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Australia tour of England 2015

Scorecard - 1st ODI, England vs Australia at The Rose Bowl, Southampton, England (03 Sep 2015)


305/6 (50) RR:6.1

Australia won by 59 runs

MOM: Matthew Wade

246/10 (45.3) RR:5.41

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48.3 - Mark Wood to Wade, FOUR, in the air and just wide of a diving Alex Hales. Shortish and on the stumps, Wade goes for the pull, sends it behind square on the on-side, Hales runs and dives, but doesn't even get a hand on it

48.2 - Mark Wood to Wade, FOUR, long-off is inside the ring and that's a safe shot. Slower delivery outside off stump, it was right in the slot, Wade goes deep in the crease and smashes it over mid-off for four

47.5 - Woakes to Wade, FOUR, clever batting, knew that Woakes was going to bowl full, Wade moves right across the stumps, Woakes tries the yorker but goes as a low full toss to make matters easy for the batsman, helped away fine to the fine leg boundary

47.0 - Mark Wood to Wade, FOUR, oh Woakes fumbles at mid-off. Full and outside off stump, Wade drives very hard, the fielder there dives to his left, but it sneaked under his left hand and went for four

45.2 - Woakes to Wade, FOUR, lucky runs for Australia. Full and outside off stump, Wade advances and looks to drive, the ball goes off the toe-end, no one at slip to stop it and third man was very wide as well

45.0 - Stokes to Wade, FOUR, top edge but it goes fine, the last delivery spoils the over, just five runs off it until then but it's now nine. Slower delivery goes down the leg-side, Wade tries to sweep it fine, gets an edge, beats short fine leg and escapes for four

43.3 - Woakes to Wade, FOUR, moves across the stumps and plays the pull well, Moeen Ali was stationed at deep square leg but he hit it well to his left and that's four more to Wade and Australia

42.3 - Stokes to Wade, FOUR, uppish but safe. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Wade goes for the cut, backward point dives to his right but it evades him comfortably

42.0 - Woakes to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, width on offer outside off stump, Marsh waits for the ball to come and cuts it away through cover-point. Poor ball to end the over, spoils what was turning out to be a good over

40.5 - Finn to Wade, FOUR, full and on the stumps, Wade leans forward and flicks it along the ground, beats the man at mid-on and it escapes for four

40.4 - Finn to Wade, FOUR, in the airrrr and past the diving Ben Stokes at backward point. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Wade checks the cut, hits it uppishly, Stokes dives full length to his left and just gets a fingertip to it. That was an excellent effort, very tough to call that a dropped chance

40.0 - Moeen Ali to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, excellent shot from Marsh. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Marsh advances and lofts the drive inside out over extra-cover for four

39.2 - Moeen Ali to Wade, FOUR, gets down on one knee and takes the flighted delivery on the full, paddles it fine and it runs away to the fine leg boundary

38.3 - Finn to Wade, FOUR, fullish and just outside off stump, pushes it past the bowler and to the left of mid-off, the timing was good enough and it raced away for four

32.0 - Mark Wood to Bailey, FOUR, lovely front foot drive as Mark Wood overpitches outside off, full and outside off, Bailey leant on the shot and put it away wide of mid-off. No chance for the sweeper cover, can't bowl full and wide with the field set

31.1 - Mark Wood to Maxwell, FOUR, gee! How good was the timing on that shot? Just a back foot punch from Maxi, he stands tall to the short of length delivery and meets it very well, beats the diving cover to his left and then the man approaching from sweeper cover as well. Off the mark in grand style

29.3 - Mark Wood to Smith, FOUR, oh the leading edge and it beats Finn's full length dive at third man. Length delivery way outside off stump, Smith shuffles across and tries to work it on the on-side, the ball just moves away off the seam and catches the edge, luckily for Smith there was no one at slip and it went fine enough to beat Finn

24.2 - Stokes to Smith, FOUR, even though the bat turned in his hands, he still got four. That's because he hit the gap. Full outside off, Smith went for a big drive, the bat face closed but he got it wide of mid-off, who chased but in vain

