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India tour of Australia 2016

Scorecard - 2nd T20I, Australia vs India at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia (29 Jan 2016)


184/3 (20) RR:9.2

India won by 27 runs

MOM: Virat Kohli

157/8 (20) RR:7.85

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19.1 - Andrew Tye to Kohli, FOUR, driven crisply and driven for four. Back-to-back T20I fifties for Kohli and it's his 11th in this format of the game. Full delivery outside off stump, Kohli steps out and drives through cover, beating the man in the deep. Kohli gets a great applause from the crowd and he raises his bat to acknowledge all of them

18.2 - Faulkner to Dhoni, FOUR, careful James Faulkner, careful! That was hit like a bullet. Thankfully it was just over Faulkner's left shoulder. Would have been really nasty had it come straight at him. Full and in the slot, can't bowl there at this stage of the innings, Dhoni muscles the drive back over the bowler for four

17.5 - Boland to Dhoni, FOUR, a crunching sound as the ball made contact with the bat. The placement is great from the Indian skipper and splits the fielders in the deep. Friendly full toss on the stumps, Dhoni swings across the line and muscles it through backward square leg

17.3 - Boland to Kohli, FOUR, easily done! He's just a hit away from a fifty now. Full delivery outside off stump, Kohli steps out and slices the drive over backward point, the ball runs away for four

16.5 - Andrew Tye to Kohli, FOUR, well placed! Tye goes full and outside off stump, Kohli reaches out and squeezes the drive past backward point, no chance for the fielder to stop that and it rocketed to the fence

15.1 - Watson to Kohli, FOUR, in the air, in the gap and four. Full delivery outside off stump, Kohli steps out and lofts the drive inside-out over cover, the fielder at long-off ran to his left and put in the dive, but the ball escaped to the fence

14.0 - Hastings to Kohli, FOUR, make that 13 off the over. Kohli waltzes down and wallops this full ball over extra cover, no protection in the deep and Kohli is off to a blazing start

13.4 - Hastings to Kohli, FOUR, slower fullish length delivery and in the swinging zone for Kohli. Makes room and goes for an inside-out drive over cover, middled it and raced away in no time

13.3 - Hastings to Kohli, FOUR, ample width on offer and Kohli ain't missing out on that. Backs away a tad and carves it over backward point, couple of bounces and into the fence

11.2 - Watson to Rohit, FOUR, fifty for Rohit! Waits inside the crease and steers this fullish delivery to the third man fence, all class and elegance there

6.3 - Faulkner to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan goes downtown! Shimmies down the track and whacks this full delivery straight down the ground, almost gone the distance

4.5 - Faulkner to Rohit, FOUR, deft! Faulkner sprayed it full and wide, Rohit squeezes it with an open bat face, placed it between second slip and short third man and it raced away in a jiffy

4.4 - Faulkner to Rohit, FOUR, superb stroke! Stays inside the crease to this full delivery and bludgeons it back over the bowler for a one-bounce four

4.1 - Faulkner to Rohit, FOUR, innovative from Rohit! Walks across, gets down on one knee and shovels this length delivery to the fine leg fence

3.3 - Hastings to Dhawan, FOUR, typical Dhawan stroke! Dance down the track and a cut shot between cover and point. Executed the stroke with utter nonchalance and no one moved

3.1 - Hastings to Rohit, FOUR, shot! When Rohit hits it, it stays hit. Short and plenty of room on offer, Rohit flays it over the infield on the off-side, with an uppish drive over cover-point

1.1 - Hastings to Dhawan, FOUR, poor first ball from Hastings. Slipping down leg and all Dhawan needed to do was get some bat on that, he does so and manages to get off the mark with a boundary down to fine leg

0.5 - Watson to Rohit, leg byes, FOUR, down leg and Rohit fails to clip, gets it off the pad and raced away to the fine leg fence, India off the mark

14.4 - Boland to Kohli, SIX, Kohli isn't holding back. Picked the length early, made room and smashed it over the long-off fence

10.1 - Maxwell to Rohit, SIX, superb stuff this from Rohit! Stays still inside the crease and lifts this flighted delivery over the long-off fence

7.3 - Lyon to Rohit, SIX, the fielder at long-on was a mere spectator there. Rohit cleared his front leg and muscled the loft over long-on, stand and admire stuff!

