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England tour of South Africa 2015-16

Scorecard - 3rd Test, South Africa vs England at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa (14 Jan 2016)

South Africa

313/10 (99.3) RR:3.15

83/10 (33.1) RR:2.5

England won by 7 wkts

MOM: Stuart Broad

323/10 (76.1) RR:4.24

74/3 (22.4) RR:3.26

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99.0 - Broad to Viljoen, FOUR, this has been a very poor over from Broad. Digging it in short again and again, pays the price for it. Sharp bouncer outside off, Viljoen pulls and top-edges it over the slip cordon. Raced away

98.2 - Broad to Viljoen, FOUR, four more. Short and angling down leg, Viljoen gets a bit of glove on the pull, beats Bairstow comfortably down leg. Viljoen was hurried by that short ball, but a bit of glove was all it needed as it was directed down leg

98.1 - Broad to Viljoen, FOUR, that's the 300. And a fine pull shot from Viljoen through mid-wicket. Dug in short outside off, Viljoen short-arm jabbed that and beats the desperate dive from the fielder in the deep. Hit well and beat the diving man

96.3 - Broad to M Morkel, FOUR, fabulous stroke from Morkel. Past Viljoen as Broad overpitched outside off, came half-forward and then stroked it away with a high front elbow. All grace and timing from the man nicknamed Haydos

94.0 - Anderson to Viljoen, FOUR, what a start for Viljoen with the bat in Tests. An attempted yorker from Anderson, turns out to be a low full toss, punched past the diving mid-on. Just came forward and stroked it away. He will remember this moment for a long while

90.5 - Broad to Rabada, byes, FOUR, again it is byes. This time down leg, Rabada pulled and missed, Bairstow dives to his right and the ball went under his glove. That's four more bonus runs to South Africa. Broad and England won't like that one bit

90.2 - Broad to Rabada, byes, FOUR, pacy bouncer, beats Rabada's pull and evades a leaping Bairstow who couldn't get a fingertip despite doing his very best. That was very quick from Broad and a sign that the wicket has quickened up from yesterday

87.0 - Anderson to Rabada, FOUR, superb from Rabada! Sees the half-volley and takes full toll of it. Gets a nice stride forward and drives it wide of mid-off, raced away in a hurry

85.4 - Stokes to C Morris, FOUR, please hit-me ball from Stokes. Full and plenty of width on offer, Morris lunges forward and times the pants off it (drive that is), no need to run for those

82.0 - Finn to Rabada, FOUR, overstepped again but the umpire didn't spot this one though. Back of a length around fifth stump, swung away late too. Rabada looks to punch it through the off-side, gets a thick outside edge which flies past a diving point (to his left) and races away

81.0 - Anderson to C Morris, FOUR, sprays this full delivery on the pads. That's easy pickings for any batsman. Morris is no mug with the bat, he flicks wristily and creams it through mid-wicket, James Taylor puts in the desperate dive in the deep but couldn't prevent the ball from kissing the ropes

80.4 - Anderson to C Morris, FOUR, very full wider of off, Morris opens the face of the bat and squeezes that in the gap between backward point and slip cordon, no one at third man

74.1 - Broad to C Morris, FOUR, oh hello! Where did that come from? Broad pitched it short and got it to nip back in ever so slightly. Morris was unsure, hung his bat awkwardly and the ball took the top-edge. Couple of bounces and into the fence, the slip cordon could just watch that sail over their heads. Streaky stuff that!

72.4 - Broad to Dane Vilas, FOUR, width on offer with a driveable length, Vilas leant forward and stroked it wide of mid-off, pure timing and it raced away

70.3 - Broad to Dane Vilas, FOUR, shot! All Broad could do was to get his legs out of the way! Full and on off, Vilas plonks his front foot and goes through the line. Times the ball with a flowing push and places it through the bowler for a boundary

69.1 - Moeen Ali to Dane Vilas, FOUR, full ball down leg, Vilas skips out aiming the heave. Dragged it off the inner half to deep square leg and it's good enough for a boundary

67.0 - Finn to Bavuma, FOUR, that's nicely played. Down the leg side, Bavuma gets on his toes to meet this back of a length delivery and tucks it off his hips to fine leg. Races away to the fence in no time

65.4 - Moeen Ali to Dane Vilas, FOUR, flighted delivery from Moeen Ali, Vilas skates down the pitch and lofts it over the bowler's head for a boundary to long-on

61.2 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, short and wide, and with a hit-me tag. Bavuma obliges with a full-blooded cut. Threaded the gap between point and cover-point and the ball sped off this turf

58.4 - Anderson to du Plessis, FOUR, that was out of the blue! Gets out of his forward defensive loop with a whack off the back foot. The ball was short and sat up pretty, du Plessis rocked back and cross-batted that to the deep mid-wicket fence. Couple of bounces and into the advertising hoardings

57.5 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, that was blissful timing. No other way to put it. Bavuma came forward and pushed it sweetly. The ball evaded mid-off's dive and hurried to the fence

53.0 - Moeen Ali to du Plessis, FOUR, gentle low full toss and outside off, du Plessis caresses the drive with ease through covers, welcome boundary for du Plessis