18.1 - Stokes to Warner, FOUR, superb punch from Warner and the timing beats the fielder in the deep. Just a good length and outside off, Warner stands tall and uses his strong forearms to good effect, the fielder ran and then dived but he was always going to struggle and failed to prevent the boundary

16.5 - Adil Rashid to Smith, FOUR, how did that go to the fence? Unbelievable timing on the flick. It seemed a mere flick off the legs worth one or two at best, but he misses the diving backward square leg in the ring and the man at deep square leg had no chance as it ran away to the ropes. Adil Rashid and England can't believe the timing behind the shot

16.1 - Adil Rashid to Warner, FOUR, beautiful shot again by Warner. He races down the track and then drills the full delivery wide of mid-off. Ensured he missed extra cover too. Top marks for placement, he gave himself room to crack that through the off-side

14.1 - Adil Rashid to Burns, FOUR, this time Burns takes on Adil Rashid and gets four. Down the track and to the pitch before lofting it over mid-on. Cleanly struck and it will be a four

13.2 - Woakes to Warner, FOUR, freebie and Warner has slapped that off the front foot. An off cutter outside off, sat up to be hit, Warner flat-batted it wide of mid-off. Woakes just blows fresh air and walks back to his mark

12.5 - Adil Rashid to Warner, FOUR, lovely batting. Warner comes down the track and then chip-drives in the air, just wide of Finn at mid-off who went to his right, dived but this time he cannot stop it. Power on the shot and well placed too

8.5 - Finn to Warner, FOUR, can't bowl there to Warner. It was on the hips, on a short of length and he rocked back to tuck it through backward square leg, beats the man in the deep easily

8.3 - Finn to Burns, FOUR, beautiful stroke from Burns. He looks a good player. A good length delivery on off, Burns goes through with the shot as he lofts over mid-off. Hitting through the line and comfortably cleared the fielder inside the ring

7.5 - Mark Wood to Burns, FOUR, brilliant shot. On a good length and outside off, Burns was looking to come on the front foot, then rocks back and steers to the left of the diving point fielder, beats Moeen Ali at third man and does so easily. That was all about timing and class from the young Burns

5.4 - Mark Wood to Burns, FOUR, cracking drive, full and outside off stump, Burns leans forward and plays a lovery looking drive, sends it to the right of the man at cover-point and it rockets for four. That was hit very hard

3.1 - Mark Wood to Warner, FOUR, wow! Warner is looking in great touch. His strike-rate currently is 333.33. Overpitched and right in the slot, Warner leans forward, doesn't try to overhit the ball, just places the drive to the right of mid-off and it races away for a boundary

0.5 - Finn to Burns, FOUR, hands on head for Finn. Full and angling in, Burns goes for the drive towards mid-off, gets a thick inside edge that rolls to the right of the man at mid-wicket, the outfield is fast enough to take it to the boundary. Burns and Australia are away

49.5 - Woakes to Mitchell Marsh, SIX, finally, Marsh connects one and when he connects, they stay hit. He walks forward and takes it on the full, smashes it back over the bowler's head and clears the rope. 300 up for Australia

30.5 - Adil Rashid to Smith, SIX, googly from Rashid, Smith picks it early, steps out, gets close to the pitch of the ball and lofts it across the line, clears the wide long-on boundary as well

29.0 - Adil Rashid to Bailey, SIX, now he bowls a horrible full toss and deposited over long-on by Bailey. He comes down the track and then smashes it flat and high. Adil Rashid released all the pressure with that delivery, he is frustrated and kicks the turf in disgust

37.0 - Adil Rashid to Wade, out Watson Run Out!! What have you done Matthew Wade? He's sold Watto down the river. Poor call from the left-hander, there was never a run in it. Australia have lost two wickets for 1 run now. Googly outside off stump, Wade pushes it to the right of cover and sets off, Stokes swiftly moves to his right and fires a throw adjacent to the stumps, Buttler does the rest. Watson was not even in the picture. Watson run out (Stokes/Buttler) 6(11)

