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Pakistan tour of New Zealand 2016

Scorecard - 3rd T20I, New Zealand vs Pakistan at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand (22 Jan 2016)

New Zealand

196/5 (20) RR:9.8

New Zealand won by 95 runs

MOM: Corey Anderson

101/10 (16.1) RR:6.25

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19.0 - Riaz to Corey Anderson, FOUR, oh my! Have to feel for Riaz here. He's been done in again by the outside edge. This time though, it wasn't a very good delivery either. Right in the slot on middle, Anderson made room looking to loft it inside out. Gets another thick outside edge to beat the infield

18.5 - Riaz to Corey Anderson, FOUR, now that's back-breaking. You bowl it nice and full, maybe around 4-5 inches short of an ideal yorker. And then to see the outside edge fly over short third man. But, as far as Anderson is concerned - anything goes

17.1 - Imad Wasim to Elliott, FOUR, full toss on the stumps, horror ball, Elliott swivels across and helps the pull behind square

16.2 - Riaz to Corey Anderson, FOUR, lashed over extra-cover. Full and wide, Anderson throws his hands at it, slashes it off the bottom of the bat and gets it wide of the man in the deep

15.4 - Amir to Corey Anderson, FOUR, backs away and carves it over short third man. Not quite where he intended but runs are runs. Also brings up his half-century in just 27 balls. Amir bowled it full on the stumps seeing the batsman move away, Anderson might have intended to go over extra-cover but the edge flew away

12.0 - Shoaib Malik to Ross Taylor, FOUR, this has been a really ordinary over. Another long-hop with width on offer. Taylor camps back and back-cuts it behind square. No chance for sweeper cover

10.4 - Riaz to Corey Anderson, FOUR, heaved away! Length ball angled in on off, Anderson bends his back knee and slaughters it over wide long-on. Didn't seem like he had got all of it. Hence, it went on the bounce

10.1 - Riaz to Corey Anderson, FOUR, glanced fine and glanced for four. Very loose, drifting down leg with a full ball, Anderson simply rolls his wrists and tickles it away

8.5 - Anwar Ali to Williamson, FOUR, lovely shot, slower delivery outside off, Williamson spotted it early, goes through with the lofted drive, almost went all the way, bounces just in front of the ropes

8.3 - Anwar Ali to Williamson, FOUR, that's a poor ball from Anwar, releases all the pressure on Williamson, full-toss on his pads, whipped away in front of square on the on-side for a boundary

4.1 - Riaz to Guptill, FOUR, easy pickings for Guptill, short and on Guptill's pads, he gets inside the line and flicks it behind square on the on-side for a boundary

4.0 - Amir to Williamson, FOUR, lovely shot, tad overpitched and on the stumps, Williamson leans forward, closes the face of the bat on impact and drives it wide of mid-on, beats the diving fielder and races away to the ropes

3.0 - Imad Wasim to Guptill, FOUR, short and wide from Wasim, Guptill slashes it in the air, bisects the gap between short third man and backward point, no need to run for those

2.5 - Imad Wasim to Guptill, FOUR, that's shoddy from Akmal at wide long-on, this was flighted and on middle, Guptill gets a good stride forward and thumps it wide of long-on. Akmal got across, but didn't read the spin well, ends up on the wrong side of the equation, allows the ball to burst past him and into the ropes

2.0 - Amir to Guptill, FOUR, cracking shot, hint of width from Amir, Guptill backs away and swats it wide of cover, no need to run for those, ruins Amir's first over

0.5 - Anwar Ali to Guptill, FOUR, positive batting from Guptill, gets forward to a good length delivery and lifts it over mid-oiff, rolls away to the fence for a boundary

0.1 - Anwar Ali to Guptill, FOUR, that's a nice way to get going,. Anwar starts off with a nice juicy half-volley outside off, Guptill leans forward and caresses it through cover for a boundary

17.3 - Imad Wasim to Elliott, SIX, oh beauty! Slightly slower through the air and drifting in on off, Elliott makes room and hoists it inside out over extra-cover

17.0 - Riaz to Corey Anderson, SIX, now he's connected. And when he does, the result is usually a given. Riaz missed his yorker this time, ended up being right in the slot for Anderson to tee off. Which he did. Loaded up like a golfer and clubbed it straight back

15.3 - Amir to Corey Anderson, SIX, whack! I don't think he got that anywhere near the middle but its enough. Full on middle and leg, Anderson clouts it over deep mid-wicket

13.1 - Afridi to Corey Anderson, SIX, wingardium leviosa! That's been slaughtered. Afridi dared to flight the ball, and has been deposited 10-15 rows back. Just a brutish swing of the arms to smite it over wide long-on

