary of this innings

17.5 - Gunathilaka to Jason Roy, FOUR, Roy steps out and gets to the pitch, lofts this handsomely over the bowler and into the fence. No chance for long-on

17.1 - Gunathilaka to Root, FOUR, comes round the wicket and bowls this outside leg-stump, Root says thank you very much and sweeps it behind square for a boundary. Brings up his fifty too

16.5 - S Prasanna to Jason Roy, FOUR, reverse swept and finally gets full value for his shot, gets low and sweeps it wide of the diving point fielder and into the deep backward point fence

13.1 - Lakmal to Root, FOUR, poor stuff from Sri Lanka, they have lost the plot and are giving freebies to both the set men. short delivery on the stumps, Root has enough time to swivel across and pull this to deep mid-wicket

12.3 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, FOUR, Roy gets inside and flicks this straightish delivery down towards fine leg, the fielder had no chance of stopping that, 14 runs in 3 balls for Roy. England are well ahead on the DLS equation

12.2 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, FOUR, full delivery well outside off, Roy gets forward and drills it wide of cover, Roy is getting boundaries at will here. Placement, power and etc all perfect

11.4 - Dasun Shanaka to Root, FOUR, and again, Shanaka bowls it short and down leg, Root gets in a solid position to pull this and finds the gap as well, second boundary of the over

11.1 - Dasun Shanaka to Root, FOUR, loose delivery to start off from Shanaka, doesn't have the pace to trouble Root, bowls short on the stumps. Root rocks back and pulls it well in front of square for another boundary

10.3 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, FOUR, short delivery on the stumps, Roy picks the line and length early and pulls it to deep square leg, the ball bounces just once before hitting the ad boards

10.1 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, FOUR, Roy comes down the track and flat bats this short of a length delivery on the stumps past the non-striker, dismissive stuff from Roy, looks in great touch once again

9.3 - Maharoof to Jason Roy, FOUR, edged and four! This good length delivery tailed back in sharply and kissed the inside edge of Jason Roy as he tried to push it down the ground. No chance for HYD as the ball flew past him

8.5 - Mathews to Root, FOUR, a nothing delivery from Mathews, no pace, short and wide - Root leans deep inside the crease and executes a characteristic cut in the same region

8.4 - Mathews to Root, FOUR, width on offer and Root capitalizes - Stays back and stabs it with a flashing willow past backward point

5.3 - Pradeep to Root, FOUR, and the intensity goes up a bit further now and why is that? Root has clipped one so elegantly off his pads, no stopping that

5.2 - Pradeep to Root, FOUR, the crowd hoot "Rooooooooot" as he dances down the pitch and smack-bangs off the meat, up and over mid-off for a boundary

4.5 - Mathews to Jason Roy, FOUR, too straight and Roy takes full toll of it, just slides across and flicks through mid-wicket, all the way

2.5 - Lakmal to Jason Roy, FOUR, more stand-and-deliver stuff from the Surrey lad. Sees width and cashes on it as he flays it through backward point, that raced away...

0.3 - Lakmal to Jason Roy, FOUR, no denying this time around. Just stand and admire - Shortish, outside off, Roy got on the top of the bounce as he firmly punches it past backward point. Great way to get off the mark...

26.2 - Pradeep to Eoin Morgan, SIX, the captain gets a new bat and middles this length slower delivery from Pradeep over long-off. First signs of timing for the English captain.

25.0 - S Prasanna to Jason Roy, SIX, that was building up. The spinners had dried down the boundaries and Jason Roy decides to put on the dancing shoes and tonks it over the long on fence for a maximum

12.1 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, SIX, England are taking on Sri Lanka here, Roy looks in fabulous touch as he comes down the track and clubs this over the long-on fence

7.2 - Maharoof to Jason Roy, SIX, Jason Roy has taken Farveez Maharoof to a picnic. Jumps down the pitch and gets underneath this gentle loosener, baaaaaang into the wide long-on stands

37.5 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, out Bowled!! There you go, not offering pace on the ball works for Pradeep, but it's come too late for the visitors. Jason Roy gets a standing ovation as he walks off with his bat raised. The cameras flash their lights as Roy holds his head high after a satisfying knock. The slower delivery (from the back of the hand) on the stumps, Roy backs away slightly and swings across the line, he played a tad early and missed the ball and it crashed into middle and leg. Jason Roy b Pradeep 162(118) [4s-13 6s-3]

30.0 - Lakmal to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Gunathilaka!! An Absolute stunner. Gunathilaka has pulled off a Superman-esque fly. Short and wide, asking for punishment from Lakmal and Eoin Morgan obliges, cutting it as hard as he could. Only for Gunathilaka to fly horizontally and pluck it with his right hand. Eoin Morgan c Gunathilaka b Lakmal 22(27) [6s-1]

21.3 - Gunathilaka to Root, out Caught by Pradeep!! One sweep too many from Root! And the drinks break provides just the momentum duck that the visitors needed to get a peek into this game. Root sees the ball flighted up and looks to sweep it but ends up getting a top-edge to balloon to Pradeep at short fine leg for a sitter. Root c Pradeep b Gunathilaka 65(54) [4s-9]

3.4 - Pradeep to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Chandimal!! Nicked and gone! So England's makeshift opener has failed to impress - Pearl of a delivery from Nuwan Pradeep: Hit the good length and just got it to wobble away off the seam, in the corridor of uncertainty and Ali was lured into a punchy drive (on seeing the length). His feet was chained and played it with hard hands. Thus, the edge and a regulation grab for HYD. Moeen Ali c Chandimal b Pradeep 2(7)

34.1 - Maharoof to Jason Roy, 2 runs, the raise of the bat to the dressing room from Jason Roy. What a knock! It's 150 for him and the England players stand and applaud. A handshake and then a hug from partner Bairstow. Slower delivery around off stump line, Roy waits and works this wide of long-on and easily gets back for the second

23.5 - Gunathilaka to Jason Roy, 2 runs, and he gets it. His third century in ODIs and his second in this series. Brings it up with a sweet flick behind square. Top knock Roy

15.0 - S Prasanna to Root, 2 runs, 100 run-stand for the duo, short delivery outside off, cut square of the wicket and gets a brace

10.5 - Pradeep to Jason Roy, 1 run, 4th ODI fifty for Roy. Good length delivery well wide of off, Roy steers it to third man and reaches the milestone. Raises the bat to his team-mates

4.1 - Mathews to Jason Roy, no run, cries of howzaaaaat as Roy attempts to fend a delivery that probably would have nipped in to hit off-stump. He tucked his bat behind his pad and was struck just outside the line of off, Mathews instantly goes for the review but to no avail. The key was umpire Oxenford thought Roy was offering a shot, if he wasn't playing a shot, that would have been overturned as the ball was hitting off-stump