35.3 - Mark Wood to Maxwell, out Caught by Buttler!! Appeal from England and umpire Joel Wilson raises his finger. Maxwell ponders the review, meanwhile, as the umpires converge, he asks if they are checking if it was a clean catch, but the umpires were quite happy with what they saw and Maxi makes the walk back. This is a lucky wicket for Wood. Certainly not a wicket-taking delivery but he's got the big wicket of Maxwell. This could make a difference of at least 15-20 runs to the final score. Fullish and sliding down the leg-side, Maxwell tries to help it on its way to fine leg, but gets a faint tickle, Buttler dives low to his left and takes a good catch. Maxwell c Buttler b Mark Wood 15(15) [4s-1]

32.2 - Adil Rashid to Bailey, out Lbw!! That is plumb. The skidder from Adil Rashid and he gets his fourth wicket. Bailey made the mistake of going back to flick that away and missed, was struck in-line with middle and the ball would've gone onto hit middle. Easy decision for the umpire. Adil Rashid is all smiles. He punches the air in delight as he does a fist pump. Bailey lbw b Adil Rashid 23(16) [4s-1 6s-1]

31.0 - Adil Rashid to Smith, out Caught by Stokes!! Oh dear! He's hit a full toss to hand. Smith is livid with himself, almost hits the bat into the ground in disappointment. It was a full toss around off stump line, Smith tries to whip it away in style, he was looking to hit it between long-on and deep mid-wicket, but hit it more towards the latter, who ran forward and took a comfortable catch. Big, big wicket for England. Smith was looking very good for a big one. Wicket number three for Adil Rashid. Smith c Stokes b Adil Rashid 44(54) [4s-3 6s-1]

26.2 - Adil Rashid to Warner, out Caught by Woakes!! That's why Adil Rashid was brought in. To get a wicket. Warner has holed out and he leans on his bat handle in disappointment after the catch is taken. This was tossed up on the stumps, was the googly too, Warner backed away and looked to go over cover, the thick outside edge lands safely in backward point's hands. That is a big wicket and understandably Adil Rashid is delighted. Warner c Woakes b Adil Rashid 59(67) [4s-6]

14.3 - Adil Rashid to Burns, out Caught&Bowled!! Burns has thrown it away. A full toss and he has hit it straight back to the bowler. That is a wicket gifted. Down the track once more, takes it on the full, driven in the air and Adil Rashid takes a sharp catch. Reverse-cupping it - he was ready when the catch came his way. End of a promising innings. Burns c and b Adil Rashid 44(53) [4s-5]

9.5 - Woakes to Warner, no run, dropped by Woakes. It was a tough chance though. Drilled by Warner and Woakes put his hands up in self-preservation. The ball thudded into the palm and wrist area, down it went. Looks like he has hurt himself here, the physio is out there having a look

49.0 - Mark Wood to Wade, 2 runs, Wade sends this loft past the bowler's head, Stokes runs to his right at long-on and fumbles, allows the extra run as well. Excellent century stand between these two off just 72 balls

46.5 - Mark Wood to Wade, 2 runs, fullish and just outside off stump, Wade slogs and gets an inside edge that rolls to mid-wicket, he comes back for the second and that brings up his 6th ODI fifty. Gets a good round of applause from the crowd and his team-mates. This has been a handy innings

22.1 - Stokes to Warner, 1 run, very full and angling in, dug out wide of mid-on. 50 for Warner and he raises the bat to acknowledge the applause

41.0 - Starc to Moeen Ali, FOUR, that's a lovely front foot punch-drive from Moeen Ali. Full and just outside off stump, Ali places it to the left of the diving cover and it escapes for four

40.4 - Starc to Mark Wood, FOUR, full toss, toe-ended past the man at slip and third man loses the battle, Wood goes for the drive, but it hits on the bottom of the bat and it runs away for four

