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Ricky Ponting : Poetry in motion


Ricky Ponting
Began the journey a record holder, with pages of cricket lore to unfold
The youngest warrior at state, the fiercest yet as a man in front
The age of 21, when none ought face but challenges of mediocrity
Celebrated four short of  that which he’d score plenty more.
In stead of greatness; a brash, arrogant artist, the sport adorned.
Nay a fable, yet a legend
Nigh a dream, yet so real
Fraught with magic, this tale
Before the mast and cap’n the keel

Battles he fought hard and victories he won many, the most among men;
Conqueror of worlds, thrice successful; A soldier once and leader in two,
In tests of attrition over days five, marched victorious times a hundred.
In single days foes trampled, counted in centuries; nearing three.
Knelt to pull, rose to hook, bent to drive and leaves standing tall

A career ends, an era too
Last of the greats bids adieu
A nation mourns, a game weeps
Awaiting and calling, the guard anew.

Leaving better a field he walked, a fighter into the sun
Began the journey a record holder, bequeaths the reins as one.   

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