50.1 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, short and width on offer, enough time for de Villiers to free his arms and he cracks it through cover for an easy four

48.1 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, straying on the pads of de Villiers and punished. Moved across a little and clipped it through backward square leg, there was a man in the deep but he had no chance

41.5 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, this time through mid-wicket. It is amazing how de Villiers comes all set. Once again danced down the pitch and flicked it through mid-wicket with ease, don't bother chasing those

41.4 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, use of feet straightaway from de Villiers, gets to the pitch of the delivery and hammers it down the ground to get off the mark

40.3 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, driven on the up, tried the inswinger but the length was too full. Amla bends his front knee and times the crunchy drive wide of mid-off, once it beat the fielder it was always going to be a boundary

38.1 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, offers a freebie first ball, short and straight. Elgar rolls his wrists on the pull and times it sweetly through mid-wicket, touch of class and dominance

33.3 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, edged and four! Fuller and just outside off, Amla drives and gets a thick inside edge which skims past the timber (off-stump) and beats the dive (to his left) of Bairstow behind the stumps

31.4 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, cries of catch but it wasn't to be. Short ball down the wrong line, sliding down leg. Amla rocks back and swivles on the pull, placed it well wide of fine leg and got the desired outcome

30.2 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, anything in his zone and Amla doesn't let it go scot-free. Short and wide of off, Amla jumps back and punches that through cover, no point chasing that lads!

28.2 - Anderson to Elgar, FOUR, good length that swings away from Elgar who pushes at that with soft hands. The ball catches the outside edge and rolls away wide of the slip cordon Playing with soft hands was the key there - he did that all morning and is continuing to do so. Good signs!

25.4 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, a back-bender from Stokes that doesn't zoom up. Amla stands tall and rolls his wrists to pull that. More of a short arm jab. Not enough room to swivel but Amla amazingly spotted that early and dispatched it to deep mid-wicket

23.2 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, and this time he compensates with a lovely front foot stride. Meets this full ball off the bat's middle and opens the face on the drive. Timed away, like a Japanese bullet train

22.4 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, not too full and not quite upto the batsman too. Elgar lets his bat out, extends his hands and times the drive past mid-off for a sweetly-timed four

20.1 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, silked away! Half-volley alright, Amla stands there, bends down a touch and full-faces the drive with zephyr-like hands

18.1 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, the ball's short and it's been bludgeoned away. With a pull through deep-midwicket. No swivel. Just a crunchy bat-ball connection

15.1 - Finn to van Zyl, FOUR, an edge and it runs away wide of gully. Good length on off stump, van Zyl in trying to defend, gets a healthy edge but bouncing in front of Stokes and then running away through the unmanned third man region

14.2 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, deliberately played. Full outside off, Elgar pushes forward and opens the face of the bat to let the ball slide into the gap at gully. No third man and it will be four

14.0 - Finn to van Zyl, FOUR, Finn overpitches on leg and van Zyl flicks it effortlessly away through mid-wicket for four. Didn't get forward, stood there and let the bat through into the stroke. Raced away

9.0 - Anderson to van Zyl, leg byes, FOUR, whenever Anderson is trying the inswinger or slanting it in, he tends to drift down leg. van Zyl wanted to leave that initially, but it brushed the pad on the way and Bairstow was late in diving across. Ran away for four more

5.3 - Broad to van Zyl, FOUR, fine stroke! Fraction short outside off, van Zyl just lapped it around the corner with a short-arm jab. No extended followthrough, no rolling of the wrists. Just tapped it on its head and the ball went away to the deep mid-wicket fence. van Zyl showing signs of putting the bad ball away, if it is there in his hitting range

4.0 - Broad to van Zyl, FOUR, Broad overpitches and van Zyl gets off the mark with a fine off-drive. Leant slightly on the front foot and then played a flowing drive wide of mid-off. No chance for the fielder. That was sweetly timed

2.5 - Anderson to Elgar, leg byes, FOUR, the first inswinger that Anderson tried today and it has gone for four down the leg-side. Slung down leg, catches the thigh pad and beats a diving Bairstow after Elgar missed the flick

80.0 - Moeen Ali to Rabada, SIX, the attempted doosra from Moeen Ali, ended up bowling a friendly full toss. Rabada stayed still and smashed it straight down the ground, no one moved!

55.0 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, SIX, that was smoked! Hit as if it was meant to be. Came down the track, got to the pitch of the ball, gave himself the room to swing his arms and belted it over long-on for a gargantuan six. A memory-spike for the few people who have made it to the Bullring on a Thursday

99.3 - Stokes to M Morkel, out Caught by Cook!! And he strikes first ball. That's the end of that. Full outside off, Morkel drives and gets a thick edge, comfortably held by Cook at first slip, above his head, reverse-cupping it in the process. After all the drama it needed just one ball to end the innings. The players run off. M Morkel c Cook b Stokes 12(20) [4s-1]

93.3 - Anderson to Rabada, out Caught by Bairstow!! There you go, that's the edge. And a sixth catch for Bairstow. The perfect line and length from Anderson, opens Rabada up on the back foot defence, a thick edge as the back of a length delivery climbs sharply and induces the error. Bairstow takes it to his left and throws the ball in delight. Pretty sure that Anderson must be the most happiest man at the Wanderers at the moment. That's a record-equalling catch by Bairstow at this venue as well. Rabada c Bairstow b Anderson 24(64) [4s-2 6s-1]

