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India tour of Australia 2016

Scorecard - 3rd ODI, Australia vs India at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia (17 Jan 2016)


295/6 (50) RR:5.9

Australia won by 3 wkts

MOM: Glenn Maxwell

296/7 (48.5) RR:6.06

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48.3 - Hastings to Dhoni, FOUR, the slower delivery on the off stump, Dhoni swivels and pulls over backward square leg, the ball went off the bottom of the bat, yet it had enough power to beat the man at long leg

47.3 - Faulkner to Gurkeerat Singh, FOUR, first boundary in international cricket for Gurkeerat Singh. Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, Gurkeerat pulls fiercely through backward square leg and it races away for four

45.4 - Faulkner to Dhoni, FOUR, full toss, crashed hard and crashed for four! The pressure is on the Australian bowlers. Dhoni was ready for this delivery and he was standing across the stumps as well, expecting Faulkner to go for the widish yorker again, he drives it past the extra-cover fielder and it rocketed to the boundary

44.5 - Hastings to Kohli, FOUR, oh a fumble from Maxwell and it's a four. Short delivery on the stumps, Kohli steps out and pulls, not from the middle of the bat, Maxwell runs to his left from deep mid-wicket, but fails to stop the ball, Smith, who rushed from long-on then tried to dive and stop as well, but the ball escaped

42.3 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, FOUR, only Virat Kohli, only Virat Kohli can do it! Gee, what wrists he has! Such a strong bottom hand grip. Surely, I'll tell that it wasn't a bad ball at all. Just that Kohli has played a wonderful shot. Full and on the stumps, Kohli whips it away over mid-wicket and it rockets for four. Moves to 99

40.4 - Kane Richardson to Rahane, FOUR, nice hit and Rahane moves into the 40s. Short and on the stumps, Rahane rocks back and pulls it away through backward square leg, no protection in the deep and a handy boundary for India

36.3 - Faulkner to Rahane, FOUR, that's a fine strike from Rahane, mid-on was inside the ring, he picked up the length early and swipes it over that man, one bounce and over the ropes

33.2 - Maxwell to Rahane, FOUR, cracking shot, excellent use of the feet from Rahane, made room as he did so, goes against the turn, hits it inside out over cover, rolls away to the fence for a boundary

32.2 - Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, lovely shot, wide half-volley outside off, Kohli gets a big stride forward and drills it in the gap between extra cover and mid-off, it was in the air for a long time, but the placement was perfect

30.4 - Hastings to Rahane, FOUR, mid-on sprawled and did what he could to stop that but couldn't. Had dived early but only managed a finger-tip to that. Rahane just presents the straight face off the bat, pings the ball off the middle and catapults it to the long-on ropes

26.4 - Hastings to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan is living on a sword's edge. Good length ball, not too short to go for the hoick. Dhawan was late onto it, got the top-edge that popped over the keeper and sped off to the ropes

25.5 - Kane Richardson to Dhawan, FOUR, and this time managed to thump it in front of square. Shortish again and sitting up again, Dhawan flashed it with an intended uppish pull. Off the front foot

24.3 - Maxwell to Dhawan, FOUR, the 100 run partnership is up. With a flashy sweep that's been placed behind square on the leg-side

22.3 - Maxwell to Dhawan, FOUR, cracking shot, mid-wicket was inside the ring, this was tossed up outside off, Dhawan gets down on his knees and goes over the infield, a couple of bounces and over the ropes

21.4 - Boland to Kohli, FOUR, a sliding dive at deep backward point but it was powered off the middle. Width again, Kohli stayed put and cut it away square. Off she goes!

