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Pakistan v England in United Arab Emirates 2015

Scorecard - 3rd Test, Pakistan vs England at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (01 Nov 2015)


234/10 (85.1) RR:2.75

355/10 (118.2) RR:3

Pakistan won by 127 runs

MOM: Mohammad Hafeez

306/10 (126.5) RR:2.41

156/10 (60.3) RR:2.58

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84.1 - Broad to Babar, FOUR, shortish delivery angling down the leg-side, Babar stays on the back foot, gets some bat on the ball as he plays the flick, it races away to the fence

80.2 - Samit Patel to Misbah, FOUR, and again! Same ball, same result. Another full toss on the stumps, Misbah laps it past the fielder at slip, the fielder at backward point doesn't even give it a chase, hits the fence in no time

80.1 - Samit Patel to Misbah, FOUR, good improvisation from Misbah. A loopy full toss around off, Misbah employs the reverse sweep and laps it past the fielder at slip, races away to the fence in a jiffy

78.5 - Samit Patel to Yasir Shah, FOUR, lovely shot, Samit drops one slightly short and wide outside off, Yasir jumps on it and cuts it square past cover for a boundary

72.4 - Samit Patel to Misbah, FOUR, rank long hop from Samit, short and well outside off, Misbah rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary

71.0 - Anderson to Misbah, FOUR, fuller length delivery and down the leg-side, Misbah looks to flick and gets a tiny inside edge, beats the keeper and races away to the fence in a hurry

68.0 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, another boundary to end the over. Misbah this time steps out of the crease to this tossed up delivery on the stumps, lofts it inside-out over extra cover, Moeen gives chase but the ball beats him to the fence

67.1 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, that's a good strike from Misbah! There were fielders in the deep on the on-side. Misbah says no problem and whips the loft after clearing his front leg, clears mid-off easily and it runs away to the fence

58.5 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, FOUR, almost a wicket! Misbah once again kneels down to sweep this flighted delivery from Moeen, the ball bounces a little extra, catches the top-edge and balloons over the fielder at short fine leg, who misjudged it first and had to arch back to try and take it, the ball though bounces just behind him and runs away to the fence

56.2 - Stokes to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, good shot! Just short of a good length and outside off, Sarfraz opens the face of the bat at the last moment and guides it in the gap between backward point and gully, runs away to the fence in no time

54.0 - Samit Patel to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, Sarfraz isn't going to hold back. Kneels down and plays the slog sweep, didn't even bother to keep it down, the ball hits the deep square leg fence in no time. He timed that really well

53.4 - Samit Patel to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, the first boundary of this session! Patel offers a full toss on the pads, Sarfraz doesn't miss out on the freebie as he sweeps it to the fine leg fence, made good connection there

35.4 - Moeen Ali to Younis Khan, FOUR, cracking shot, flighted delivery and on the stumps, Younis goes down low, rolls his wrists and sweeps it past square leg, there's a fielder in the deep, but the ball beats him to the fence

29.3 - Adil Rashid to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, juicy full toss from Rashid, Malik doesn't miss out either, whipped away through mid-wicket for a boundary

28.4 - Samit Patel to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, poor ball from Samit, drags this one short and well outside off, Malik rocks back and pulls it past mid-wicket for a boundary. He's bowled a lot of those today - easing all the pressure

26.4 - Samit Patel to Younis Khan, FOUR, poor ball from Samit, drags this one short and well outside off, Younis makes room and cracks it square past point, races away to the fence in a hurry

26.2 - Samit Patel to Younis Khan, FOUR, lovely shot, overpitched by Samit, Younis gets a good stride forward, gets to the pitch of the ball and caresses it past extra cover for a boundary

24.5 - Samit Patel to Younis Khan, FOUR, nicely played by Younis, goes down low, rolls his wrists and sweeps it against the spin, finds the gap past mid-wicket and collects his first boundary

22.5 - Samit Patel to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, poor ball from Samit, dragged this one short and on the stumps, Malik rocked back and pulled it wide of mid-wicket for a handy boundary

19.4 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, lovely shot, Hafeez shimmies down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lifts it back over the bowler's head. The bat turned on impact, but he gets enough to beat long-on, running to his left

15.1 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, aggression from Hafeez, goes down low, gets to the pitch of a well tossed up delivery and sweeps it behind square on the on-side for a boundary

11.1 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, edged and four, on a good length and holding its line outside off, Malik pushes at that, gets a thick edge that goes down and in the gap between second slip and gully

8.0 - Stokes to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, nice way to get going, first boundary of the day. Overpitched and well outside off, Malik gets a big stride forward and drives it through extra cover, the timing is sweet and the ball races away to the fence

80.5 - Samit Patel to Misbah, SIX, smashed! Batting with the tail - this is where Misbah can be extremely dangerous. He is one of the best strikers of the cricket ball and he can quickly take the game away from the opposition. He kneels down yet again and slogs this flighted delivery way over the long-on fence

55.2 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, Misbah breaks the shackles! This was floated up just outside off, Misbah kneels down and lofts it through the line, sends it soaring over the long-on fence for his first boundary in the innings

85.1 - Anderson to Rahat Ali, out Caught by Moeen Ali!! Pakistan have been bowled out for 234. A short of length delivery outside off, Rahat pokes at it away from his body, edges it towards fourth slip, where Moeen didn't react quickly enough. Luckily for him, the ball just got stuck between his body and the left arm. The Englishmen won't mind it one bit though. Rahat Ali c Moeen Ali b Anderson 4(7)

83.1 - Anderson to Misbah, out Caught by Root!! Oh dear! Misbah's resistance comes to an end and Pakistan are in danger of being bowled out before stumps today. Nothing but a short of length delivery outside off, the ball swings away a little as Misbah hangs his bat at it, the outside edge flies to second slip, who takes a good catch stretching to his left. Misbah c Root b Anderson 71(160) [4s-7 6s-2]