39.3 - P Cummins to Moeen Ali, FOUR, lofted down the ground and that's gone over the umpire's head, hit it very straight and it ran away for four

38.2 - Starc to Moeen Ali, FOUR, tries the inswinging yorker, but goes as a low full toss, Moeen Ali drives it with a straight bat past the outstretched left hand of Starc, both long-off and long-on are in

37.4 - Watson to Adil Rashid, FOUR, edgedddd and past Wade. Full and outside off stump, Rashid is late on the drive, the ball goes off the toe-end and beats Wade's dive to his right. In fact it was the slower delivery from Watson

37.0 - Coulter-Nile to Adil Rashid, FOUR, that's a classical looking punchy front foot drive from Rashid and the crowd love it. Full and just outside off stump, Rashid leans forward, places it to the left of cover, who had no chance, off the mark in style

34.2 - Coulter-Nile to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, in the airrr and just wide of backward point. Short and wide outside off stump, Morgan goes for the cut, Maxwell jumps to his right but it goes past him, Starc runs to his left from third man and it beats him too

33.1 - Watson to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, calculated hit, clever cricket from the England captain, takes on the attack to Watson, who comes on for a new spell and succeeds. Juicy full ball outside off stump, Morgan lofts it over wide mid-off, no one in the deep and it runs away for four

31.3 - Maxwell to Stokes, FOUR, not that short but Stokes takes full toll of it. Rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket, fielder in the deep puts in a valiant dive, but couldn't prevent the boundary

27.5 - Coulter-Nile to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, Morgan goes downtown. Slightly fuller and in the slot, Morgan skips out and lifts it over mid-on. One bounce and into the ropes

26.1 - Watson to James Taylor, FOUR, frustration for Watson as Taylor uses his feet, tries to work it through the on-side, gets an inside edge past the leg-stump for a four through fine leg

22.4 - P Cummins to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, well, that wasn't far away from hitting the off-stump. In fact, just centimetres away from the off-stump, it was a good length delivery that angled back in, Morgan played what can be called as a half cut and half steer, got an inside edge past the off-stump and it runs away to the boundary boards beating the diving Wade and through fine leg

21.3 - Maxwell to James Taylor, FOUR, Taylor has always shown the ability to play with a dash of fearlessness. Uses his feet, doesn't get off the middle of the ball, but still that shot has enough power behind it to run away to the long-off boundary

20.3 - P Cummins to James Taylor, FOUR, very full from Cummins, this time Taylor comes close to the pitch of the ball, it helps to bring out the drive and collect a boundary through sweeper cover on the off-side

15.5 - Mitchell Marsh to James Taylor, FOUR, Taylor is looking in good touch already. Short and Taylor had enough time to rock back and pull it wide of square leg. Joe Burns in the deep attempts a full length dive but can't prevent the ball from kissing the boundary ropes

13.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Jason Roy, FOUR, that's timing at its best. On a length and on and around off, Roy goes on the back foot and clips it past a diving short mid-wicket. Sublime timing on that took it to the fence. The bottom-hand of Roy taking over and what a bottom-hand that is. Pure delight as the ball raced across the turf

10.5 - P Cummins to Jason Roy, FOUR, errs in line this time, down leg, Roy moves across slightly and pulls it fine. Second boundary of the over

10.4 - P Cummins to Jason Roy, FOUR, nicely played by Roy. waited for the ball to arrive and dabbed it softly wide of the keeper. Again 90-plus stuff from Cummins but the length wasn't quite right

9.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Jason Roy, FOUR, again too straight from Mitchell Marsh and he pays the price for it, Roy flicks it to deep backward square leg. Getting it to the left of the man at short fine. Deep square can't cut it off. A volley of fine strokes from both the batsmen

9.2 - Mitchell Marsh to Jason Roy, FOUR, Mitchell Marsh bowls this one on the pads, Roy allows the ball to come onto his bat and flicks it past the man at short fine and it scurries to the boundary boards. The fielder at short fine dived to his right, but to no avail

