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Sri Lanka tour of India 2016

Scorecard - 3rd T20I, India vs Sri Lanka at Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam, India (14 Feb 2016)

Sri Lanka

82/10 (18) RR:4.56

India won by 9 wkts

MOM: Ravichandran Ashwin

84/1 (13.5) RR:6.07

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16.4 - Ravindra Jadeja to Chameera, FOUR, a desperate blow but that will be four. Kneels down and connects the sweep, hit hard and finds the gap at square leg

11.3 - Pandya to T Perera, FOUR, strong man is Perera. Very strong forearms. This was just a length delivery outside off and he powered it through cover. No chance for sweeper cover and the man there is Ashwin, even if he had tried to cut it off, wouldn't have been possible, sensibly he escorts the ball to the fence

6.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR, Nandan nods at Ravindra Jadeja and signals four. He got that right. That is a thin edge and does both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and slip. Turning away from Dasun Shanaka, who got an edge on the forward defence, got lucky. Very difficult chance for both the keeper and the slip. Races away to the fence

6.0 - Nehra to S Prasanna, FOUR, lucky. Prasanna gets lucky. Went hard at a length ball outside off, the inside edge eludes a diving Mahendra Singh Dhoni to his left and races away

5.4 - Nehra to S Prasanna, FOUR, that is a good shot. On a length and despite him being cramped, Prasanna rocks back and pulls over square leg. Hit well and that is a pressure-releasing boundary

4.0 - Bumrah to Siriwardana, FOUR, slightly short and just outside off, Siriwardana quickly picks the length and swings it away over mid-on, makes a decent connection and the ball bounces just once before going over the rope

1.5 - Nehra to Chandimal, FOUR, streaky but four. Chandimal charges Nehra and gets it high on the bat, the ball angled in and was following the batsman, Chandimal though lofted it over mid-on. Hit on the high part of the bat but cleared the fielder, beats Rohit's chase and slide from mid-on

1.3 - Nehra to Chandimal, FOUR, nails the front foot slash this time. The width was there and Chandimal on one knee got it over cover-point. In the air but well over the fielder. When there is width, Chandimal will go hard and will look to maximise the run-scoring opportunities

7.3 - Yuvraj to Dasun Shanaka, SIX, and now he smashes the flat delivery outside off straight back over Yuvraj's head. Stood still and waited for the ball, before clobbering it flat. Clean strike and that's 13 runs off one ball

7.3 - Yuvraj to Dasun Shanaka, no ball, SIX, what was that Yuvraj? That is a very high full toss, Dasun Shanaka advanced and tonked it over wide long-on. Gave it all and cleared the fence by a long way. Right off the meat of the blade. Perhaps that slipped out of Yuvraj's hand. Free-hit time

18.0 - Bumrah to Dilhara Fernando, out Bowled!! Bowled. Too good from Bumrah. He is so good at this type of delivery, isn't he? The sorry tale of the Lankan innings comes to an end. Full, fast and straight, goes under Dilhara Fernando's bat and crashes into the timber. Sri Lanka have been cleaned up for 82 - their lowest T20 score. Should be an easy chase. Dilhara Fernando b Bumrah 1(6)

15.4 - Raina to T Perera, out Caught by Ravindra Jadeja!! Good catch by Jadeja at sweeper cover. After misjudging that initially. Perera used his feet and tried to go inside out, it went off the toe-end and cover was running back, that must have put Jadeja off for a moment, but he kept his eyes on it and took it two-handed before tumbling to ground. Raina is all smiles. Another mindless piece of batting as Perera had to be there till the end, he was the senior guy and not sure what he was trying to do there, slogging without getting to the pitch of the ball. T Perera c Ravindra Jadeja b Raina 12(20) [4s-1]

15.2 - Raina to Senanayake, out Caught by Dhoni!! That is a strange decision. Strange dismissal. Everything strange about that including Senanayake's reaction. Mahendra Singh Dhoni went up for it straightaway, then Raina joined in. Nothing on UltraEdge, so Anil Chaudhary got that wrong. It was full outside off, Senanayake went for a big drive and missed. Good take by MS who heard something, the bat hit the ground, that's the sound. When Raina joined in, Anil nonchalantly raised the finger to leave Senanayake shocked. Nothing he can do about that, he has to walk back. Second poor decision in the match. Senanayake c Dhoni b Raina 8(16)

10.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to Dasun Shanaka, out Bowled!! Inside edge and gone. Made room to run it down to third man, this one went straight on and the ball bounces into the ground before flicking the off bail. Ravindra Jadeja does the double fist pump. Shanaka was looking good but in trying to get rid of the pressure that was building up, has succumbed. Dasun Shanaka b Ravindra Jadeja 19(24) [4s-1 6s-2]

7.5 - Yuvraj to S Prasanna, out S Prasanna Run Out!! That is poor from Sri Lanka again. Why run off a misfield. That too when the ball has gone to one of India's best fielders. It was driven back to Yuvraj, who half-stopped it, not far away from cover where Jadeja swooped on the ball and flicked a throw onto the stumps, catching a diving Prasanna short. Never a run there and despite Prasanna's best effort, he was a couple of inches short. Bulls-Eye from Jadeja and that too with an audacious back-flick. S Prasanna run out (Ravindra Jadeja) 9(7) [4s-2]

