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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 17th Match, Quetta Gladiators vs Peshawar Zalmi at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (14 Feb 2016)

Quetta Gladiators

129/10 (18) RR:7.17

Peshawar Zalmi won by 8 wkts

MOM: Shahid Afridi
Peshawar Zalmi

130/2 (18.4) RR:6.96

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16.5 - Riaz to Elliott, leg byes, FOUR, poor bowling. Very, very poor. I actually can't believe that this is happening. Full ball on the pads, Elliott can't get bat on it but never mind, it runs away off the thigh pad

14.1 - Asghar to Babar, FOUR, handy runs. This partnership is surging at a rapid pace. Quicker and flatter outside off, Babar lunges forward and steers it behind backward point. There was a lot of pace from Asghar's arm and Babar used all of it

13.3 - Tait to Elliott, FOUR, short ball down leg side, Elliott gets it flying off the top edge over short fine leg. He was just trying to help it along but I can't see him complaining

13.2 - Tait to Elliott, FOUR, Elliott finally has the length which he can make good of. Tait dishes out a full ball and then looks overhead to spot the ball which has been lofted over him

2.5 - Tait to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, backs away allowing himself a clean swing of the arms and flat-bats it over mid-wicket

2.4 - Tait to Ahmed Shehzad, leg byes, FOUR, full and fast and furious on the pads, Shehzad is late on the flick and the ball deflects off the pads and runs fine

1.4 - Junaid Khan to Shafiq, FOUR, good work done by the bottom hand here from Shafiq. Fullish on middle, Shafiq jerks his wrists on impact and forces it wide of mid-on who gives a valiant chase followed by a head-first dive but can't flick it back in

0.5 - Tait to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, threw everything he had once he saw the length on the shorter side outside off, and the thick outside edge soars over the slip fielder into the fence. Fiery stuff

17.2 - Junaid Khan to Elliott, SIX, oh look at that. Brilliant stuff. Opens his stance to a full ball, makes some room and hoists it over wide long-off

15.0 - Asghar to Elliott, SIX, another six! This partnership is already worth 36 runs off just 15 balls. Has saved face to an extent. Elliott sinks low on one knee and wallops the slog-sweep over the mid-wicket fence

14.2 - Asghar to Babar, SIX, now he's launched one back over the bowler's head. Tossed up generously on middle, Babar gets right under it, uses those long levers and extends his arms freely

13.4 - Tait to Elliott, SIX, oh whack! That's a scorcher. Swivels across to a back of a length delivery and swings it over deep backward square. That rocketed off the willow and hardly left the turf. Flat six

8.2 - Asghar to Sarfraz, SIX, does a little dance out of the crease and slaughters a flighted ball into orbit over wide long-on. He timed the guts out of it after reaching the pitch

4.1 - Riaz to Ahmed Shehzad, SIX, wow. Didn't do anything special with the footwork. Just made sure he had a settled base from where to swing. Then swipes a full ball over long-on

4.0 - Junaid Khan to Shafiq, SIX, yowza! That's been spanked over mid-wicket. Made room once more and his adrenaline got pumping on seeing the ball on a good length. Heaves it well enough to clear the boundary

18.0 - Junaid Khan to Elliott, out Caught by Malan!! That's it. Elliott's heroics are over and Quetta have been knocked over for 129. Yes, you read it right. All of 129 runs. After being 66/9. I'm not joking, the Peshawar Zalmi bowlers are. Coming to this wicket, it's another short ball. And Junaid gets lucky with Elliott hammering the pull straight to deep square leg. Elliott c Malan b Junaid Khan 40(29) [4s-2 6s-3]

12.4 - Asghar to Umar Gul, out Caught by Sammy!! Oh my word. These wickets just can't stop tumbling. Are we playing on a barren desert or what. If ever we can use the word annihilated in cricket, this is it. Shabby display. Gul prods across to defend a flighted ball, doesn't reach the pitch leaving himself vulnerable to the turn. Gets the outside edge and offers a regulation take to slip. Umar Gul c Sammy b Asghar 0(2)