7.4 - Coulter-Nile to Jason Roy, FOUR, poor delivery from Coulter-Nile as he tests it halfway down the track, Roy pulls it to deep backward square leg and they collect yet another boundary. With that the fifty-run stand comes up between the two

7.0 - P Cummins to Jason Roy, FOUR, England's openers showing great intent, here. A bit of width on offer, Roy leans into the drive and finds the gap through wide of mid-off and it runs away for a four

5.3 - Coulter-Nile to Jason Roy, FOUR, another top-edge and yet again it runs away for a boundary. It was a good short delivery from Coulter-Nile as he got good height on it, Roy though decided to take it on, tries to pull, gets a top-edge and collects a four through fine leg

4.5 - Starc to Hales, FOUR, thunderous shot from Hales, Hales uses his reach to lean into the drive and drills it past mid-off for a boundary. The fielder had a few paces to move to his right but didn't even move. Superbly punched by Hales

3.0 - Starc to Jason Roy, FOUR, Roy shows his ability to play through the cover-region by essaying a drive off a fullish delivery that was bowled outside off wide of mid-off for a four

2.3 - Starc to Jason Roy, FOUR, excellent flick from Roy, it was on the pads, Roy just picked the length early and flicked it to backward square leg. It just landed inside the ropes as the umpires checked for it

2.1 - Starc to Hales, FOUR, a bit of width on offer, Hales shows superb timing by leaning into the drive and square driving it past the fielder at backward point and it runs away to the boundary boards

1.3 - Coulter-Nile to Jason Roy, FOUR, excellent timing by Roy as he collects a boundary. This one was too straight from Coulter-Nile, Roy flicks it through mid-wicket for a four

1.0 - Starc to Hales, FOUR, good length delivery and outside off, Hales leans into the drive and collects a boundary through deep extra cover. Maxwell from cover gives the chase but to no avail. Sweet timing on that shot by Hales

13.5 - Mitchell Marsh to James Taylor, SIX, he's a short man but he can hit the ball a long way. Shimmies down the track to this length delivery and lofts it high and over into the fence. Hit that straight and got the desired result

4.4 - Starc to Hales, SIX, well, Hales is lucky there. Many times in his career, Hales has top-edged it for a six. He was certainly lucky there as he looked to take a short delivery but in the end it goes over fine leg for a six. The fielder at fine leg had no chance

45.3 - P Cummins to Finn, out Bowled!! Knocked him over. Only slog too many, you miss, I hit is the strategy from Cummins and he finishes with two wickets. Australia win the first ODI by 59 runs. Length delivery on the stumps, Finn stays leg-side of the ball and slogs, misses and the ball crashes into middle and off. Finn b P Cummins 10(17)

42.0 - P Cummins to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Mitchell Marsh!! Beaten for pace on that occasion was Moeen Ali. Australia are just one wicket away now. Shortish and angling across the left-hander, the batsman goes for the pull, but the ball goes off the toe-end and goes high up in the air, mid-wicket moves to his left, settles under it and takes a comfortable catch. Moeen Ali c Mitchell Marsh b P Cummins 17(18) [4s-3]

40.1 - Starc to Adil Rashid, out Caught by Wade!! Gee! How does he do it so easily? Comes round the wicket when the ball is reversing and gets right-handers out at will. Full and swinging away outside off stump, Rashid looks to drive with an angled bat and only manages to edge it to Wade. Adil Rashid c Wade b Starc 11(11) [4s-2]

36.2 - Coulter-Nile to Woakes, out Caught by Wade!! In a matter of five odd minutes, England have lost the plot. From 194/4, they have slumped to 194/7. Nothing but a short of length delivery down the leg-side, Woakes swivels and tries to pull it fine, gets the glove on it, Wade takes the catch and goes up immediately, umpire Michael Gough had no doubt in his mind. Woakes didn't even think about the review as he knew he gloved that. Woakes c Wade b Coulter-Nile 0(1)

