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South Africa tour of India 2015

Scorecard - 2nd Test, India vs South Africa at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, India (14 Nov 2015)

South Africa

214/10 (59) RR:3.63

Match drawn


80/0 (22) RR:3.64

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57.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Kyle Abbott, FOUR, this is good batting from Abbott, comes down the track, doesn't get too close to the ball, lifts it over mid-on and collects another boundary, turning out to be a handy little partnership

56.1 - Ashwin to M Morkel, FOUR, cracking shot, tossed up and on Morkel's pads, he picks up the length early, plays with the spin and whips it over mid-wicket for a boundary

54.1 - Ashwin to M Morkel, FOUR, nicely played by Morkel, Ashwin dropped it short and just outside off, Morkel rocks back and jabs it wide of mid-on. Binny gave the chase, but the ball kept going away from him

53.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Kyle Abbott, FOUR, lovely shot, Jadeja gave this one plenty of air, Abbott gets a good stride forward, gets to the pitch and drills it through extra cover. Kohli gives up the chase as the ball races away

52.4 - Aaron to M Morkel, FOUR, nicely played! This was a back of a length delivery and well outside off, Morkel stands tall, plays with an open face and guides it square behind point for a boundary

49.0 - Ishant to de Villiers, FOUR, shortish delivery outside off stump, de Villiers loft-drives hard, gets the bottom of the bat, but it clears the infield and rolls away over extra-cover

43.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to de Villiers, FOUR, nice hit! Excellent shot. He picked this fullish flighted delivery very early, got down on one knee, it was just outside off stump and the timing on the sweep shot was so good. The ball ran away through backward square leg

42.2 - Ashwin to Dane Vilas, FOUR, slog-sweep in the air, but there is no one at deep mid-wicket. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, Vilas gets down on one knee and plays with the spin, times it well to pick up a boundary

40.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to de Villiers, FOUR, use of the feet and then he gets to the pitch of the ball as well. Picked the length up so quickly and got into great position to nail the cover-drive to perfection. He hardly misses out on a boundary-scoring opportunity

35.2 - Aaron to de Villiers, FOUR, AB is batting on a different strip, this was short and wide outside off, AB was hanging on the back foot, cracks it square past point. Vijay in the deep rushed across to his left, puts in the dive, gets a hand onto it but can't stop the boundary

34.1 - Ashwin to Duminy, FOUR, rare bad ball from Ashwin, drops it short and wide outside off, Duminy makes room and cuts it square past cover-point, races away to the fence

32.4 - Ashwin to Duminy, FOUR, poor ball from Ashwin, this was tossed up generously, but the line was outside leg, Duminy went down on his knees, rolled his wrists over and sweeps, finds the gap between the keeper and leg slip, races away to the fence

31.3 - Aaron to de Villiers, FOUR, edged and four, short of a good length and in that channel outside off, AB was pushing from the crease, to his credit, he played with soft hands, the edge dies down quickly and races away past the lone slip

31.2 - Aaron to de Villiers, FOUR, easy pickings for AB, swinging full toss fom Aaron, he leans forward, presents an angled bat and drives it in front of square on the off-side. The man in the deep is very square and he has no chance

29.3 - Ishant to de Villiers, FOUR, lovely shot, Ishant was searching for swing, but this was a half-volley outside off, AB waits on it, presents the full face of the bat and drives it crisply back past the bowler, no need to run for those

28.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to de Villiers, FOUR, turn for Jadeja, found AB's edge, but luckily for the batsman, it rolled away wide of Rahane at slip. This was tossed up on the leg-stump line, AB was looking to defend, gets a thick edge that beats the fielder and races away into the boundary. AB was slightly opened up, ended up playing against the spin

26.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to de Villiers, FOUR, cracking shot, that's much better from AB, Jadeja dropped one short and wide outside off, AB makes room and cracks it square past point, no need to run for those

19.4 - Ashwin to de Villiers, FOUR, good stroke by de Villiers. This one kept a bit low after pitching and even though the length was short, de Villiers rocked back and crouched low to pull through mid-wicket, beats deep mid-wicket easily. Timed the shot really well