11.5 - Shoaib Malik to Corey Anderson, SIX, now this allows Anderson to break free. Dragged down short around off, he rocks back and belts the pull wide of deep mid-wicket

9.5 - Afridi to Williamson, SIX, cracking shot, this was tossed up on middle, Williamson lunges forward, gets underneath the delivery and heaves it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum

2.4 - Imad Wasim to Guptill, SIX, massive, this was given more air and on middle, Guptill made room outside leg, goes down on his knees and swings it high and over wide mid-wicket for a maximum

1.0 - Anwar Ali to Guptill, SIX, expensive first over from Anwar, slower delivery outside off, Guptill gets a good stride forward, bends down on his knees and swipes it over mid-wicket for a maximum

18.1 - Riaz to Ronchi, out Caught by U Akmal!! Ronchi perishes for the cause. Couldn't quite get hold of this delivery as he swung hard. Yes, it was full in the slot but the fact that he hasn't got his eye in well enough meant that the connection wasn't as desired. Holes out at long-on. Ronchi c U Akmal b Riaz 1(2)

17.5 - Imad Wasim to Corey Anderson, out Elliott Run Out!! 2 runs completed. That's brilliant work from Anwar Ali at extra-cover. Total commitment. Initially, Anderson's sliced cut shot cleared his leap at extra-cover. But he didn't give up. Hounded the ball down, stopped it with a slide a yard or so inside the ropes, got back up and fired in a brilliant throw at the striker's end to catch Elliott inches short. Elliott run out (Anwar Ali/Sarfraz) 19(14) [4s-1 6s-1]

11.0 - Riaz to Williamson, out Caught by Shoaib Malik!! Not really his game, is it? Shuffles across shaping to slog one into the car-park. Riaz cleverly bowled it wider which meant that Williamson had to reach out to fetch it. Could only manage to lob it off the toe-end straight to long-on. Williamson c Shoaib Malik b Riaz 33(34) [4s-3 6s-1]

6.5 - Anwar Ali to Williamson, out Munro Run Out!! That's a stunning piece of fielding from Rizwan at mid-wicket, Munro wasn't even in the frame when the zing bails flashed. Full toss from Ali, clipped straight to mid-wicket, Munro was backing up a long way, Rizwan seizes upon the opportunity, he had just one stump to aim and he nails it to perfection. Munro didn't even wait for the third umpire verdict. Munro run out (Rizwan) 4(3)

6.0 - Afridi to Guptill, out Caught by U Akmal!! Guptill's cameo is over! This was flighted outside off, Guptill went down on his knees, went for the big slog-sweep, doesn't get hold of the shot, gets it high and towards mid-wicket. Akmal back-peddaled, kept his eyes on the ball, went reverse cusp and held on, even as he fell on his back. Relief for Afridi and Pakistan. Guptill c U Akmal b Afridi 42(19) [4s-6 6s-2]

14.2 - Milne to Anwar Ali, FOUR, well done. A rubbish ball really from Milne. Short and wide. Anwar reaches out and upper-cuts it over backward point

12.5 - Munro to Sarfraz, FOUR, now a full toss. Width on offer as well. Sarfraz smears it through the point region. Caned to the ropes

12.4 - Munro to Sarfraz, FOUR, short ball outside off, it was actually very wide. Sarfraz stretches to meet the ball and dabs it behind square on the off-side. No chasing that

9.2 - McClenaghan to Sarfraz, FOUR, nicely played by Sarfraz, short and coming back with the angle, he archges back and plays the upper cut, beats third man to the fence

6.1 - Mitchell Santner to Sarfraz, FOUR, flatter and just outside off, Sarfraz rocks back and pulls it wide of mid-wicket, bisects the two men in the deep, despite a valiant dive

4.1 - Corey Anderson to Sarfraz, FOUR, too full and too wide from Anderson, Sarfraz gets on top of the bounce, plays it on the up and drills it square on the off-side for a boundary

4.0 - Boult to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, too short from Boult, Malik swivels across and pulls it in front of square on the on-side, no one in the deep and it's another boundary

3.5 - Boult to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, classy from Malik, width on offer outside off, Malik leans into the drive and laces it square past cover-point for a boundary

3.1 - Boult to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, lovely shot, fraction too short from Boult, Malik stands tall and punches it square past point, no need to run for those

2.0 - Boult to Rizwan, FOUR, lovely shot, width on offer from Boult, Rizwan gets on top of the bounce, uses Boult's pace and cracks it square behind point for a boundary

