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Sri Lanka tour of England 2016

Scorecard - 1st ODI, England vs Sri Lanka at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, England (21 Jun 2016)

Sri Lanka

286/9 (50) RR:5.72

Match tied

MOM: Chris Woakes

286/8 (50) RR:5.72

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47.4 - Woakes to Maharoof, FOUR, that's a gimme from Chris Woakes. Fine leg inside the circle and he bowls a short delivery way down leg, Maharoof sees it early - Gets inside the line of the delivery and pulls it nonchalantly into the fine leg fence

42.1 - Willey to Mathews, FOUR, finesse from the Sri Lankan skipper. The off-cutter sprayed down leg, he shuffles a fraction and plays a late glance to run it past the keeper. The bat turned in his hands on impact but he did time it well enough I reckon

41.2 - Moeen Ali to Mathews, FOUR, Mathews loves spinners, doesn't he? Remember that game in Delhi (T20 WC) where he almost batted England out of the game! This time he skates down, isn't quite to the pitch of the delivery but still goes through with the cross-batted heave-ho. Not quite off the middle, but enough power to bisect deep mid-wicket and long-on

37.1 - Moeen Ali to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR, uff, nailed it! Loopy off-break but it's very full. Shanaka makes it even fuller by wading out of the crease and hammers the drive through the covers

34.2 - Plunkett to Mathews, FOUR, oh now Angelo. Mid-off is up in the ring and he picks his spot. Converts it into a full ball by running down the track and drills it over the fielder

32.4 - Plunkett to S Prasanna, FOUR, drilled through extra-cover. This is breathtaking stuff from Prasanna. Almost a yorker, not quite, and Prasanna threads a scorching drive to the left of mid-offf

32.3 - Plunkett to S Prasanna, FOUR, Prasanna is causing mayhem. He's swinging for the rafters and most of it is coming off. Good length delivery on middle and leg, Prasanna has a mighty swipe and it skims away off the inside half of the bat to beat the man at fine leg to his right

32.2 - Plunkett to S Prasanna, FOUR, Prasanna whacks the free-hit to the mid-wicket fence. It's a low full toss and he has no problems picking it up and dispatching it to the ropes. Fifty up. #Carnage

32.2 - Plunkett to S Prasanna, no ball, FOUR, oh shocker. Slower ball gone horribly wrong. Tries for the back of the hand variety but it slips out and is around Prasanna's throat when he swings it away to the backward square leg fence

31.5 - Moeen Ali to S Prasanna, FOUR, another back of a length dart but Prasanna is waiting with his back knee grounded and he bludgeons the sweep behind square. Spins away off the turf taking it further from the deep fielder. Prasanna taking flight

28.3 - Adil Rashid to S Prasanna, FOUR, here he goes, flailing away and whacking it over mid-wicket. It's the wrong 'un and Prasanna is hitting with the turn on the slog-sweep, good strike

27.3 - Moeen Ali to S Prasanna, FOUR, swept away emphatically behind square and sneaks under a tumbling Woakes to the boundary. Got there in time but couldn't get the final part right

27.2 - Moeen Ali to S Prasanna, FOUR, a genuine edge and no slip. Races away to the fence much to the dismay of Ali. Prasanna is forced back into the crease to a ball which is quicker through the air, when he should have been forward. It slides on, takes the edge and runs away

24.5 - Adil Rashid to Mathews, FOUR, welcome boundary off Rashid. A rare short and wide ball and Mathews's eyes light up. He rocks back to thunder a cut through the backward point region, timed superbly and it races away

21.2 - Moeen Ali to Mathews, FOUR, and a release for the Lankan skipper. He's been more edgy than a dodecahedron so far but sheds the cobwebs with a stunning reverse-sweep wallop past backward point

16.0 - Plunkett to Chandimal, FOUR, short and plenty of width for Chandimal to smear the upper-cut over the fielder at backward point. No need to run for those

14.2 - Adil Rashid to Chandimal, FOUR, deliciously flighted from Rashid, Chandimal sinks on one knee and tries to sweep, but ekes out a top-edge that runs away very fine and into the fence

7.5 - Willey to Chandimal, FOUR, fuller length delivery and angled across Chandimal, he bends his front knee to get more to the pitch of the ball and then drives. He also scissors the gap between cover-point and backward point as the ball whistles away to the boundary boards

6.2 - Woakes to K Perera, FOUR, shortish and angled away from Woakes, Perera jabs at it more off the front foot and off she runs away to the long-on fence. Perera got a good piece on that one