83.0 - Broad to Yasir Shah, out Caught by Samit Patel!! Doesn't matter if they went for the review or not on the previous ball because Yasir has picked out the fielder in the deep. This was banged in short, Yasir goes for the pull, swivels as well but doesn't get it anywhere close to the middle. Samit Patel at deep square leg takes the simplest of catches. Yasir Shah c Samit Patel b Broad 7(13) [4s-1]

78.2 - Samit Patel to Riaz, out Bowled!! Peach from Samit and Riaz has no answers! This was a cracker from Samit, flatter and pitched just outside leg, drew Riaz half-forward, ripped past the outside edge and ended up clattering into the middle and off-stump. A shell shocked Riaz walks away, two wickets in the space of two overs for England. Riaz b Samit Patel 0(2)

77.1 - Moeen Ali to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Caught by Root!! Sarfraz has thrown his wicket away! He was getting fidgety against the spinners, comes down the track, doesn't quite get to the pitch of the ball, goes through with the lofted on-drive, he ends up dragging it high and down the throat of Root at deep mid-wicket. A wicket against the run of play, England have exposed Pakistan's tail with new ball round the corner. Sarfraz Ahmed c Root b Moeen Ali 39(76) [4s-3]

51.1 - Samit Patel to Shafiq, out Caught by Bairstow!! Patel gets a wicket, he is extremely delighted and Pakistan have lost half their side now. Not scoring enough runs had only resulted in more pressure on the batsmen and Shafiq has perished now. This was tossed up on off stump line, the ball spins away and bounces extra as Shafiq comes forward to defend. He was playing with an angular bat, the ball catches the outside edge and the keeper moves to his right to take a smart catch. Shafiq c Bairstow b Samit Patel 5(35)

40.1 - Anderson to Younis Khan, out Lbw!! Pakistan are in a spot of bother now. A bonus wicket for Anderson off his very first ball in the new spell. The experienced Younis makes his walk back to the hut. This was just a full toss that was angling towards the middle and leg stump line, Younis tries to clip it away but misses it completely. The ball hits him low on the pad and would have gone on to hit the base of leg stump. Pakistan lose a review as well. Younis Khan lbw b Anderson 31(58) [4s-4]

32.2 - Broad to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Bairstow!! Edged and caught! Loose shot from Malik, almost a carbon copy of Azhar Ali's dismissal. This was pitched up and shaped away slightly, Malik was rooted to his crease, ends up sparring way in front of his body, gets a healthy edge and it's a simple catch to Bairstow - moving across to his right. Pakistan have lost an early wicket after lunch, the solid looking Malik departs. Shoaib Malik c Bairstow b Broad 38(91) [4s-5]

19.5 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, out Caught by Broad!! Moeen has his man! This was dragged short and on the stumps. Did the ball stop on the batsman? Anyway, Hafeez was in no control as he went for the pull, gets a top-edge that looped over the square leg umpire's head. Broad ran across to his left from deep backward square leg, keeps his eyes on the ball and completes the catch, reverse cup, I think. Pakistan have now lost both their openers. Hafeez c Broad b Moeen Ali 27(57) [4s-2]

2.3 - Anderson to Azhar Ali, out Caught by Bairstow!! Azhar has been dismissed for a duck! Lovely delivery from Anderson, shortened his length and gets it to shape away slightly. Azhar was itching to get going, hangs his bat out and fences a nick through to Bairstow. England have struck early once again in this Test series, Azhar's return ends in disappointment. Azhar Ali c Bairstow b Anderson 0(7)

69.2 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, no run, dropped! A difficult chance though. Another one that's bowled flat outside off, Sarfraz rocks on the back foot to cut it hard, the ball flies off the outside edge towards Anderson at slip, who didn't have any time to react. The ball hits his his forearm and rolls away to his right. He looks very disappointed

77.5 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, no run, pushed through by Moeen, Misbah was looking to sweep, the ball clipped his gloves before rolling away towards the on-side. The reviews will be reset in two overs time, England tried their luck with this one

75.4 - Moeen Ali to Misbah, 2 runs, fifty for Misbah, laps a quicker delivery past the keeper, comes back for the second run and lifts his bat towards the dressing room. This has been an obdurate innings

21.2 - Moeen Ali to Shoaib Malik, no run, that's missing the leg-stump by a fair margin! Excellent review from Malik and he gets a lifeline. This was tossed up on off and spun back into Malik, he lazily prodded forward in defence, missed and was struck low on his pads. The impact was in front of middle and was sliding down the leg-stump

124.5 - Shoaib Malik to Broad, FOUR, tossed up but down leg again, Broad has no problems, turns around with a sweep and gets the ball to the fine leg fence

122.4 - Shoaib Malik to Anderson, FOUR, Anderson stretches as far as he can and plays a ferocious sweep to deep mid-wicket for a boundary

112.1 - Riaz to Samit Patel, FOUR, banged in short and at the batsman, Samit once more is early into the pull, he gets a glove and the ball runs away fine. The chase from Babar at fine leg goes in vain

109.3 - Babar to Samit Patel, FOUR, beautifully done! Flighted just outside off, Samit stays leg-side of the ball and lofts it handsomely inside out, got the height and the distance to clear the infield

108.3 - Yasir Shah to Adil Rashid, FOUR, another gift from the Pakistani spinners. A nice friendly full toss on the stumps, Rashid doesn't miss out, clears his front leg and swipes it across the line through mid-wicket

107.1 - Babar to Samit Patel, FOUR, that's a gift straight after the break, short and wide outside off, Samit had all the time in the world to go back and crack it in front of square on the off-side. No one sweeping and it was easy pickings

