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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 9th Match, Islamabad United vs Lahore Qalandars at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (10 Feb 2016)

Lahore Qalandars

166/6 (20) RR:8.3

Islamabad United won by 8 wkts

MOM: Sharjeel Khan
Islamabad United

169/2 (15.5) RR:10.67

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18.3 - A Russell to Rizwan, FOUR, short at gentle pacy and Rizwan makes him pay for that. Swivels and pulls with utter disdain over square leg

17.2 - Sami to Rizwan, FOUR, 50-run stand comes up. Too full and wide, Rizwan squeezes the drive behind backward point, raced away!

16.3 - Rumman Raees to Rizwan, FOUR, it's raining boundaries in Sharjah! Improvisation at its very best. Slower fullish delivery outside off, Rizwan walks across and gets down on one knee to stroke a DILSCOOP over the keeper

16.2 - Rumman Raees to Rizwan, FOUR, the ball has changed but the result hasn't. Let me tell you, this man has got some beautiful wrists. Width on offer and he pounces on it, opens the bat face late and twirls his wrists to send it past backward point

15.3 - Ajmal to Dwayne Bravo, FOUR, another misfield from Billings! This time he got a bad bounce though, fuller and angled in, Bravo hoicks it over mid-on, Billings slides from long-on but was taken aback by bad bounce

14.1 - A Russell to Dwayne Bravo, FOUR, back of a length drifting down leg, Bravo whips it to the left of fine leg, the fielder had no chance there, sublime timing!

14.0 - Kamran Ghulam to Rizwan, FOUR, candyfloss and Rizwan puts it away! Full toss on the stumps, Rizwan jumps down the track and dispatches it between deep square and deep mid-wicket

13.0 - Imran Khalid to Dwayne Bravo, FOUR, misfield and four! Short and just outside off, Bravo lofts it wide of extra cover and Billings from long-off overran from long-off, he got to the ball quickly but slipped before sliding

10.3 - Rumman Raees to Naved Yasin, FOUR, please hit-me delivery from Rumman Raees. Short and angled in, Yasin times the pull to perfection, helped it on its away to the deep backward square fence

5.5 - Sami to Azhar Ali, FOUR, pitched up and in the slot, Ali sits on his back knee and clatters it over mid-on, couple of bounces and into the fence

5.1 - Sami to Azhar Ali, FOUR, drifting down leg from a fuller length, Ali flicks and it races away like a tracer bullet - RAVI SHAZ CLICHE

2.3 - Sami to Naved Yasin, FOUR, length delivery sat up nicely for Yasin, he punches square on the off-side beating the dive from backward point, off the mark in style

1.4 - Watson to Azhar Ali, FOUR, dismissive stuff from Azhar Ali! Takes a couple of steps and makes room, sees the length ball and thrashes it past cover for a picture-perfect boundary

1.2 - Watson to Azhar Ali, FOUR, fuller and straying on the pads, all Ali needed to do was to get some bat on that - He tickles and manages a four through short fine

0.5 - A Russell to Azhar Ali, FOUR, another pacy delivery, but this time its pitched up and Ali gets some bat on the nudge, the edge flies wide of the keeper and towards the third man fence, first boundary off the match

19.2 - Rumman Raees to Rizwan, SIX, length delivery begging to be hit, Rizwan dismisses it out of his sight with a picture-perfect flick over square leg

18.5 - A Russell to Rizwan, SIX, short and murdered! Russell isn't learning, bowls a short delivery at a comfortable height and Rizwan sends the pull over the deep backward square fence

16.1 - Rumman Raees to Rizwan, SIX, whew! That made a crunching sound. Full and on the stumps, Rizwan stoops low and wristily flicks over the deep square leg fence. That went out of the ground indeed. NEW BALahore PLEAExpress?

11.1 - Ajmal to U Akmal, SIX, that's outta here! This was flighted and dipped right in front of Akmal who smokes it into the stands over mid-wicket for a 100-plus metre six

9.0 - Watson to U Akmal, SIX, launched! Length delivery in the swinging arc for Umar Akmal, he swats it across the line and packs it over the cow corner fence

4.2 - A Russell to Naved Yasin, SIX, wallop! Full delivery there to be hit and Yasin smashes it nonchalantly, right off the screws and straight into the stands at long-off

