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India tour of Australia 2016

Scorecard - 1st T20I, Australia vs India at Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia (26 Jan 2016)


188/3 (20) RR:9.4

India won by 37 runs

MOM: Virat Kohli

151/10 (19.3) RR:7.74

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19.4 - Faulkner to Dhoni, FOUR, this is turning out to be an exciting finish from MS, full and well outside off, he gets forward, opens the face of the bat at the last moment and slices it over backward point, almost went all the way, bounced just in front of the ropes

18.3 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, FOUR, nicely played by Kohli, slower short ball from Richardson, Kohli waits on it, swivels across and helps it behind square on the on-side, beats short fine and rolls away to the ropes

18.1 - Kane Richardson to Raina, FOUR, good start to the bowler, wide full toss from Richardson, Raina reaches out and carves it behind square on the off-side. Tait gets across the deep, puts in the dive and ends up taking the ball with him over the ropes

14.5 - Watson to Kohli, FOUR, lovely shot, wristily played by Kohli, just a shimmy down the track, picks up the length and delightfully clips it over mid-wicket, one bounce and over the ropes

14.4 - Watson to Kohli, FOUR, creamed, fuller length delivery and just outside off, Kohli makes room outside leg and drills it past extra cover. Faulkner does all the hard work, but ends up diving over the ball, allows it to the fence

13.2 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, FOUR, this is a better shot, width on offer from Richardson, Kohli plays with an open face and cracks it square on the off-side, beats the man getting across from the deep

13.1 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, FOUR, lovely shot, nothing delivery from Richardson, short and well outside off, Kohli stands tall and punches it up and over cover for a boundary

12.4 - Watson to Kohli, FOUR, not quite sure that's what he intended. Or maybe he did. Watson shortened his length outside off after seeing Kohli come at him, he adjusts and angles it fine. Very fine to beat short third man. Seemed to have run off a thick outside edge but any which way will do

10.2 - Head to Kohli, FOUR, blazed through extra-cover. Amazing use of the crease. Darted in and going with the arm from round the wicket, Kohli goes back and slaps it well in front of square

8.1 - Faulkner to Raina, FOUR, just over! Made it into a half-volley outside off by giving the charge, and then flayed the drive over a leaping extra-cover. Got just enough elevation

7.4 - Boyce to Kohli, FOUR, well done! Lots of wrists on this. Skips down the track, makes sure to get wide enough of the ball allowing himself the room for a clean swing. Then unfurls his wrists on the inside-out loft over extra-cover. Don't think he got all of it. Got it much squarer than intended but evades a chasing deep point

6.0 - Tait to Raina, FOUR, nudged in the air, and over a leaping leg-gully. Some really funky field settings. Nearly came off this time. Awkward short of length delivery aiming for the rib-cage, Raina's perennial cryptonite. He shuffles across, tries to work it round the corner, but never in control. Gets away

5.2 - Tait to Kohli, FOUR, slapped off the front foot. Similar short of length delivery outside off, Kohli doesn't bother going back after the initial stride forward, has a waft at it and cracks it past backward point

3.5 - Faulkner to Rohit, FOUR, flogged over mid-wicket. Amazing stroke. Pitched up and on the pads, Rohit uses his rubber wrists to good effect and whips it away

2.4 - Tait to Rohit, FOUR, exhilarating stuff. Tait is cranking it up, 152ks on this short ball. Rohit not backing off either. Swivels across and pulls it in the air in front of fine leg. Richardson charges in, kudos to him for going for the catch. But doesn't get there. Didn't get his body behind the line either and it bounces over his sprawled form

2.2 - Tait to Rohit, FOUR, aww lacerated off the back foot. Short and wide outside off, Rohit pulls his weight back and cuts it with a lot of vigour. Speared it through the gap

0.2 - Tait to Rohit, FOUR, follows it up with a length ball on the pads. Rohit comfortably clips it behind square. Always been short square boundaries here. Full value for money. No way fine leg is stopping that. So the Tait-garden-hose is all over the place already

19.3 - Faulkner to Dhoni, SIX, the helicopter shot first ball, and it clears wide long-on with ease. On a good length and on the stumps, Dhoni was deep in his crease, gets underneath the ball and sends it soaring into the stands

17.2 - Faulkner to Raina, SIX, Raina breaks the shackles finally! This was a back of the hand slower ball outside off, Raina spotted it early, waits on it and clouts it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum

15.1 - Tait to Kohli, SIX, cracking shot, it was a leg-stump half-volley all-right, but Kohli picks it up early, uses the bottom hand to good effect and whips it over square leg for a maximum

11.2 - Boyce to Kohli, SIX, hoisted just over long-off. He's teasing the boundaries, is Kohli. Dances down and plays another lovely lofted inside-out drive