6.0 - Willey to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, this time, Willey hits it on a length, but mediocred with width, Mendis smears the cut, and breaches the gap through the backward point region. The ball whistles away to the fence

5.2 - Willey to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, Willey aims for the inswinger, but does not get any backward rotation on the ball, Mendis flicks the half volley in the air towards mid-wicket, where Plunkett dives to his left, but to no avail

3.1 - Willey to Gunathilaka, FOUR, nice flow of hands there from Gunathilaka. Good length delivery and outside off, Gunathilaka uses the lofted drive and the ball zooms away to the sweeper cover boundary

2.5 - Woakes to K Perera, FOUR, now that was nailed by Perera. Woakes again steams into the crease and pounds in a short delivery, Perera, though, rocks back quickly and cracks the pull. It beat Rashid at fine leg with ease

2.3 - Woakes to K Perera, FOUR, a touch of width on offer, Perera slaps it on the up through the cover-region. The ball just rockets to the fence

2.2 - Woakes to K Perera, FOUR, Woakes pulls his length back a wee bit, Perera stays back and ushers in the push-drive. He also breaches the gap through the point region and runs away to the fence

46.3 - Plunkett to Maharoof, SIX, oh! Didn't see this coming... That's an elegant slog, yep he did play it elegantly. Sat up nicely outside off and Maharoof just twirled his wrists on the whippy slog and deposits into the deep backward square galaxy...

37.5 - Moeen Ali to Dasun Shanaka, SIX, big booming swipe down the ground. I'd have thought Shanaka will look to survive with the skipper .. well .. what do I know! Shanaka takes a trip down the track, gets right to the ball and clobbers it over long-on

31.3 - Moeen Ali to S Prasanna, SIX, and again. This is even bigger. It's more brutal. Dr. Hannibal Lecter would be proud of it. Soaring away deep into the mid-wicket stands. Monster hit after going down on his knees. Prasanna is playing a blinder

31.2 - Moeen Ali to S Prasanna, SIX, six more! Gee, isn't he riding high on confidence or what. Goes down and spanks the slog-sweep with the turn over deep mid-wicket

31.0 - Plunkett to S Prasanna, SIX, just evades a leaping Hales at deep square leg. Prasanna isn't gonna die wondering here. Good length delivery outside off, Prasanna picks it up and flogs it with super wrists, enough contact to take it over the ropes

30.4 - Plunkett to S Prasanna, SIX, quick short ball down leg, Prasanna pulls unabashedly and it flies away off a top-edge and over the ropes at fine leg. The pace of Plunkett taking it all the way

5.4 - Willey to Kusal Mendis, SIX, on a length, but it was bowled too straight, Mendis shuffles across the sticks and whips it over the fine leg fence. Not sure, he got it right off the screws, but on this small ground, it went all the way

50.0 - Woakes to Maharoof, out Lakmal Run Out!! 1 run completed. "It's an okay score on a wonderful pitch" sums up Bumble (David Lloyd) on air. Exactly what I wanted to say. Coming to the final ball: Maharoof drills this towards a forward sprinting long-on and calls for a non-existent second. Lakmal responds and had to hurry his way through towards the bowler's end. The throw came in on Saturday and poor Lakmal arrived on Monday. Too late Lakmal, too late. Woakes had the easiest of jobs - flicking the bails after receiving a laser-sharp throw... Lakmal run out (Willey/Woakes) 7(8)

47.0 - Plunkett to Mathews, out Caught by Woakes!! Oh! Commentator's curse they say. Alas! Angelo Mathews departs after a splendid knock - The Sri Lankan dressing room stand up on their feet and clap their skipper on his way to the pavilion. "A controlled knock" as MJ describes it on air. Full and dipping in at his toes, Mathews tries to clear mid-wicket with an aerial flick, was a smidge early on the shot. And thus leading edge comes into play, popping a sitter to long-off. Mathews c Woakes b Plunkett 73(109) [4s-5]

40.1 - Willey to Mathews, out Dasun Shanaka Run Out!! Brilliant work from Plunkett, brilliant work from England. Mathews drives this full delivery to the right of extra cover and briefly waited to see if the ball had gone past him. Unfortunately for him and Sri Lanka, it didn't. The big boy Liam Plunkett dives full length to his right and engulfs the ball in his palms. Dasun Shanaka was nowhere in the picture, was half-way down and Plunkett didn't panic. Just composes himself and lobs the ball to Willey who does the rest. Dasun Shanaka run out (Plunkett/Willey) 20(19) [4s-1 6s-1]

