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Pakistan tour of New Zealand 2016

Scorecard - 1st T20I, New Zealand vs Pakistan at Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand (15 Jan 2016)


171/8 (20) RR:8.55

Pakistan won by 16 runs

MOM: Shahid Afridi
New Zealand

155/10 (20) RR:7.75

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17.4 - Boult to Imad Wasim, FOUR, cheeky and four, knee high full toss from Boult, Wasim stays in his crease, reverses his stance and helps it past short third man for a boundary

15.3 - Matt Henry to Afridi, FOUR, this over is turning pear shaped for Henry, full toss outside off, Afridi swings hard and carves it over extra cover, one bounce and over the ropes

15.2 - Matt Henry to Afridi, FOUR, Henry overcompensates and bowls a wide half-volley outside off, Afridi gets underneath the length and cracks it over cover for a boundary

14.4 - Milne to Hafeez, FOUR, cracking shot, way too short from Milne, Hafeez swivels across and pulls it in front of square on the on-side, almost went all the way, bounced just in front of the ropes

14.0 - Boult to U Akmal, FOUR, nicely played by Akmal, short and just outside off, Akmal swivels across and pulls it in front of square on the on-side. The man gets across from the deep, puts in the slide and ends up slipping it over the ropes

13.4 - Boult to Hafeez, FOUR, lovely shot, this was the slower half-volley outside off, Hafeez waits on it and goes over extra cover, one bounce and over the ropes

9.3 - Todd Astle to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, pressure of the previous six forces Astle to pitch it short, Malik makes full use of it and gets it through backward point, beats the man in the deep

6.0 - Corey Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, 18 runs off the over, it was there to be cut outside off and Hafeez obliged with a beautifully timed horizontal shot to beat the diving fielder at backward point

5.2 - Corey Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, oh, just over the man at backward point, tad short and wide outside off, Hafeez cracked the cut and did not keep it down. Todd Astle at backward point leapt in the air but did not get fingers to it and it raced to the fence

5.1 - Corey Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, crisp from Hafeez, full and outside off, Hafeez gets to free his arm on the drive, beats the man at cover with ease, fast outfield does the rest

4.2 - Milne to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, short delivery and Shehzad clears his front leg, the pace was good enough to pull it over deep mid-wicket, timed that one beautifully

3.4 - Boult to Hafeez, FOUR, this is classical from Hafeez, made little room and flayed the inside out driver over extra cover, no one moved

3.3 - Boult to Hafeez, FOUR, scoop from Hafeez, moved across the line on this short of a length delivery and got it over fine leg, one bounce and over the ropes

2.5 - Matt Henry to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, better from Shehzad, heaves the short delivery over the fielder at mid-wicket with ease

2.0 - Boult to Hafeez, FOUR, nicely played by Hafeez, fraction too short and well outside off, he waits on it, plays with an open face and guides it behind square on the off-side for a boundary

18.0 - Boult to Imad Wasim, SIX, lovely shot, too short from Boult, Wasim swivels across and pulls it high and behind square on the on-side for a maximum

16.2 - Milne to U Akmal, SIX, Akmal wants some piece of fun as well, Milne misses his yorker, turns into a length delivery that's smacked high over long-on for a maximum

15.4 - Matt Henry to Afridi, SIX, Afridi is on fire at Eden Park! This was full and wide from Henry, Afridi threw the kitchen sink at that, slices it high and over backward point, just about clears the ropes for a maximum

15.1 - Matt Henry to Afridi, SIX, that's easy pickings for Afridi, short and on his hips, he gets inside the line, flicks his wrists and helps it over long leg for a maximum

11.2 - Todd Astle to Hafeez, SIX, nicely played by Hafeez, tossed up on the stumps, spins across Hafeez, he gets down on his knees, plays against the spin and sends it soaring over mid-wicket for a maximum

9.2 - Todd Astle to Shoaib Malik, SIX, that is gone big, tossed up delivery and Malik used his feet to good effect, met the pitch of the delivery and clubbed it over the bowler's head into the long-on fence

