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Sri Lanka tour of India 2016

Scorecard - 1st T20I, India vs Sri Lanka at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune, India (09 Feb 2016)


101/10 (18.5) RR:5.36

Sri Lanka won by 5 wkts

MOM: Kasun Rajitha
Sri Lanka

105/5 (18) RR:5.83

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17.5 - S Prasanna to Ashwin, FOUR, now the cut is in the gap between backward point and short third man and the ball runs away for four. India are just a hit away from 100 now

17.0 - Kasun Rajitha to Ashwin, FOUR, good effort from Thisara Perera but it escapes for four. Short delivery outside off stump, Ashwin ramps it past the keeper, Perera runs to his left from third man and stretches his left hand to try and grab it, but the ball was far away from his reach and runs away to the fence

13.5 - Senanayake to Ashwin, FOUR, once again the seam-up delivery and it swings away from Ashwin, who was on the back foot to cut, got a thick edge that flew to the right of the man at short third man

12.1 - Dasun Shanaka to Ashwin, FOUR, freebie down the leg side, the bowler has his hands on his head. He knows that he's bowled a bad ball. Ashwin glances it fine and beats the man at fine leg as well. Much needed boundary for India

11.2 - Chameera to Ashwin, FOUR, oh Chameera tries the yorker and Ashwin has managed to time that well enough to race away through mid-wicket for four. A low full toss and that made Ashwin's life slightly easy

4.2 - Kasun Rajitha to Raina, FOUR, in the air and just over the man at short fine leg. Chandimal runs towards the bowler and pats him on the back to encourage him. Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, Raina flicks it late and behind square on the on-side for a four. Not convincing though

0.5 - Kasun Rajitha to Rahane, FOUR, nicely played and the man at third man had no chance. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, Rahane opens the face of the bat at the last moment and guides it fine for four

5.2 - Senanayake to Yuvraj, SIX, "ho ho ho," is the shout from my colleague! Fabulous strike from Yuvraj. He steps out second ball and hits one straight back over the bowler's head for a maximum. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Yuvraj steps out, gets to the pitch of the ball and plays the lofted drive to perfection. What a way to get off the mark

4.3 - Kasun Rajitha to Raina, SIX, now this is exactly what Raina wanted. A length ball right in the slot and it's been muscled high over the mid-wicket boundary. The ball made a sweet sound as it made contact with the bat

3.1 - T Perera to Dhawan, SIX, now that is right from the middle of the bat from Shikhar Dhawan. That gets the crowd going! Will this change things around for India, who are struggling to time the ball at the moment? Full and in the slot, Dhawan slogs and connects well to clear the deep mid-wicket boundary

18.5 - Chameera to Ashwin, out Bumrah Run Out!! 1 run completed. Actually Ashwin tried a fancy hit as he moved across the stumps and tried to scoop, mistimed it high in the air, the fielder at fine leg rushed forward but couldn't get there in time. The man at deep backward square leg had the presence of mind to attack the ball as well. Meanwhile, there is a confusion between the batsmen as Bumrah was halfway down the pitch for the second run. Ashwin was unmoved and Bumrah slipped while trying to go back. Chandimal collected the throw and effected an easy run-out. Bumrah run out (Kasun Rajitha/Chandimal) 0(0)

18.4 - Chameera to Nehra, out Caught by Siriwardana!! Fullish delivery outside off stump, Nehra slogs across the line and gets a thick edge that flies high up in the air, the ball only goes near the short man region, the fielder runs back and takes a good catch before tumbling onto the ground. Nehra c Siriwardana b Chameera 6(19)

13.1 - Senanayake to Ravindra Jadeja, out Lbw!! Big appeal for LBW, looked very good for me and it was good enough for umpire Nandan as well. This was the slider from round the wicket, Jadeja was on the front foot trying to work it into the on-side, missed the ball completely and it hit him right in front of middle of stump. Ravindra Jadeja lbw b Senanayake 6(9)

11.0 - Dasun Shanaka to Pandya, out Lbw!! This was coming! Can't put your front foot across the line and then try to play the on-drive. He got away with one earlier in the over, but this time he's been struck right in front. The bowler knew while appealing that he had his man. Third wicket for Dasun Shanaka. Good length delivery on the stumps, the ball probably nipped back into the right-hander, impact was on middle and it probably would have hit leg stump. Pandya lbw b Dasun Shanaka 2(6)

