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Pakistan tour of New Zealand 2016

Scorecard - 2nd T20I, New Zealand vs Pakistan at Seddon Park, Hamilton, New Zealand (17 Jan 2016)


168/7 (20) RR:8.4

New Zealand won by 10 wkts

MOM: , Martin GuptillKane Williamson
New Zealand

171/0 (17.4) RR:9.68

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19.5 - Milne to U Akmal, FOUR, full outside off, Akmal lofts it inside-out over extra cover, sweeper runs across to his right but the ball beats him to the fence

18.3 - McClenaghan to U Akmal, FOUR, lightning fast! Akmal beat Guptill to his left on the first ball, now he does it to his right. Slips in a low full toss in trying to bowl the yorker, Akmal drills it back past the bowler, Guptill from long-off runs to his right, dives across but can't stop it

18.1 - McClenaghan to U Akmal, FOUR, full toss outside off, Akmal goes for the inside-out loft over extra cover, Akmal toe-ends the shot but it still had enough power to beat Guptill, who ran across from long-off and put in the dive, couldn't even get a hand to it

14.5 - Corey Anderson to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, nice strike from Malik. On a good length and outside off, Malik clears his front leg and heaves it through mid-wicket, the bat turned in his hands as he made contact with the ball, but it was still good enough to beat the fielder in the deep

14.1 - Corey Anderson to U Akmal, FOUR, edged and four! Full and slightly wide outside off, Akmal looks to drive, throws his hands at that, ends up getting an outside edge that flies to the right of the keeper and races away to the fence

13.4 - Elliott to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, width offered once again and Malik latches onto it in a flash. He rocks back and cuts it to the right of backward point once again, went like a tracer bullet to the fence

13.2 - Elliott to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, cracking shot! Short and slightly wide outside off, Malik stays deep in the crease and cuts it to the right of backward point, who dives across but fails to get a hand on it, crashes into the fence in no time

11.2 - Elliott to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, that's a good shot. Short and wide outside off, Malik waits for the ball to arrive and cuts it late, gets it in the gap between backward point and short third man, no need to run for those

10.2 - Milne to Shoaib Malik, FOUR, edged and four! Just short of a good length and outside off, it was the cross seamer from Milne, Malik looks to force it into the off-side, gets a thick outside edge that runs away to the short boundary at third man

7.5 - Todd Astle to Maqsood, FOUR, rank long hop from Astle, Maqsood does not mind going back and pulling it between deep mid-wicket and long-on for a boundary

3.1 - Corey Anderson to Hafeez, FOUR, dished it a little too full and Hafeez swung across the line to get it over the man at mid-on, the ball races away. Hafeez did not quite time it that well but it's a small ground

2.4 - Milne to Ahmed Shehzad, FOUR, just short of a good length and on the stumps, Shehzad stood tall and punched it past the bowler, no chance for the man at mid-on, that raced to fence in a jiffy

1.0 - Mitchell Santner to Hafeez, FOUR, Hafeez gives himself some room as he charges down to this flighted delivery, opens up the off-side field and cracks the drive through extra cover, no one bothered chasing that and the fielder from long-off too didn't stand a chance of cutting it off. Good start for Pakistan

18.2 - McClenaghan to U Akmal, SIX, length delivery slightly wide outside off, Akmal clears his front leg and heaves it over the cow corner fence, almost went out of the park there

18.0 - Milne to Imad Wasim, SIX, pitched up and right in the slot outside off, Wasim gives himself room and gets under it, carves it over the deep extra cover fence for a six

17.1 - Milne to Afridi, SIX, that's a good strike over the short boundary! Just short of a good length and well outside off, Afridi backs away and slaps it over the deep extra cover fence for a flat six

15.5 - Elliott to U Akmal, SIX, smashed! Off-cutter on a length around off, Akmal picks it early, waits for the ball to arrive and tonks it over the longest boundary at Seddon Park. In fact, it has gone out of the ground. Out comes the fourth umpire with the replacement options. This hit was 103 metres long

12.4 - Mitchell Santner to U Akmal, SIX, back-to-back sixes for Akmal now. A rank long hop from Santner, Akmal rocks back and muscles the pull over the deep mid-wicket fence

12.3 - Mitchell Santner to U Akmal, SIX, smashed! Slower through the air and on off and middle, Akmal hoicks it wide of long-on, towards the short boundary and it easily clears the fence

7.3 - Todd Astle to Maqsood, SIX, short delivery, a wrong 'un and Maqsood does not miss out, rocks back and pulls it with the turn over wide of long-on