105.0 - Yasir Shah to Samit Patel, FOUR, good comeback from Samit, overpitched and well outside off, Samit gets a big stride forward and drills it through extra cover, no need to run for those

102.4 - Rahat Ali to Samit Patel, no ball, FOUR, cracking shot, short and wide from Rahat, Samit stands tall and cuts it square behind point, races away to the fence in a hurry. Rahat had overstepped as well

100.2 - Rahat Ali to Samit Patel, FOUR, lovely shot, that's a nice way to get going, banged in short and just outside off, Samit swivels across, gets on top of the bounce and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary

91.1 - Babar to James Taylor, FOUR, short and spinning away outside off stump, Taylor rocks back and punches it hard through cover and it runs away for four

87.2 - Rahat Ali to Bairstow, FOUR, overpitched outside off stump, Bairstow leans forward and drives along the ground through cover, Misbah had no chance and he didn't move an inch

85.5 - Rahat Ali to Bairstow, FOUR, these two are doing it nicely. Short and on the off stump, Bairstow stands tall, swivels and pulls with a strong bottom hand grip, the ball runs away to the deep backward square leg fence

84.5 - Babar to James Taylor, FOUR, very full and outside off stump, Taylor drives it along the ground through cover-point, this is good cricket from Taylor. He's not missing out on a boundary scoring opportunity

81.5 - Rahat Ali to Bairstow, FOUR, edged and four, short of a good length and just outside off, Bairstow was cramped for room, gets a thick inside edge past his leg-stump, races away to the fence for a lucky boundary

76.4 - Yasir Shah to James Taylor, FOUR, cracking shot, this was tossed up and on the stumps, Taylor goes down low, rolls his wrists around and sweeps it powerfully - in front of square on the on-side for a boundary

73.5 - Riaz to Bairstow, FOUR, short of length delivery on the stumps, Bairstow quickly gets into position as he goes on the back foot, plays a whippy pull that rocketed away to the fence in no time. The timing was just too good on this occasion

72.5 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, FOUR, a long hop from Yasir, it was bowled quicker as well, Bairstow rocks back and pulls it up and over the mid-wicket region, races away to the fence in no time

60.1 - Yasir Shah to James Taylor, FOUR, slower through the air and bowled with just a hint of width, Taylor backs away and cuts it fiercely square of the wicket

55.5 - Babar to James Taylor, FOUR, good shot there! This was flighted on off, Taylor lunges forward on one knee and nails the sweep through deep square leg for a boundary

49.1 - Yasir Shah to James Taylor, FOUR, legbreak that's dragged down, Taylor is quick to rock back and pounces on it with a pull through deep mid-wicket

33.3 - Yasir Shah to Bell, FOUR, looks to advance, but gets a low full toss and Bell whips it away through mid-wicket, rolls his wrists and ensures that the ball went along the ground

29.1 - Yasir Shah to Cook, FOUR, short delivery on the leg stump, Cook rocks back and pulls it through backward square leg

27.5 - Yasir Shah to Cook, FOUR, Yasir Shah tries to toss this up and invite the batsman to drive, but it was way too full to trouble the batsman and Cook timed the cover-drive to perfection

23.3 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, pushed through flatter and quicker outside off, Cook backs away and cuts it in the gap between cover-point and point, races away to the fence on this slow outfield

20.2 - Yasir Shah to Bell, FOUR, lovely shot, excellent use of the feet from Bell, gets to the pitch and threads the gap between cover and mid-off, the timing is sweet and the ball races away to the fence for a boundary

11.0 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, FOUR, positive batting from Cook, Malik drops one short and well outside off, Cook rocks back and pulls it wide of mid-wicket, beats the fielder getting across from deep square leg

5.2 - Rahat Ali to Moeen Ali, FOUR, cracking shot, width on offer from Rahat, Moeen stands tall and punches it in the gap past cover, the timing is sublime and the ball races away to the fence

1.5 - Yasir Shah to Moeen Ali, FOUR, good strike from Ali. Tossed up outside off, Ali kneels across and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket, one bounce and over the rope. The umpire thought it was a six at first, but changed his decision to a four after looking at the replays

11.1 - Babar to Bell, SIX, lovely shot, a little shimmy from Bell, gets to the pitch of the ball, made room as he did so and goes over mid-off with a clean swing, went all the way for a maximum

126.5 - Shoaib Malik to Stokes, out Bowled!! Another one for Malik and England finish with a lead of 72 runs. Stokes poked at this delivery with laden feet, the ball pitched on middle and spun away just enough to hit the top of off. Lovely precision from Malik paying the dividends as he gets his best bowling figures in Tests. Stokes b Shoaib Malik 0(10)

123.0 - Shoaib Malik to Anderson, out Bowled!! The floodgates have opened after Samit got out. This was given some rip by Malik, Anderson chose to play it off the back foot and paid the price, the ball turned away just enough to take the off pole down. Anderson b Shoaib Malik 7(7) [4s-1]

121.3 - Yasir Shah to Samit Patel, out Bowled!! Oh, that was a beauty! This was flighted deliciously, drifted in on the leg stump line, Samit wasn't fully forward to cover the turn and the ball ripped off the pitch to turn across the bat face and took the top of off. Samit Patel b Yasir Shah 42(80) [4s-6]

120.4 - Shoaib Malik to Adil Rashid, out Caught by Azhar Ali!! Terrific catch from Azhar Ali. Malik has broken the partnership. It was slightly quicker and goes straight, Rashid is half forward to defend, the ball takes the inside edge and goes quickly to the right of FSL, Ali stayed low, dived to his right and gobbled it up with one hand. That will be lunch. Adil Rashid c Azhar Ali b Shoaib Malik 8(52) [4s-1]