20.5 - Mitchell Marsh to Dhawan, FOUR, that's the Dhawan we saw against SA in the World Cup. Skated out of the pitch before Marsh delivered the ball, the bowler banged it in shorter. Dhawan went with the high hook shot and thumped it high over mid-wicket and to the ropes

20.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Kohli, FOUR, thrashed away! Short, wide and flashed away between third man and backward point. Was on the front foot before rocking back to have a go at that

18.0 - Boland to Dhawan, FOUR, pulled fine and into the fence. Got it right off the under edge. Short of length delivery on leg, Dhawan expected it to bounce a lot more than it did and wafted very hard, runs away beating fine leg

11.3 - Faulkner to Dhawan, FOUR, well, what was I saying? He's absolutely nailed this. Picks this full ball from off and whips it with a strong bottom hand over mid-wicket. Woosh. That traveled quick

9.5 - Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, 7000 ODI runs for Kohli, the fastest by any batsman, beating AB de Villiers. Coming to the ball, length delivery on his pads, all Kohli had to do was to guide it on its way, he does so and earns himself a boundary. Kohli has done it in 161 innings and he takes 5 innings lesser than the South African superstar. Big cheer from the crowd as the giant screen at the MCG shows Kohli's milestone

8.2 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, FOUR, lovely shot, too straight from Richardson, ends up drifting onto Kohli's pads, he gets across, uses his wrists and flicks it wide of mid-wicket, no need to run for those

3.2 - Hastings to Dhawan, FOUR, ugly but effective, this was full and on Dhawan's pads, he was looking to flick it over square leg, ends up getting off the bottom of the bat, chips it in the air and easily clears mid-on, rolls away to the fence in a hurry

2.0 - Hastings to Dhawan, FOUR, much better from Dhawan, that should give him plenty of confidence, tad overpitched and just outside off, Dhawan leans forward, closes the face of the bat on impact and drives it back past the non-striker, off the mark in style

48.4 - Hastings to Dhoni, SIX, these are handy runs for India. Low full toss from Hastings as he misses the yorker, Dhoni muscles it with a strong bottom hand grip and clears the long-on boundary

45.3 - Faulkner to Dhoni, SIX, the MCG is big, but not big enough for the Indian skipper. He's another player who has a strong bottom hand grip. Faulkner bowls a juicy full ball and it was right in the slot as well, Dhoni slogs and hits it flat over deep mid-wicket

44.0 - Boland to Kohli, SIX, gee! Great shot! Can't bowl there to Kohli. Boland tried to cramp Kohli for room as he advanced and also moved leg-side, but Kohli had enough space to free his arms and muscle the loft over long-on

39.2 - Boland to Rahane, SIX, top shot sir! Timing, pure timing! Boland bowls a length ball on the stumps, Rahane steps out, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it straight back over the bowler's head for a maximum. Remember, the straight boundaries at the "G" are only about 65 metres

35.3 - Boland to Kohli, SIX, lovely shot, Kohli shimmies down the track, gets close to the pitch of the ball and sends it sailing high and over long-on, massive blow, the first six of the match

48.5 - Hastings to Dhoni, out Caught by Maxwell!! Dhoni tries to go big again, but holes out this time. Excellent bowling from Hastings and he picks up his 4th wicket. He saw Dhoni racing down the track and banged the slower ball short, the ball went off the toe-end of the bat, Maxwell moved forward from deep mid-wicket and completed the catch. Looks like Maxwell has hurt his finger while taking the catch. Dhoni c Maxwell b Hastings 23(9) [4s-2 6s-2]

47.4 - Faulkner to Gurkeerat Singh, out Bowled!! Before the game, Faulkner spoke about the slower ball being effective on this surface and he's got a wicket with it now. Gurkeerat tries to slog hard, didn't read the change of pace from the left-arm bowler and the inside-edge crashed into the leg stump. Gurkeerat Singh b Faulkner 8(7) [4s-1]

46.2 - Hastings to Kohli, out Caught by Bailey!! In the air and straight to Bailey again. That ends a fine knock from India's No. 3. Clever piece of bowling from Hastings. He knows that the wicket is slow and bangs the slower ball short, Kohli had to manufacture a lot of pace in an attempt to hit a boundary, he went for the lofted drive and did not control it. Picked out Bailey to perfection. The Aussies will be very happy with the blow as Kohli was looking dangerous. The replays show that Kohli actually had to reach out to play that shot as he went leg-side while coming down the track. Kohli c Bailey b Hastings 117(117) [4s-7 6s-2]