0.2 - Mitchell Santner to Hafeez, SIX, short delivery and Hafeez won't miss out, rocks back and swats the pull over the cow corner for a maximum

19.4 - Milne to Sarfraz, out Sarfraz Run Out!! Banged in short and on the stumps, Sarfraz backs away to try and pull it, he can't lay bat on it and Akmal tries to sneak in a bye. Ronchi throws the ball towards Milne, Sarfraz was a little late to get off the blocks and Milne then fires a direct-hit at the non-striker's end to catch Sarfraz short. Sarfraz run out (Ronchi/Milne) 1(2)

18.5 - McClenaghan to Imad Wasim, out Caught by Milne!! Brilliant catch from Milne. Banged in short and at the batsman, Wasim goes for the pull, gets a top-edge that flies towards fine leg, Milne misjudged it to an extent, the ball was falling well in front of him. He really had to reach out for it and manages to take a good catch in the end after diving forward. Imad Wasim c Milne b McClenaghan 8(4) [6s-1]

17.2 - Milne to Afridi, out Caught by Williamson!! The skipper departs and the Pakistani fans don't look happy. A brief stay at the crease for Afridi. He was backing away to try and target the short boundary on the off-side, Milne follows him with a fullish delivery, doesn't allow him to get under it and Afridi miscues the loft straight towards mid-off, Williamson takes a few steps back and takes the simplest of catches in the end. Afridi c Williamson b Milne 7(3) [6s-1]

16.5 - McClenaghan to Shoaib Malik, out Bowled!! The yorker has done the trick. McClenaghan has his arms up in joy. This was in the blockhole just outside off, Malik tries to squeeze it out, can only do so off the inside edge and the ball rattles the off stump. A handy knock comes to an end. Out comes Boom-Boom, who is playing his 500th international innings. Shoaib Malik b McClenaghan 39(30) [4s-5]

11.1 - Elliott to Maqsood, out Caught by Mitchell Santner!! Santner hangs onto the skier! This was short and slightly wide outside off, Maqsood looks to slap it away. He ends up slicing the shot and it goes in the air towards long-off, who stabilizes himself under it and takes a good catch. Pakistan lose their third. Maqsood c Mitchell Santner b Elliott 18(23) [4s-1 6s-1]

6.1 - Mitchell Santner to Hafeez, out Caught by Todd Astle!! Bad delivery but that will get Santner a wicket. Hafeez had earlier pulled him for a maximum but does not quite get it right this time around as well. It was a short delivery, the batsman rocks back and pulls it straight to Astle at deep mid-wicket, who does not commit a mistake. Hafeez departs. Hafeez c Todd Astle b Mitchell Santner 19(23) [4s-2 6s-1]

4.0 - Corey Anderson to Ahmed Shehzad, out Caught by Williamson!! Hafeez got a chance in this over but Shehzad does not learn from his partner's mistake and looks to slog this length delivery, does not get it off the meat of the bat and it balloons high, Williamson took a few steps back at mid-off and caught it easily. Ahmed Shehzad c Williamson b Corey Anderson 9(8) [4s-1]

18.4 - McClenaghan to U Akmal, 1 run, fifty from Akmal! Has been a brilliant knock so far. Shortish outside off, Akmal doesn't time the pull well, the ball though lands just in front of deep mid-wicket, who was running in. The batsmen take a run in the meantime

15.1 - Elliott to Shoaib Malik, 1 run, angling in on middle and leg, Malik works it through mid-wicket, Malik wanted the second but it's not available. Brings up the 50-run stand as well

17.4 - Shoaib Malik to Guptill, FOUR, New Zealand win by 10 wickets! They level the series 1-1! This is also now the highest partnership for any wicket in T20Is! Coming to the ball, it was darted on the pads of the batsman, Guptill kneels down to sweep, fails to connect but the ball races away fine off the pad. The umpire didn't spot that there was no bat involved and gives it as runs

16.1 - Riaz to Williamson, FOUR, lovely shot from Williamson! Full and right in the slot just outside off, Williamson just laces the drive, gets it to the left of mid-off, who had no chance of stopping that, races away to the fence

15.3 - Shoaib Malik to Williamson, FOUR, right off the middle. Williamson comes down the track to get to the pitch of the ball and he flicks it easily over mid-wicket, the fielder at long-on runs to his right but only to come second

14.4 - Afridi to Williamson, FOUR, poor ball from the Pakistani skipper. Short and wide outside off, Williamson rocks back and cuts it past a diving point, no need to run for those

13.3 - Imad Wasim to Guptill, FOUR, powered away! Guptill takes a step forward and Wasim darts it short outside off, the batsman adjusts and slaps it through the extra cover region, hits the fence in no time