103.4 - Babar to Bairstow, out Bowled!! Babar has got his deserved wicket! This was beautifully set-up, the arm-ball, came back with the angle, Bairstow was making room for the cut, is done in by the pace and the angle. The ball clatters into the middle and leg-stump. Bairstow's long stint is over. Pakistan are chipping away at the wickets. Bairstow b Babar 43(118) [4s-5]

96.2 - Rahat Ali to James Taylor, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Edged and caught! Taylor's vigil ends, this was a short of a length and shaped away slightly. Taylor was pushing across in defence, ends up feeling for the delivery, gets a healthy outside edge and it's snapped up by Sarfraz - diving to his right and in front of first slip, takes it with his right hand and clasps his left hand across it. Rahat exults in delight, he's been very impressive in this match, Pakistan have struck early on Day 3. James Taylor c Sarfraz Ahmed b Rahat Ali 76(161) [4s-6]

62.4 - Yasir Shah to Bell, out Stumped!! Finally, Pakistan get their man. Yasir Shah leaps high in the air in joy. This is a big wicket at this stage. Bell, who wasn't looking comfortable at all after tea, has to make his way back. This was given more air around off, Bell comes charging down the track, he looks to defend but the ball spins away and goes past his blade, the keeper collects and before Bell could turn around and get back inside the crease, he whips the bails off in a flash to catch him short. Bell st Sarfraz Ahmed b Yasir Shah 40(158) [4s-2 6s-1]

42.1 - Rahat Ali to Root, out Caught by Sarfraz Ahmed!! Pakistan are cock-a-hoop as Root too has been dismissed. It was a fuller length delivery that was angled across the right-hander, Root pushes, got an outside edge, the keeper dived to his right and pouched the catch just inches away from the ground with one hand. The onfield umpire was not sure about whether the catch was clean or not. It was referred to the third umpire and on replays it was crystal clear that he had taken it cleanly and in the end, Root had to take the long walk back to the pavilion. Root c Sarfraz Ahmed b Rahat Ali 4(14)

37.2 - Yasir Shah to Cook, out Caught by Azhar Ali!! The big fish is gone. It is Yasir who takes the prized scalp. Remember, Yasir had also sent the man from Essex back to the pavilion both times in the second Test. Cook again looked to play the leg-spinner from the pitch by playing back and looked to tuck it around the corner. This one was a leg-break, Cook though, got an inside edge onto his thigh pad. The ball ballooned towards the fielder at FSL, who snaffled the catch by moving forward. Cook thought of taking the review and had a discussion with Bell, but decided against it. Cook c Azhar Ali b Yasir Shah 49(119) [4s-4]

8.4 - Shoaib Malik to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Younis Khan!! Awful shot from Moeen and Malik has struck in his first over! This was tossed up outside off, Moeen went for the big mow over mid-wicket, doesn't get on top of the bounce, ends up getting a healthy top-edge. Younis backpedals from first slip, keeps his eyes on the ball and completes an easy catch. The umpire checks for a possible no-ball, but Malik is fine on that count as well. Once again, Moeen has thrown his wicket away to a rather loose shot. Moeen Ali c Younis Khan b Shoaib Malik 14(28) [4s-2]

79.1 - Riaz to James Taylor, 1 run, length delivery on the stumps, Taylor shuffles across and nudges it past square leg, raises his maiden Test fifty - in his comeback Test after three years

61.4 - Babar to Bell, no run, this one pitched just outside off and spun a long way away from the batsman, who prods forward to defend, the ball went past the outside edge, not sure if he got a faint tickle on it or not. Looked pretty close though and Pakistan lose a review

54.4 - Rahat Ali to James Taylor, no run, there's an appeal for caught behind. Not given on the field. Pakistan review. Looks like the ball hit the back pad on its way to the keeper. Now the third umpire also wants to check for LBW. Hawk-Eye predicts that it was way outside off to be given out. Coming to the delivery, this was on back of a length and angling away, Taylor prodded forward in defence but just managed to keep the bat out of the way but looked very tentative

116.3 - Moeen Ali to Riaz, FOUR, looped up outside off, Riaz gets forward and thumps it in the air over mid-wicket, beats deep mid-wicket with ease. When it is in his zone, he will go for it. Useful runs these

111.3 - Adil Rashid to Riaz, FOUR, full toss from Rashid, Riaz doesn't miss out on the freebie, he reaches out and drives it through the extra cover region for another boundary

111.0 - Samit Patel to Shafiq, FOUR, Samit drags one short and pays the price for it. Shafiq rocks back inside the crease and pulls it through mid-wicket, races away to the fence in no time

105.0 - Samit Patel to Yasir Shah, FOUR, after a fine delivery last ball, he bowls a full toss on the stumps, driven through Samit Patel's hands and that raced away. Struck firmly and maybe Patel should've put in a better effort to stop that

104.3 - Samit Patel to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, magnificent sweep shot. This time all along the ground and with a roll of the wrists as well, takes it from outside off and gets it along the carpet to deep backward square leg. Gave the fielder no chance. Positive attacking batting

104.1 - Samit Patel to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, Sarfraz Ahmed takes the ball on the full and then top-edges the sweep, places it towards fine leg and gets a boundary. The ball rolls into the ropes

101.2 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, that is tripe from Adil Rashid. So short that Sarfraz Ahmed could've hit it anywhere, he chooses deep mid-wicket and murders the pull, two bounces and over the ropes

99.4 - Adil Rashid to Shafiq, FOUR, finally Shafiq nails one. It was short and begging to be hit, Shafiq went back and crunched the cut through cover, mid-off gave chase but in vain. Hit too well