93.0 - Broad to C Morris, out Caught by Bairstow!! Finally the pesky little stand has been broken. Full outside off, straightens and draws a loose drive from Morris. A thick edge and a fifth catch for Bairstow. Simple dismissal. Morris' useful contribution comes to an end and the English team would be a relieved lot. C Morris c Bairstow b Broad 28(61) [4s-4]

74.4 - Broad to Dane Vilas, out Caught by Moeen Ali!! Good catch from Moeen Ali at fine leg. Kept his eyes on the ball despite facing the sun. Broad will be a relieved man. Yet again he tries the short stuff, this time against a settled Vilas. He pulls and could only manage a big, booming top-edge which loops high in the air towards Moeen. He ain't dropping that. For all that drama that was built before the start of the game, Vilas decides to throw it away after what has been an innings of patience and class. Remember, he was in Port Elizabeth before the start of this game. It's nearly 1000 kms away from J'burg and now he had a long, long walk back to the pavilion. Dane Vilas c Moeen Ali b Broad 26(38) [4s-4]

70.5 - Broad to Dane Vilas, out Bavuma Run Out!! Ah, that's a horror in Test cricket. You just cannot afford to lose your wickets trying to collect petty singles like these. Vilas patted the ball to mid-on and charged off. Bavuma was late to respond and was defeated by a lightning throw from Woakes. Bairstow leaped in the air to collect the ball and Jonty'd onto the stumps. Flying bail-flicking to put it bluntly. Bavuma run out (Woakes/Bairstow) 23(44) [4s-3]

62.5 - Finn to du Plessis, out Caught by Hales!! That was so hospitable, almost helping Finn to a wicket like a Good Samaritan. The ball was shortish and it was down the leg-side, du Plessis helps himself with a pick up shot. Intended to go finer but ended up hitting it uppisly to deep backward square leg. Straight to Hales who backpedals and reverse-cups it onto his chest gleefully. du Plessis c Hales b Finn 16(57) [4s-2]

55.5 - Stokes to de Villiers, out Caught by Bairstow!! And there won't be an ABD show today. He's perished to an ambitious pull. Umpire Aleem Dar thought and thought a bit more before raising the finger. Stokes had bent his back on this bumper, the ball vroomed off the pitch and was an easy duck. The batsman that he is, de Villiers took it on but only managed to glove it back to the keeper. Brushed the right thumb to be precise. The appeal looked well synchronized and the woody sound was a giveaway for Dar there. Big, big loss this. de Villiers c Bairstow b Stokes 36(40) [4s-4 6s-1]

44.3 - Finn to Amla, out Caught by Bairstow!! That is a gem and that was bound to get the better of any batsman in the world. Sort of a dream delivery, came in with the angle on a length and straightened just a little off the pitch. Amla was not well forward on the defence and got a thick edge to the keeper who took a catch to his right. South Africa have lost their second wicket in quick succession. England are making a little comeback here. Amla c Bairstow b Finn 40(90) [4s-7]

41.2 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, out Caught by Bairstow!! And Mo has struck, the change of bowling has done the trick for the English. It was a flatter delivery angled into Elgar and turned away as Elgar looked to poke at it from the crease, it just kissed the blade and Bairstow did not commit any mistake. England's long wait is over. The partnership is finally broken. Elgar c Bairstow b Moeen Ali 46(122) [4s-5]

17.3 - Stokes to van Zyl, out Caught by Bairstow!! And Stokes the golden man for a reason. Came in and strikes with his third ball. The ball was back of a length but wide. van Zyl fetches it. Protracted his hands and tries to pull it from well outside off. The ball lobs up off the top-edge and the keeper runs in a touch to glove that. An hour of Anderson-Broad-Finn saga and Stokes does this in a matter of seconds. van Zyl c Bairstow b Stokes 21(47) [4s-4]

10.2 - Anderson to van Zyl, no run, "catch" was the anguished cry from the Englishmen but it falls tantalisingly and temptingly short of Compton at point. Good nut from Anderson, coming close to the stumps and changing the angle, surprised van Zyl with extra bounce from a good length, van Zyl jabbed at it and the edge didn't carry to the forward-rushing fielder. A heart-in-the-mouth moment!

79.1 - Moeen Ali to Rabada, no run, flighted delivery and spinning away slightly, Rabada went hard on the cut and missed it by a hair's-breadth distance. Bairstow claimed the catch behind the stumps and his verdict proved to be in vain...

33.2 - Stokes to Amla, no run, huge appeal from Stokes and Aleem Dar shakes his head straightaway. Cook signals for a review immediately. In fact Stokes wanted his skipper to go for it but to be honest it looked close to the naked eye. Pitched on a good length and caught Amla on the shuffle above the kneeroll. Hit him in line with middle and off, for all that excitement from Stokes who thought it was out, it proved to be a waste of a review.