0.4 - Tait to Rohit, SIX, top edged, in the air, fine leg thinks he has a chance. No he doesn't. Richardson is already over the ropes while attempting the catch. And he's dropped that too. Fierce short ball climbing towards Rohit's throat. The Mumbaikar decides to take it on with a pull but the ball gets too big on him. Flies off the top edge

19.2 - Faulkner to Raina, out Bowled!! That's beautifully bowled by Faulkner, this was the back of the hand yorker, Raina went a long way across as he looked to lap it over short fine, the ball dipped onto him, went underneath the bat and crashed into the base of off-stump. Faulkner is chuffed to bits, Australia are ending well. Raina b Faulkner 41(34) [4s-3 6s-1]

4.5 - Watson to Dhawan, out Caught by Wade!! Deception at its best. Dhawan will go back, look at the replays, and cut an embarrassing look. Slower short ball angled away just outside off, Dhawan saw the length and shaped to pull. But the ball just didn't arrive. Then he tried to change the stroke belatedly and glide it down to third man. Only manages a faint nick through to Wade. Dhawan c Wade b Watson 5(8)

4.1 - Watson to Rohit, out Caught by Faulkner!! He's gone now. No mistake this time. Watson celebrates his comeback into the Aussie XI with a wicket off the first ball. Full delivery just outside off, Rohit looks to launch him straight down, the bat turns in his hands and he drags it straight to mid-on. Huge roar from Watto. Rohit c Faulkner b Watson 31(20) [4s-4 6s-1]

3.4 - Faulkner to Rohit, 2 runs, ugly slog, spoons it off the top-edge over short third man, and it's been dropped. It's all running for Rohit. Boyce ran back, turned around, and ended up having to dive forward. Didn't get a finger. The swerve in the air might have defeated him. Over-ran it

16.1 - Kane Richardson to Raina, 1 run, short of a length and well outside off, slapped away square on the off-side for a single, brings up the 100-run stand

13.3 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, 2 runs, fifty for Kohli, his 10th in T20I, on a good length and just outside off, Kohli works it in front of long-on, runs hard and comes back for the second run

16.4 - Pandya to Kane Richardson, 4 runs , that will further ruin Pandya's figures, this was full and well outside off, Richardson looked to drive and mistimed it towards Ashwin at backward point. He set-off for a quick single and is sent back by Faulkner, Ashwin has a shy at the striker's end and misses, the back-up is poor and the ball rolls away to the fence

8.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to Finch, FOUR, that's tonked! Fires it in on off, the spin's non-existent and Finch nails it between extra cover and long-off

8.0 - Pandya to Smith, FOUR, that's a punishment for bowling an over so long. Bangs this one down, the ball sits up for Smith to stand up and murder the pull towards deep mid-wicket. One bounce and over the ropes

5.4 - Bumrah to Smith, FOUR, that was far from middled but it has shot away to the fence. Off the kilograms of wood and a hospitable turf. Straight ball on a length, Smith spindles and pulls it to the deep mid-wicket fence

5.2 - Bumrah to Smith, FOUR, follows it up with a softener down the leg side, Smith turns and tickles it to the fine leg fence

5.0 - Nehra to Finch, FOUR, that was powered. No timing there, all brute force. There's a shuffle-outside-leg cassette on repeat here. Finch makes room again, gives himself the room to swing a cat, extends his hands and mauls the ball wide of long-off

4.4 - Nehra to Warner, FOUR, Warner just makes room with a shuffle to leg, drags his back leg further back and propels himself to time the loft uppishly over cover

2.2 - Nehra to Warner, FOUR, that's Warner's National Day buffet. Short ball outside off, Warner fetches it from outside off, swivels as he rolls his wrists and pulls it to the deep mid-wicket fence

1.3 - Ashwin to Finch, FOUR, this was hit away! Ashwin is hurried in his pace, Finch slides deep in his crease, protracts his hands and places the loft over extra cover

0.1 - Nehra to Finch, FOUR, there's the ominous start. Shortish on the pads, Finch hauls his front leg in the air, spindles and pulls it to the deep square leg fence

17.1 - Bumrah to Faulkner, SIX, Faulkner is keeping Australia in the hunt, full and coming back with the angle, Faulkner gets down on his knees and launches it high and over wide long-on for a maximum

14.2 - Pandya to Chris Lynn, SIX, massive, Lynn loves launching into the pacers, he did it many a times in the BBL, on a length and well outside off, he gets forward and thumps it into the second tier of the Adelaide Oval, over long-on

11.5 - Yuvraj to Watson, SIX, that spoils the over for Yuvraj, dropped this one short and on the stumps, Watson rocks back and pummels it in front of square on the on-side, went sailing over the ropes for a maximum