98.1 - Moeen Ali to Shafiq, FOUR, comes down the track and then clears mid-on. Shafiq using his feet to get close to the pitch of the ball, too close in fact and just about eludes Anderson's left hand. High and wide of the quickie, Anderson went there but it was hit well to miss him

96.0 - Adil Rashid to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR, beautiful late cut. Trifle short and spinning away, Sarfraz Ahmed went back, used the depth of his crease and cut it through point. Beats the chasing fielder and into the fence

87.3 - Broad to Shafiq, FOUR, flowing cover drive! Shafiq looked so wonderful when he drove that. The back knee bent and touched the ground, it was a length delivery outside off and Shafiq came forward to drive on the rise. Superbly struck and it raced away. Technically perfect - that stroke

83.4 - Broad to Misbah, FOUR, fine leg glance by Misbah. Broad drifted down leg and Misbah got inside the line to tickle it to the fence. Played it off the bat face and gave the keeper no chance, even though he dived to his left to try and catch that

82.0 - Broad to Hafeez, leg byes, FOUR, vicious short delivery and it has clipped the top of the helmet as Hafeez ducked under that, flies over the keeper. It was just a glancing blow as Hafeez expected it to bounce much higher. It didn't and Pakistan get four more extra runs. Broad checked with Hafeez whether he was fine and the batsman nodded in agreement

74.1 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, tossed up outside off and turning in, Hafeez kneels down and slog-sweeps over square leg, beats the deep fielder easily. Calculated blow but well pulled off

68.2 - Samit Patel to Hafeez, FOUR, Hafeez has seen enough of Samit Patel and decides to take him on. Skips out to the pitch of the ball and lofts the left-arm spinner over mid-on's head. Clean strike

67.0 - Samit Patel to Hafeez, FOUR, bad delivery and it has been cut away between the two slips. Slashed in fact by Hafeez as he deliberately hit that in the air and it flew past Anderson before he could raise his hand. Races away to the fence

62.5 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, well played by Hafeez. The off-cutter from Anderson, bounced off a length outside off, but Hafeez went back, rode the bounce and expertly steered it down, wide of the diving Taylor at backward point. No third man and it raced away. Cook hides his face with his hand in disappointment. The lead is now over 100

61.1 - Broad to Hafeez, FOUR, straight in the gap and Broad is frustrated. No second slip and it has gone to where that man would've been. Anderson is more of a third slip and watches the ball fly past his left-hand. Has a wry smile on his face at the end of it all. Not sure Broad would have one. Reverse-swinging fuller length delivery outside off, Hafeez jammed out on that and got an outside edge. Got lucky as the ball flew in the gap. Four more to him

60.0 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, FOUR, rank bad ball and Rashid knows it. Just takes his cap off the umpire and walks off in disgust. Short and outside off, sat up to be pulled and Misbah hammered that over the leaping mid-wicket fielder

57.1 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, that is a bad ball and Adil Rashid knows it. Short and allowed Hafeez to sit on the back foot to pull, Moeen Ali at deep mid-wicket dived to his left after running but the ball beat him. Not a great effort from him, it must be said. Needed to be put in a much better show

53.3 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, byes, FOUR, hoho! Now a missed stumping chance. Hafeez rushed out to a googly and missed it by a mile, Bairstow too didn't pick the googly and didn't move at all. Missed leg stump by inches and also Bairstow's gloves. That will be a big miss. Lovely bowling by Adil Rashid, saw Hafeez advancing and threw in the shorter googly. Did the batsman in flight and is desperately unlucky that he hasn't got a wicket to show for in this over. Brainfade though from Hafeez

50.2 - Broad to Younis Khan, FOUR, angled into the pads from wide of crease, Younis turns around and gets a tickle on this, the ball races to the fine leg fence

47.3 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, beautifully played! Anderson dished it up on a fuller length outside off, Hafeez reached out to it with a drive, the deep point fielder ran to his right to cut it off but even his dive can't stop the ball

45.5 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, lovely punch off the back fooot by Hafeez, Anderson had bowled it on a back of a length and Hafeez gets the ball to the sweeper cover fence

44.3 - Broad to Hafeez, FOUR, a smidgen fuller outside off, Hafeez hangs his bat at it, gets an outside edge. The fielder at gully puts in the dive, but to no avail. The ball trickles down to the third man fence

41.1 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, Anderson continues to reverse it both ways as this one leaves the right-hander, Hafeez aims to drive, gets a thick outside edge to the third man fence

38.2 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, FOUR, dragged down delivery from Adil Rashid, Hafeez goes back and pulls it in front of square for a boundary

38.0 - Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, suddenly Anderson loses the plot as he flings this one down the leg-side, Hafeez neatly clips it to fine leg for a boundary. Has Hafeez broken the shackles?

33.0 - Samit Patel to Hafeez, FOUR, fifty for Hafeez, he raises his bat towards the dressing room, it's been a superb hand - putting Pakistan firmly in the saddle now. This was dropped short and wide by Samit, Hafeez made room and cracked it square past point, the timing is sublime and the ball races away to the fence in a hurry

28.1 - Samit Patel to Hafeez, FOUR, fabulous shot! It is a packed off-side field and still Hafeez manages to find the gap. He shimmies down the wicket, meets the pitch of the ball and drives it through extra cover for a boundary

14.5 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, FOUR, Hafeez again shows good footwork to go right back in the crease and back cut it to the third man fence. Lovely use of the crease there

113.0 - Samit Patel to Shafiq, SIX, that's a good strike from Shafiq. He comes charging down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it through the line. The ball hits the ad cushions on the full, the onfield umpire consults the TV umpire before signalling a six