34.4 - Plunkett to Tharanga, out Caught by Buttler!! The hurting Plunkett gets rid of Tharanga. A full, wide tempter .. Tharanga can't resist and goes stretching out with a cross-batted drive in mind. But the ball kicks off the deck, takes the edge and Buttler has an easy grab. Loose from the left-hander given that he has barely spent any time in the middle. Tharanga c Buttler b Plunkett 3(4)

33.1 - Woakes to S Prasanna, out Caught&Bowled!! Oh it's done. Woakes is the man to bring relief to the England camp and end Prasanna's joyride. Good pace with the first ball of his new spell, bangs it in on a short of length outside off, rushes Prasanna who is late on the pull. Gets it on the splice and results in a simple return catch for Woakes who doesn't panic - an easy thing to do given the monstrous batswing - waits for it and holds on calmly. S Prasanna c and b Woakes 59(28) [4s-8 6s-4]

25.3 - Moeen Ali to Chandimal, out Caught by Woakes!! Top-edged sweep and gone! All the hard work, to build and build, and it's fallen away for Chandimal's sense of adventure. He moves a long way across looking to sweep, so much so that he gets outside the line of ball which lands on off, there is decent enough contact but there is a semblance of a top-edge due to which Chandimal isn't in total control of the shot. Finds Woakes perfectly at deep backward square, with the all-rounder having to just trundle a couple of steps forward for the grab. Chandimal c Woakes b Moeen Ali 37(56) [4s-3]

8.4 - Woakes to Kusal Mendis, out Caught by Buttler!! The tourists are in a spot of bother now as Mendis, too, makes his way back to the hutch. Even when he made his County debut in 2006, Woakes was well known for pounding in a handy short delivery. Here he brings out the bumper to snaffle the key scalp. Woakes uses the short delivery and looks to follow the batsman, Mendis rocks back and aims to pull, but gets a glove on it. The keeper moves to his left to grab the chance gleefully. Kusal Mendis c Buttler b Woakes 17(14) [4s-2 6s-1]

7.2 - Willey to K Perera, out Caught by Jason Roy!! The Surrey opener, Jason Roy, is known for his athletic efforts in the County circuit. He shows a glimpse of it, with a fine diving catch at backward point to prise out the dangerous Perera. Good length delivery that perhaps just about held its line after pitching, Perera was attempting to nudge it around the corner. Eventually, gets a leading edge to Roy at backward point, who dives to his right and snaffles the catch with two hands. He also keeps his balance to make sure that the ball does not pop out. K Perera c Jason Roy b Willey 24(23) [4s-4]

3.3 - Willey to Gunathilaka, out Caught by Bairstow!! The man from Panadura, Gunathilaka, has been chugged down early. Late swing for Willey yet again, but this time around, he got his line and length right. The away-swinger on a good length from Willey, Gunathilaka pushes half forward and drives it rather hesitantly to Bairstow at cover, who pouches a rather easy chance with both hands. Gunathilaka c Bairstow b Willey 9(10) [4s-1]

38.4 - Willey to Mathews, 1 run, yes sir, fifty for Mathews. Excellent batting acumen, playing the situations shrewdly as ever. Fraction full outside off, pushes to long-off and garners all the applause

48.5 - Lakmal to Woakes, FOUR, Maharoof is on his back at the fine leg fence. This scoop from Woakes looked well timed - shuffled across and went way outside off to take a toll of this full toss. Maharoof thought he could chase the ball from short fine, couldn't and the disappointment pulled him down. 15 runs in 7 balls needed! What drama this. What were England again, how many for 5 down? Highest score by a no. 8 batsman in ODIs this

48.2 - Lakmal to Plunkett, FOUR, now a full toss on the pads to which Plunkett shuffles across early and scoops it through fine leg

47.4 - Maharoof to Woakes, FOUR, a timed boundary, metaphorically and otherwise. Gets a full ball as Woakes stayed in his crease, removed the front foot blockade and lifts it for a one-bounce four over Maharoof's head

46.4 - Lakmal to Plunkett, FOUR, no. You know what, Shanaka has messed it big time. Comes running in from long-on to stop this swat from Plunkett, overran and then tried to shy away instead of getting behind the line. Looked ugly.. Perhaps lost the sight of the ball

37.3 - Pradeep to Buttler, FOUR, Sri Lanka will be kicking themselves. What are they doing? With all due credit to Jos Buttler though, jeez! Isn't he determined to stay till the end, now he unveils one of his favourite T20 strokes by shuffling across and scooping it past the keeper. Cheeky stuff that but he watched the ball all the way and played it ever so late. Top-notch!

