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India tour of Australia 2016

Scorecard - 2nd ODI, Australia vs India at The Gabba, Brisbane, Australia (15 Jan 2016)


308/8 (50) RR:6.16

Australia won by 7 wkts

MOM: Rohit Sharma
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48.4 - Faulkner to M Pandey, FOUR, that's a nice hit to bring up India's 300. Faulkner goes full and wide trying the yorker, Pandey reaches out and slices it over backward point, the timing was too good and third man had no chance

47.4 - Boland to Rahane, FOUR, Boland misses the yorker by some distance and bowls a full toss on the stumps, Rahane slogs it over mid-wicket, the man in the deep had a lot of ground to cover running to his left and he had no chance. India need more of these

46.5 - Faulkner to Rahane, FOUR, lucky but Rahane and India won't mind. Full and outside off stump, Rahane slogs across the line, gets a thick edge that goes fine and past the keeper for four. Third man had no chance

41.1 - Boland to Rohit, FOUR, now that is some shot from Rohit Sharma! Gee he's gifted with a lot of talent. Can't keep the word talent away from Rohit Sharma. Not many would have played that shot with such ease. Full and outside off stump, Rohit just slices the lofted-drive and it almost cleared the deep extra-cover fence

39.2 - Kane Richardson to Rahane, FOUR, drifting into the pads, Rahane helps it with a glance down to fine leg. Hastings rushes hard and puts in the dive but to no avail. Back-to-back boundaries for Rahane

39.1 - Kane Richardson to Rahane, FOUR, ah, shot! Rahane dances down the track and drives this full ball uppishly over a leaping short cover, raced away in a hurry

39.0 - Hastings to Rohit, FOUR, CTRL C + CTRL V of the previous delivery, just that Rohit placed it a bit finer than the previous one

38.5 - Hastings to Rohit, FOUR, wow! That never looked like a boundary, but Rohit has timed the pants off it. Jumps on the back foot and plays a one-legged pull behind backward square, the fielder was too deep at square leg and hence he couldn't prevent the boundary

36.2 - Joel Paris to Rahane, FOUR, that's Rahane for you! Saw that a lot during IND-RSA game in the World Cup. Shimmes down the track and smashes it through mid-wicket, such sweet timer of the ball is Rahane!

33.2 - Faulkner to Rahane, FOUR, first boundary for Rahane! Silky stuff from Rahane. "Didn't look to hit the ball hard", as the legendary VVS affirms on air. Just lifted it nonchalantly back over the bowler, couple of bounces and into the fence

28.2 - Hastings to Rohit, FOUR, throws his bat hard on a back of a length delivery, the top-edge flies away fine. Fine enough to beat third man. The merits of not withholding anything. His hands came down hard in an attempt to strangle it through the off-side

24.4 - Hastings to Rohit, FOUR, he deserves this, does Rohit. That teensy bit of luck. Length ball outside off, aims an expansive cover-drive but chops it off the inside edge. Nearly painted off-stump on the way through

23.4 - Boland to Kohli, FOUR, hurtles down the pitch and blazes the drive through extra-cover. He is taking liberties now. Absolutely smothered it after meeting the pitch

21.4 - Faulkner to Kohli, FOUR, Kohli is not one to stay far behind. Gives the charge while making room to open up the off-side, slams the length delivery through extra-cover. Fifty for the vice-captain. It's gala time

17.4 - Maxwell to Kohli, FOUR, what's with Australia and the sweep? Have only seen Kohli play that shot in this part of the world. But how good is the execution! Looped up on a length on middle, he bends low and wallops it behind square. No chance for Hastings

16.5 - Faulkner to Rohit, FOUR, oh magnificent. Both these players have tackled the short ball well so far. No sign of intimidation. Rohit pulls it along the carpet backward of square. Races away

13.4 - Maxwell to Rohit, FOUR, Rohit finally gets the sweep fine enough for a boundary. Once again Maxwell targets the area around the leg stump, Rohit kneels down to sweep, gets a bit of an under edge that rolls away fine, beating fine leg to his right