19.0 - Aaron to de Villiers, FOUR, can't bowl there. On the pads and de Villiers picks off Aaron. Flicked beautifully through mid-wicket. In the gap and that has raced away

12.2 - Aaron to Amla, FOUR, fraction short outside off and Amla cashes in with a square cut. Stayed back and hit that through point. Flayed that away to get off the mark. Aaron grimaces

10.3 - Aaron to Elgar, FOUR, loose delivery and easy pickings for Elgar. Full on the pads, flicked past mid-wicket and beats the chase of Che. He needed to get it past that man which he did so

8.2 - Ishant to Elgar, FOUR, streaky but Elgar will get four. An outside edge as Ishant gets extra bounce outside off on that back of a length delivery, Elgar's bottom hand comes off and the edge runs wide of the diving gully who went to his right. No third man and it raced away

6.2 - Ishant to van Zyl, FOUR, doesn't make any difference to van Zyl. The change of ball that is. Another very full delivery from Ishant as he searches for some movement, but there isn't any and van Zyl helps himself to another cover-driven boundary. The feet moved nicely and he put away with class and timing, beating the two men giving chase

6.1 - Ishant to van Zyl, FOUR, half-volley and van Zyl holds the pose after cover-driving beautifully. It was there to be put away and van Zyl just leant forward on the shot and then caressed it in the gap. High elbow and all that jazz to accompany the stroke. Raced away despite the slowish nature of the outfield. Then van Zyl held the pose for the cameramen to take a snap

50.2 - Ashwin to de Villiers, SIX, he knows how to hit sixes on this ground. Tossed up right in the slot, just outside off stump, de Villiers waits for the ball to turn and slogs it flat and wide of long-on

13.3 - Ashwin to Elgar, SIX, pre-meditated but it comes off for Elgar. Dances down and then lofts it dead straight, back over Ashwin's head. Over the sightscreen and carried well into the stands. That is one way to unsettle Ashwin, Elgar needs to do that more often

59.0 - Ashwin to Kyle Abbott, out Kyle Abbott Run Out!! Terrible misunderstanding has cost Abbott his wicket. This was pushed through just outside off, Abbott lunged forward, played with the spin and turned it towards short fine leg. He immediately set-off for a quick single, Tahir started and stopped as he saw Dhawan pouncing on the ball, sends his partner back, but it's way too late. Abbott is stranded halfway down the pitch when the return arrives, Saha whips the bails off and it's all over for South Africa in their first innings. Kyle Abbott run out (Dhawan/W Saha) 14(40) [4s-2]

58.5 - Ashwin to M Morkel, out Caught by Binny!! India's catching has been superb and this is perhaps the best today - Top catch from Binny. This was tossed up invitingly outside off, drew Morkel into the big lofted shot, the ball spins away a tad, Morkel doesn't get anywhere close to the pitch, gets plenty of height but not the distance. A real skier for Binny as he runs back from mid-on, kept his eyes on the ball even as it dropped over his shoulder, lunges forward and takes a well judged two-handed catch, he fell onto the ground, but doesn't lose the ball. Gets up with arms stretched aloft, the Bangalore crowd love it, India have their ninth wicket. M Morkel c Binny b Ashwin 22(20) [4s-3]

51.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Rabada, out Caught by Pujara!! Jadeja has once again struck immediately after the break! This was tossed up and on the off-stump line, Rabada was pushing forward, he went with hard hands, the inside edge is found and it lobs off his pad, simple catch to Pujara - who's back at a FSL position. Easy call for the umpire and South Africa continue to slump. Rabada c Pujara b Ravindra Jadeja 0(2)

51.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to de Villiers, out Caught by W Saha!! Massive wicket, massive wicket for India. No hundred for AB de Villiers in his 100th Test. The crowd erupts and then immediately goes "ABD, ABD," as he walks back to the dressing room. de Villiers raises his bat to acknowledge all the applause. Clever bowling once again from Jadeja. He saw de Villiers giving the charge and pulled his length back, de Villiers was trying to defend as he was not to the pitch of the ball, the inside edge lobbed off the pad, Saha was alert to the situation. He ran forward and put in a full length dive. Stuck his left hand out and plucked it inches from the ground. There was a doubt whether the ball hit the ground, but it actually bounced in Saha's gloves. It was a clean catch and that was the end of an excellent, entertaining innings from the maestro. With that wicket, the players walk off for the tea break as well. de Villiers c W Saha b Ravindra Jadeja 85(105) [4s-11 6s-1]