75.5 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, length delivery sees Bairstow stand tall to let out a punchy drive through cover. Stays rivetted to the crease, lifts his bat high and canes it through the gap

74.4 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, that looked pacy and England have the lead. Similar bouncer angled in. This looks like the stock ball now. Bairstow was hurried into a pull. Ball took the top-edge and hurried back to the fine leg fence

71.3 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, short and wide with some extra bounce. Like cream in coffee. Bairstow extends his hands, cuts it uppishly over the cordon and gets a boundary

66.1 - C Morris to Bairstow, FOUR, plenty of width on offer. The Yorkshireman is very good at playing the cut stroke. This time, he flays the cut past backward point for a boundary

63.3 - Viljoen to Moeen Ali, FOUR, short and wide delivery, Ali rides on the bounce and cuts it to the sweeper cover fence. Viljoen just is lumbering to the crease and Ali took a heavy toll of a poor delivery

62.0 - Viljoen to Moeen Ali, FOUR, poor stuff from Viljoen. Short and wide delivery, Ali stands up tall and cuts it past the backward point fielder. No need to run for those. Ali played that stroke with a concotion of timing and placement

61.3 - Viljoen to Moeen Ali, FOUR, now that was asking to be smacked. Viljoen laboured to the crease and bowled a half-tracker, Ali pulls it in front of square on the on-side. It rockets to the fence in a hurry

56.3 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, back of a length delivery and angled into the right-hander, Bairstow picks the length quickly and uses the short-arm jab and places it in front of square on the on-side. It scurries to the boundary boards in a jiffy

52.4 - Rabada to Root, leg byes, FOUR, and he has the license to go after it. Pacy bouncer, Root swivels into the pull but the ball was too quick. Evaded the pull, took the helmet and popped over the first slip. Sped away off the turf to the third man fence

51.4 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, full and straight, Root has shipped his nerves to London. Leans forward and pushes it with a straight bat. Ball pings back off the middle and rushes to the long-on fence, like a man late for the Star Wars premiere

51.2 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, and here's the landmark that we've all been waiting for. 16 delightful fours to get to his 9th Test century and what an occasion to do that. 12 innings between this and his last century (vs Aus. at Nottingham in 2015) and that spanning five fifties. Finally manages to edgecross the nerve-line and gives himself the opportunity to take his helmet off, raise his arms, pump his fists and smile. The century-bringing shot was a leaning drive that was catapulted through cover. Copybook extended hands, big stride forward and a J-carving shot to go with the pristine timing and placement. Top effort against a Steyn-less Protea side but he can only do so much

48.0 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, Root's in sublime touch and he displays it once again, did not try to hit it too hard, just presented a full blade on the fuller length delivery and beat a diving de Villiers at mid-off with ease

46.2 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, straying on the pads of Root and he makes full use of it, shuffles across and clips it away to deep backward square leg, two fielders went for it but neither got there in time. Bavuma from FSL and fine leg tried to hunt it down

45.4 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, what a shot that is from the big man, fuller length and outside off, he just lofts it through the line and gets it over the infield, it crosses the long-off fence in no time

44.5 - Viljoen to Root, FOUR, short and a little width on offer, Root flashes at it and gets it over gully, there is no third man and it races away

44.1 - Viljoen to Stokes, FOUR, hammered and that will be fifty for Stokes . Short delivery and Stokes just clobbered the pull through mid-wicket, no one moved

43.4 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, did not look to be in a good position but adjusted well on this short delivery to roll his wrists, the fielder at fine leg did not bother giving a chase and it raced away

42.5 - Viljoen to Root, FOUR, it was in the air for a while but away from the man at fine leg, short delivery and Root did not try to keep the pull down. It went away from Morkel and into the fence

42.2 - Viljoen to Stokes, FOUR, cries of catch it but it goes between the slips and gully. Not quite short enough outside off but Stokes flashed hard at it, luckily got it in the gap and it raced away to the third man fence

37.4 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, this one just hinted to accost the pads. On off and middle, Root gets onto it in a jiffy. Stayed back and turned his wrists to flick that between mid-wicket and long-on

36.5 - Viljoen to Stokes, FOUR, full toss now. It's the shoulder-drooping ball that signals demotivated spirits. Arched forward and dispatched this off his pads to deep mid-wicket

36.1 - Viljoen to Root, FOUR, and Root gets to his fifty in style. His 19th and his 3rd versus South Africa. Innings to remember. Bouncy pitch and against a four-pronged pace attack. Second string alright but South Africa seldom serve up mediocrity. Root gets on the front foot here and drove with an open bat face. The length was full and the width was there for him to do the jugglery. Creamy four runs through backward point to bring up the milestone

35.5 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, luck's with the brave and all they say. Just witnessed it. Takes on the short ball which hurried onto him, Stokes is drawn into a pull, ekes out a top-edge that sails high and back over the keeper

35.4 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, ah, that's thumped off the back foot. The back of a length delivery sat up nicely, Stokes stood tall on his toes and punched it through covers

34.3 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, and another boundary! It's a boundary galore. After all the nosy head-rippers, South Africa are dishing it on the pads. Root flicked it, used his wrists and placed it to the deep mid-wicket fence

