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So many people call me mad; I think I should get myself tested. I also have this crazy fondness for adventure sports, but never the balls to actually do one. Oh! I also write a little. Mostly crazy stuff, but some of it makes sense. I like to eat, drink and make merry. I play cricket too, ‘coz I’m trying to get into an IPL team and make some money before I become old and have watch what I eat. I’m so lazy that it took me 3 weeks to come up with this profile write up. I write poetry too, so my nonsense can also rhyme. That’s pretty much everything about me. Yeah I know what you’re thinking. I’ll get myself tested. :P. Twitter handle: @Royjamesroy

09-Feb-2015 Finding meaning

Not even in the dictionary.

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09-Feb-2015 Positive and Negative

Two sides of a battery.

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09-Feb-2015 The real reasons

Little things.

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31-May-2013 Let Dhoni be

He is right in not answering questions regarding the IPL.

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