5.1 - Nehra to Siriwardana, out Bowled!! Sri Lanka are outdoing themselves with the bat. Looks like there is competition amongst their batters as to who can get out in the ugliest way possible. This is a rank bad shot. On a back of a length and on off, kept a bit low, another pre-meditated shot, Siriwardana pulls and sees his off stump cartwheeling out of the ground. Typical Nehra reaction on getting a wicket - tongue out and jogging forward. So nonchalant. India well on their way to ending this early. Siriwardana b Nehra 4(2) [4s-1]

4.2 - Ashwin to Asela Gunaratne, out Caught by Raina!! Nandan has the finger up in a flash. What is happening here? Asela Gunaratne looks perplexed with the decision. He should be. It went straight off the thigh pad. Was close to the glove, but it turned in and missed the glove, took the thigh pad and an easy catch at leg-slip. Not a huge appeal too from the Indians, but Nandan's finger went up in a jiffy. Ashwin is running through the Sri Lanka line-up and has four now. Asela Gunaratne c Raina b Ashwin 4(12)

2.1 - Ashwin to Chandimal, out Caught by Pandya!! Awful stuff from the Lankan skipper. Atrocious. This is just the third over and against a red-hot Ashwin, he has decided to charge the bowler and despite not getting to the pitch of it, goes for an ill-timed loft, one hand came off the bat handle, the balance was all awry and the ball loops off a leading edge and straight up in the air, Pandya settles under the skier, somewhere near mid-off and the catch is taken. Ashwin is all smiles and now on a hat-trick. Sri Lanka are falling apart spectacularly. Chandimal c Pandya b Ashwin 8(9) [4s-2]

1.0 - Ashwin to Dilshan, out Lbw!! This is plumb. Terrible start for Sri Lanka. Similar delivery to the fourth ball of the over, when there was a huge shout for lbw. Tossed up around off, turned in and beat Dilshan's flick. Struck in-line and would've hit off and middle. Not sure why Dilshan was shaking his head on the way back. He didn't get outside the line of off for sure and nor was it spinning down. Brilliant over from Ashwin. Two in the over and already the match has turned India's way. Dilshan lbw b Ashwin 1(2)

0.3 - Ashwin to Dickwella, out Stumped!! So easy. As easy as snatching candy from a kid. What was Dickwella doing? He hadn't got his eye in and he decides to charge Ashwin, pre-meditated and pays the price. It was bowled slower and turned away past the bat, miles out. Dhoni indulges in some play-acting as he takes his time to flick the bails off. Against a champion bowler like Ashwin, on a turning wicket, you need to get your eye in before going for a big hit. Inexperience showing! Dickwella st Dhoni b Ashwin 1(2)

13.5 - Asela Gunaratne to Dhawan, FOUR, India win! So easily done. They keep their No. 1 ranking in T20Is by virtue of this win. Great timing on this lofted cover drive to end things. It was overpitched outside off and Dhawan creamed that, raced away. No big celebrations from the Indian camp. Perhaps they were surprised at how easy this win was in the end. When Ravi Shaz lazily gets up and shakes hands without puffing his chest out and flashing that million dollar cheeky grin, then you know that it is a cakewalk. Don't look for any other word when it comes to describing this win. Dhawan ends it in style and we have an early finish!

8.3 - Siriwardana to Dhawan, FOUR, beautifully done. Knew short third was inside the ring and got his hands in position to reverse sweep that past the diving fielder. All about cricketing and common sense. So easily done

5.5 - Chameera to Rahane, FOUR, brilliant shot. Chameera is running in and bowling at pace, but Rahane is up to it. Flashes a short and wide delivery over point. Generated tremendous bat speed and put the offering away, crashed into the fence. Similar to how Sachin Tendulkar used to carve quick bowlers when they used to drag it down. Using the pace to great effect. Following in the great Mumbaikar's footsteps

5.1 - Chameera to Rohit, FOUR, freebie first up from Chameera, sliding down leg with fine leg up in the circle, swatted away to the right of the fielder. The fielder just watched the ball run past him

3.4 - Dilhara Fernando to Dhawan, FOUR, good batting. Dilhara Fernando dragged it down, seeing Dhawan advance, but Dhawan adjusts and swivels to pull wide of short fine inside the ring. Rode the bounce and even though it was on the hips, got a boundary

2.2 - Senanayake to Dhawan, FOUR, terrific shot. This was slower and on the stumps, Dhawan rocked back and pummelled a pull through mid-wicket, picked the length early and even though it was a bit short, he nailed it

0.5 - Senanayake to Dhawan, FOUR, nailed it! This time Dhawan kneels across and goes for the sweep, even though his bottom hand came off the handle, he still manages to clear the fielder at backward square leg, runs away to the fence in a jiffy

13.4 - Asela Gunaratne to Dhawan, SIX, when he hit it, I thought he had holed out. But look at the timing on that one. Was deceived by the full one outside off, but went through with the loft and cleared long-off. Kept the fielder interested all the while and eluded his desperate lunge and leap. What a shot that is, despite getting beaten off the pitch

4.2 - Senanayake to Rohit, SIX, "woohhhhh" goes Haydos on air after seeing that shot. That shot deserved such a reaction. Down the track and just a flick of the wrists and sends the white Kookaburra soaring over wide long-on. How well has he timed that? Superbly and into the crowd

5.2 - Chameera to Rohit, out Lbw!! Plumb. Chameera punches the air. No footwork from Rohit and he is gone, playing across the line to a full delivery on middle. No questions about height either and an easy call for Anil Chaudhary. Rohit was beaten for pace as well. Rohit lbw b Chameera 13(13) [4s-1 6s-1]