5.4 - Corey Anderson to Hafeez, SIX, that is a good shot from Hafeez, length delivery and on middle and off, Hafeez stands still and lofts it over the bowler's head for a maximum

4.3 - Milne to Ahmed Shehzad, SIX, hoicked it, this is the first six of the innings, made a little room but stayed inside the crease and cracked it over cow corner

19.2 - Matt Henry to Imad Wasim, out Caught by Boult!! New Zealand are finishing it off strongly! This was another slower short ball from Henry, Wasim was backing away on the big shot, gets cramped for room and lobs a simple catch to Boult - at extra cover. Imad Wasim c Boult b Matt Henry 18(9) [4s-1 6s-1]

19.0 - Milne to Sarfraz, out Caught by Williamson!! Milne finishes with four wickets! This was another back of the hand slower delivery, Sarfraz made room for the big shot, there was no pace on that ball, he ends up hitting it high and towards long-off. Williamson gets across to his right at long-off and pouches it with ease. Sarfraz c Williamson b Milne 2(3)

17.1 - Boult to Afridi, out Caught by Williamson!! That's a massive blow for Pakistan! This was full and just outside off, Afridi backed away on the lofted shot, gets it very low on the bat and chips a simple catch to Williamson - running back from extra cover. End of a handy cameo from Afridi, but Pakistan needed him to stay till the end. Afridi c Williamson b Boult 23(8) [4s-2 6s-2]

16.5 - Milne to U Akmal, out Caught by Munro!! Milne has his third wicket! This was full and well outside off, Akmal was looking to go over cover, the bat turned in his hands on impact and he ends up hitting it high and towards deep cover. Munro settled underneath itrand acepts the dolly. U Akmal c Munro b Milne 24(14) [4s-1 6s-1]

14.5 - Milne to Hafeez, out Caught by Astle!! That's a sharp catch at square leg. This was the slower short ball from Milne, bowled at 122 kmph, Hafeez was looking to pull it over square leg, rolled his wrists along and pulls it in the air, to the left of square leg. Astle moves across to his right, goes with both hands and completes a good catch. Hafeez c Astle b Milne 61(47) [4s-8 6s-2]

10.4 - Mitchell Santner to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Elliott!! That's a huge blow for Pakistan! This was tossed up slower and just outside off, Malik came down the track, doesn't get to the pitch of the ball, ends up lifting it high and towards long-off, safe catch there by Elliott. Shoaib Malik c Elliott b Mitchell Santner 20(18) [4s-1 6s-1]

6.1 - Mitchell Santner to Maqsood, out Caught by Ronchi!! What a start for Santner, Maqsood came down the track and Santner dragged the length, Maqsood edged it back to the keeper and he did not commit a mistake. In fact, he also dislodged the bails and the square leg umpire gave it out as well. But it's been given caught behind. Maqsood c Ronchi b Mitchell Santner 0(2)

4.4 - Milne to Ahmed Shehzad, out Caught by Elliott!! Pakistan have lost their first wicket and a dangerous looking Shehzad departs. He was moving in his crease for sometime now, this time he fails trying to do so. Made room for himself and tried to crack this short of good length delivery over mid-on, got it high on the bat and the ball ballooned to the man at mid-on, easy catch there. Ahmed Shehzad c Elliott b Milne 16(14) [4s-2 6s-1]

16.1 - Milne to U Akmal, 2 runs, Williamson almost completed a stunner, but he fails to hold on. This was a back of a length delivery outside off, Akmal was looking to go over cover, ends up slicing it high over extra cover. Williamson ran back, got both hands but can't hold on

12.1 - Mitchell Santner to Hafeez, 1 run, tossed up and on the stumps, nudged in front of mid-wicket for a quick single, raises his fifty as well, his 8th in T20Is

18.4 - Amir to Matt Henry, FOUR, that's a handy boundary for Henry , Amir misses his yorker, offers a length ball on middle, heaved away wide of mid-wicket. Malik gets across, but can't make the stop