44.2 - Hastings to Rahane, out Caught by Maxwell!! In the air, not timed well and that's a great catch in the deep. I know it will go down as caught Maxwell, but it was Smith, who did all the hard work there. Hastings bangs the slower ball short, Rahane steps out and tries to play the big hit, mistimes it completely and it goes off the toe-end of the bat, long-on runs to his right, takes the catch, but as he was close to the rope, threw it towards the approaching Maxwell, who came from deep mid-wicket and that was so easily done by the duo. Credit to Maxwell as well for ensuring that he was close to Smith and ready for the relay. Hastings runs towards the skipper and shakes hands first, before celebrating with Maxwell. Meanwhile, there is a big cheer from the crowd as they see Dhoni stride out. End of a handy innings from Rahane. Rahane c Maxwell b Hastings 50(55) [4s-4 6s-1]

26.5 - Hastings to Dhawan, out Bowled!! That was poor. You eat up balls, get back into form and throw away your wicket to a leg-side filth. A slower delivery on the leg-stump from round the wicket, Dhawan moved right across and tried to whip it away, missed the ball, which hit his pad and took the leg-stump down. Off to Rahane now. And Dhoni, Mann and the other Dhawan. Rishi Dhawan. Dhawan b Hastings 68(91) [4s-9]

4.3 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, out Caught by Wade!! No hundred for Rohit, that's a huge blow for India. Lovely piece of bowling from Richardson, pitched up outside off and held its line, lured Rohit into the forward defensive push, he didn't really cover the line, ends up feathering an edge behind, the ball just about carried through to the grateful keeper, India lose their first wicket. Rohit c Wade b Kane Richardson 6(11)

44.1 - Hastings to Rahane, 2 runs, short of length delivery from Hastings, Rahane pulls it fine to long leg and that brings up his 15th ODI fifty. Back-to-back fifties for Jinks and he gets a loud cheer from the crowd and his team-mates

43.4 - Boland to Kohli, 1 run, down the track and then tries to slog, bat turns it his hands it goes over mid-wicket, only for a single

42.4 - Kane Richardson to Kohli, 1 run, that's it! It's a hundred for Virat Kohli and he becomes the fastest to score 24 ODI hundreds. What a player! Short of a length delivery on the off stump, Kohli works it behind square on the on-side. As he takes the run, he jumps and pumps his fist in joy. Takes the helmet off and then raises his bat to a great applause from the crowd and the dressing room. Takes a moment as he gets a bit emotional pointing the bat towards the sky. Rahane walks towards him and gives a hug. Kohli missed out at the WACA and Gabba, but not today! This guy loves the big stage. Doesn't he?

23.0 - Maxwell to Dhawan, 1 run, fifty for Dhawan as well, slower and wider outside off, eased square past cover, gets to his 16th ODI fifty, much needed for the left-hander

22.5 - Maxwell to Kohli, 1 run, another fifty for Kohli, his third in this series, 37th overall and 5th against Australia. Can he convert it into a big hundred? This was tossed up on his pads, worked away wristily and past mid-wicket for a single

48.3 - U Yadav to Maxwell, FOUR, that's cleared the infield and it's gone for four! Maxwell is just one hit away from his hundred. Australia need 1 run to win. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Maxwell backs away and slices it over backward point for four. 96 now

46.1 - Ishant to Maxwell, FOUR, "Ishant, you can't bowl there," says a disappointed VVS Laxman on air. Poor ball from the senior bowler. He tried the slower ball and bowled on the leg stump, Maxwell moves inside the line a bit and cleverly tickles it fine to the fine leg boundary. Maxwell pumps his fists for getting a boundary early on in the over

45.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to Maxwell, FOUR, the Big Show is stealing the show! Quality innings from the all-rounder. So calm and so nicely done this. Nothing wrong with the ball. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Maxwell steps out and lofts inside-out over extra-cover to collect a crucial boundary

45.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to Faulkner, FOUR, edged, but there's no one at slip. That would have gone straight to him. Jadeja had a slip until the last over! Flighted delivery outside off stump, Faulkner pushes away from the body and gets a thick edge that runs away to the third man boundary