34.2 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, shortish outside off, the pitch is not dishing out the same venomous bounce for Morkel. Root stood tall, open-batted the punch and guided the ball between the cordon and the backward point region

33.4 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, Stokes is turning it on and is being well helped by the lines and lengths. Another gentler down leg, Stokes just had to bend down, half-turn and tuck it to backward square leg. Did just that and added four runs to his growing score

33.1 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, overpitched on the pads, a nice breather after all the perfume balls. Stokes helps himself with a flick to deep mid-wicket

32.2 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, throws his bat at the width outside off. Went hard enough at that and his bottom hand came off the bat. Placed it wide of backward point to earn a boundary to squarish third man

32.0 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, and this edge brings the 100 runs for England. Fullish ball, Stokes got low to square drive it. Went hard but the ball kept going with the angle, evaded gully's air-borne one-handed leap and vroomed to the fence

27.3 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, full and straight, Root stays his ground, presents the full face of the bat and dispatches this past Rabada for a flowing boundary straight down the ground

27.1 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, Bavuma chased the leather, dives in front of him and slid on the ropes but couldn't prevent the boundary. The ball was on the pads and was gleefully flicked wristily. Full closed face of the bat and the ball sped away to the deep mid-wicket fence. Was always evading diminutive Bavuma!

26.2 - Viljoen to James Taylor, FOUR, this was full. Rather too full and Taylor had the width to get on his knees, protract his hands and squeeze the drive to sweeper cover. An attempted chase but this sun-baked outfield is just too quick

23.2 - Rabada to Root, leg byes, FOUR, speared down the leg side, Root was late on the tickle but still managed four runs. The ball took the pads and hurried to the fences

22.3 - Viljoen to Compton, FOUR, even better from Compton. Fraction short outside off, Compton rocks back and short-arm jabs the pull through mid-wicket. Got into position so quickly and put it away. Suddenly he has got consecutive boundaries after a period of blocking and more blocking. A change of gear?

22.2 - Viljoen to Compton, FOUR, nicely played. Short and wide outside off, bit of extra bounce, but Compton stayed besides the line of the ball, got on top of the bounce and cut it past point. Kept it down and that was a top shot

19.2 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, that's the shot of the day so far. Morkel overpitches outside off and Root is on his back knee, bent and threads a cover drive through the vacant cover region. Superbly done as he showed the full face and a high elbow to boot. Technically perfect from Joe. Picture that and frame it!

19.0 - C Morris to Compton, FOUR, when Morris overpitches like that, Compton will take toll. Full outside off, Compton gets forward and crunches the drive through cover. Flowing stroke and that should give him confidence after a nervy period

18.4 - C Morris to Compton, FOUR, another outside edge, but this time it goes to ground. Full outside off, Compton came forward to block and the edge went down, eluded a diving gully to his left and raced away. No third man and that will be a boundary. Compton is living a charmed life out there

16.4 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, superb pull from Root. He is in such a good position to play that. Dug in short outside off, he rocks back and times the pull through mid-wicket. Rolled his wrists to keep it down and it ran away for four. Picked the length so quickly and was on the back foot in a flash

15.5 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, flashed away. Short and wide outside off, Root had the time and the room to free his arms, went after that and slashed it over point, one bounce over the ropes. He tried that same shot in the last over, it didn't come off. This time he connected well

31.3 - Rabada to Stokes, SIX, that was a reminder who Stokes is. He might fend one to fine leg but he can also tonk a pull to deep mid-wicket. All the way for a maximum. Swiveled nicely across, had the time to do that and plonked it out of the ground

76.1 - Rabada to Bairstow, out Caught by van Zyl!! And Rabada collects a five-for. His first ever. A floppy-hatted de Villiers-like van Zyl grabs the catch and makes up for the last missed chance. The ball was back of a length outside off, Bairstow fetches it with a cross-batted heave and miscues it high to a deepish mid-on. van Zyl circles under it and then settles to grab that. A meagre lead of 10 runs for England and over to Anderson and Co. now. Bairstow c van Zyl b Rabada 45(84) [4s-5]

74.0 - M Morkel to Finn, out Caught by Dane Vilas!! This was another short ball like the previous one but this one's armoured with an angle in. Finn couldn't sway out of the line and didn't have enough time to drop his wrists as it sped into him. The ball flicked the thumb there and settled into the keeper's gloves. Vilas had his hand nice and stuck out to grab that. Denied by Aleem Dar, South Africa reviewed immediately and the UltraEdge was too convincing. Decision reversed and South Africa need one more to bat again. Finn c Dane Vilas b M Morkel 0(9)

71.5 - Rabada to Broad, out Bowled!! There was not enough pace from the other end for Broad to be that back in his crease but he was for some reason. Rabada bowled it full and straight, the ball nipped off a touch and took the off-stump down. Broad was deep and crouching looking to tamely pat it back but the ball was just too classy for him. Absolute ripper to a lower-order batsman. South Africa holding on to the lead by a thread. 4 runs to go. Broad b Rabada 12(28)