6.4 - Faulkner to Dhawan, SIX, this is the best of the lot. Picked the length and realized there was no third man in place. Stood still and ramped it over the keeper, this one went the distance

3.4 - Hastings to Dhawan, SIX, MCG erupts! Dhawan - you little ripper. Made that look so easy, cleared his front leg, got underneath this full delivery and smoked it over the cow-corner fence, straight into the stands

19.4 - Andrew Tye to Dhoni, out Caught by Watson!! Maiden T20I wicket for Andrew Tye and what a scalp! Full and wide outside off stump, Dhoni moved across the stumps and tried to loft it straight, but it went off the outside half of the bat and went straight to long-off, who took an easy catch. Dhoni c Watson b Andrew Tye 14(9) [4s-2]

16.0 - Watson to Kohli, out Rohit Run Out!! 1 run completed. These two are involved in another run-out. I thought the second run was on. Kohli simply turned his back there! Need a replay to confirm if it was an easy second run. Full delivery on the stumps, Kohli flicks it nicely along the ground through mid-wicket, Maxwell rushes to his right from deep mid-wicket and fires the throw to the keeper's end. Oh yes, the second was surely on, unless he slipped while turning. Rohit was charing to the other end and was left stranded in the middle. Wade ran forward, collected the throw and whipped the bails off. Rohit run out (Maxwell/Wade) 60(47) [4s-5 6s-2]

11.0 - Maxwell to Dhawan, out Caught by Chris Lynn!! Maxi strikes! Dhawan attempts a reverse sweep and holes out. Knelt down and got it off the middle but slotted it straight to Chris Lynn at backward point who plucks an easy catch sans any discomfort. Dhawan c Chris Lynn b Maxwell 42(32) [4s-3 6s-2]

6.0 - Andrew Tye to Dhawan, 1 run, fractionally fuller outside off, Dhawan makes room and goes hard on the drive, manages a single to mid-on

19.4 - Bumrah to Andrew Tye, FOUR, Bumrah tries the yorker again, but bowls a juicy full delivery, Tye crashes the drive wide of extra-cover, long-off had no chance

12.5 - Pandya to Watson, FOUR, nicely done by Watson, lets the short of a length delivery come onto him, opens the face of the bat at the last moment and runs it behind square on the off-side for a boundary

12.1 - Pandya to Watson, FOUR, edged and four, on a good length and in that channel outside off, Watson was lured into the drive, plays away from his body, gets a thick edge that rolls away fine and to the third man boundary

5.5 - Bumrah to Finch, FOUR, cracking shot, it was overpitched all right, turns out to be a wide half-volley, drilled to the left of Kohli at mid-off for a boundary

5.3 - Bumrah to Finch, FOUR, the slower ball from Bumrah, but Finch spotted it early, stays tall and clips it up and over mid-on, one bounce and over the ropes for a boundary

5.1 - Bumrah to S Marsh, FOUR, the openers are loving the pace on the delivery, short and on the stumps, Marsh swivels across and pulls it behind square on the on-side for a boundary

5.0 - Nehra to Finch, FOUR, poor ball from Nehra, short and well outside off, Finch cracks it square behind point, there's no one in the deep, another expensive over from Nehra

3.2 - Bumrah to Finch, FOUR, top-edge and four, Bumrah banged one short as Finch backed away outside leg, he went through with the pull, gets a fat top-edge, high and over the keeper's head

3.0 - Nehra to Finch, FOUR, another poor ball, angles this one back into Finch, he shuffles across, uses Nehra's pace and works it away behind square on the on-side for another boundary

2.5 - Nehra to Finch, FOUR, this is poor bowling from Nehra, drops this one short and well outside off, Finch swivels across, rolls his wrists and pulls it in front of square on the on-side, beats mid-on and rolls away to the fence

2.4 - Nehra to Finch, FOUR, too straight from Nehra, ends up drifting onto Finch's pads, he gets it very fine and it rolls away to the fine leg fence for a boundary

1.5 - Bumrah to Finch, FOUR, lovely shot, on a good length and on off, Finch leans forward, drives it on the up and gets it to the left of Kohli at mid-on, no need to run for those

1.1 - Bumrah to S Marsh, FOUR, poor ball from Bumrah, fraction too short and just outside off, Marsh swivels across and pulls it in front of square on the on-side, beats the chasing fielder for a boundary

17.4 - Ashwin to Wade, SIX, wonderful hit from Wade. He advanced and got closer to the pitch of this flighted delivery, went through with the loft and hit it well enough to clear the wide long-on fence

16.4 - Ravindra Jadeja to Faulkner, SIX, oh that's slogged hard and the timing was very good. Mind you, Faulkner is also known as Finisher Faulkner! Jadeja fires this in on the off stump, Faulkner muscles this over mid-wicket for a maximum