11.5 - Afridi to Chigumbura, out Lbw!! Another one. Afridi is on a hat-trick. Not sure about the decision though. Looks like the umpire just got carried away with the flow and raised his finger. Afridi manages to hit Chigumbura's front pad by spinning a googly a long way. But to me it looked like Chigumbura had managed to haul his leg outside the line of off. Nevertheless, the crowd could care less. They are going wild. Listen to the noise. Chigumbura lbw b Afridi 0(1)

11.4 - Afridi to Nabi, out Caught by S Yousuf!! Quetta are just being dismantled by these tweakers. 65/7 and in real danger of not batting their 20 overs. Such cunning bowling from Afridi. Tosses it up wider, knows that Nabi wouldn't curb his instincts for long. And he doesn't disappoint. Goes chasing after it to carve it inside out, then it turns and he slices it straight to backward point. Nabi c S Yousuf b Afridi 2(10)

9.3 - Afridi to Sarfraz, out Bowled!! Was it the googly? Or did Sarfraz just over-anticipate the turn on the leg-break and overcompensated for it? Need another look to confirm. One thing I'm certain about is that the length just wasn't there to drive. Ended up having to reach out for it well away from the body outside off. And yes, it was indeed the googly. Turned back to take a thick inside edge and clattered the timber. Sarfraz b Afridi 10(6) [6s-1]

9.1 - Afridi to Mohammad Nawaz, out Lbw!! Torrid stuff. Lots of premeditation when the need of the hour is to rebuild. Goes down on one knee even before seeing the length, then must have got a rude shock after seeing it land full. Sneaks under his bat and turns enough against the angle to hit him in front of middle. Dead. Mohammad Nawaz lbw b Afridi 5(12)

7.2 - Afridi to Shafiq, out Shafiq Run Out!! Quetta are sinking rather rapidly here. Some mindless batting, and now some crazy running. Makes room only to be cleverly followed by Afridi, can only drag it towards the non-striker off the inside edge while looking to go inside-out, and then decides to take on Afridi. The evergreen Afridi. He skates across, collects, does a little turn and fires down the stumps to catch Shafiq inches short. Shafiq run out (Afridi) 16(15) [4s-1 6s-1]

5.2 - Afridi to Akbar-ur-Rehman, out Caught by S Yousuf!! Now Akbar-ur-Rehman is done in by the length on this occasion. It dips in the air to land a bit short than he thinks it will while attempting a cover-drive. A little bit of turn means that he ends up slicing it in the air in front of backward point. The ball was dying on Yousuf who did brilliantly to dive forward and catch it inches above the carpet. Akbar-ur-Rehman c S Yousuf b Afridi 1(4)

4.4 - Riaz to Sangakkara, out Bowled!! Wahab Riaz has gone through Sangakkara to become the leading wicket-taker in this competition so far. The sheer rapidity with which this back of a length delivery skidded on after pitching befuddled Sanga. He's late on the attempted defence and it sneaks under his bat to kiss the off-bail. Sangakkara b Riaz 0(2)

4.2 - Riaz to Ahmed Shehzad, out Bowled!! Knocked him over! Oh, this is not good. Physical contact in our sport is just uncalled for. Shehzad was lazy to leave and seemed to gesture something with his bat, to which Riaz lost his cool. Spewed a mouthful and collided straight into his compatriot before shoving him away. Coming to the ball itself, it was a brilliant bit of trickery to deceive the batsman by a slower ball. Shehzad was through with his swing too early and the ball went on to knock over the top of off. What followed was absolute shambles. Ahmed Shehzad b Riaz 21(17) [4s-2 6s-1]

16.4 - Riaz to Babar, 1 run, short and wide and flayed away to sweeper cover. He absolutely slapped that

18.4 - Mohammad Nawaz to Malan, FOUR, Peshawar Zalmi win by 8 wickets. They jump to the top of the points table. They seem to be a happy bunch. Afridi leads his team out. Sir Viv Richards is heard saying, "well bowled" to the Zalmi's skipper. Coming to the ball, floated up outside off, Malan strides forward and drills the drive in front of square, sweeper gets there and lets the ball escape