43.0 - U Yadav to Maxwell, no ball, FOUR, oh the ball has slipped out of Umesh Yadav's hands and it's a no ball for height as well. Full toss above waist height, Maxwell easily lofts it over extra-cover and it almost goes all the way

39.1 - Barinder to Maxwell, FOUR, now that is why he wanted the strike back. The Australian flags are waving in the stands. Short and outside off stump, Maxwell backs away and Barinder serves him nicely and sweetly with a short ball, which is slapped over cover for a boundary. Great start to the over for the Aussies

33.0 - U Yadav to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, and again. "Nooo, no, no, no," says Mark Nicholas on air! This is another dreadful ball. It is very important to close out the over very well, not just start well. Short of a length delivery on the pads and Marsh tickles it on its way for four

32.5 - U Yadav to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, just 1 run off the first 4 balls and instead of maintaining the pressure, Umesh bowls a filthy short ball down the leg-side and gifts four runs. Tells you about the maturity of the bowler. Well, he'll argue that he tried to bounce the batsman out, but it didn't rise much and Marsh helped it on its way to the fine leg boundary

31.1 - Ishant to Maxwell, FOUR, that's a clever hit! He shows that he's not about muscling and slogging! Short delivery on the stumps, rose nicely, so much so that Maxwell hardly had to move, just waited to the ball to come and ramped it over Dhoni's head for a boundary

31.0 - Barinder to Mitchell Marsh, FOUR, it's a 11-run over after the wicket-taking over and surely a lot of pressure has been released. Good hit from Mitch Marsh. Barinder overpitches again in an attempt to give the ball a bit more of air-time as he looks for swing, but it goes as a juicy full ball and it's on-driven nicely past the diving mid-on fielder

30.4 - Barinder to Maxwell, FOUR, now nothing is going to stop Maxi from playing his shots! That's the way he bats and that's exactly what Australia need at the moment - counterpunch! Excellent hit. Full and in the slot, Maxwell lofts it handsomely over mid-on and poses for the camera. One bounce and into the fence

28.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to Maxwell, FOUR, flat and darted in, Maxwell gets forward, bends low and reverse sweeps it over backward point

23.5 - R Dhawan to S Marsh, FOUR, floated on a very full length, invites Marsh forward and he obliges. Plonks a big front foot stride and flogs the drive through cover

23.1 - R Dhawan to Bailey, FOUR, that sped off the bat. Pitched fuller, Bailey bends low, extends his hands and canes the ball wide of mid-off

22.0 - R Dhawan to Bailey, FOUR, one Dhawan has let the other one down. Rishi blundered by banging the ball short. At his pace, the ball sat up for Bailey to pull. Shikhar at deep mid-wicket dived, half-stopped the ball but couldn't hold on to the rebound. Ball rolls over the fence

20.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to Bailey, FOUR, dances down, meets the pitch and lofts it straight back over. Actually a very difficult shot to play against Jadeja. Bailey accomplishes it with distinction

15.3 - Gurkeerat Singh to Smith, FOUR, nah this is not working. Not many revolutions imparted and there is no dip. As a result, it's landing too full. Easy work for Smith. Drills it through the cover-point region. Actually it should have been an easy stop for Rohit there. But he dives on top of it

14.3 - R Dhawan to Smith, FOUR, was this the plan? To effect a leg-side stumping. Well if it was, it's gone horribly wrong. Dhawan slips one down leg, Smith manages to get a faint tickle on his glance and sends it very fine

14.0 - Gurkeerat Singh to S Marsh, FOUR, ah, and he's finished the over poorly. Tripe ball. Short and wide, Marsh could have put it away blindfolded. Moves across on the back foot, cuts it late to thread the gap in front of short third man

9.5 - U Yadav to Smith, FOUR, Smith doesn't let poor ones go unpunished! This was short and just outside off, Smith stands tall and punches it to the left of RJ at backward point, beats third man to the fence

8.5 - Ishant to Smith, FOUR, this is poor bowling from Ishant, short of a length and well outside off, Smith is quick to rock back and pulls it wide of mid-wicket for yet another boundary