19.4 - Rumman Raees to K Cooper, out Caught&Bowled!! That went high into the dark sky and Tom Moody on air couldn't resist himself from saying this "It has taken a month's time to come down." Slower length delivery in the slot, Cooper heaves and mistimes it completely. Got the elevation but not the distance. The ball swirls high towards mid-wicket and Raees settles under it sans any discomfort. K Cooper c and b Rumman Raees 0(1)

18.4 - A Russell to Rizwan, out Dwayne Bravo Run Out!! YES...NO...YES..NO.. AND GONE. Rizwan drove this full delivery to extra cover, there was a slight confusion in the middle. Rizwan took a few steps down the track and Bravo was commited to the single. Rizwan chirps a late, loud no but Ghulam hits the bulls-eye at the bowler's end. Bravo wasn't even in the frame. He looks disappointed as he trudges off. Dwayne Bravo run out (Kamran Ghulam) 26(17) [4s-3]

12.3 - Imran Khalid to U Akmal, out Lbw!! Khalid gets his man. This time he gets the nod from the umpire. Flatter and holding up a little on the pitch, Akmal was lured by the length. He wanted to pull it over square leg, misses the line of the delivery completely and is hit on the back pad. That was hitting leg-stump. U Akmal lbw b Imran Khalid 23(23) [6s-2]

11.4 - Ajmal to Naved Yasin, out Caught by Haddin!! Nicked and gone! Yasin was struggling and Ajmal brings an end to his scratchy knock. Dropped it a bit short and the ball spun away late, Yasin was trying to cut off the back foot. Could only manage a thin edge which settles in the safe hands of Haddin behind the stumps. Naved Yasin c Haddin b Ajmal 25(28) [4s-2 6s-1]

6.0 - Sami to Azhar Ali, out Lbw!! PLUMBAAAAAAH - That looked plumb to me. In fact replays show it was clipping leg. Sami has got two wickets with two good length deliveries - So that might be the ideal length to bowl on this surface. Good length delivery tailed in slightly and slammed Ali right in front as he missed the flick. Sami screams "HOWZAAAAT" and up goes the finger. Azhar Ali lbw b Sami 27(18) [4s-5]

2.1 - Sami to Delport, out Bowled!! Knocked 'em over!! First ball from Sami and he hits the first nail in the opposition coffin. On a good length and nipped away very slightly, Delport was playing a rash shot through the leg-side. There was plenty of bat-pad gap as he played with laden feet, the ball shapes away to kiss the middle pole. Delport b Sami 3(4)

19.3 - Rumman Raees to Rizwan, 1 run, well played Mohammad Rizwan! Slower full delivery on middle and leg, Rizwan gets a top-edge as he tries to scoop this over the keeper, nevertheless gets to his fifty

11.3 - K Cooper to Watson, FOUR, Zohaib Khan drops a sitter! Watson whacks this but it was a mis-hit, straight towards long-on where the fielder makes a mess of it - Allowed the ball to burst through and to aggravate matters it scurries through to the fence

10.4 - Zohaib Khan to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, drifting in on middle and Sharjeel Khan murders the pull over mid-wicket for a one-bounce four, raises his bat to acknowledge the fifty

10.0 - A Mendis to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, no stopping this, full and in the slot, Sharjeel Khan goes down on his knees and times the slog-sweep to perfection, raced away through mid-wicket

8.1 - Zohaib Khan to Watson, FOUR, full toss - That's easy peasy for Watson who bends low and shovels it to the fine leg fence

7.3 - A Mendis to Watson, FOUR, that may have been a wide but Watson doesn't let it go. Spinning down leg and Watto helps it with a wild heave behind square, raced away!

5.4 - Dwayne Bravo to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, Bravo can't believe it! Holds his head in disbelief. Full and at leg-stump, Sharjeel Khan gets an inside edge on the flick, the ball skims past the timber and races away to the fine leg fence

3.5 - Ehsan Adil to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, asking for more trouble, slipping down leg and Sharjeel Khan flicks nonchalantly, scorched off the turf and finds the fine leg fence

3.3 - Ehsan Adil to Sharjeel Khan, FOUR, M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T. Fetch that! Oh! What a talent! Good length on middle stump line and Sharjeel Khan thumps it over mid-on, just a biff and way she goes into the fence

0.1 - Dwayne Bravo to Watson, FOUR, Watson is off and running with a boundary. Outswinger with written all over it, Watson late-cuts with precise timing, pierced backward point and short third man

15.5 - Ehsan Adil to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, another six and Islamabad United register a resounding win. Touch short and outside off, Sharjeel Khan smashes a flat six over deep mid-wicket, see you tomorrow stuff!