8.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Finch, SIX, that would have been a stunner had Umesh held on, instead, he palmed it over the ropes. RJ dropped one short and on the stumps, Finch rocked back on the pull and over mid-wicket. Umesh ran a long way to his left at deep mid-wicket, jumped in the air, got both hands and allows it to pop out

7.1 - Ashwin to Finch, SIX, Ashwin is welcomed with a mighty blow over mid-wicket, Ashwin came from round the wicket and tossed up on the leg-stump line, Finch gets underneath it and sends it soaring - high and towards deep mid-wicket. Dhawan was interested for a while, but it easily sailed over his head, brings up Finch's fifty as well

20.0 - Bumrah to Andrew Tye, out Bowled!! That's knocked over middle and off once again. Wonderful bowling from the youngster. Two games and two crushing wins for India. With that, they have taken an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series as well. MS Dhoni becomes the first Indian captain to win two series in Australia. This was full and angled in, Tye tried to loft, but missed the ball completely. Andrew Tye b Bumrah 4(4) [4s-1]

19.2 - Bumrah to Hastings, out Bowled!! He castled Faulkner with a similar delivery in the first game and now he's knocked over Hastings. Very full delivery from wide of the crease, almost a yorker, Hastings swung hard, got an inside edge and it crashed into middle and off. Hastings b Bumrah 4(6)

17.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to Faulkner, out Stumped!! This is a freak dismissal for Faulkner. Initially I thought he was bowled, but India got lucky as the ball ricocheted off Dhoni's left pad to disturb the stumps. This was fullish and just outside off stump, Faulkner swung hard at it and much like the previous ball got a thick inside edge, it missed the stumps and was too low for Dhoni to collect, the ball came off his pad and disturbed the sticks. By then, Faulkner's back foot was outside the crease and it was curtains for him. Faulkner st Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 10(7) [6s-1]

15.2 - Ashwin to Wade, out Finch Run Out!! Will that be the end of Australia's chase? This was pushed through on off, Wade made room and punched it straight to RJ at extra cover. Wade always wanted the single, Finch was late in backing up, to his misery, he grabbed his hamstring halfway through, the throw isn't the best, but MS is quick to whip the bails off. Replays suggest that Finch was just short of making his ground. Finch run out (Ravindra Jadeja/Dhoni) 74(48) [4s-8 6s-2]

14.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Watson, out Caught&Bowled!! Terrific return catch from Jadeja and the dangerous Watson departs! This was tossed up invitingly on off, Watson came forward and drilled it to the right of the bowler. He moved across, got both hands to it and holds on, massive, massive wicket for India. Watson looks stunned, but he has to go, that was going at a rate of knots. The umpire was ducking for cover. Watson c and b Ravindra Jadeja 15(11) [4s-2]

11.4 - Yuvraj to Maxwell, out Stumped!! India are fighting their way back into the match. This was pushed through flatter and quicker as Maxwell came down the track, he had to reach out for the drive, the ball went underneath his bat and MS is quick to whip the bails off. Yuvraj hasn't had a bat so far in the T20Is, but he's made a massive contribution now. Maxwell st Dhoni b Yuvraj 1(2)

10.5 - Pandya to Chris Lynn, out Caught by Dhoni!! Lynn has blown away his chance once again! Looked in a big hurry to please the MCG crowd, this was a good length slower delivery outside off, he made room and was looking to swat it back over the bowler's head, gets a steepling top-edge. Dhoni back pedalled, Bumrah came across from short third man, but it was always the keeper's catch. MS watches it all along and holds on. Chris Lynn c Dhoni b Pandya 2(4)

9.5 - Ashwin to S Marsh, out Caught by Pandya!! India have finally held on to one, it's Pandya who completes the catch at long-on. This was tossed up invitingly outside off, Marsh came down the track, doesn't get to the pitch of the ball, went through with the lofted on-drive, Pandya settles underneath it and holds on. S Marsh c Pandya b Ashwin 23(23) [4s-2]

9.4 - Ashwin to Finch, 1 run, Rishi dropped one in the last ball, now, Shikhar has dropped a dolly. This was tossed up outside off, Finch went for the slog sweep, doesn't get hold of the shot, straight into Shikhar's hands at deep mid-wicket, he somehow drops a clanger. Finch survives

9.3 - Ashwin to Finch, 2 runs, clumsy effort from Rishi, he never really looked like he would take it, this was tossed up on Finch's pads, he whipped it in the air and to the left of deep backward square leg. Rishi was late on the ball, gets his fingertips and shells it