45.4 - Ravindra Jadeja to Dane Vilas, out Caught&Bowled!! Oh no! What have you done, Dane Vilas? AB de Villiers is batting so well at the other end and all you needed to do was rotate the strike and not play fancy shots. South Africa in deep trouble at 159/6. Certainly not a wicket-taking delivery but Jadeja won't complain. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, Vilas steps out and drives, doesn't keep it down and Jadeja takes the catch in his followthrough. Came quickly to him, but he did well to hold on. The partnership was growing in confidence but Vilas has thrown it away. The replay shows that the ball went off the inside half of the bat. Dane Vilas c and b Ravindra Jadeja 15(32) [4s-1]

35.0 - Ashwin to Duminy, out Caught by Rahane!! Edged and caught! AB watches in dismay from the other end. Third wicket for Ashwin, he flighted one around off and there was just a hint of turn, some bounce as well. Duminy was hanging back in defence, he was playing with an open face, the ball went off the face of the bat and down low and in front of Rahane at first slip. He does very well to bend forward, clasps both his hands underneath the ball and holds on. India have now got rid of the last recognised batsman, South Africa slump into trouble. Duminy c Rahane b Ashwin 15(39) [4s-2]

24.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Elgar, out Bowled!! Jadeja has struck immediately upon resumption. The crowd finds its voice as well, Elgar is down on his haunches - mostly in disappointment. This was tossed up and on the stumps, Elgar went down on his knees as he looked to sweep, the ball brushed his gloves and slowly rolled back onto his stumps. There was little Elgar could do but watch painfully as the bails took a tumble. Not the start South Africa would have wanted, a soft wicket but India will not care. Elgar b Ravindra Jadeja 38(81) [4s-2 6s-1]

15.0 - Aaron to Amla, out Bowled!! Look at the respective reactions from batsman and bowler. You will get the entire picture. While Amla is shell-shocked, Aaron is running around in delight, punching the air. It was a top delivery too from Aaron, bowled quicker and on a good length, hits the pitch and straightens past the defensive stroke to uproot off stump. Amla played slightly inside the line and down the wrong line of the ball. He expected it to come back in after pitching but the ball held its line to square him up just the wee bit. Amla in the recent past has been bowled far too often. Is there a chink in his defensive technique? Amla b Aaron 7(18) [4s-1]

7.5 - Ashwin to du Plessis, out Caught by Pujara!! du Plessis walks off after being given out by the third umpire. But I have my doubts. To me a part of the ball was touching the grass before being safely clasped by Pujara. The third umpire is Shamsuddin who has a couple of replays to look at and then makes his call. Needed more looks I guess. But he seems happy and that's what matters. The soft signal was out from Kettleborough which meant there needed to be conclusive evidence to overturn that call. Anyway coming to the wicket - du Plessis came down the track, the ball spun in and there was an inside edge onto the pad on the flick, went low and near his bootlaces, Che at short leg got both hands and held on, but the ball seemed to have a touched a blade of grass as Che cupped it with his left-hand. He gets up and throws the ball away in delight. Reflex catch and a top one at that for he stayed low and concentrated on the ball instead of du Plessis's footwork. Brilliant effort from Che and the Indians are all patting him for that. du Plessis c Pujara b Ashwin 0(3)

7.2 - Ashwin to van Zyl, out Lbw!! Ashwin strikes second ball. The crowd find their voice. And the crowd are steadily building too. Easy call for Kettleborough. Basically van Zyl has missed a straight delivery, on middle, floated up and van Zyl was late on the forward defence, the ball strikes him below the knee roll and would've been crashing into middle and leg. He also didn't come sufficiently forward to that one. He pays the price for his laziness. Nothing great about the ball, just that van Zyl caused his own downfall there. India won't mind that one bit though. van Zyl lbw b Ashwin 10(20) [4s-2]

51.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to de Villiers, no run, oh that would go down as a dropped chance. Flighted delivery down the leg-side, de Villiers was early into the sweep, the ball takes the glove and then goes off the back of the bat as well, hits Saha on the chest as he was moving to his left, he had the chance to grab the rebound but he didn't go for it again as he probably thought there was no bat/glove involved

