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Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh 2016

Scorecard - 4th T20I, Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe at Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium, Khulna, Bangladesh (22 Jan 2016)


180/4 (20) RR:9

Zimbabwe won by 18 runs

MOM: Hamilton Masakadza

162/10 (19) RR:8.53

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17.5 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, this is excellent batting from Masakadza, gets down low, moves across the stumps and laps it over short fine, no need to run for those, turning out to be an expensive over

14.5 - Mortaza to M Waller, FOUR, poor ball from Mortaza, looks to follow Waller and ends up sliding onto his pads, flicked away behind square on the on-side for a boundary

14.0 - Shakib to H Masakadza, FOUR, 20 runs off the over, very expensive from Shakib, he tossed this one well down the leg-side, Masakadza went down on his knees and sweeps it behind square on the on-side, rolls away to the fence

12.2 - Abu Hider to H Masakadza, FOUR, nicely played by Masakadza, length ball on his pads, he picks up the length early and flicks it over mid-wicket, a few bounces and the ball rolls away to the fence

7.0 - A Sunny to H Masakadza, FOUR, touch short and Mutumbami sinks down to effect the sweep, beats the man at short fine leg with ease, the ball rolls away in a jiffy

5.1 - Shakib to Mutumbami, FOUR, darted into Mutumbami and Masakadza drives it firmly past the bowler, long-on tries to save a boundary after putting in the slide, fails to prevent it from crossing the fence

4.3 - Taskin Ahmed to H Masakadza, FOUR, short delivery and Masakadza pulls it in the air, does not time it well but it falls away from a chasing man at deep mid-wicket and then rolls away into the fence

3.3 - A Sunny to H Masakadza, FOUR, dances down the track on this delivery, the ball was not full and Masakadza adjusts well to clip it over mid-wicket

2.5 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Masakadza cuts it through cover for the second consecutive boundary

2.4 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, FOUR, fuller length delivery and on middle and leg, Masakadza clips it off his pad through mid-wicket, the fielder in the deep gives the chase but is beaten by the ball

1.4 - Abu Hider to Mutumbami, FOUR, in the air and just over the leaping mid-on, fuller length on the stumps and Mutumbami lofted it throuhg the line and got it just over the fielder in the circle to get the second consecutive boundary

1.3 - Abu Hider to Mutumbami, FOUR, he has timed the pants off it, did not try to hit it too hard just presented the full face of the bat on this half-volley and beat a diving mid-off

0.4 - Mortaza to Sibanda, FOUR, he has got hold of that. There was no fielder in the deep and it was a short delivery. Sibanda rocked back and whip-pulled it through the mid-wicket region with ease. Gets off the mark with ease

19.4 - Taskin Ahmed to H Masakadza, SIX, Taskin misses out on his yorker, ends up offering a low full-toss, smashed away over long-on for a maximum

17.4 - Mortaza to H Masakadza, SIX, length ball on the stumps, not the line to be bowling in the slog overs, Masakadza gets forward and lifts it over long-on for a maximum

13.3 - Shakib to M Waller, SIX, this is excellent batting from Waller, gets a big stride forward and lifts it flat and well over long-on for another maximum

13.1 - Shakib to H Masakadza, SIX, lovely shot, Masakadza comes down the track, takes the ball on the full and deposits it over long-off for a maximum

12.4 - Abu Hider to M Waller, SIX, massive, nice juicy full toss from Hider, Waller gets forward and thumps it high and over wide mid-wicket, went sailing over the fielder for a maximum

11.3 - S Rahman to M Waller, SIX, too short from Rahman, Waller is quick to rock back and pulls it high and over backward square leg for a maximum

9.1 - A Sunny to Mutumbami, SIX, and Sunny has been give the welcomed he would not have hoped for, tossed up delivery and Mutumbami lofted it over the bowle's head for a maximum

4.2 - Taskin Ahmed to H Masakadza, SIX, that is a perfect example of a pick up shot, not a fuller length delivery but still Masakadza went through the shot and lofted it over the cow corner for a maxium. Effortless indeed!

3.4 - A Sunny to H Masakadza, SIX, this time Arafat pitches it up and Masakadza lofts it through the line after dancing down the track, gave himself a little room and opened up the off-side, cracked it over long-off for a maximum

16.2 - Shakib to S Raza, out Stumped!! Nicely done by Shakib, saw Raza coming down the track and floated it wider outside off, Raza had to reach out for it, but still misses. Nurul Hasan is quick to collect the ball and demolishes the stumps. Yet another failure for Raza, he's had a poor series. 50th T20I wicket as well for Shakib. S Raza st Nurul Hasan b Shakib 2(5)