11.3 - Hastings to Kohli, FOUR, lovely shot! That shot oozes class. On a fuller length on the stumps, Kohli just pushes at it with the full face of the bat, came right off the sweet spot and the ball races away to the left of mid-on, who gives chase but only to come second by a long way

10.5 - Boland to Rohit, FOUR, shot of the day so far! Full and right in the driving slot outside off, Rohit puts his front foot forward to get to the pitch of the ball and he creams the drive through extra cover, there was no stopping that from reaching the fence

8.3 - Boland to Rohit, FOUR, in the air and safe! Rohit comes charging down the track and throws the kitchen sink at this length delivery, gets a thick outside edge that flies over the man at slip and to the left of third man, Hastings gets across but makes a mess of the stop near the rope, the ball trickles away to the fence

5.3 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, FOUR, smashed! Short and width on offer, Rohit latches onto it in a flash. Cuts it as hard as possible, it was in the air for some time but Maxwell at backward point had no chance, the ball rocketed away to his right and he didn't even move. That's how hard it was hit

3.1 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, FOUR, brilliantly done! Width on offer and Rohit throws the kitchen sink at that. He looks to cut it away and the ball flies away to the right of third man, who only had to move a few yards to get there, which he couldn't as the ball rocketed away to the fence off the blade, one bounce and over the rope

2.1 - Joel Paris to Dhawan, FOUR, first boundary for India. Pitched up well outside off, the ball shapes away further as Dhawan throws his hands at that, he hardly moved his feet as he went for the drive through extra cover, he hits it uppishly but gets it past the man at extra cover, races away to the fence

42.1 - Faulkner to Rahane, SIX, down the track and baaaang! He was on one leg when he met with the ball but the balance was so good. Length delivery right in the slot, Rahane jumped out of the crease and lofted it handsomely back over the bowler's head for a maximum

22.4 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, SIX, bazooka! Oh he's a missile launcher. Loads up the tank, gets it on a half-volley and fires it straight back. Brilliant flourish of the arms and immaculate timing. Richardson looks like a scared child

22.2 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, SIX, and this has sent shivers down some Australian spines. WOW. Mark Nicholas bubbled up for one. Short of length delivery outside off, Rohit murders the pull off the front foot over mid-wicket. He absolutely skinned it. Went all the way

5.5 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, SIX, top-edge and it has gone the distance! Short of length delivery down the leg-side, Rohit looks to glance it away, was a little late into the shot and the ball catches a fat top-edge, flies away fine and just about clears the fence at fine leg

50.0 - Hastings to Ravindra Jadeja, out Ravindra Jadeja Run Out!! So India have got one run lesser than what they got at the WACA. This is a strong comeback from Australia and going into the break, they will feel the momentum is with them. Yorker from Hastings, Jadeja digs it out down the pitch, Yadav tries to steal a run, but the ball was close to Hastings, who picked it up, ran back and easily dislodged the bails. Jadeja was not even in the picture. Ravindra Jadeja run out (Hastings) 5(5)

49.3 - Hastings to Ashwin, out Caught by Boland!! The slump continues for India and they have lost 3 wickets in a space of 7 balls now. Full and on the off stump, Ashwin walks across and tries to scoop it over short fine leg, but gets a top-edge, goes only as far as short third man, who moves to his left and takes the catch. Ashwin c Boland b Hastings 1(2)

48.5 - Faulkner to M Pandey, out Caught by Joel Paris!! He's hit this with one-hand, but it's a catch at long-off. Slower delivery outside off stump, Pandey tries the loft, but played a little early and lost the bottom hand grip, in the end spooned it in the air and long-off ran forward and completed an easy catch. India are losing a lot of gas here. Turning out to be a great last over from Faulkner. With these big boundaries, the slower ball is very handy when the batsman is trying to hit the ball hard. Have India's bowlers taken note? M Pandey c Joel Paris b Faulkner 6(5) [4s-1]