64.3 - C Morris to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Dane Vilas!! Vilas has snaffled a wonderful catch and the South African camp is delighted. It was a short of length delivery that nipped back in a touch, Ali tried what can be called as a half-hearted punch. He eked out an inside edge, Vilas had to go the wrong way there. However, he moved swiftly towards his right and put in a superman-like dive to clasp it with one hand. Morris has reaped the reward for bowling a fine delivery, but the credit also has to go to Vilas for taking a splendid catch. Moeen Ali c Dane Vilas b C Morris 19(28) [4s-3]

55.0 - Rabada to Root, out Caught by Dane Vilas!! Well, Root's masterclass has come to an end. It is Rabada who has chugged down Root and lifted the sagging spirits in the South African camp. This one pitched on a short of length and nipped back in sharply, Root aimed for a firm footed drive. However, he eked out an inside edge. Vilas dived to his left and pouched a sharp catch. Root immediately went up for the review. On review, it was confirmed on the UltraEdge that he has indeed inside-edged that delivery and the TV umpire upheld the decision. Root c Dane Vilas b Rabada 110(139) [4s-17]

46.0 - M Morkel to Stokes, out Caught&Bowled!! Short delivery and into the ribs of Stokes, who looks to tuck it into the on-side, the ball is much quicker than he expected, gets a leading edge and it skies high, Morkel calls for it and takes it easily. Big, big wicket for the Proteas. Stokes has this ability to take the game away with his counter-attack and he had started doing it. Fortunately for AB, Morkel sends him back. Stokes c and b M Morkel 58(54) [4s-9 6s-1]

30.1 - M Morkel to James Taylor, out Caught by Bavuma!! How does he do that? Another Bavuma stunner at short leg. Makes the best use of his height by arching back and going airy fairy with a leap to one-hand the ball. Parried it back and afforded another leap to catch that. Absolute sight. Would make for a great front page photograph tomorrow. The ball was back of a length, Taylor jabbed his defence and eked out an inside edge on his thigh pad. The ball ricocheted off for Bavuma to pull off something special. Slight nip in with extra bounce and Taylor was done and dusted there. This match is well open and England under the Bullring pump. James Taylor c Bavuma b M Morkel 7(13) [4s-1]

25.1 - Rabada to Compton, out Caught by Elgar!! What goes around comes around. Not to de Villiers but to Elgar at second slip on this occasion. Shortish length and Compton wanted to pounce on it. Rocked back, opened the bat face and defended it with hard hands. Ball snaked a little off the pitch and the edge went at a nice height for Elgar to collect to his right. The ABD-downing misery-piling run making from Compton has finally been stopped. Compton c Elgar b Rabada 26(68) [4s-4]

10.1 - Viljoen to Cook, out Caught by Dane Vilas!! And he's struck with his first ball in Test cricket! Beginner's luck is something that definitely exists. Innocuous delivery down the leg-side, something that Cook feeds on daily. He half-turned and tickled the ball straight to a rightward-bound keeper. Dived to his right and gloved it safely. A moment that you narrate to your grandkids - "debut at home and I got the best batsman out with my first ball". Cook c Dane Vilas b Viljoen 18(27)

3.5 - Rabada to Hales, out Caught by de Villiers!! Rabada has struck. No footwork at all from Hales. That is his undoing. Pitched full and slight shape away from off, Hales drives with feet stationed in clay and the edge carries nicely to second slip where AB takes it in front of Amla at first slip. That's the breakthrough that South Africa have craved for early in the innings. Hales fails once again. Rabada is mobbed by his mates and he is all smiles. Hales c de Villiers b Rabada 1(10)

44.2 - Viljoen to Stokes, no ball, short delivery and outside off, Stokes leaves it. Viljoen has overstepped and it's called a no-ball

32.2 - Anderson to M Morkel, FOUR, top shot! There was hint of width on offer on this short of length delivery, Morkel gets on top of the bounce and punches it square of the wicket, the timing was exquisite

25.5 - Finn to Rabada, FOUR, not a front foot stride or a flowy drive to back that. Just a deep-creased push that's timed well down the ground

24.3 - Stokes to Rabada, FOUR, full and curling away, Rabada is late to get his bat down. The ball takes the edge and is squeezed past the cordon for a boundary to third man

20.4 - Stokes to Dane Vilas, FOUR, Broad chases, huffs and puffs but the ball wins this race at least. Length ball with some width this time, Vilas opens the face of the bat and catapults the ball past extra-cover

18.4 - Stokes to Dane Vilas, FOUR, and finally a boundary amidst all those plays-and-misses. Stokes keeps it full and outside off, Vilas leans in and plays a punchy drive. Beats mid-off who was squarer and it scoots off to the fence

16.2 - Stokes to du Plessis, FOUR, Stokes bangs it short, du Plessis pulls it to the fine leg fence. Neither fielder in the deep seemed to have picked it up. It rockets to the boundary boards. This time around though, du Plessis rolled his wrists on the pull

7.2 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, short of length delivery from Broad. Elgar rocks back quickly and pulls it hard to the deep mid-wicket boundary. It crashed into the ad-cushions. Mind you, that was not a short ball and Elgar picked the length in a flash

3.2 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, top-edged and four! Broad flashes it at short of length, Elgar swivels and pulls. But fails to account for the width outside off. The ball takes the toe-end/top-edge and flies over the cordon