15.4 - Ehsan Adil to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, Sharjeel back in action again. Length delivery in the slot, he sends it BOOOOOOM over the cow corner fence

11.5 - K Cooper to Watson, SIX, can someone stop Watto please! He seems to be in a hurry here. Sees the length delivery and cannons it flat over the long-on fence

11.4 - K Cooper to Watson, SIX, Oh no! Don't go to Sharjah now if you're a bowler. Length delivery just outside off, Watson mows it over the long-off fence

11.1 - K Cooper to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, it's raining sixes in Sharjah, fullish length delivery around off - Sharjeel Khan keeps his eyes on the ball and launches it over the wide long-on fence

11.0 - Zohaib Khan to Watson, SIX, Watto is toying with the bowlers - Oh! Jeez! Please spare a thought for the bowlers. Nothing wrong with the delivery, tossed up around middle, Watto steadies himself and smokes it back over the bowler's head. Seems like he cannot mishit a ball at the moment

10.3 - Zohaib Khan to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, low full toss outside off, Sharjeel Khan makes room and crouches low, muscles the slog on the full over the deep extra cover fence

10.1 - Zohaib Khan to Watson, SIX, "That's clean as a whistle" lauds Rameez Raza on air. It's an action replay of the previous over first ball, just that it went straight down the ground. Fifty for Watto

9.1 - A Mendis to Watson, SIX, clubbed down over the long-off fence. Tossed up outside off, Watson kneels down and smashes it powerfully

6.3 - Z Gohar to Watson, SIX, "OUT OF THE STADIUM." Tossed up on middle and leg, Watson drops to one knee and slog-sweeps it for a 104-metre six in front of square on the leg-side. This six, by the way, is the longest of the tournament

4.5 - Z Gohar to Watson, SIX, that's straight into the stands. Short delivery asking to be whacked, Watson steadies himself and sends it soaring over the cow corner fence, 50-up already!

4.0 - Ehsan Adil to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, are you kidding me! What was that? 20 runs off the over and Ehsan Adil is having a nightmare with the ball. Serves up another length delivery on the stumps and Sharjeel Khan bludgeons it back over the bowler's head for a gun-barrels straight six. Stand and admire stuff!

3.2 - Ehsan Adil to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, "That is going to the supermarket" yelps Alan Wilkins on air. Jeez! Whaaataay shot that is. It made such a lovely sound as it flew off the bat. Fraction short and on leg-stump line, Sharjeel Khan whips it effortlessly for a 102-metre six over backward square. The ball just disappeared and now we need a new ball for the game to resume - Out comes the fourth umpire with his suitcase - Aleem Dar examines, examines, examines and finally picks a new-old ball. Right then! We are ready to go again. THREE, TWO, ONE... Let's start

1.0 - Dwayne Bravo to Sharjeel Khan, SIX, Islamabad United are off to a blazing start. Length delivery around off, Sharjeel Khan stays solid at the crease and wallops it over the wide long-on fence

15.1 - Ehsan Adil to A Russell, out Caught by U Akmal!! Finally they caught one. Thank heavens! Slower length delivery around middle, Russell gets across and swats it, mistimed and straight down the throat of Umar Akmal at long-on. A Russell c U Akmal b Ehsan Adil 2(5)

13.4 - Ehsan Adil to Watson, out Caught by Rizwan!! Against the run of play! Watto must have been a tired man, plays a tiresome stroke and perishes. Slower back of a length delivery darted down leg, would have been a wide had Watto missed that. However, he chases and gets a thin bottom edge on the pull, Rizwan dives full length to his left and grabs a one-handed blinder. Watson c Rizwan b Ehsan Adil 79(47) [4s-4 6s-7]

14.4 - Dwayne Bravo to A Russell, 1 run, dropped by Azhar Ali! It seems like Lahore Qalandars can't catch one today. Full toss and Russell mistimes the slog high into the air, the fielder from extra cover runs back and fails to hold on

2.5 - K Cooper to Watson, 1 run, dropped by Delport! Short ball angled in, hurried Watto into the pull stroke, he gets a thick top-edge, the fielder from mid-wicket and square leg converge. In the end, Delport allows the ball to sneak through, he didn't even get a hand to it - Might have been distracted by the square leg fielder

13.1 - Ehsan Adil to Sharjeel Khan, 2 runs, full toss outside off, Sharjeel Khan slaps the flat-bat lofted drive over a sprinting extra cover, it wasn't a chance but Azhar Ali made a commendable effort to get there