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Formula One; Loves Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen, Regales all things black and a bit of Orange, adores Lara but Dravid is the role model. Has a fair share of love for all things random such as recliners, toothpicks and old abandoned houses. Can stop the world to listen to Jazz. Roots for the underdog and loves unsung heroes. Also a fan of chivalry and of Field Marshal Rommel and Netaji Bose.

11-Jan-2017 Dravid - The Dark Knight

A birthday tribute to India's Wall, Rahul Dravid.

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30-Dec-2016 West Indies in 2016

2016 has been a mixed year for West Indies as they won 3 titles but lost a number of battles, on and off the pitch.

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29-Dec-2016 Pakistan in 2016

It's now time for the young players to raise the standard of the team to where it was during glory days.

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21-Dec-2016 Steve Smith, the man in charge

The Aussie captain has led by example with the bat, but he alone can't stop them from failing.

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20-Dec-2016 Take a bow, Karun Nair

Karun Nair’s 303* against England at Chennai made him the 2nd Indian to score a triple century after Sehwag.

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16-Dec-2016 Jimmy's got a gun, and it misfired

James Anderson's comments about Virat Kohli seem like a frustrated reflection of his lack of wickets.

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13-Dec-2016 Can England learn a lesson from Hameed?

With 219 runs at the age of 19, Haseeb Hameed has raised the bar of excellence for his teammates.

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09-Dec-2016 David Warner: Australia's record breaker

He's not just a pocket dynamo, he's a constant strength in the Australian team.

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08-Dec-2016 An Australia without Adam Voges

Despite his impressive record, Voges will likely not grace Australia's middle order again.

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26-Nov-2016 Is Gautam Gambhir's time up?

Once a regular of the Indian team, the clock seems to have caught up with Gauti's international career.

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