35.2 - Pradeep to Woakes, FOUR, that's a candyfloss! Down leg and all Woakes needed to do was get bat on ball, he does so with a timely flick, all the way

33.4 - Gunathilaka to Woakes, FOUR, Gunathilaka ain't getting any purchase and Woakes is pouncing on some real poor stuff from the SL opener. Greyhounds down the pitch and lofts an inside-out drive over extra cover. Couple of bounces and into the fence...

30.4 - Lakmal to Buttler, FOUR, that's a genuine edge. Genuine. Is suctioned forward to get into this flowy push but this fullish cutter scissors away to take the periphery and rolls away through the vacant slip cordon

30.0 - Dasun Shanaka to Buttler, FOUR, that's a superlative stroke. Shanaka did contribute but we'll not take anything away. Cutter dropped short, Buttler has to be credited for reading this early to short-arm pull it through mid-wicket. Swag level: 89479384

23.3 - Maharoof to Buttler, FOUR, slow delivery yes but Buttler opened himself nicely, rose higher to get right on top of the delivery and tapped it on its head all the way to the deep cover fence

20.0 - Pradeep to Buttler, FOUR, oh, good shot. Just inclines to his right without exaggerated feet movement, gets to the ball's radar and punches it away through cover. That shot that defies how England have looked with the bat in hand

17.2 - Pradeep to Moeen Ali, FOUR, super shot! He is no mug with the bat. On a length and just outside off, Moeen drives it on the up hard on the practice wickets, bounces over extra cover and races away to the fence

15.2 - Pradeep to Buttler, FOUR, in the air and wide of mid-off. Maharoof dived full length, but couldn't reach it. Buttler steps out to drive, the length is not there and he ends up checking his shot, chips it to the left of mid-off, where Maharoof's dive went in vain

13.0 - Dasun Shanaka to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, another top shot from Morgan. He is looking in good touch. Overpitched outside off, Morgan leans into the drive and creams it through extra cover, no need to run for those. Rocketed away to fence

12.2 - Dasun Shanaka to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, fabulous shot! No one moved. Right in the driving zone and Morgan doesn't miss out. He presents the full face of the bat and drives it straight down the ground, no chance for the mid-off or mid-on fielder

11.0 - Lakmal to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, classy shot from Morgan. Just spoils a good over. Pitched up outside off, Morgan gets a good stride forward, creams the drive past the diving extra cover fielder. Everything right about the shot, the head position, balance and the high-elbow

9.0 - Lakmal to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, Sri Lanka won't mind that. Morgan took the aggressive route and got away with it. Short and outside off, Morgan cuts it in the air, even though there is a gully and backward point, splits them to perfection and beats third man as well

6.5 - Lakmal to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, edged and wide of Tharanga at first slip. The cross-seamer from Lakmal, which gets slightly big on Morgan, he goes for the steer and can't control it. Flies off the outside edge to the left of Tharanga, who dives but doesn't get a finger to it

6.1 - Lakmal to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, pitches it up and gets a firm push from Morgan past Bairstow at the non-striker's end. Shanaka got across from mid-off and got a hand to it, but the ball had enough to reach the fence

3.2 - Mathews to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, no, no, no, Angelo. You do not have the pace to hurry the batsman with a short delivery. Morgan had all the time in the world to pick his spot, rocked back and muscled the pull in front of square. That should get him going

2.2 - Lakmal to Hales, FOUR, not where he intended, but Hales will take that as it gets him off the mark. Good length ball slants back in, Hales goes hard on the drive and gets a thickish inside edge towards mid-wicket, Shanaka dives but can't stop the ball, races away to the fence

50.0 - Pradeep to Plunkett, SIX, I cannot believe it. I just cannot. Two runs were on on the last ball, the English batsmen ran three and guess what, this ball ropeways out for a maximum for this match to be tied. Crazy, plain crazy. Fullish delivery - always a drivel ball to bowl it at this stage although it was an intended yorker that failed miserably - and Plunkett could get under it enough and lofted it handsomely over long-off. Prasanna's whirlwind innings, Mathews patient revival and Sri Lanka's hard work with the ball upfront have been inundated by their fielding mediocrity. Hosepiped rather. A game to win, worked hard to get there after a total that looked below par and then flushed it all down the drains. Woakes walks back with a raised bat, a smile and without a six that he would have wanted to hit instead of Plunkett

28.1 - S Prasanna to Buttler, SIX, take that. Flighted this was, Buttler shimmies out and shames it over long-off to bring his fifty. That was big, like your grandma-knit pullover.. hits some glass window perhaps or just misses it!

