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South Africa tour of India 2015

Scorecard - 1st ODI, India vs South Africa at Green Park, Kanpur, India (11 Oct 2015)

South Africa

303/5 (50) RR:6.06

South Africa won by 5 runs

MOM: AB de Villiers

298/7 (50) RR:5.96

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49.2 - U Yadav to Behardien, FOUR, this is a great finish from South Africa. Yadav misses the yorker and bowls a low full toss, Behardien drives and doesn't try to hit it too hard either, the timing was so good and it raced away for four

49.1 - U Yadav to Behardien, FOUR, thank you very much, says Behardien and helps himself to another boundary. Juicy full ball, Behardien clears his front leg and lofts the drive back over the bowler's head for four

49.0 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, FOUR, full toss outside off stump, de Villiers slices this one hand over backward point, Jinks runs to his left from sweeper cover and gets to the ball, he flicks the ball but it rolls back and touches the rope. 19 runs off the over

48.0 - U Yadav to de Villiers, FOUR, Yadav misses the yorker and bowls a full toss, de Villiers accepts the gift and crashes it wide of mid-wicket, long-on had no chance as well

47.4 - U Yadav to Behardien, FOUR, gee! He was struggling to time the ball early on, but looks like he's got a measure of the pitch now. Full and wide outside off stump, Behardien goes for the drive, doesn't hit it hard and hits it to the right of the man at sweeper cover

47.1 - U Yadav to Behardien, FOUR, driven nicely and it's in the gap as well. Full and outside off stump, Behardien drives it wide of mid-off and begins the over in style

46.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Behardien, FOUR, edgedddd and that's too fine for both Dhoni and third man. Short and outside off stump, Behardien hops and tries to upper-cut, the ball goes off the outside edge and goes for four

45.0 - Binny to de Villiers, FOUR, smashed! What an over for South Africa, 21 off it, just what they wanted at this stage. A really poor ball from Binny, can't bowl length at this stage, he tried to drag the length back on seeing de Villiers give the charge but it was not short enough to keep the batsman calm and de Villiers muscles the drive over extra-cover

44.4 - Binny to de Villiers, FOUR, front leg out of the way and baaangg, not quite from the middle of the bat but the timing is still good enough to beat the man at deep mid-wicket. Once again gentle pace, de Villiers slogs and sends it for four

42.0 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, FOUR, neatly done by the master. Bhuvneshwar just strays down the leg-side, de Villiers allows the length ball to come and tickles it fine and sends it to the fine leg

25.4 - Mishra to du Plessis, FOUR, was that a drop? Dhoni and Raina keep looking at each other. Mishra is not a happy man. Flighted around off, du Plessis is not fully forward as he looks to defend, the outside edge hits Dhoni's thigh and goes to the left of Raina at slip, who did not have the time to react. It was a tough chance

24.3 - Raina to du Plessis, FOUR, same shot as the previous ball, but this time Faf managed to pierce the gap. Quicker and around off, du Plessis stays leg-side of the ball and cracks it square of the wicket on the off-side, bisecting point and cover to perfection

14.1 - Mishra to Amla, FOUR, poor ball from Mishra, drops one short and well outside off, Amla makes room and cuts it square behind point for another boundary

14.0 - Binny to du Plessis, FOUR, edged and four, on a good length and a hint of shape away from off, du Plessis was pushing at that, gets a thick edge that races away past the lone slip, third man is pretty wide and can't get to it either, 12 runs from the over

13.2 - Binny to du Plessis, FOUR, cracking shot, good use of the feet from du Plessis, makes room and drills it past the diving mid-off fielder for a boundary

12.5 - Mishra to du Plessis, FOUR, lovely shot, du Plessis picked the length early, went down low, rolls his wrists and sweeps it over square leg, a couple of bounces and over the ropes for a boundary

8.0 - U Yadav to de Kock, FOUR, another poor ball to end the over, short and just outside off, de Kock swivels across and pulls it in front of square on the on-side, beats mid-wicket and races away to the fence

7.3 - U Yadav to de Kock, FOUR, too short from Umesh, not the line to be bowling on this pitch, de Kock stays back, uses Umesh's pace and jabs it past mid-wicket, the timing is sweet and the ball races away to the fence

7.0 - Bhuvneshwar to Amla, FOUR, that ruins the over for Bhuvneshwar, short and wide outside off, Amla slaps it away to the left of backward point, no chance for the fielder getting across from third man either