9.4 - Chameera to Yuvraj, out Caught&Bowled!! This man bounced New Zealand out in a Test match with his sharp bouncers and he's bounced Yuvraj Singh out now. 149kph on this short delivery, Yuvraj went for the pull, the ball hit him high on the bat and went straight up in the air, the bowler called for it and took a simple catch. Boy, isn't he delighted to get his name into the wickets column! Yuvraj c and b Chameera 10(14) [6s-1]

8.4 - Dasun Shanaka to Dhoni, out Caught by Dickwella!! Appeal for caught behind and Dhoni walks. Wow! Double-blow from Dasun Shanaka and India have lost half their side inside 9 overs for just 51 runs on the board. Mind you, this is a side that beat Australia 3-0 just recently. What bowling from the Sri Lankans. Good short delivery from Shanaka, he's not express pace, just about 130kph, but this was a very sharp bouncer, Dhoni tried to pull and got a thin top edge. The keeper made no mistake and threw the ball high up in the air after completing the catch. Dhoni c Dickwella b Dasun Shanaka 2(2)

8.2 - Dasun Shanaka to Raina, out Bowled!! Ah! The leg stump goes cartwheeling! What a sight for a fast bowler. Good length delivery swinging back in slightly, Raina tries to drive without moving his feet, the ball sneaks through the gate and shatters the sticks. This is sensational stuff from Chandimal and Co. after opting to field on a green pitch. Raina b Dasun Shanaka 20(20) [4s-1 6s-1]

5.0 - Kasun Rajitha to Dhawan, out Caught by Gunathilaka!! This is a chance for third man again and he makes no mistake. Gunathilaka dropped Raina earlier, but he's taken a very good catch now. Kasun Rajitha pumps his fist and roars in delight. A well-deserved third wicket for him. He's bowled extremely well tonight. Length delivery in the slot, Dhawan slogs and gets a thick edge that goes high in the air, third man moves to his right and takes a tumbling catch. He did well to hold on. Dhawan c Gunathilaka b Kasun Rajitha 9(13) [6s-1]

1.0 - Kasun Rajitha to Rahane, out Caught by Chandimal!! Wow! At the toss, Chandimal spoke about getting a couple of early wickets and the debutant has got two in his opening over. Dream start for Sri Lanka after opting to bowl first. Good delivery on the stumps, probably just moved away from the right-hander, Rahane was trying to work it on the on-side, got a leading edge, the stand-in skipper ran forward from cover, timed his dive very well and took it very low. Rahane c Chandimal b Kasun Rajitha 4(4) [4s-1]

0.2 - Kasun Rajitha to Rohit, out Caught by Chameera!! In the airrrr, he's not controlled this and the debutant picks up a wicket second ball. What a start to his international career. He must thank Chameera, who's taken a brilliant catch. Rohit can't believe his eyes! He just seemed to check that shot and it carried all the way to the edge of the circle. Good length delivery just outside off stump, Rohit thought about the drive on the rise, the feet didn't move forward, just the body leant towards the ball, hence no control of the shot. The man at mid-off flew to his right and grabbed it with both hands. Kasun Rajitha is absolutely elated as he has his hands aloft in joy. Rohit c Chameera b Kasun Rajitha 0(2)

8.1 - Dasun Shanaka to Raina, 2 runs, it could have been a wicket first ball for Dasun Shanaka, but the fielder at deep mid-wicket drops the catch. Good length delivery on the leg stump, Raina picks it up nicely and hits very well, hits flat, the fielder there moved to his right and tried to grab it with both hands but spilled it

18.0 - Bumrah to Siriwardana, FOUR, Sri Lanka win by 5 wickets! They take a 1-0 lead in the series. Too easy for them today. Coming to the ball, this was just slightly short and on the stumps, Siriwardana goes on the back foot and slogs it over mid-wicket, crashes into the fence in a hurry

13.3 - Ashwin to Siriwardana, FOUR, Dhoni isn't happy with Ashwin this time. A long hop from Ash, Siriwardana rocks back and pulls it through mid-wicket, no one in the deep and it races away to the fence

10.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Kapugedera, FOUR, the runs have started to flow and the shoulders have started to drop, fraction short and outside off, Kapugedera gets on top of the bounce and cuts it square of the wicket, sweeper had no chance

10.0 - Pandya to Kapugedera, FOUR, consecutive fours and Sri Lanka look in command. Quick short delivery, well-directed too, Kapugedera goes for the pull, the top-edge flies over Dhoni's head. The captain applauds

9.5 - Pandya to Kapugedera, FOUR, hammered! Almost took out Chandimal at the non-striker's end. Shimmies down, gets to the pitch of the length delivery, smashes it in the air back down the wicket, no one was going to stop that