7.4 - Pandya to Finch, SIX, there's the ball, sporting wings and sailing away. Over the deep extra cover fence. Not a poor delivery, shortish and on middle, Finch manufactured the room and tonked it over the infield and the ground

2.3 - Nehra to Warner, SIX, if that was pulled, this was murdered. Nehra bangs this in, Warner sees it early like a hawk. Rocks back and pulls it over deep mid-wicket

2.0 - Ashwin to Finch, SIX, here it is. A diffident Ashwin has been mauled over extra cover. Just a swing of the arms and Finch pounces on an iota of width and clobbers it over the ropes

19.3 - Bumrah to Boyce, out Caught by Pandya!! India have bowled out Australia for the first time on this tour. This was a slower ball from Bumrah, full and well outside off, Boyce was backing away, has to reach out in the end, just about manages to lob it towards extra cover where Pandya comes under the dolly. Boyce c Pandya b Bumrah 3(6)

18.2 - Nehra to Kane Richardson, out Bowled!! Nehra has his first wicket since the 2011 World Cup ! This was full and on the off-stump line, straightened a tad after pitching, Richardson made room for the slog, missed, and the off-stump takes a rattle. India are closing towards a 1-0 victory in the 3-match T20I series. Kane Richardson b Nehra 9(7)

17.2 - Bumrah to Faulkner, out Bowled!! That's one way of making a comeback, this was the yorker, came back with the angle, Faulkner was deep in his crease, looks to repeat the previous shot, doesn't cover for the angle, the ball slid underneath the bat and crashes into the base of off and middle. The finisher falls, Australia are in deep trouble now. Faulkner b Bumrah 10(7) [6s-1]

16.1 - Pandya to Wade, out Caught by Ravindra Jadeja!! Pandya is redeeming himself, on a good length and on the stumps, Wade was looking to clear the mid-wicket fence, gets a lot of height but not the distance. RJ had plenty of time to settle under it, he watches all along as the ball drops down the Adelaide night sky, goes reverse cupped and holds on. Pandya has his arms up in joy, Australia are losing the plot completely. What's more, Pandya is on a hat-trick. Wade c Ravindra Jadeja b Pandya 5(7)

15.0 - Pandya to Chris Lynn, out Caught by Yuvraj!! Pandya is jumping around in joy, but this was Yuvraj's wicket, it was absolutely drilled by Lynn, he hit it bullett like and straight to extra cover, Yuvraj casually put his hand up, and the ball stuck. Unlucky dismissal for Lynn, he drilled the wide ball, a yard on either side, it would have been a boundary. Chris Lynn c Yuvraj b Pandya 17(16) [6s-1]

13.3 - Ashwin to Watson, out Caught by Nehra!! The spinners are taking a firm grip on the proceedings. Nicely bowled by Ashwin, gave this one more air and got it to dip into Watson, the ball pitches and grips, Watson went for the monster sweep, gets a spiralling top-edge, high and towards short fine. Nehra was man under the skier, he steadies himself and holds on. Watson c Nehra b Ashwin 12(10) [6s-1]

11.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to Head, out Lbw!! Australia are falling away to India's spinners. This was pushed through quicker and on off, Head went down on his knees as he looked to play the sweep, misses and is struck adjacent to the stumps, the umpire raises his finger in a flash, that looked like it would hit the off and middle, not a happy T20I debut for Head. Oh dear, replays suggest that the impact was just outside off, was going on to hit off, unlucky for Head. Head lbw b Ravindra Jadeja 2(5)

9.2 - Ashwin to Finch, out Lbw!! Okay, that means that the umpire has to give this one out. And he's not wrong. The ball was tossed up on leg-stump, gripped and straightened. Finch got low to sweep, missed and was struck in front. Would have gone on to hit leg-stump surely. Middle in fact says the HawkEye. And Australia losing their way here with India's spin getting a big mouth. Finch lbw b Ashwin 44(33) [4s-4 6s-2]

9.0 - Ravindra Jadeja to Smith, out Caught by Kohli!! Kohli was angry for some reason. Does a 55-ball 90 do that to you? A dolly catch might. This was such a soft way to go. You have a spinner who's firing it in, you look to milk some runs off a flick andit's caught by Kohli for you to hear him scream and give you wide-mouthed stares. Now talking all technically, the ball just turned a touch, Smith was well forward to push it into the lg-side, got a leading-edge to perish. Smith c Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja 21(14) [4s-3]

5.1 - Bumrah to Warner, out Caught by Kohli!! Boom Boom Bumrah! And Warner, after all those stunning shots, has decided to walk off to a tame dismissal. Short of length ball and he wanted to hammer it across the line with his patented pull. Didn't get hold of the ball and ended up offering a pie-catch to Kohli at mid-on, who screams at higher decibels than Bumrah. Warner c Kohli b Bumrah 17(9) [4s-2 6s-1]