6.0 - U Yadav to Amla, FOUR, cracking shot, no need to run for those, width on offer from Umesh, Amla stands tall and punches it square on the off-side, bisects the two fielders at backward point and cover-point to perfection

4.5 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, FOUR, Bhuvneshwar loses his line, drops this one short and wide outside off, de Kock gets on top of the bounce and cuts it square on the off-side for another boundary

4.4 - Bhuvneshwar to de Kock, FOUR, lovely shot, fraction fuller and just outside off, de Kock shuffles across and tucks it in front of square, beats mid-wicket and races away to the fence for a boundary

1.1 - U Yadav to de Kock, FOUR, that's easy pickings for de Kock, gentle half-volley from Umesh, full and on the middle stump line, whipped away in front of square on the on-side, no need to run for those

50.0 - U Yadav to de Villiers, SIX, in the airrrrr and that's just over the bar again. 21st ODI hundred for AB de Villiers. What applause from the crowd, a standing ovation. This is great to see especially after what happened at Cuttack. ABdV is getting a reception an Indian player would get. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, de Villiers flat bats the pull and clears the man at long-on. Excellent innings from the South African captain and he's led from the front. He takes the helmet off, raises his bat and acknowledges the applause

49.3 - U Yadav to Behardien, SIX, slower delivery, picked early, Behardien delays the lofted drive, times it very well and even a jump from Dhawan wasn't good enough as it cleared the long-off boundary

48.3 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, SIX, it's 13 runs off the first three balls of the over, great start for the Proteas. Full and in the slot, de Villiers goes for the loft, but doesn't time this that well, just manages to clear Raina at long-on

48.2 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, SIX, "How he generates the power from that position, I don't know?" says Graeme Smith on air. What a shot. Bhuvneshwar fails to nail the yorker, bowls a low full toss, de Villiers, who was backing away, somehow manages to get under it and muscles it back over the bowler's head

44.5 - Binny to de Villiers, SIX, this is high in the airrrrrr, again not from the middle of the bat, long-on is interested for a while and moves back but it just clears the boundary. Full and in the slot and de Villiers is not someone who will miss out on these freebies

44.2 - Binny to Duminy, SIX, aaaha! Top shot sir! Length delivery right in the slot, with Binny not being express, Duminy walks towards the bowler and then plays a slog across the line, the ball flies off the middle of the bat and goes all the way over deep mid-wicket

38.5 - Binny to de Villiers, SIX, ladies and gentlemen, let me inform you that this man is now hitting his straps. Don't miss this stuff for anything. Short and at Binny's pace, it's good night. Pulled away fiercely over mid-wicket

35.0 - Raina to de Villiers, SIX, there goes de Villiers! He's had enough of nudging and pushing. Down the track he comes, the ball was in his swinging arc, and he lets in a clean swipe with the turn, forearms pumping. Ensured that he did not get too close to the pitch to get the desired elevation and sends it sailing over cow corner

26.2 - Raina to du Plessis, SIX, fifty for Faf. Gets there in style. It was slightly short, du Plessis uses the depth of the crease and pulls it over cow corner, got enough bat to clear the fence

45.1 - U Yadav to Duminy, out Caught by Dhoni!! Appeal for caught behind, Dhoni throws the ball up in the air after taking the catch and umpire Aleem Dar raises the finger. Once again Umesh Yadav takes a wicket off the first ball of his new spell. This though is a lucky wicket as it could so easily have been a wide. This length ball was way outside off stump, Duminy chased it looking to cut and got a faint nick. A key wicket for India and Duminy has been dismissed for the first time on the tour. Duminy c Dhoni b U Yadav 15(17) [6s-1]

40.3 - Mishra to D Miller, out Stumped!! "Yeaahhhhhh," is the shout from Suresh Raina, who was moved to leg slip for Miller. This is a good bowling change from Dhoni and he gets the big wicket of David Miller. The left-hander was down the track to muscle this out of the ground, but got too close to the pitch of the ball and it spun back in sharply as well to beat the inside edge of the bat, Dhoni watched it nicely into the hands despite being blinded for a while by the batsman and broke the stumps. D Miller st Dhoni b Mishra 13(22)