12.4 - Amir to Guptill, FOUR, now Guptill brings up his 9th T20I fifty! Amir tries the yorker, but bowls a low full toss outside off, Guptill slices the loft, gets it over extra cover and it easily beats the man at long-off, who was running to his left to try and cut it off

12.3 - Amir to Guptill, FOUR, fullish delivery on off stump line, Guptill hardly moves his feet as he flicks it through the gap at backward square leg, second boundary off the over through that region

12.1 - Amir to Williamson, FOUR, 5th T20I fifty for the Black Caps skipper. Gets there with a brilliant boundary. He goes right across his stumps to this length delivery and flicks it in the gap through backward square leg, the timing was really good and it runs away to the fence

12.0 - Afridi to Guptill, FOUR, slashed away and it races away. 100 of the partnership also comes up with this boundary. This was short well wide outside off, Guptill waits for the ball to arrive and cuts it over backward point, got it over the fielder there and it crashes into the fence in no time

10.4 - Umar Gul to Williamson, FOUR, that's a nice shot from Williamson. Goes right across his stumps and pulls this short delivery to the deep backward square leg fence, raced away to the fence

7.0 - Riaz to Guptill, FOUR, Guptill backs away again and goes inside-out over extra cover, connects really well, the ball bounces just once before crashing into the fence

5.5 - Afridi to Guptill, FOUR, it was only a matter of time that Guptill brought the sweep out, does so and connects well this time to get it in the gap at deep square leg

5.0 - Amir to Williamson, FOUR, 12 off the last 3 balls now. This was just short of a good length outside off and Williamson swings across the line to beat the man at mid-wicket and mid-on with ease. Good start from the Kiwis

4.5 - Amir to Williamson, FOUR, you beauty, Williamson! Swoops low on this length delivery and laps it over the fielder at short fine leg, no need to run for those

4.4 - Amir to Williamson, leg byes, FOUR, it was on a length and on middle and leg, Williamson moved a long way across to flick it, he failed to lay bat on it and it clipped his pad and scoots past a diving keeper into the fine leg fence. There was an appeal for an lbw, but it pitched outside leg

4.1 - Amir to Guptill, FOUR, fuller length delivery and on the stumps, Guptill makes some room and lofts it over mid-off with ease. Shouts of 'catch it' from the Pakistanis but there was no way the fielder was going to get to it, it races away to the fence after a couple of bounces

3.1 - Afridi to Guptill, FOUR, that is a good shot from Guptill, it was drifting in towards Guptill (on middle and leg) and he just lofted it over mid-off with ease, did not try to hit too hard but timed it really well

3.0 - Imad Wasim to Williamson, FOUR, gives a little charge this time, the bowler keeps it short but Williamson goes through with the shot and cuts it through backward point for third boundary of the over

2.2 - Imad Wasim to Williamson, FOUR, better from Williamson this time, he goes back and cuts this flatter delivery outside off, gets it in the gap between backward point and short third man, kept it all along the carpet and it trickled away to third man fence

2.1 - Imad Wasim to Williamson, FOUR, in the air but just eluded the diving short third man fielder, it was little short and Williamson rocked back to cut it hard, the ball takes the outside edge and runs away past the fielder and into the fence

1.2 - Amir to Williamson, FOUR, better from Williamson, moves across a little on this short of a good length delivery and whips it behind square on the on-side to get his first boundary

16.4 - Riaz to Guptill, SIX, what a strike! Another short delivery at the batsman and this time Guptill won't back out of the shot. He swats the pull, gets it right off the middle and it sails over the rope at deep square leg

14.2 - Afridi to Guptill, SIX, the Kiwis are in a hurry to finish this off. Flatter and spinning away just outside off, Guptill kneels down and nails the slog sweep, sends it soaring over the deep square leg fence for another six

14.1 - Afridi to Guptill, SIX, take that! Guptill backs away and Afridi bowls the leg break around off, the batsman had enough room to free his arms and he launches it back over the bowler's head, that would have been a maximum on any ground, sailed a long way into the stands

1.0 - Umar Gul to Guptill, SIX, backs away this time and goes towards the other side, it was shorter than the previous delivery and allowed Guptill a lot of time, he cracked the pull over cow corner for the first six of the innings

15.2 - Shoaib Malik to Williamson, no run, dropped! Floated up around off, Williamson comes down the track and goes hard on the drive, spoons it towards the bowler off the inside half of the bat, Malik dives across to his right, gets both hands to it but can't hold on. A let-off