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I've got a feeling


IPL_Indian_Premier_LeagueIndia is considered the melting pot of cultures, and cricket is the ingredient that holds the taste of these cultures together. It has always been able to arouse emotions in unison across the country. Often, when India plays, these emotions are unanimous. However, during the IPL, it is possible for the emotions to be contradictory within the country. Last night's match was an example. Disappointment for Mumbai and exultation for Bangalore.

Through the course of the Royal Challengers Bangalore v/s Mumbai Indians match, here's a list of emotions that must have been felt.

Shock & Awe

Mitchell Johnson ran up to bowl the first over. The first ball pitched in line, swung away and squared up Gayle. Awe. Munaf Patel bowled the second over and conceded only 1 run. Shock. Johnson came back for the third over of the innings and bowled Dilshan with a beaut of a delivery. Awe. Dilshan did not help himself with that disgusting looking excuse for a cricket shot.

Disgust, Rage and Envy

Powerful emotions emanated across the Holdingwilley office as Jasprit 'Robocop' Bumrah bowled his first ball. With an action that can only be called an aberration, Bumrah appeared to be a 'token.' He was IPL's way of saying, 'We provide underprivileged kids who wish to play cricket, the opportunity to display their raw talent.' As each of us here at the office felt we could have bowled better than him, he went and picked Kohli's wicket. Disgust, rage and envy. C'mon, you felt it too. He picked up 3 wickets, but we're far from impressed by him.

That 'Woah!' feeling

Kieron Pollard ran in to bowl. 11th over, bowl no. 3. Chris Gayle waited at the other end with his bestial eyes already enjoying the bestial six he was about to hit with his bestial bat. Pollard bowled. Gayle took his giant leg out of the way and smashed the genial looking half volley to kingdom come. The word to describe that six, Woah! All through the innings, Gayle provided some Woah! moments. The bowlers quoted Shakespeare, "Oh, woe is me. T'have bowled to this behemoth.'

Nostalgic reverence

Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting walked out to bat. I could feel a tear forming in my tear ducts waiting to trickle down my cheek as my reverie commanded respect. For a moment, it felt like cricketing heaven. Unfortunately, they seemed to struggle a little. They were moving around too much. Perhaps they should just trust their ability and instincts and play those lovely shots we've grown accustomed to watching from them. But who am I to give them advice? Hell! Even Jasprit Bumrah has proven better than me!

Frustration at the talented 2 minute man

Rohit Sharma. Came. Showed Talent. Then showed mental depravity and left before I could say, 'Let me go take a leak and come.' The boys at Holdingwilley chorally yelled, "Kya chu@#$ hai ye." Loosely translated, "What a dickhead." Once again Rohit Sharma left everyone a tad frustrated. But now it's more expected. So the frustration is a little less.

That moment when you feel you can captain the side better

Only 6 overs to go and 11 per over to get. The choice is quite obvious. Send Kieron Pollard in. Mumbai Indians seem to have an affinity for him in the dugout. They like to keep him there for as long as possible. He hasn't lasted too long when he has been sent up the order. But those innings were far too few and far too in between. The moment MI reach the 10 over mark, he should be the next man in.

Tingling sensation

With 51 runs needed, Kohli gave the ball to Dan Christian. Spider sense began to tingle. Something was going to happen that over. It did. Dan sprayed it and Dinesh Karthik flayed it. Dan Christian's track record of bowling in the death just keeps getting poorer and poorer.


Great finish. Irrespective of the winner, the match was totally worth it. The culmination of all these emotions resulted in a perfectly satisfying 3 hours. Here's hoping for more such matches!

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