36.2 - Ashwin to de Villiers, 1 run, big cheer from the Chinnaswamy crowd as AB gets to his fifty, his 38th in Tests, gets a massive ovation from his family as well. Ashwin dropped one on his pads, nudged away with the spin, past FSL and for a single

22.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Elgar, 1 run, what a waste of a run that is! And it would've been a disaster for Elgar had Dhawan hit direct from mid-wicket. It was flicked straight to the fielder and for some inexplicable reason he wants a single and sets off. Dhawan takes aim and misses, Elgar was stretching to make it and wouldn't have. Why do you want to risk such a run when the lunch break is just minutes away. A brainfade from Elgar and he is lucky to be still there. A chance missed from India

20.5 - Tahir to Vijay, FOUR, nicely done off the back foot by Vijay. Short and spinning away outside off stump, Vijay goes deep in the crease, opens the face of the bat at the last moment and guides it fine past the man at short third man for four

19.5 - M Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR, short delivery but Dhawan is not troubled. Gets into a good position early, swivels and pulls, rolls his wrists on the shot to keep it along the ground and split deep square leg and deep backward square leg to perfection

14.5 - Duminy to Dhawan, FOUR, this is short again, Dhawan uses the pace on the ball and guides it past the diving backward point fielder. He waited for the ball to come, went deep in the crease and guided it nicely

14.1 - Duminy to Dhawan, FOUR, oh dear! That's a rank long hop. Banged halfway down the pitch, it kept a bit low as well, but Dhawan had a lot time to rock back, adjust and pull it between mid-on and mid-wicket

12.5 - Rabada to Vijay, FOUR, excellent shot! The emphasis was on timing the ball rather than hitting it hard. Full and in the slot, Vijay leans forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives well, Rabada tries to stop it with his boot in his followthrough but it escapes

11.5 - Kyle Abbott to Dhawan, FOUR, Abbott targets the yorker, but bowls a low full toss down the leg-side, Dhawan tickles it fine to the fine leg boundary and the fielder in the deep had no chance

9.5 - Kyle Abbott to Vijay, FOUR, there was a bit of nip back in on this short of length delivery, but Vijay was in great position to punch off the back foot. It was in the air for a while, but it went wide of the man at short cover. Not a bad delivery at all, but that was a top shot

8.3 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, easy pickings for Dhawan, short and wide from Rabada, Dhawan gets on top of the bounce and chops it square on the off-side, races away to the fence in a hurry

7.2 - Kyle Abbott to Vijay, FOUR, lovely shot, smidgen of width on offer from Abbott, Vijay leans forward, presents the full face of the bat and caresses it on the up, beats extra cover and races away across the turf

6.2 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, cracking shot, these shots start to come off once Dhawan gets amongst some runs. On a good length and well outside off, not a half-volley by any stretch, Dhawan uses his hands to good effect, drives it on the up and gets it past the diving cover fielder

4.3 - M Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR, lovely shot, too straight from Morkel, ends up drifting onto Dhawan's pads, whipped away in front of square on the on-side for a boundary. He's looking good after an edgy start

1.2 - Kyle Abbott to Dhawan, byes, FOUR, awkward bounce for Vilas and India get four bonus runs. This was a short of a length delivery that held its line outside off, kept low and bounced in front of the keeper. He didn't get his body behind the line, it clips his thigh pad and rolls away to the fence

1.0 - M Morkel to Vijay, FOUR, lovely shot, very full and outside off, not a half-volley, Vijay gets a good stride forward, presents the full face of the bat and punches it to the right of mid-off, off the mark in style

15.4 - M Morkel to Vijay, no run, oh dear! Imran Tahir has dropped a sitter. Hashim Amla can't believe it! It is quite clear, Vijay is not liking Morne Morkel's back of a length deliveries around chest height. This was a short delivery on the stumps, Vijay went for the pull, but mistimed it completely, Tahir at square leg didn't have to move an inch, it came slowly and he spilled it. He tried to take it on the second attempt, but couldn't. Easy catch, but put down. How costly is that going to be?