8.4 - Ishant to Smith, FOUR, too short from Ishant, Smith is quick to rock back and pulls it in front of square on the on-side, gets it wide of mid-on and rolls away to the fence, first boundary for Smith

6.5 - Ishant to S Marsh, FOUR, too short from Ishant, Marsh swivels across, rolled his wrists along and pulls it past square leg, don't need to run for those

5.3 - Barinder to Finch, FOUR, Sran follows it up with a gentle full toss outside off, Finch leans into the shot and caresses it through extra cover for a boundary

5.2 - Barinder to Finch, FOUR, short, wide and four, average bowling from Sran, Finch gets on top of the bounce and cracks it square past point, no need to run for those

4.0 - Barinder to S Marsh, FOUR, cracking shot, fraction too full and well outside off, Marsh leans on the drive, plays it on the up and splits the gap between cover and mid-off, the timing is sublime and the ball rolls away to the fence

3.0 - U Yadav to S Marsh, FOUR, Australia are off to a flier, on a good length and well outside off, Marsh gets forward, presents the full face of the bat and drives it sweetly past Kohli at mid-off, rolls away to the fence

1.5 - Barinder to Finch, FOUR, lovely shot, wide half-volley outside off, at 130 kmph, that's easy pickings for Finch. He leans into the drive and caresses it through extra cover for a boundary

0.5 - U Yadav to S Marsh, FOUR, short, wide and four, width on offer from Umesh, Marsh reaches out and cracks it square past point, doesn't need to run for those, off the mark with a boundary

48.2 - U Yadav to Maxwell, SIX, oh yes! Yes, yes yes! He wants a hundred. MCG is always a special place to get a hundred. That's a freebie from Umesh. But one understands that he was trying to bowl the yorker, offers a juicy full ball and Maxwell lofts it easily over long-on

42.4 - U Yadav to Maxwell, SIX, that's muscled! As long as Maxwell is out there Australia will feel that they have got this in the bag. Length delivery on the leg stump, Maxwell backs away and lofts it over mid-off and clears the rope by some distance

39.4 - Barinder to Maxwell, SIX, oh wow! Just wow! Maxwell hit one similar to this during the 2015 World Cup and now he's played a slap despite being cramped for room and it has cleared the square boundary on the off-side. That's a big boundary too. He's literally sliced this all the way for six. Fifty under pressure. What a knock. Could well be a match-winning one for the Aussies

48.4 - U Yadav to Maxwell, out Caught by Dhawan!! In the airrrrr, oh he's mistimed it and Maxwell is out for 96. Brilliant innings from Maxi. Look at the applause he gets from the crowd. All his team-mates are up their feet applauding the Big Show. Length delivery on the stumps, Maxwell backs away and aims to hit it back over the bowler's head, slices it high in the air, Dhawan makes no mistake at mid-off. Maxwell c Dhawan b U Yadav 96(83) [4s-8 6s-3]

38.1 - Ishant to Wade, out Caught by Dhawan!! In the air, straight up in the air, a big cheer already from the crowd even before the catch is taken and Shikhar Dhawan doesn't disappoint them. Shortish delivery on the off stump, Wade goes for the pull, only gets a top-edge, mid-on runs forward, settles under it nicely and swallows it. Well, Dhawan even had time to finish his buffet there. That was in the air for so long. Wade c Dhawan b Ishant 6(10)

35.1 - Barinder to Maxwell, out Mitchell Marsh Run Out!! 2 runs completed. My word! Gee, this guy, MS Dhoni, can not only captain, keep wickets and bat, he can also act. He's pretended as if the ball is not coming towards his end and that fooled Mitch Marsh. So clever! Brilliant. Add whatever you want. Full and outside off stump, Maxwell drives wide of mid-off, he wants the third run and Marsh responds well. Dhoni ran up to the stumps and was in a great position. He was standstill for a moment, which gave Marsh the impression that the throw was going to Maxwell's end, but all of a sudden, Dhoni quickly collects the ball and breaks the sticks. Must say that it was a rocket throw from Umesh Yadav, who gave chase and put in the slide to stop the ball. He has a great arm and the throw was right next to the stumps, which was key to this dismissal. Oh look at the determination in Kohli's eyes. He roars and pumps his fist. He's desperate to win this. It's 204/5 and the pressure is back on Australia. Mitchell Marsh run out (U Yadav/Dhoni) 17(14) [4s-3]