2.0 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, another one bouncing a tad higher but it's wide. Gives Elgar a chance to slide deep and open the bat face to get a punchy boundary to square third man

1.0 - Anderson to van Zyl, FOUR, full and swinging in. The attempted in-dipper with the seam pointing to the leg slip. van Zyl turns around, opens the face of the bat and pushes it square to get a boundary. Off the mark in style, as they say

33.1 - Broad to du Plessis, out Caught&Bowled!! South Africa have been bowled out. Absolutely brilliant from Broad to take that catch. Faf decides to take the bowler on, charges down and goes for the heave, ekes out an inside edge onto pad and the ball balloons down the wicket, Broad was on his way in his followthrough, but changes direction, runs forward and dives, plucks it with his right-hand inches from the ground. Dar checks with Tucker if it was a clean catch, then raises the finger. du Plessis c and b Broad 14(41) [4s-1]

30.4 - Anderson to Viljoen, out Lbw!! England are one wicket away from rolling over South Africa. Anderson has his name in the wickets column. He is delighted, for once in this Test. Been all grumpy otherwise. Full and on the stumps, straightens a touch as well, Viljoen goes for an ugly flick across the line, misses it completely and is rapped right in front of middle. Umpire Tucker had no hesitation in raising his finger. Faf just wanted Viljoen to try his luck. Viljoen lbw b Anderson 6(15)

27.0 - Stokes to Rabada, out Caught by Bairstow!! And he's gone this time. Stokes keeps it full and in the dubious channel of uncertainty. And demise. The ball smiles back with outswing. Rabada swings his bat on the drive and edges one behind to the keeper. South Africa's lowest total is 79, against India in Nagpur. Just to let you know. Rabada c Bairstow b Stokes 16(21) [4s-2]

22.1 - Stokes to C Morris, out Bowled!! That was banana-ing in. As good an inswinger you'll see. Tom Moody, the coach that he is, must have had that clip recorded somewhere Down Under. Swung in from far outside off and clatters into the poles behind. Morris was deep in his crease to greet it defensively but the ball snaked in, beat the inside edge, made way through the bat-pad gap and knocked him over. South Africa stare at a home series loss with a poor millionaire's lead of 36 runs. C Morris b Stokes 1(5)

21.2 - Finn to Dane Vilas, out Caught by James Taylor!! Is it Bavuma at short leg? Taylor pulls off another stunner. Leaps off to his right, protracts his right hand and grabs it while flying horizontally in the air. Top effort. The ball was similar to the first one. Shortish, down the leg and crying to be flicked fine. But Taylor gets in the way and cuts it off..with an effort that rivals Amla's drives. Or Dravid's forward defence. South Africa in the drains that's clogged with fear. Dane Vilas c James Taylor b Finn 8(13) [4s-2]

17.5 - Broad to Bavuma, out Bowled!! Broad has taken a five-for. There is no way Cook can take the nut out of his hands now. This has been a marvellous spell from him. Broad used the short delivery on this occasion. It followed the batsman all the way through. Bavuma, initially, got into line and then looked to sway from the line. However, the more he tried, the more the ball followed him. In the end, it hit Bavuma's glove and onto the off and middle-stump. Bavuma can count himself unlucky, but that is the name of the game. At the other end of the spectrum, the England camp is jubilant. Bavuma b Broad 0(8)

15.3 - Broad to Amla, out Caught by James Taylor!! Taylor has perhaps pouched the catch of the game or the series! Wait! The umpire is checking for the no-ball and also whether Taylor took a clean catch at a deepish short leg. On replays it is clear that Broad's front foot is fine and Taylor snaffled it cleanly. Amla has to take the walk back to the hut. Coming back to the ball, it was slightly drifting down leg. Amla seemed to have nailed the flick. However, Taylor had other ideas. He crouched low and took a spectacular catch inches above the ground with both hands. Wonderful reflexes from the Notts cricketer. These are the sort of catches that sometimes stick and on other occasions doesn't. Broad is ecstatic for sure. Amla c James Taylor b Broad 5(20)

13.5 - Broad to de Villiers, out Caught by Bairstow!! As I said, when Broad has a spring in his step, he takes wickets in bunches. Broad has got the prized scalp of de Villiers. It was a crackerjack delivery too from the Notts pacer. He landed it on a back of a length and it snaked back into the right-hander, de Villiers shuffled across and looked to keep it out. However, he eked out an inside edge and Bairstow pouched it gleefully. Broad is zipping through the crease quickly and as a result, his pace is up, too. de Villiers c Bairstow b Broad 0(5)

12.0 - Broad to van Zyl, out Caught by Stokes!! Broad is firing on all cylinders. When he is on a roll, there are few batsmen, who can play him with authority. Fullish delivery that nipped away from the left-hander. van Zyl hung his bat outside off and eked out an outside edge towards Stokes fielding at gully, who moved to his left and snaffled it with both hands by reverse cupping it at head height. van Zyl c Stokes b Broad 11(38) [4s-1]

