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Formula One; Loves Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen, Regales all things black and a bit of Orange, adores Lara but Dravid is the role model. Has a fair share of love for all things random such as recliners, toothpicks and old abandoned houses. Can stop the world to listen to Jazz. Roots for the underdog and loves unsung heroes. Also a fan of chivalry and of Field Marshal Rommel and Netaji Bose.

27-Sep-2016 A tribute to Brendon McCullum

On his birthday, a celebration of the influence Baz exerted on this generation of cricket.

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22-Sep-2016 5 things to look out for in Pakistan vs West Indies

Big hits, big names and some interesting battles will be at the forefront of this series.

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21-Sep-2016 Celebrating Gayle's 37th birthday

As Chris Gayle turns 37, here's a look at him and how people look at him.

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09-Aug-2016 Darren Sammy's 30 second destruction

In getting rid of the experienced T20 captain, the board is making a big mistake.

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30-Jun-2016 8 players to watch out for in the CPL 2016

The Caribbean Premier League is back, and here are 8 players with great potential.

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27-Jun-2016 South Africa's Steyngun

Dale Steyn is one of the modern greats of fast bowling.

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24-Jun-2016 The Broad reason for England's success

Stuart Broad has played a major part in England's revival.

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17-Jun-2016 The lion with a quiet roar

The ignominy and the joy of being Shane Watson.

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02-May-2016 Honouring the Prince of Port of Spain

On his birthday, celebrating 5 of Brian Lara's great innings.

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24-Apr-2016 Sachin...Sachin

A poetic tribute to Sachin Tendulkar on his 43rd birthday.

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