45.4 - Maharoof to Willey, out Caught by Kusal Mendis!! And Willey perishes to urgent theatrics. Has to swing his bat, is nowhere behind the delivery and ekes out a leading edge that pops to an onrushing deep cover. He's out.. or is he? Wait on. The umpires are checking for the front foot no ball. The back heel just seems to be on the line! You wouldn't want to be in the third umpire's seat right now. Okay, have a decision. Umpire Paul Reiffel presses his finger hard on the ear piece and then raises his finger. A very close shave but something for the bowling fraternity to not go extinct. England need 52 runs in 26 balls. Willey c Kusal Mendis b Maharoof 7(12)

42.3 - S Prasanna to Buttler, out Caught by Dasun Shanaka!! Shanaka has debuted in Disneyland. Now a dream catch not so long after his debut to perhaps take a catch that will define this match. This was a draconian swipe from Buttler - shimmied forward and swung at this with conviction. Seemed to have connected but Shanaka waited at long-on, calibrated the pace of that delivery well and leaped a little to his left, both hands in air to pluck it mid-air. Almost an interruption in that ball's vicious trajectory.. Buttler c Dasun Shanaka b S Prasanna 93(99) [4s-6 6s-1]

18.0 - Pradeep to Moeen Ali, out Bowled!! Another nothing shot from an England batsman. Short and just outside off, it was too close to be playing the cut shot, but Moeen goes for it and ends up getting an inside edge onto the stumps. A soft dismissal that and we have had plenty of it in this innings. Sri Lanka are running away with the game and England need something special to win it from here. Moeen Ali b Pradeep 7(10) [4s-1]

16.0 - Pradeep to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Chandimal!! Pradeep strikes. He has got the big fish. Morgan was the set batsman and England needed him to carry on, but unfortunately he is gone. Morgan has been fiddling with the steer for quite some time now, he finally manages to nick one. It was a well set-up wicket. The Sri Lankan bowlers kept bowling it just outside off on a short of length, with a slip and gully, Morgan goes for the glide to third man and gets an outside edge, which is held safely by Chandimal. Eoin Morgan c Chandimal b Pradeep 43(49) [4s-7]

8.2 - Lakmal to Bairstow, out Caught by Gunathilaka!! Mendis will be relieved. Bairstow doesn't make the most of the drop chance. Lakmal picks up his second and England sink further. Sri Lankan bowlers have got the ball to kick-up from the surface. Something which we didn't see when England were bowling. Bairstow pushes at with a strong bottom hand, the ball hits the outer splice of the bat and travels quickly to backward point. Gunathilaka does well to hold on, using the support of his chest. Bairstow c Gunathilaka b Lakmal 3(6)

5.5 - Mathews to Root, out Bowled!! Root gone! England are crumbling here. This is intelligent bowling from Mathews. He is giving nothing away. Keeps it in and around off, Root once again stays back in the crease, gets his bat down at an angle and runs it off the face of the bat onto the stumps. Sri Lankans are delighted. They know they are on top. Root b Mathews 2(6)

2.5 - Lakmal to Hales, out Caught by K Perera!! No idea what Hales was thinking when he referred that. Everybody knew there was wood on that, even Root at the other end and he still went with his partner. Hales does a Watson. Sri Lanka are a cock-a-hoop at the moment. They couldn't have asked for a better start. It is the inswing again that causes the trouble, Hales goes hard on the push, ekes out an inside edge onto pad, the ball lobs up to mid-wicket, where Perera takes a dolly. England in trouble with both openers back in the hut. Hales c K Perera b Lakmal 4(5) [4s-1]

1.4 - Mathews to Jason Roy, out Lbw!! Perfect start from Mathews. You don't get easier decisions than those. The indipper from the Sri Lankan captain, almost like a set-up, bowled a few away swingers and then got this to jag back in, Roy was stuck in the crease as he pushed it, the ball beat the inside edge and pinged the back pad. Right in front of off and middle and umpire Reiffel had no hesitation. Roy thought about the review and even discussed it with Hales, who told him it was not worth it. Jason Roy lbw b Mathews 3(10)

38.0 - Pradeep to Woakes, 1 run, fifty for Chris Woakes! Speaks volumes about his batting abilities, whattay terrific knock from the Birmingham lad. Raises his bat and soaks in applause, gets there with a glide behind backward point

35.5 - Pradeep to Buttler, 1 run, 100-run partnership between Buttler and Woakes. Well played! Buttler flicked this to short fine and called for a quick single, Woakes made it in time beating a direct-hit from the backward square. There's a bit of circus in the middle as Pradeep takes an evasive action and drops onto the ground but guess what! The ball wasn't even close to him...