15.1 - Taskin Ahmed to M Waller, out Bowled!! That's a brilliant yorker from Taskin, full and tailed back into the right-hander, Waller was making room outside leg, attempts to jam his bat down, misses and the middle-stump is pegged back, Taskin loves it as he celebrates, gets mobbed by his mates as well. M Waller b Taskin Ahmed 36(18) [4s-1 6s-3]

10.1 - Abu Hider to Mutumbami, out Bowled!! That's a perfect yorker and Hider runs away in joy. This was very full and on the stumps, Mutumbami was backing away, can't get his bat underneath it, the leg stump goes for a walk, Mutumbami falls after a handy knock. Mutumbami b Abu Hider 32(25) [4s-3 6s-1]

0.5 - Mortaza to Sibanda, out Caught by Shakib!! Short and slow outside off but it will get Mortaza a wicket. Not a delivery to get wicket but Sibanda will rue his luck that he played it straight into the hands of Shakib at cover-point. Rocked on the back foot and cut it hard, did not bother to keep it down and Shakib reverse cupped it in front of his eyes. Sibanda c Shakib b Mortaza 4(5) [4s-1]

1.5 - Abu Hider to Mutumbami, 1 run, dropped at short fine leg, short delivery and there to be hit, Mutumbami went back and pulled it straight to Taskin Ahmed at short fine leg, an easy chance but Taskin made a mess of it, tried to take it on the second attempt. But seldom does that happen

11.5 - S Rahman to H Masakadza, 1 run, slower and on the stumps, eased down towards long-on for a single, raises his fifty as well

18.5 - Neville Madziva to Abu Hider, FOUR, fuller length delivery and on off and middle, Hider sways away from the line of the delivery and canes it to straight down the ground. Long-off cannot take it off

18.2 - Neville Madziva to A Sunny, FOUR, length delivery and Sunny clears his front leg and slogs it hard through mid-wicket, the fielder there gives it all to save a couple of runs but third umpire confirms that his feet was touching the ropes while he tried to flick the ball back into play

18.1 - Neville Madziva to A Sunny, FOUR, that will do for Bangladesh, swooped low on this length delivery and lapped it behind square on the on-side for a four

13.5 - S Raza to Mortaza, FOUR, down the wicket comes Mortaza and gets to the pitch of the delivery, clubs it between long-on and deep mid-wicket for his first boundary

12.2 - Cremer to Mahmudullah, FOUR, and he has absolutely cracked this one, made a little room and thrashed the flatter delivery over cover

9.1 - Chigumbura to Mahmudullah, FOUR, short delivery and outside off, Mahmudullah slaps it over the cover region. No chance for the man at sweeper who thought about chasing it but realised it was too quick to be cut off. Good start off the over for Mahmudullah

7.4 - Luke Jongwe to Nurul Hasan, FOUR, that is silken from Hasan, waits for it and opens the face of the bat to beat the man at third man who was standing a bit squarer than his normal position

7.1 - Luke Jongwe to Mahmudullah, FOUR, short delivery and Mahmudullah latched onto it, cut it hard and beat the man from sweeper cover who gave it all in the chase

6.0 - Luke Jongwe to Kayes, FOUR, over pitched, a half-volley and Kayes acceps the gift, drives it between cover and mid-off, do not bother chasing that one. It raced like a bullet off Kayes's bat

5.1 - Luke Jongwe to Kayes, FOUR, cracked that one, fuller length delivery and slanted across Kayes, he got a little stride forward and crisply drove it to pierce the gap through cover with ease

3.4 - Neville Madziva to Mahmudullah, FOUR, easy pickings for Mahmudullah, on his pads and he clips it fine to beat the fine leg fielder with ease. Consecutive fours for him

3.3 - Neville Madziva to Mahmudullah, FOUR, thickish edge and it flies down to third man fence, back of a length delivery and outside off, not short enough to cut but Mahmudullah went for it and did not get off the middle, no slip and the third man was squarer and it raced away

2.3 - Tendai Chisoro to Shakib, FOUR, tad short and wide, Shakib rocks back and flays the cut through backward point with ease

0.2 - Tendai Chisoro to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, down the wicket comes Sarkar and opens up the off-side, cracks the drive through the cover region for his first boundary

18.0 - Luke Jongwe to Abu Hider, SIX, full toss and crunched, Hider saw this one early and hoicked it over deep mid-wicket. But is it too late for the hosts? Time will tell

14.3 - Cremer to Mortaza, SIX, the captain thinks he can chase it down, short delivery and Mortaza camped back, pulled it flat over deep mid-wicket for another six

14.0 - S Raza to Mortaza, SIX, tosses this one up once again, not learning from his mistakes, Mortaza lofts it high and handsome over long-on for a maximum

9.5 - Chigumbura to Mahmudullah, SIX, fuller length delivery and Mahmudullah muscles it over long-off. Some timing on that one. Mahmudullah is looking good at this moment