33.1 - U Yadav to du Plessis, out Lbw!! Reverse swinging delivery bang on target first up. Not a bad weapon to possess, is it? du Plessis was certainly not expecting this. It was on a length and tailing back rapidly, du Plessis is caught on the crease as he tries to defend for a normal straight ball. Tries to adjust his hands, but the ball catches him on the pad before going on to hit the willow. Umpire Dar's finger went up in a jiffy. Would have crashed into middle at a reasonable height. du Plessis lbw b U Yadav 62(77) [4s-5 6s-1]

23.2 - Mishra to Amla, out Bowled!! Something had to give and it is a wicket. The crowd erupt as they know the importance of the wicket. The partnership has been broken. The flipper from Mishy, pitches on middle and goes on, Amla is rooted to the crease as he tries to work it to the on-side, misses and the ball deflects off the back pad, crashes into middle stump. Amla never looked settled today, but still managed to stick it out for so long. Amla b Mishra 37(59) [4s-3]

8.4 - Ashwin to de Kock, out Caught by Raina!! That's a lovely off-break from Ashwin! He tossed this one around middle, the ball drifts and spins away from the left-hander. de Kock lunged forward on the defensive push, doesn't get to the pitch of the ball, takes the outside edge and it's smartly held by Raina - moving across to his right at slip. The dangerous de Kock departs and India have struck early with spin. de Kock c Raina b Ashwin 29(33) [4s-5]

41.3 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, 2 runs, slower ball, hit in the air but no one at mid-off, doesn't carry to long-off either. That brings up the 48th ODI fifty for de Villiers and he gets a good round of applause from the crowd, who were chanting "AB, AB, AB," when he walked out to bat. He raises the bat to acknowledge the cheer. It was a full ball that was driven to the left of long-off

48.4 - Steyn to Dhoni, FOUR, what? An innovative little shot from Dhoni? This is a rare sight folks! Full and on the off stump, Dhoni moves right across the stumps and just helps it fine with a paddle and beats the man at short fine leg. Maybe because of the fact that he's tired, he wants to make use of the pace on the ball from the bowler and not go down the ground as he would have had to generate a lot of power

43.4 - Rabada to Rohit, FOUR, shortish and on the leg stump, Rohit goes on the back foot and pulls it over backward square leg, the ball almost goes all the way

41.4 - Rabada to Rohit, FOUR, bad ball, don't look at your captain, Rabada! With fine leg inside the ring, you can't bowl short and on the leg stump, Rohit gets inside the line and pulls it very fine, the ball almost clears the long leg boundary

35.2 - Behardien to Rohit, FOUR, in the airrrrr and just over the man at mid-wicket, it's a hundred for Rohit Gurunath Sharma, his 8th in ODIs. What a knock this has been under pressure. Fullish and on the stumps, Rohit flicks it over the infield, the man at long-on runs and dives to his right, but fails to stop the ball. Rohit takes the helmet off, raises his arms in joy, shows the bat to the dressing room and the crowd to acknowledge the applause

31.1 - Behardien to Rahane, FOUR, this pair is running South Africa ragged! Runs are haemorrhaging now. Wickets are the order of the day. Fuller length delivery around the fourth stump line, Rahane crunches the drive through extra-cover. The sweeper cover gives chase and puts in a futile dive

29.5 - Tahir to Rohit, FOUR, the googly and Rohit picks it, was very full which made the job easier. Creams the inside-out drive over extra

26.5 - Behardien to Rahane, FOUR, the duo have stayed course on the trail. What a way to bring up the hundred-run stand from the stylish Mumbaikar. Actually, both are stylish. Okay, the stylish diminutive Mumbaikar. Fuller length delivery just outside off, Rahane waits and opens the face of the bat at the last moment to run it fine beating short third man

25.0 - Behardien to Rahane, FOUR, that's a poor delivery and it ruins the over. Rank long hop from Behardien, sat up nicely for Rahane, who pulled it wide of long-on and made sure he beat the fielder

22.4 - Tahir to Rahane, FOUR, Rahane steps out of the crease, takes it on the full and lofts it inside out over extra cover. The long-off fielder had no chance. He is very good with that shot

17.5 - M Morkel to Rohit, FOUR, lovely, just amazing how this man can make batting look easy. Nothing much wrong with the delivery, good length on off and middle, Rohit wrists it wide of mid-on, the timing was so sweet that it raced away to the fence