17.5 - Umar Gul to Matt Henry, FOUR, this is fine bowling from Gul, but it has cost him four runs, yorker length delivery and on the stumps, Henry just about managed to jam his bat down, gets an inside edge that races away past the leg-stump, handy boundary for Henry

17.2 - Umar Gul to Williamson, FOUR, nicely played by Williamson, this was full and well outside off, Gul missed the yorker there, Williamson gets under it and goes over point with the slice, a couple of bounces and over the ropes

16.5 - Amir to Williamson, FOUR, lovely shot, low full toss outside off from Amir, Williamson waits on it, opens the face of the bat at the last moment, finds the gap between backward point and short third man

16.4 - Amir to Williamson, FOUR, nicely done by Williamson, full and on the stumps, Amir missed his yorker there, Williamson gets underneath the length, clears his left leg and clips it over mid-wicket for a boundary

15.4 - Riaz to Williamson, FOUR, Williamson is getting into his groove, wide yorker from Riaz, Williamson waits on it, opens the face of the bat and steers it behind square on the off-side, beats third man to the fence

12.5 - Imad Wasim to Williamson, FOUR, edged and four, Williamson came down the track, Wasim fired it outside off, finds the outside edge that runs away through the vacant slip cordon

11.5 - Afridi to Williamson, FOUR, much needed boundary for Williamson, his first of the innings, comes down the track, makes room and swats it wide of extra cover for a single

5.4 - Umar Gul to Munro, FOUR, Munro is on the move now, takes a step down the track, gets down on one knee and slaps a wide delivery over extra cover for a boundary

3.3 - Amir to Munro, FOUR, Munro finally breaks the shackles! On a good length and just outside off, Munro gets forwards and thumps it back over Amir's head, one bounce and over the ropes

1.0 - Amir to Williamson, leg byes, FOUR, too short and on Williamson's hips, he was looking to work it towards the on-side, the ball clips the thigh pad and rolls away to the fence in a jiffy

15.3 - Riaz to Williamson, SIX, lovely shot, the hosts need many more of those, Williamson shuffles across his stumps, gets down low, uses Riaz's pace and helps it over short fine for a maximum

9.3 - Riaz to Munro, SIX, too short from Riaz, Munro swivels across and pummels it over mid-wicket for another maximum, brings up his 3rd T20I fifty, back-to-back as well

7.4 - Riaz to Munro, SIX, top-edge and six, luck is on Munro's side as well, this was banged in short and on the stumps, Munro was late on the pull, gets a top-edge that sails into the long leg stands

6.5 - Afridi to Munro, SIX, Munro is dealing in sixes at the moment, tossed up and on Munro's pads, he gets a good stride forward and lifts it nonchalantly over mid-wicket for yet another maximum

6.0 - Umar Gul to Munro, SIX, cheeky and six, banged in short and just outside off, Munro waits on it, opens the face of the bat and helps it on its way, sails over the third man fence for another maximum, 23 from the over

5.5 - Umar Gul to Munro, SIX, this is the best of the lot, length delivery outside off, Munro gets a big stride forward and drills it back over the bowler's head, sailed all the way into the sightscreen, exceptional hitting from Munro

5.3 - Umar Gul to Munro, SIX, massive, another slower delivery from Gul, Munro spotted it early, goes through with the swing and sends it high and over deep mid-wicket for a maximum

20.0 - Riaz to Boult, out Caught by Afridi!! Pakistan win by 16 runs! It's the captain who has the final say. This was full and just outside off, Boult made room for the lofted hit, doesn't get hold of the shot, slices it high and towards extra cover. Afridi was the man under it and he doesn't drop it. New Zealand have been bowled out for 155. Boult c Afridi b Riaz 0(3)

19.1 - Riaz to Williamson, out Caught by Hafeez!! That should be it for New Zealand! Williamson falls after a battling knock. This was full and well outside off, Williamson went a long way across on the paddle, ends up hitting it a lot straighter. Hafeez runs to his left at deep square leg and gobbles up the ball. Williamson c Hafeez b Riaz 70(60) [4s-6 6s-1]