36.1 - Coulter-Nile to Buttler, out Caught by Mitchell Marsh!! In the airrr and that's a good grab by Mitch Marsh. The World Champions are doing it nicely here. They put pressure on England and have now got two big wickets in the space of 3 balls. I must say that Buttler was never moving his feet in his stay at the crease, probably had he moved forward to this one, he would have been able to control the shot, instead plays the drive with laden feet and the full ball goes to the left of mid-off. Marsh moves to his left and reverse-cups it, ensures that it doesn't pop out even as he tumbles onto the ground. Buttler c Mitchell Marsh b Coulter-Nile 4(10)

35.5 - Watson to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Wade!! Oh this is a lucky wicket and umpire Joel Wilson raises his finger. Second wicket for Watson, Morgan didn't wait for the umpire's decision. Watson bangs this short, it was down the leg side as well Morgan gets inside the line and tries to pull, the ball takes the glove and Wade takes a good low catch. Massive wicket for Australia. Morgan was key to England's chances and they are under serious pressure now. Eoin Morgan c Wade b Watson 38(46) [4s-4]

32.1 - Starc to Stokes, out Caught by Burns!! This was coming, Stokes was never comfortable against Starc and he perishes. Fullish and just tailing back in, Stokes flicks, times it well but picks out the man at short mid-wicket to perfection. Burns throws the ball up in joy after taking the catch. Stokes looks up towards the sky in disappointment as he walks back. Stokes c Burns b Starc 13(23) [4s-1]

26.2 - Watson to James Taylor, out Bowled!! Well, almost a carbon copy of the last delivery. However, the only difference this time around is Taylor doesn't get anything on it as he charges the bowler, misses and his middle-stump gets shattered. Watson just kept it simple by looking to target the stumps, he got a bit of shape back into Taylor as well. Watson certainly knows that Taylor has the habit of moving around the crease. This time around, he won the battle. Perseverance has done the trick for the bowler. James Taylor b Watson 49(51) [4s-4 6s-1]

17.5 - Maxwell to Jason Roy, out Caught by Warner!! Roy departs after playing an excellent knock. However, he has gifted his wicket away in search of quick runs. Wanted to take on the spinner instead it only led to his downfall. Fuller and on leg, Roy made room and looked to go over cover, ended up slicing the drive straight into the hands of Warner at cover-point. Jason Roy c Warner b Maxwell 67(64) [4s-11]

11.2 - Mitchell Marsh to Hales, out Caught by Watson!! Hales has thrown it away. This wasn't a wicket-deserving delivery (short and outside off) from Mitch Marsh, Hales decides to pull and gets the timing completely wrong.Ball hits high on the bat and Watson at short mid-wicket reverse cupped it easily. However a good opening stand from the duo, should make things easy from now on. Hales c Watson b Mitchell Marsh 22(22) [4s-3 6s-1]

28.2 - Starc to Stokes, no run, dropped, but that's not an easy chance though. Full and straight from Starc, Stokes drives it firmly back at the bowler who gets a fingertip in his followthrough. Stretched his left hand but couldn't manage to grab it. Hard to take those

29.3 - Maxwell to Stokes, no run, Maxwell delivered this down leg, Stokes attempts a wild reverse sweep, doesn't make any contact. There was some sound as the ball passed the bat. Wade signalled for a review, he didn't even consult the skipper. Replays clearly indicated that Stokes missed it by a long way

12.4 - Watson to Jason Roy, 2 runs, maiden ODI fifty for Roy, steers this short of length delivery towards third man and gets a couple. He receives warm applause from the dressing room, he must be a relieved man

2.2 - Starc to Hales, 1 run, oh! Maxwell almost helped Australia to take their first wicket. It was a back of a length delivery from Starc, Hales punches it to Maxwell at cover, he goes to his right, gathers it quickly and fires in the throw, but it just misses the stumps, had he hit Hales was gone. He had given up. Bad call from him