17.4 - M Morkel to Rohit, FOUR, fifty for Rohit. He reaches the landmark with a top shot. Short and width on offer, he goes back and cuts it over backward point, hit it in the air intentionally and cleared the fielder with ease. Raises his bat and acknowledges the applause from the crowd

16.4 - Tahir to Rohit, FOUR, cracking shot, trifle short and just outside off, Rohit stays on the back foot and slaps it in front of square on the off-side, even AB can't chase that down from extra cover and there was no one sweeping

11.2 - Rabada to Rohit, FOUR, easy pickings for Rohit, short and angling onto Rohit's pads, he gets inside the line and flicks it very fine, beats long leg to the fence

9.4 - M Morkel to Rohit, FOUR, cracking shot, full and wide from Morkel, Rohit leans forward, gets to the pitch of the ball and caresses it past extra cover, sublime timing on it and the ball races away to the fence in a hurry

9.3 - M Morkel to Rohit, FOUR, full and wide from Morkel, Rohit was looking to drive it through cover, ends up slicing it with an open face and behind square on the off-side. Tahir gets across from third man, puts in the dive and allows the ball to go through

8.4 - Rabada to Rahane, FOUR, cracking shot, a long half-volley outside off from Rabada, Rahane drives it on the up, the timing is supreme and the ball races past extra cover for a boundary

6.4 - Behardien to Rohit, FOUR, nicely done by Rohit, width on offer from Behardien, third man was inside the ring, he waits on the ball, opens the face of the bat and runs it past the fielder for another boundary

6.1 - Behardien to Rohit, FOUR, gentle start from Behardien, full and wide outside off, Rohit leans into the drive and caresses it past cover-point for a boundary

6.0 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, nicely played, he controlled the pull better now, this was short and angling into the left-hander, Dhawan waits on it, rolls his wrists and puts it away past square leg, ends the over with a boundary

4.4 - Steyn to Dhawan, FOUR, second boundary of the over, too short from Steyn, the angle makes the shot easier as well, Dhawan swivels across, rolls his wrists and pulls it behind square on the on-side, beats the man getting across to his right at fine leg

4.2 - Steyn to Dhawan, FOUR, edged and four, Steyn doesn't have a slip in place, goes full and wide outside off, lures Dhawan into the drive, he obliges and goes hard at the ball, gets a thick edge that flies through to the third man fence

3.5 - Rabada to Rohit, FOUR, lovely shot, back of a length and well outside off, Rohit has the width to play the square cut, gets on top of the bounce and crunches it past cover-point, gets going with a boundary

3.3 - Rabada to Dhawan, FOUR, that could have been close! This was banged in short and on the stumps, Dhawan swivels across and pulls it over square leg, gets enough to beat the leaping Behardien at square leg and races away to the fence

1.0 - Steyn to Dhawan, FOUR, cracking shot, that should ease some nerves, short of a good length and a hint of width outside off, Dhawan waits on it and cracks it square past cover-point, no need to run for those

45.2 - Steyn to Rohit, SIX, wooowwww! Just wow! What a shot sir and that too against a top bowler. Shortish and on the leg stump, Rohit gets inside the line and plays the pick up shot, there was a man at deep backward square leg but he was a mere spectator

44.1 - M Morkel to Rohit, SIX, in the airrrrr, fielder tries to get there but it's gone all the way. Length delivery on the off stump, Rohit moves across and plays a lovely looking flick shot, the timing was so good that it went for six. Rabada tried to run to his right from deep mid-wicket and get to the ball, he initially misjudged it as he ran forward, then went back and dived full length but it escaped. Kohli is relieved to see the ball go past the fielder. In fact, had he been on the edge of the rope, he could have taken the catch

40.3 - Tahir to Rohit, SIX, excellent shot, not easy to hit against the spin, but Rohit is very confident of his game and has nailed that to perfection. This hit will lift the mood in the dressing room. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, Rohit gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps it hard over deep mid-wicket

30.0 - Tahir to Rohit, SIX, this is even better. Clears the ropes. The world seems such a better place with Rohit in full flow. Way to go, Sir! This was the conventional leg-break, very full again. He clears his front leg and uses more of the bottom hand for leverage

28.4 - Duminy to Rohit, SIX, you can see now why Duminy was refusing to toss it up. This one he does give a bit more air, Rohit goes down on one knee and hammers the sweep over deep square leg