71.3 - Adil Rashid to Misbah, SIX, that's Misbah for you. He will block you to death and then unleash one of his big hits when you least expect him to play. Sees the flight outside off and then takes Adil Rashid on, may have been the googly as well, Misbah unleashes a massive hit into the stands at long-on. Big wind-up and a clean connection. Punches gloves with Hafeez after the stroke

37.5 - Anderson to Hafeez, SIX, where did that shot come from? Hafeez decides enough of defending and swings this off-cutter across the line and deposits it over the deep mid-wicket fence. They have lost the ball? In fact, the ball is lying on top of the scoreboard. Finally it is found! The ball has taken a pounding there

18.2 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, SIX, for the second time in the day, Hafeez shows his skills against the spinners. The fleet-footed batsman uses his feet, gets close to the pitch of the ball and lifts it down the ground for a sparkling six

10.0 - Samit Patel to Hafeez, SIX, Pakistan's batsmen continue to take the aggressive route against the spinners. Here, Hafeez uses his feet, gets close to the pitch of the ball and lofts it down the ground over long-off. It sails into the stands

118.2 - Moeen Ali to Riaz, out Riaz Run Out!! 1 run completed. Riaz has been run out. There was no second at all there, still Riaz went for it and was caught well short. Paddled the pull around the corner and turned blind for the second, Bell gave chase, slid and threw the ball back to Bairstow who did the rest. A good throw too for it was right over the bails. Riaz should've put in a full length dive to have had any chance of making it, but didn't. The third umpire confirmed the out call. Riaz run out (Bell/Bairstow) 21(27) [4s-2]

117.3 - Broad to Shafiq, out Bowled!! "Oohh, what an angle" screams Ramiz Rambo Raja on air after seeing the replay of that wicket. He goes ballistic on air. This was a special delivery no doubt. Pitched outside off and nipped back in sharply, cut Shafiq in half, went through the bat and pad gap and hit top of middle. Superb stuff from Broad to get rid of such a settled and technically composed batsman like Shafiq. Shafiq looked at the spot where the ball landed and then went off. The feet were stuck and didn't move. A pleasing sight for a fast bowler and Broad punches the air with his fist vigorously in celebration. Shafiq b Broad 46(109) [4s-4 6s-1]

109.2 - Adil Rashid to Yasir Shah, out Caught by Broad!! Tame dismissal. Extra bounce outside off, Yasir Shah wanted to slash that over point, is done in by the extra bounce and finds Broad at point. Couldn't control the shot at all. Adil Rashid offers a weak smile after grabbing his first wicket. And with that wicket the players take tea as well. Yasir Shah c Broad b Adil Rashid 4(16) [4s-1]

104.5 - Samit Patel to Sarfraz Ahmed, out Bowled!! Knocked him over. Peach of a delivery from Samit Patel and he bowls Sarfraz Ahmed out. Pitches around middle and then spins past the bat to hit off. Sarfraz should've covered the line properly there, didn't, opened his stance out and played it gingerly from the crease, left a way for the ball to go through. Samit Patel too did well to loop that up and extract turn out of the surface. If Sarfraz was decisive with his footwork, he could've negotiated that ball. Samit Patel celebrates with passion. Sarfraz Ahmed b Samit Patel 36(36) [4s-4]

88.5 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, out Caught by Bell!! Hafeez has given it away. Another massive wicket for England. Moeen Ali does the double fist pump. Beat Hafeez in flight as the batsman came down the track, skewed straight off the inside half of the bat and Bell moved to his left at long-on to take a simple catch. Hafeez out of nowhere decided to take Moeen Ali on and has perished. Once he didn't get to the pitch, he should've maybe milked a single as there was a deep fielder lurking for the miscued hit. Hafeez c Bell b Moeen Ali 151(266) [4s-15 6s-3]

85.1 - Broad to Misbah, out Lbw!! Priceless reactions from Misbah. He keeps shaking his head and has a wry smile as he walks off, without even contemplating a review. I guess his reactions stem from the fact that he has played all around a straight ball and missed. It kept low for sure after angling in, but Misbah after shuffling across missed the clip and was pinned on his crease right in front. Easy call for umpire Oxenford. Even Hafeez didn't have a word with his departing skipper. Broad strikes with the new ball and it is a big wicket. Also one that England needed badly. Was he expecting the short ball? The field was set for the short ball and Misbah fell into the trap. Misbah lbw b Broad 38(86) [4s-2 6s-1]

55.0 - Anderson to Rahat Ali, out Bowled!! Can't keep that one out though. Appreciable reverse for Anderson and he castles Rahat Ali. The ball pitched outside off and darted in wickedly to hit the top of off. Rahat Ali's bat came down at an angle and the ball went under the bottom edge to clip the top of off. Rahat Ali's feet were nowhere and was stuck in lead. Just the bat moved and at an angle as well. Anderson strikes in his opening over. The nighwatchman who can be a nuisance has been removed. Rahat Ali b Anderson 0(12)

50.4 - Broad to Younis Khan, out Lbw!! Lovely bowling from the English seamers and Broad has the big fish. This swirled back in considerably, Younis shouldered his arms and was rapped on the pads, instant appeal, the umpire took some time and gave it out. Reviewed but the decision stayed. Younis Khan lbw b Broad 14(39) [4s-1]

39.1 - Anderson to Shoaib Malik, out Lbw!! Anderson now prises out Malik. The tourists are cock-a-hoop. Anderson was generating reverse swing and that helped his cause. This one tailed back in sharply, Malik just didn't pick it as he was looking to leave. In the end, he just thrusted his pad and was rapped on the pads. There was no question about it taking the middle-stump. Maybe the ball sailing into the stands has helped out England? It has started to swing big here. Shoaib Malik lbw b Anderson 0(1)

