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The Cricket Diary

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1 Yuvraj Singh: The Road Ahead

The odds are highly against Yuvi appearing for India in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

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2 Rahul Dravid: The genius is back

As batting consultant for overseas tours, the Wall has the chance to personally influence a new generation.

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3 From Fletcher and Houghton to Cremer

A brief history of Zimbabwe's captains, and a hope for a recovery in Zimbabwe cricket.

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4 5 legends of Women's Cricket

In the years since the first Women's Cricket World Cup in 1973, these players have left their mark on the game.

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5 Joe Root and centuries on captaincy debut

A look at 4 great, modern batsmen who scored a hundred in their first Test as captain.

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6 Super spells from India vs West Indies

The best bowling figures from ODIs between the subcontinental giants and the calypso kings.

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7 5 pivotal events in Ireland's journey to Test status

It was not an easy journey to Test cricket, but Ireland proved that they were worth it.

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8 The incredible second half of 2017

There will be some great Test, ODI and T20 cricket all over the world in the latter half of the year.

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9 Indian cricket and June 25th

The 25th of June is an important date for Indians, with the 1983 World Cup win and more to remember.

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10 India's clashes in the Caribbean

Looking at some exciting India vs West Indies ODI battles in the lead up to the ODI series.

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11 The turnaround of Rohit Sharma

Since his debut 4 years ago, Rohit Sharma has become one of the best openers in the modern game.

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12 5 famous Bangladesh wins

Before their Champions Trophy semi final, five significant victories from the Tigers' past.

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13 7 unexpected heroes from Champions Trophy history

At the time, nobody expected these cricketers to perform as well as they did.

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14 Collis, the forgotten King

Collis King won the 1979 World Cup for the West Indies an otherwise unremarkable career.

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15 A bizarrerie in Bangkok

Flashback to a match between China and Iran in Bangkok where a most unusual match took place.

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16 India vs Pakistan in the Champions Trophy

India and Pakistan have met 3 times before in the Champions Trophy. What will happen this time?

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17 Champions Trophy Grounds

A look at the history of the grounds which will be hosting the Champions Trophy matches.

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18 India's Champions Trophy moments

A look at some of India's most memorable matches from the history of the Champions Trophy.

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19 7 Champions Trophy Classics

Seven astonishing, nail-biting, matches from the history of the Champions Trophy.

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20 Champions Trophy 2013 to 2017

While a lot is similar, a lot has changed in these 4 years, with several names not playing.

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