19.0 - Amir to Matt Henry, out Caught by Afridi!! Amir has a wicket with his final ball, someone manages to catch it finally. This was pitched up outside off, turns it to be a low full toss, Henry made room and was looking to go over extra cover, doesn't get the required height, straight to Afridi at the edge of the ring. He accepts the catch and has his arms up in joy. Matt Henry c Afridi b Amir 10(5) [4s-2]

17.4 - Umar Gul to Todd Astle, out Bowled!! Excellent bowling from Gul, gets his yorker right - at the base of leg-stump, Astle made room for the drive, the ball sneaks underneath it and hits the leg-stump. Todd Astle b Umar Gul 1(5)

14.4 - Umar Gul to Mitchell Santner, out Caught by Afridi!! Afridi fumbled one, but not the second one, this was a lot tougher, he judges it well, jumps up and takes the catch. Arms held aloft in joy, Pakistan are well on top now. This was full and just outside off, Santner was looking to go over cover, chips it in the air and towards extra cover, on another day, it might have been enough to clear Afridi, not tonight though. Mitchell Santner c Afridi b Umar Gul 0(4)

13.5 - Afridi to Ronchi, out Caught by Ahmed Shehzad!! New Zealand are falling apart at Eden Park! This was tossed up outside off, might have stopped on Ronchi a touch, he was early into the drive, scoops it in the air and to the left of cover. Shehzad moves across and completes the catch. Ronchi c Ahmed Shehzad b Afridi 0(4)

13.1 - Afridi to Elliott, out Bowled!! Pakistan are chipping away! This was the wrong 'un from Afridi, Elliott came down the track, made room and was looking to go over cover, gets a thick inside edge and the off-stump is rattled, the spinners are keeping Pakistan in the hunt. Elliott b Afridi 3(5)

10.3 - Imad Wasim to Corey Anderson, out Caught&Bowled!! That's a dolly for Wasim, soft dismissal for Anderson. This was pushed through on off, Anderson went back and punched it straight back to the bowler. As simple as it gets, the momentum is shifting back towards Pakistan's way. Corey Anderson c and b Imad Wasim 0(2)

10.0 - Riaz to Munro, out Bowled!! Chopped on! Munro falls after a belligerent knock. Much needed wicket for Pakistan. This was full and well outside off, Munro went nowhere as he threw his bat at that, gets a thick inside edge and the ball crashes back onto the stumps. Riaz is chuffed to bits, Pakistan badly needed this wicket. Munro b Riaz 56(27) [4s-2 6s-6]

1.5 - Imad Wasim to Williamson, out Guptill Run Out!! Disaster for New Zealand. Guptill has been run-out. This was pushed through on off, Williamson makes room and nudges it towards cover, he immediately set-off for a quick single, Guptill wasn't quite sure, stopped half-way down the track, both batsmen froze for a moment. Afridi lobs the ball at the bowler, Williamson makes a late call to sacrifice himself, but it's all too late. Guptill is livid as he storms off. Guptill run out (Afridi/Imad Wasim) 2(3)

16.2 - Amir to Todd Astle, no run, Maqsood has had a rough night, he drops a simple one now, full toss outside off, sliced straight to backward point, in and out of Maqsood's hands

3.5 - Amir to Williamson, 1 run, Afridi denies Amir's first wicket since comeback! That's a shocker from the Pakistan captain, this was a terrific slower delivery outside off, Williamson backed away and was way too early on the drive, scoops it high and towards extra cover. Afridi had plenty of time to get underneath it, somehow, he allows the ball to pop out

16.3 - Amir to Todd Astle, 1 run, full and well outside off, Astle shuffled across on the flick, gets an inside edge towards the off-side. Williamson called him for a quick single, a direct hit and he was well short of his ground

14.2 - Umar Gul to Mitchell Santner, no run, full and on Santner's pads, clipped straight to Maqsood at square leg, he wanted a single and is sent back, dives and makes his ground