38.1 - Adil Rashid to Azhar Ali, out Azhar Ali Run Out!! Holy! Moly! A terrible mix-up has cost Azhar his wicket. Jubilation in the English camp as this scalp came out of nowhere. Ali stepped out and drove towards Root at mid-off. Both batsmen were not sure of whether to go for the single. In the end, Hafeez runs to the striker's end. Root fired in the throw, but it missed the stumps at the bowler's end. Bell then at mid-wicket threw it back towards the bowler, who took the bails off with Azhar finding himself short of the crease. Azhar won't be pleased with his partner there for sure. Azhar Ali run out (Root/Bell/Adil Rashid) 34(115)

106.5 - Samit Patel to Shafiq, no run, what a clanger by Anderson at mid-on! A sitter and he has grassed it. Shafiq comes down the track and then looks to go over Anderson, hits it almost straight to Anderson who for some strange reason moved to his left initially, overreached in fact and went reverse-cup with two hands to his right on seeing the ball late. The ball hits the hands and pops up, Anderson went for the rebound with one hand but didn't lay a finger on it. A dolly and really surprising to see one of England's best fielders put down such a simple chance

61.5 - Broad to Hafeez, no run, dropped by Broad on his followthrough. He slaps the turf in anger after dropping that. Was a tough chance low to his left, after Hafeez had leading-edged the flick, Broad got there but couldn't hold on. Went with one hand but it didn't stick. Another life for Hafeez who continues his merry ways

10.2 - Moeen Ali to Hafeez, no run, well, there was an outside edge there, but it was a tough chance for Bairstow. It hit Bairstow's right thigh. It was a straighter one from Moeen Ali, Hafeez played from the crease, got opened up and it took the outside edge. Bairstow was wrong-footed and hence couldn't get his gloves behind the ball

117.2 - Broad to Riaz, 1 run, direct hit from Samit Patel at cover and Riaz was gone. Driven to the fielder's right, a single-handed pickup and throw, just that Patel was off target. Riaz was stretching to make it and wouldn't have, he was struggling to make it

114.0 - Adil Rashid to Riaz, no run, the googly from Rashid, Riaz doesn't pick it yet again as he comes forward to defend, misses it completely and wears it on the pad. It would have gone on to hit the stumps, but the impact was umpire's call. So, Riaz stays

86.4 - Anderson to Hafeez, 2 runs, 150 for Hafeez! Again he raises the bat to applause. Sarfraz and Waqar Younis clap from the dressing room. On a back of a length and outside off, Hafeez stays back and punches through cover for a couple of runs. This has been a priceless knock from the Professor!

56.0 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, 1 run, 100 for Hafeez. Finally he gets there after nearly getting out twice today. Down leg, easy delivery and he sweeps to fine leg and is happy with just a single. Goes down on his knees and does the Sajda. 9th Test hundred for Hafeez and a very important one at that. Especially if this knock helps his team win the series

53.1 - Adil Rashid to Hafeez, no run, pitched just outside leg and rapped Hafeez on the pad. Hafeez was late on the forward defence, came lazily forward to defend and the ball drifted in and then went past the bat to strike him low on the pad. Everything went right for Adil Rashid, but that has pitched a fraction outside leg. England went for the review but after numerous replays, Hawk-Eye confirmed where the ball pitched. Beautiful bowling by Adil Rashid too, drift and then beating the inside edge of Hafeez

60.1 - Yasir Shah to Stokes, FOUR, Stokes has had enough of prodding and defending, kneels and slog sweeps the flighted delivery to deep square leg, there were two men in the deep, but he split them to perfection

58.1 - Yasir Shah to Cook, FOUR, interesting! Cook has been playing the conventional sweep, this time plays the reverse sweep, he connects well and sends it behind square on the off-side, the ball runs away to the fence in a jiffy

54.0 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, Cook has been very uncertain in this over. It was short of length in the channel around off, Cook was in a dilemma whether to play or leave, in the end he runs it off the face of the bat past the diving second slip fielder

53.1 - Riaz to Broad, FOUR, edged and four! Where is the second slip? It could have gone straight to him. Banged in halfway down, Broad tries to ride the bounce and fend, the ball takes the outside edge and runs away to the third man fence

51.4 - Rahat Ali to Broad, FOUR, Broad is not going down defending. Fuller and outside off, Broad comes half forward and drives on the up to the right of backward point, the fielder dives but the ball escapes

48.2 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, byes, FOUR, that is a harsh one for Sarfraz. Malik fires it well down leg, Cook can't reach it with the sweep, Sarfraz tries his best to move to his right and glove it, but can't

36.5 - Babar to Adil Rashid, FOUR, fabulous shot! Rashid shimmies down the track after giving himself some room, gets underneat the ball and tonks it over mid-off, that was hit hard and flat, it travelled quickly to the fence

34.3 - Babar to Cook, FOUR, lovely footwork from Cook. He dances down the wicket, gets to the pitch of the flighted delivery, presents the full face of the bat and lofts it over mid-on for a one bounce four

2.1 - Rahat Ali to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Moeen Ali is willing to take on the short balls and gets four through mid-wicket. It wasn't that short to trouble Moeen Ali who rocked back and pulled it with authority

2.0 - Riaz to Cook, FOUR, good length outside off, Cook pushes out with hard hands away from his body, the thick outside edge runs along the ground, wide of gully and races away into the fence. Cook is off the mark in a streaky way

0.4 - Rahat Ali to Moeen Ali, FOUR, width on offer and Moeen Ali punches uppishly to the right of point. It was at a catchable height but nowhere near Yasir Shah. Raced away

60.3 - Yasir Shah to Stokes, out Stumped!! All over! Pakistan win the game by 127 runs. They take the series 2-0. With this win, Pakistan jump to No. 2 in the Test rankings. Yasir finishes as the leading wicket-taker - 14 in two Tests that he played. But it was a brave effort from Stokes to come out and bat. He jumps out of the crease, is beaten by the turn, Sarfraz takes it down leg and whips the bails off. Stokes st Sarfraz Ahmed b Yasir Shah 12(12) [4s-1]