30.0 - Ishant to S Marsh, out Caught by Dhoni!! Edged and taken! There you go! That's where you need to bowl, Ishant Sharma. And not experiment too much. Stick to the corridor of uncertainty rather than spraying the ball around. Massive wicket this for the Indians. Marsh was looking solid for a big hundred. The Indian fans in the stands are elated and so is Ishant, who pumps his fist in joy. Good length delivery angled across, nothing great about the ball, but that is the beauty of bowling a tight line around the off stump line. An unforced error from Marsh, who tried to run it down to third man without moving his feet and got an outside edge. He made 70 odd at the Gabba, today he's made 62. Look at what this wicket means to the Indians. Dhoni throws the ball as high as he can and Kohli runs towards Ishant with his hands aloft like a flying bird. S Marsh c Dhoni b Ishant 62(73) [4s-6]

26.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to Bailey, out Stumped!! A review for stumping has gone upstairs. India are celebrating already! Fair delivery. Never is unfair with Jadeja. And he is gone. Loud cheers in the crowd. India have sent Bailey back! The ball was quick, Bailey had to stretch a long way forward to defend. The ball turned a touch and Dhoni whipped the bails in a flash. Quicker than an eye wink. Bailey's back foot was just outside the crease. He tried to his best to plant it back into the crease, but Dhoni was too good for him. Bailey st Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 23(21) [4s-3]

18.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Smith, out Caught by Rahane!! Are you kidding me! Smith's out and he hasn't even scored 1000 runs. Against India. Oh shocker. Nah jokes aside, credit to Jadeja. Superb delivery. Gets his quick dart to turn against the angle. Fired in on a length just outside off from round the wicket, has Smith pushing at it, the ball rips appreciably, catches the outside edge and just about carries to Rahane at slip. He tried to lose his bottom hand after seeing the turn but in vain. Smith c Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 41(45) [4s-5]

7.1 - U Yadav to Finch, out Caught by Dhoni!! Edged and caught! Much needed wicket for India, Umesh strikes in his comeback over. Lovely length, pitched up and a hint of late nip away from the right-hander, drew Finch into the drive. His feet went nowhere, the bat went searching for the ball and the outside edge is found. Dhoni moves to his right and grabs it, Finch doesn't make the most of the reprieve he got. The Indians are chuffed, Australia lose their first wicket. Finch c Dhoni b U Yadav 21(23) [4s-3]

5.4 - Barinder to Finch, no run, Gurkeerat has dropped a dolly, nothing going India's way, this was full and well outside off, Finch drilled it on the up and towards mid-off. Came at a nice height, Gurkeerat got both hands and drops a clanger, it hit his wrist and popped out

45.4 - Ravindra Jadeja to Maxwell, no run, yes, no and Faulkner escapes!. Maxwell steps out and tries to work it on the on-side, gets a leading edge that rolls into the off-side. Faulkner comes charging down the pitch for a single, but Maxwell sends him back, Jadeja runs forward, slides and picks up the ball, takes a lot of time to aim and has a real hard shy but misses the sticks at the bowler's end. Faulkner dived full length to make his ground

37.4 - Barinder to Wade, 1 run, Dhoni is good with his football and he almost effected a run-out here. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, Wade defends with soft hands, so much so that it almost rolled back onto the off stump, Maxwell wanted a quick single, Wade responds, Dhoni runs forward and kicks the ball with his right leg and almost hits the stumps. A direct-hit would have been very interesting

21.2 - R Dhawan to S Marsh, 2 runs, full ball slanted across and Marsh squeezes it out with an open bat face. Gets to his fifty with a brace. His 12th half-century in ODIs. The comeback going fine as of now

19.1 - Gurkeerat Singh to Bailey, 1 run, shimmies down, flicks it to the left of Jadeja and decides to take him on. Bailey's audacity nearly brought about his downfall. A direct-hit and he was gone