18.3 - Mohammad Nawaz to Malan, FOUR, tossed up just outside off, Malan hammers the drive towards long-off, the fielder had a few yards to cover and still couldn't there, tells you how hard it was hit

14.0 - Nabi to Malan, FOUR, fabulous shot! Backed away to the leg-side, Nabi tossed it up on off, the room Malan had made gave him the opportunity to free his arms, lofts it inside out over extra cover, no need to run for those

10.1 - Babar to Malan, FOUR, floaty delivery and Malan takes full toll of it, stoops low and almost is on his knee to tonk this straight back over the bowler's head. One bounce and in between the two fielders

9.2 - Elliott to Malan, byes, FOUR, Sarfraz was in the firing line. Standing up to the stumps and Elliott bangs it halfway down, Malan arches back and lets it pass. Thankfully for Sarfraz it sailed over his head, imagine it being in front of his face

8.1 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hafeez, FOUR, Chigu tried his best at long-off to save the four, but to no avail. Flighted just outside off, Hafeez sashays down and lofts it down the ground, Chigu moves to his right, tries to parry it in but the ball escapes

7.3 - Elliott to Hafeez, FOUR, loosener. Hafeez keeps getting the one boundary for the over. The 50-run stand comes up. Short and outside off, Hafeez rides the bounce and cuts it behind square, sweeper had no chance

6.4 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hafeez, FOUR, short and on leg-stump, Hafeez goes right back, rolls his wrists and pulls it behind square leg. The use of the wrist made sure he got the placement right

5.4 - Nabi to Malan, FOUR, the runs are coming freely now. Trifle short and the width was there, Malan stays on leg-stump, punches it through extra cover, the timing takes care of the rest

4.4 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hafeez, FOUR, pressure on the young lad. Hafeez is toying with him. Once more uses his feet to get to the ball, the flight allows him to get under it and smack it for another one bounce four

4.3 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hafeez, FOUR, there he goes again. Couple of deliveries and Hafeez has brought the asking rate down. Shimmies down and lifts it over the bowler's head for a one bounce four. The TV umpire checked whether it crossed the line, it hadn't

3.3 - Babar to Malan, FOUR, poor delivery. Sarfraz encourages the bowler by saying it is alright. Tossed up down leg, Malan goes down on one knee and sweeps behind square, bisects backward square and short fine

13.2 - Nabi to Malan, SIX, that's outta here. Into the night sky and landed somewhere near the gate. They are checking the distance, 100 meters it is. Slog sweeps the flighted delivery over cow corner and takes his strike rate to 100

4.2 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hafeez, SIX, no problems this time. Dances down the wicket, is to the pitch of the flighted delivery and lofts it handsomely over the long-on fence for a maximum. Zalmi needed that to get them going

16.4 - Babar to K Akmal, out Caught by Chigumbura!! Akmal never looked at ease. Babar ends his misery. Might be a touch too late for the Gladiators though. Flighted on off, Akmal advances to go big, doesn't get it anywhere close to the middle, the ball balloons towards long-off, Chigu snaffles it without any fuss. K Akmal c Chigumbura b Babar 17(27)

8.2 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hafeez, out Caught by Elliott!! Hafeez's ego gets the better of him. He had struck a four off the previous ball, tries to emulate that and pays the price. It was well bowled by Nawaz, tosses it up close to the batsman, Hafeez shimmies down, slices it off the outer half of the bat towards the point region. An experienced campaigner like Elliott isn't going to drop those. Hafeez c Elliott b Mohammad Nawaz 36(29) [4s-5 6s-1]

2.4 - Umar Gul to Malan, no run, dropped! What have you done skipper? Regulation take for the keeper and Sarfraz has spilled it. Back of a length slanted across off, Malan has a waft and the outside edge goes to the left of Sarfraz, goes with one-hand and puts it down

17.4 - Elliott to Malan, 1 run, fifty for Malan. His first of the tournament. Waves his bat around and shakes his hand with Hodge. Sliding on leg-stump, Malan moves away and whips it to deep mid-wicket

15.4 - Elliott to K Akmal, 1 run, Akmal was almost done in. He was eyeing the pull shot after seeing the length, there was no pace and he waited to play it to deep mid-wicket