59.5 - Shoaib Malik to Cook, out Stumped!! That is the final nail in the coffin. Cook's resistance has been broken. He is not a natural when it comes to using his feet, he stepped out early and Malik saw that, pushes it through and gets it to straighten, Cook can't get anything behind that and Sarfraz takes the bails off in a flash. Third wicket for Malik in this innings and seventh in the match. Not a bad way to finish a Test career. Cook st Sarfraz Ahmed b Shoaib Malik 63(164) [4s-4]

56.5 - Yasir Shah to Broad, out Caught by Shoaib Malik!! Pakistan inch closer. It was a nothing shot from Broad and also one too many sweeps from him. It was much, much slower from Yasir, Broad was into position very early, he had to wait to play the sweep, only manages to offer a simple catch to Malik at square leg. Broad c Shoaib Malik b Yasir Shah 20(23) [4s-2]

50.0 - Rahat Ali to Adil Rashid, out Bowled!! Knocked 'im over. It was an excellent delivery that ends Rashid's vigil. Just the opening Pakistan might have wanted to wrap up the game. It was on a length and tailed back in sharply, Rashid went for the ambitious drive and left a gap for the ball to sneak through. The ball goes between bat and pad to hit the off-stump. Adil Rashid b Rahat Ali 22(72) [4s-1]

28.4 - Babar to Samit Patel, out Lbw!! Golden duck for Samit. It was a 50-50 call from umpire Chris Gaffaney. However, England have lost both their reviews. Samit can't believe that he has been given out. The arm-ball first up from Babar, Samit stayed back to defend, missed and is struck in front of leg-stump. The ball would have gone on with the round the wicket angle and missed the leg-stump. But umpire Gaffaney certainly didn't think so. Hawk-Eye shows that it would have clipped leg. Samit Patel lbw b Babar 0(1)

28.0 - Yasir Shah to Bairstow, out Lbw!! Pakistan are all over the England batsmen. Bairstow goes without troubling the scorers. No idea as to why Bairstow challenged that decision. That is as plumb as you would get. Floated up on middle, Bairstow kneels down to play the sweep, he missed it completely and is struck on the back thigh. The impact was in front of middle. Hawk-Eye shows it would have hit off and middle. Poor use of technology from Bairstow. Bairstow lbw b Yasir Shah 0(4)

26.5 - Babar to James Taylor, out Caught by Younis Khan!! Rameez Raja says, "Pakistan in business." But I would say, the Pakistani spinners in business. The start keeps getting better. Babar deserved this wicket as he has kept pegging away from yesterday evening. Slower through the air and bit more bounce, Taylor was coming forward to defend, doesn't account for the bounce, the ball takes the shoulder of the bat and lobs to Younis at slip, sharp reflexes by the veteran to move quickly to his left and pouch it. This is also Babar's 50th Test wicket. James Taylor c Younis Khan b Babar 2(9)

23.4 - Yasir Shah to Root, out Lbw!! That is unlucky. Root has a chat with his skipper about the review, Cook says that it looked out and Root makes the long walk back to the pavilion. This one stayed low and scooted through, Root was back in the crease to defend, is beaten by the lack of bounce and is struck low on the pad. The ball would have crashed into leg-stump. Perfect start for Pakistan. And it might also be the first signs of a varying pitch. Root may have misread the length as well, should have been forward. Root lbw b Yasir Shah 6(29)

14.0 - Shoaib Malik to Bell, out Bowled!! Brilliant from Shoaib Malik. He is pumped. What a way to end your Test career. This goes on with the angle, pitches middle and rips away, beats Bell's back foot defence and crashes into off. It was nicely tossed up as well, which meant that Bell didn't pick whether to come forward or go back, stayed back and heard the death rattle. Was completely bamboozled by that piece of bowling from Shoaib Malik. Bell b Shoaib Malik 0(6)

12.0 - Shoaib Malik to Moeen Ali, out Lbw!! The skidder from Shoaib Malik does the trick. He carefully plotted this dismissal. Kept tossing it up and then pushed this through, Moeen Ali should've been forward, didn't, went back and missed it. Struck below the kneeroll and in line with leg stump. The ball straightened a tad too and would've hit leg stump. Hawk-Eye confirms the same. England lose a review as well. Moeen Ali lbw b Shoaib Malik 22(43) [4s-2]

51.3 - Rahat Ali to Cook, 1 run, 46th Test fifty for Cook. He is fighting a lone battle. And it has been a top knock from the England skipper. This one curls back in from a length, Cook prods forward to defend, the ball takes the inside edge and rolls to backward square leg

18.3 - Babar to Root, no run, that was a good delivery, angled in and struck Root on the pad after the batsman missed the forward defence, struck in-line but just clipping leg. Babar after all that theatrical appealing felt shocked that it wasn't given out. Sarfraz was the one who convinced Misbah to go for it. There was no inside edge onto the pad. If there was one, would've been out caught at slip. Hawk-Eye shows it to be umpire's call on impact. What a good decision that is from Gaffaney. I for sure felt it was crashing into the stumps. Pakistan don't have any reviews left

12.2 - Babar to Cook, no run, Cook wants to get rid of the close-in fielders, takes on Babar and misses the sweep. Impact in-line but just clipping off. The umpire's call was not out so Cook got away there, Pakistan now lose a review. Wahab Riaz and Misbah have a word with Gaffaney. Riaz shows the ball to the umpire and jokes what the fuss is all about, perhaps referring to the clipping part. Gets no response from Gaffaney