7.4 - Pandya to Kapugedera, FOUR, that gets the crowd silent. Yuvi had few yards to cover at sweeper cover and he couldn't get there. On a length and outside off, Kapugedera's eyes lit up seeing the width, cracks it on the up and in the air square on the off-side, rocketed to the fence

1.0 - Nehra to Chandimal, FOUR, dropped! India's best catcher has put one down. And that too it is off Chandimal. Short and width offered outside off, Chandimal throws the kitchen sink at it, the outside edge was flying towards first slip, Rahane leaps up and only gets fingertips, the ball races away to the fence. Would have been a stunner from Jinks. You expect him to take those

0.2 - Nehra to Dickwella, FOUR, Dickwella is not going to hang back. Shimmies down the wicket, gets too close to the ball and ends up slicing it off the outer half of the bat over extra cover, got enough wood has the ball scooted away to the fence

17.5 - Bumrah to Siriwardana, SIX, smashed! Siriwardana knew that Bumrah is going to bowl this short, stays deep in the crease and pulls it hard, sends it soaring over the deep backward square leg fence for a maximum

14.4 - Raina to Chandimal, SIX, the game has gotten away from India's grasp. Comes down the track to get to the pitch of the ball, goes for the big loft over the bowler's head and even though he didn't quite get it off the middle, it had enough on it to clear the man at long-off, who was standing right in front of the rope. Sailed well past him

11.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to Chandimal, SIX, fabulous shot! The perfect execution of the slog sweep. Tossed up on off, Chandimal kneels down to get underneath the ball, swings across the line and sends it sailing over the deep mid-wicket fence

2.4 - Nehra to Gunathilaka, SIX, Ashwin thought he was in with a chance, but the ball sailed over him. Short delivery which kept rising, Gunathilaka fetched the hook from outside off, hence couldn't control it and it skied towards long leg. Ashwin ran the circumference but the ball just about managed to clear the rope

16.4 - Ashwin to Dasun Shanaka, out Caught by Raina!! India might lose this game, but Raina has pulled off a great catch. This was bowled flatter on the stumps, Shanaka kneels down to sweep, doesn't bother to keep it down and Raina at square leg had to really stretch to his right to snaffle that. Even though the ball was travelling quickly, he took the catch and held onto the ball despite taking a tumble. Dasun Shanaka c Raina b Ashwin 3(8)

14.5 - Raina to Chandimal, out Lbw!! That brief interruption has put off Chandimal's concentration. The Sri Lankan skipper departs first ball after that injury break. Slightly quicker and turning in on middle and leg, Chandimal fails to work it into the on-side and wears it on the pad, the umpire took his time but raised his finger, much to the delight of Raina, who punches the air in delight. Is it a little too late though? I certainly think so. Chandimal lbw b Raina 35(35) [4s-1 6s-2]

11.3 - Ashwin to Kapugedera, out Lbw!! Ashwin strikes in his first over. But has Dhoni brought him a bit too late? I reckon he should have come on earlier. Umpire Kulkarni thought and thought before raising his finger. The offie which turns back in, Kapugedera misses the nudge, is struck in front of middle. The ball might have hit leg-stump. Kapugedera lbw b Ashwin 25(26) [4s-4]

4.3 - Nehra to Gunathilaka, out Caught by Dhawan!! Another batsman goes trying to pull. Gunathilaka never looked at ease. He was trying to break the shackles for a while now. Finally succumbs to a short of length delivery, he is cramped for room and couldn't free his arms as he would have liked, short-arm pulled it towards mid-on. Dhawan collects it over his head. India staying alive in the game. Gunathilaka c Dhawan b Nehra 9(18) [6s-1]

0.3 - Nehra to Dickwella, out Caught by Dhawan!! There's the early wicket. It was more of the batsman gifting his wicket away than Nehra taking it. Banged in halfway down, Dickwella was hurried on the pull, splices it wide of mid-on. Dhawan moves across to his left and pouches it comfortably. Dickwella is disappointed with himself. The crowds come alive. Dickwella c Dhawan b Nehra 4(3) [4s-1]

11.2 - Ashwin to Kapugedera, 2 runs, just short of Dhawan. Kapugedera goes for the slog sweep, does not go down on his knee completely and hence mistimes it towards deep mid-wicket, Dhawan runs forward and it landed before him

9.2 - Pandya to Chandimal, 1 run, no signal from the umpire. So, was that a drop? Did it carry to Dhoni? Nipped back in from a length, Chandimal pushes at it, the ball takes the inside edge, deflects off the back thigh to Dhoni. Need a replay to confirm whether it carried