12.3 - Duminy to Rohit, SIX, that should release some pressure! Rohit comes down the track, doesn't quite get to the pitch of the ball, but it helped him free his arms, plays with the spin and goes high and over long-on for a maximum

49.5 - Rabada to Binny, out Caught by Amla!! Two in two for Rabada and he's on a hat-trick. What an over under pressure from the young man. Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, Binny backs away and goes for the pull, the ball hits the splice of the bat and goes up, square leg runs forward and takes the catch. Rabada lifts Amla in joy. Binny c Amla b Rabada 2(5)

49.4 - Rabada to Dhoni, out Caught&Bowled!! This is in the airrrrr and Rabada calls for it and takes it. All of a sudden, South Africa gain the upper hand. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Dhoni swings really hard at it and targets mid-wicket, the ball hits the outside half of the bat and goes high up in the air, the bowler moves to his right and accepts the offer. Dhoni c and b Rabada 31(30) [4s-1]

46.5 - Tahir to Raina, out Caught by Duminy!! This is such an inspirational over from the leggie! Two wickets and just 4 runs off it, with one more ball to go. Clever bowling from Tahir. He knows that Raina loves to go over mid-wicket, bowls a googly and bowls it wide of off stump, Raina had to fetch the slog-sweep and he only managed to slice it high in the air, long-on settled under it and took it cleanly. Raina c Duminy b Tahir 3(3)

46.1 - Tahir to Rohit, out Caught&Bowled!! Oh dear! What a soft dismissal. Rohit Sharma can't believe what he's done. He throws his head back in disappointment, meanwhile, Tahir takes off on a celebratory run. Mind you, South Africa are still in it. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Rohit advances but doesn't get to the pitch of the ball, he was only looking to drive it along the ground to long-off for a run, but checked his shot and hit it straight back to the bowler. Rohit gets a standing ovation and a few South African players congratulate him for his wonderful knock as he walks back. Rohit c and b Tahir 150(133) [4s-13 6s-6]

40.0 - Steyn to Kohli, out Caught by M Morkel!! Did that carry to the fielder? Kohli is walking after Morne gave him the thumbs up, he doesn't need a replay. The crowd goes silent. Now Kohli waits near the boundary for the confirmation and the third umpire is happy that it was a clean catch. Steyn himself couldn't believe that he's got a wicket with this ball. It was full and way down the leg-side, followed Kohli a bit as he made room, the batsman flicked, with fine leg inside the ring, he could have placed it anywhere and picked up four, instead he picks him out and the Giraffe takes a very good low catch diving forward. Morne's long reach helped him there as he grabbed it inches from the ground. Is this the opening the Proteas needed to tighten the screws? Kohli c M Morkel b Steyn 11(18)

33.4 - Behardien to Rahane, out Caught by D Miller!! South Africa finally get the breakthrough. Didn't they need it badly? Finding the fielders on the last two balls made Rahane twitchy. He goes leg-side trying to launch the inside out drive over extra-cover, Behardien smartly follows him with a length delivery cramping him for room just enough so that he couldn't get the desired elevation. Ends up chipping it straight to Miller at extra-cover who accepts it with a reverse-cup. Rahane c D Miller b Behardien 60(82) [4s-5]

7.3 - M Morkel to Dhawan, out Lbw!! Morkel strikes in his first over! But was the ball slipping down the leg-side? South Africa will not care one bit, this was full and came back with the angle, Dhawan was looking to work it towards the on-side, his feet never moved, the ball crashes onto the front pad, the impact was in front of middle and leg. Was it going to hit the stumps? Umpire Kulkarni takes a while before raising the dreaded finger, India have lost Dhawan after a promising start. Dhawan lbw b M Morkel 23(28) [4s-5]

45.5 - Steyn to Rohit, 1 run, Rohit is late to take off, but he completes the run and this is the third time that Rohit Sharma has reached 150 in ODIs. Length delivery outside off stump, Rohit punches it towards cover, for some reason Rohit hesitated but he had enough time to take off again and get to the other end. He raises his bat to the crowd, Dhoni pats him on the back. It has been an exceptional knock

29.4 - Tahir to Rahane, 1 run, 11th ODI fifty for Rahane! He points his bat at the dressing room as if to make a point. Coming to the ball, it was fullish on the stumps, Rahane wrists it wide of mid-wicket