1.0 - Corey Anderson to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, cracked, width on offer from Anderson, he's anguished with himself, Shehzad leans into the drive and sents it rocketing past cover-point for a boundary

10.1 - Boult to Afridi, SIX, woah! What a hit! Made room and flayed it over the extra-cover fence. It was there on a good length, created his own width and carted it away

16.1 - Milne to Riaz, out Caught by Ronchi!! As comprehensive as it gets. A brutal 95-run win to seal the series 2-1. Short ball, Riaz is having none of it. Better to get out than risk an injury he thinks. Backs away looking for a macho pull. Hits it straight up in the air off the top-edge. Ronchi runs forward, calls for it and nestles it. Riaz c Ronchi b Milne 4(5)

14.3 - Milne to Anwar Ali, out Caught by Ronchi!! Pakistan are hurtling towards defeat. Anwar Ali backed away, but was still cramped for room by a pacy short of length delivery. Tries to adjust and run it down to third man. Could only manage a faint tickle through to the keeper. Anwar Ali c Ronchi b Milne 8(7) [4s-1]

13.4 - Elliott to Sarfraz, out Caught by Milne!! Sarfraz's self-satisfying knock comes to an end. Well, it was never going to mean anything anyway. Off-cutter on a good length on middle, he sits on his back knee looking to paddle it fine, only manages a top-edge which spoons to short fine leg. Sarfraz c Milne b Elliott 41(36) [4s-5]

11.5 - Elliott to Imad Wasim, out Caught by Guptill!! New Zealand have dropped nothing in the field. Absolutely zip. Chances, half-chances, everything has been gobbled up. Short ball outside off from round the wicket, another cutter of some sort, sat up to be hit. Wasim flays it hard but hits it in the air to the left of Guptill at point. He dives across and swallows it with both hands. Imad Wasim c Guptill b Elliott 0(1)

11.3 - Elliott to Afridi, out Caught by (sub)Matt Henry!! Pakistan are almost in the grave now. Any hopes of a miracle rested with Afridi. And now he's gone too. Brilliant change of pace from Elliott. The slower leg-cutter just outside off. Although he dropped it short, there was nothing to work on. All the pace was sucked out of the delivery upon landing. Afridi tries to whack the pull out of the ground, only succeeds in top-edging it straight towards long-on. Afridi c (sub)Matt Henry b Elliott 8(8) [6s-1]

8.4 - Milne to U Akmal, out Caught by (sub)Younghusband!! Catching practice at deep mid-wicket, this was banged in short and just outside off, Akmal swivelled across on the pull, nails it perfectly but doesn't bother to keep it down, straight to the substitute fielder. U Akmal c (sub)Younghusband b Milne 5(13)

4.5 - Corey Anderson to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by McClenaghan!! New Zealand have been superb in the field, but this is not smart cricket from Malik, he makes room to a full ball and looks to go back over the bowler's head, doesn't get hold of the shot, gets a lot of height but not the distance. McClenaghan runs back from mid-on, keeps his eyes on the ball and takes it over his shoulder, doesn't drop it even as he fell on the ground. Shoaib Malik c McClenaghan b Corey Anderson 14(6) [4s-3]

2.3 - Corey Anderson to Rizwan, out Rizwan Run Out!! This is cricket at its poorest from Pakistan. What was Rizwan doing? This was pitched up and nipped back into Rizwan, he was looking to work it towards the on-side and missed, loud shout for LBW by Anderson, Rizwan immediately set-off for a quick single, Shoaib Malik wasn't going anywhere, Rizwan pushed his head down and charged towards the other end, he then realized his partner was going nowhere. Santner already had the ball in his hands at short cover-point, he runs in and whips the bails off, Rizwan was nowhere to be seen. Rizwan run out (Mitchell Santner) 4(4) [4s-1]

2.1 - Corey Anderson to Ahmed Shehzad, out Caught by Boult!! Outstanding catch from Boult! This was short and on the stumps, Shehzad rocked back and pulled it over square leg. The ball was dying onto the batsman, Boult gets down low, gets his fingers underneath and scoops the ball into his palms, falls over and hits the ground, but makes sure that the ball doesn't pop out. Ahmed Shehzad c Boult b Corey Anderson 8(6) [4s-1]

1.1 - Boult to Hafeez, out Caught by Mitchell Santner!! That's a belter from Santner. Strange looking shot from Hafeez, this was short and wide outside off, was there for the cut, he somehow didn't go through with the shot, just chipped it over cover-point. Santner sprints back, keeps his eyes on the ball and holds on, even as he tumbled onto the ground. Poor start for Pakistan once again. Hafeez c Mitchell Santner b Boult 2(4)