7.5 - Broad to Elgar, out Caught by Bairstow!! The man from Notts, Broad, has done the trick. He has bowled with good rhythm since lunch. From round the wicket and wide of the crease, the delivery angled into the left-hander and then nipped away to catch the outside edge. Elgar looked to defend it off the back foot, but it hit him high up on the bat. Easy catch for Bairstow to take. Broad also extracted disconcerting bounce on that delivery. Remember, when Broad gets into the wickets column he takes plenty of scalps. Elgar c Bairstow b Broad 15(25) [4s-3]

9.4 - Broad to van Zyl, 1 run, dropped by Anderson. However, that was a tough chance and it flew to Anderson at third slip. Good length delivery that nipped away from the left-hander, van Zyl gets caught in the crease and outside-edges it to Anderson who leapt in the air full-stretch after moving to his left and even got a hand on it, but to no avail. He is standing too close and that gave him no chance, would've been a great catch had he taken it

32.1 - Anderson to du Plessis, leg byes, 1 run, it was a stifled appeal from Jimmy, but Cook decided to send it upstairs. Good length back that tails back in, du Plessis shuffles and misses the nudge, is struck on the pad in front of leg-stump, the angle was taking it down leg.... Review part: It is for an LBW against Faf. Umpire Tucker was not interested and moved away quickly. Anderson doesn't have any problem with the front foot. Nothing on the UltraEdge. Pitched - outside off, Impact - in-line, Wickets - Missing.

31.1 - Broad to du Plessis, no run, Broad went up straightaway. The slip cordon supported him and Dar was quick to raise the dreaded finger. The indipper from Broad, du Plessis prods forward to defend, the ball beats the inside edge and misses everything. The sound was bat making contact with the front pad......... Review part: Another review from South Africa. Dar gives Faf OUT caught behind. He challenged it immediately. No problems with the front foot. Looks like the bat thudded into the front pad. Nothing on the UltraEdge either. This will be overturned and it just delays the inevitable.

16.3 - Elgar to Cook, FOUR, overpitched ball, Cook waited on it and creamed it off the front foot. With a calm drive through covers

15.4 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, another one that's with width on a shorter length. Tired legs. Demotivated spirits. Hales stands tall and flashes the ball behind point

15.2 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, shot and wide sitting up, Cook had enough time to cut it well in front of square. Through the cover and off she goes!

13.5 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, short and wide, Hales gets the room to free his arms and slaps the ball between gully and backward point. Speeds off to the fences in a jiffy

11.2 - Viljoen to Cook, FOUR, freebie for Cook. Short and wide outside off, sat up nicely for Cook, who cracked it in front of square on the off-side, no need to run for those

11.1 - Viljoen to Cook, byes, FOUR, quick short delivery, the line is down leg, 149kph, Cook swivels on the pull, doesn't get anywhere close to the ball, Vilas moves to his right, tries to glove it with both hands, it bursts through them and hands England four bonus runs

7.5 - Viljoen to Cook, FOUR, edged and four. Much better from Viljoen. Keeps it in and around the off-stump channel, Cook has a tentative poke at that, went with soft hands and hence the outside edge went to ground, rolls past second slip and gully

7.2 - Viljoen to Cook, FOUR, half volley on the pads and Cook is too good a player to miss out on that, leans forward and clips it elegantly through mid-wicket, no point in chasing that one

4.0 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, overpitched and Rabada pays the price. Cook strides forward, meets the pitch of the ball and drives it past the diving mid-off fielder, didn't middle it but had enough to collect a boundary

2.1 - M Morkel to Cook, FOUR, Cook is off the mark in style. Morkel provides width outside off, Cook stands tall and punches it in the air square on the off-side, the pace of Morkel took the ball to the fence in a jiffy

1.3 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, Hales will be positive. Good length ball outside off, Hales gets a big stride forward, drives it on the up through cover, timed it beautifully as the ball raced to the fence

21.2 - C Morris to Cook, out Caught by Dane Vilas!! Another one down. Just three runs and Cook chooses a wide delivery outside off to defend. Even a drive or a cut now would have made sense but guess the natural instincts always overrule. Hurled on a length and wide, Cook extends his arms to feel his bat on that. Couldn't quite reach and eked out an outside edge to the keeper. Cook c Dane Vilas b C Morris 43(70) [4s-7]

18.4 - Elgar to Compton, out Caught by M Morkel!! Morkel has pulled off a b-l-i-n-d-e-r. He backpedaled, then ran in a semi-circle and then caught it with a rightward stretch, firmly two-handed. Compton, bitten by the hurry-to-win Hales-bug, skated down the pitch and aimed a mighty loft probably over long-on. Wasn't quite under the ball to get the elevation and ended up miscuing it to tall Morkel who also let out a hip-shaking dance to celebrate that wicket. So un-Morkel that but an impending loss can do that to you. Compton c M Morkel b Elgar 0(2)

17.0 - Elgar to Hales, out Lbw!! And there's the victory-delaying wicket. And that too to Dean Elgar on this pitch. Hales looked in the mood last over and looked to flog Elgar across the line first ball. The bowler slung it in on a fuller length, Hales missed his sweep and was hit right in front. Huge stride forward and the impact was an umpire's call. It'd have clipped middle and off. Post Hales' review, the out decision stayed. Hales lbw b Elgar 18(46) [4s-3]