6.3 - S Raza to Mahmudullah, SIX, tosses this one up and pays the price for doing so. Mahmudullah went down on his knee and slogged it over deep mid-wicket fence for a big hit. That will give him some confidence

5.4 - Luke Jongwe to Kayes, SIX, little shimmy down the track and picked that one up, was a little too straight and Kayes flogged it over backward square leg and it sailed into the fence. That is a big hit from Kayes and Bangladesh need a couple of those

1.1 - Neville Madziva to Soumya Sarkar, SIX, length delivery and slanted across Sarkar, he swings across the line and connects with it, the ball sails over the long-on fence

19.0 - Neville Madziva to Abu Hider, out Caught by Luke Jongwe!! Wide full toss and Hider reaches out for it, it goes to the left of cover who takes a good catch to help Zimbabwe level the series. Abu Hider c Luke Jongwe b Neville Madziva 14(10) [4s-1 6s-1]

18.3 - Neville Madziva to A Sunny, out Bowled!! Sunny had started to look dangerous for Zimbabwe and Madziva has cleaned him up. Poor shot but Sunny needed to go for the big ones. Tried to slog this fuller length delivery and misses it. The furniture got disturbed and now Bangladesh are 9 down. A Sunny b Neville Madziva 10(5) [4s-2]

17.1 - Luke Jongwe to Mortaza, out Caught by Sibanda!! Mortaza's fight comes to an end. And with this wicket, things look very bleak for the hosts. It was a fuller length delivery and Mortaza had no choice but to go after it, he did and tried to loft it over long-off. Did not get it off the meat and it carried straight down the throat of long-off who dived in front to send Mortaza back. Mortaza c Sibanda b Luke Jongwe 22(12) [4s-1 6s-2]

15.5 - Tendai Chisoro to Mahmudullah, out Bowled!! Cleaned him up. Chisoro has picked up his 3rd wicket. You miss I hit approach from Chisoro, kept it flat and on the stumps, Mahmudullah slogged across the line and missed it completely, the ball crashes onto the leg pole and once again Zimbabwe have pulled things back. Mahmudullah b Tendai Chisoro 54(41) [4s-5 6s-2]

13.2 - S Raza to Nurul Hasan, out Caught by Chigumbura!! Full toss and a horrible shot from the batsman, high full toss and Nurul Hasan came down the track and looked to crack it over long-off. Did not time it at all and the fielder at cover settled under it to take it easily. The umpires check for the height and eventually rule Hasan out. Nurul Hasan c Chigumbura b S Raza 15(15) [4s-1]

6.5 - S Raza to Kayes, out Caught by Luke Jongwe!! How many times today have we seen a poor delivery getting wicket? Short delivery and there to be hit, Kayes's intentions were good, execution did not come good though. He went back and pulled it hard, got it straight to the fielder at deep mid-wicket who smiled as he took it. Half of the Bangladesh side is back in the hut and the target now looks like a distant dream for the hosts. Kayes c Luke Jongwe b S Raza 18(14) [4s-2 6s-1]

2.4 - Tendai Chisoro to Shakib, out Bowled!! Bangladesh are crumbling down like a pack of cards. Now their most experienced batsman departs. Nothing great with the delivery, just a flatter one on the stumps and Shakib looked to slog it hard, was nowhere in the line of the delivery and missed the slog, the ball hit the leg stick and he has to go, leaving his team in shambles. Shakib b Tendai Chisoro 4(3) [4s-1]

2.1 - Tendai Chisoro to S Rahman, out Caught by (sub)W Masakadza!! If Tamim was not enough, now Sabbir departs. Back to back wickets for Zimbabwe. Innocuous delivery, a full toss and Rahman just lofted it over the bowler's head, did not get it off the meat of the bat and the fielder at long-on moved to his left to snaffle it with ease. S Rahman c (sub)W Masakadza b Tendai Chisoro 1(4)

2.0 - Neville Madziva to Tamim, out Bowled!! It is a big, big wicket. Tamim was facing the second delivery today and he has been cleaned up. Just outfoxed by the slower delivery. Was looking to turn it into the time but the ball took ages to come to him and by the time it came the bat had passed the line of the delivery and there was enough gap between the bat and the pad and it sneaked onto the stumps. Zimbabweans are delighted. They know the importance of this one. Tamim b Neville Madziva 1(2)

1.2 - Neville Madziva to Soumya Sarkar, out Caught by Mutumbami!! Touch short and wide outside off, bad delivery by every measure but Madziva won't complain as he has got a wicket with that. Sarkar went lazy on the cut and did not bother to get into the line of the delivery and got a thick outside which carried at a nice height to the keeper. Good start for Zimbabwe. Soumya Sarkar c Mutumbami b Neville Madziva 11(7) [4s-1 6s-1]

12.3 - Cremer to Mahmudullah, 1 run, quicker delivery and Mahmudullah nudges it to mid-wicket for a single