48.3 - Faulkner to Rahane, out Caught by Smith!! In the airrrrrrr, I don't think this has got enough legs and he holes out in the deep. End of a fine innings from Rahane. Slower delivery on the stumps, Rahane steps out and slogs, but the lack of pace on the ball meant he completely mistimed the shot, Smith moves to his right at deep mid-wicket and takes a simple catch. Rahane falls 11 runs short of a hundred. Rahane c Smith b Faulkner 89(80) [4s-6 6s-1]

46.0 - Boland to Dhoni, out Caught by Maxwell!! Maiden ODI wicket for Boland and it's a big one. Slower delivery very full and on the stumps, Dhoni goes for the slog, doesn't hit it that well, no elevation on it and it went flat and straight to the man at long-on, who didn't have to move an inch. This is great bowling from the Aussies. They are not allowing the Indians to score freely in the death overs. Dhoni c Maxwell b Boland 11(10)

42.2 - Faulkner to Rahane, out Rohit Run Out!! Oh that's a dreadul end to a fantastic innings from Rohit Sharma. So unlucky! The slower ball goes very full from Faulkner, Rahane drives it hard and straight down the pitch, Faulkner, from round the wicket, puts his right hand out in his followthrough and gets a fingertip on it in an attempt to stop the ball. Rohit was outside the crease looking for a run and it crashes into the sticks at the bowler's end. Rohit swings his gloves in disappointment as he walks off. The TV umpire was not needed as it was quite evident that Faulkner got a hand on it. Rohit run out (Faulkner) 124(127) [4s-11 6s-3]

23.5 - Boland to Kohli, out Kohli Run Out!! 1 run completed. This is bizarre. I mean how many times there will be a run-out with these two. It's so ridiculous that it's almost laughable. Short ball which was pulled behind square, Kohli was always going for two. Didn't spot any hesitation so it comes down to bad judgement I guess. Richardson swoops in from fine leg, rifles it straight over the stumps, Wade collects and whips the bails. Kohli is atleast 6 inches short despite a valiant dive. Kohli run out (Kane Richardson/Wade) 59(67) [4s-4]

2.2 - Joel Paris to Dhawan, out Caught by Wade!! Poor, that's poor from Dhawan. Paris is ecstatic to pick his maiden ODI wicket. Not a wicket-taking delivery by any sense, but Paris wouldn't mind this one bit. This was short and well wide outside off, Dhawan was looking to flay it into the off-side, goes for it off the front foot when he should have been hanging back, ends up edging it to the keeper as the ball extracts some extra bounce as well. India have once again lost an opener early in the innings. Dhawan c Wade b Joel Paris 6(4) [4s-1]

46.1 - Faulkner to Rahane, 1 run, yorker outside off stump, Rahane digs it out into the off-side, Pandey calls for a quick single but a direct-hit would have caught him well short at the striker's end

40.2 - Faulkner to Rahane, 2 runs, fifty for Rahane! It's his 14th in ODIs. Stood tall and square drove this full ball to reach his landmark

36.4 - Joel Paris to Rohit, 1 run, Rohit Sharma - you little beauty! He just loves batting against Australia, isn't it? This is his 10th ODI hundred and guess what! 5 of them have come against the mighty Aussies. Back-to-back hundreds too. Another daddy ton waiting? Remember he has the ability to turn tons into big scores and to add to your excitement (Rohit's fans to be precise) each time Kohli has been run out (when batting along with Rohit), the hitman went onto score a double hundred. Gets there with a dab down to third man. Sprints to the other end, jumps high in the air, pumps his fist and gets a hug from his partner. Huge roar from Indian fans present at the Gabba. Well played Rohit!

18.5 - Kane Richardson to Rohit, 1 run, fifty for Rohit! Very full and aiming for the toes, he merely flicks it down towards fine leg. Waves his bat to the crowd before walking down to his partner for a handshake

48.5 - U Yadav to Maxwell, FOUR, scores are level now! Maxwell rocks back and pulls this short delivery over mid-wicket, races away to the fence in a jiffy

46.3 - Ishant to Bailey, FOUR, Bailey will be disappointed that he didn't get a maximum for that. On a good length and on the stumps, Bailey makes room for himself and swats it in the gap between deep mid-wicket and long-on, bounces just inside the rope, much to the disappointment of the Tasmanian

43.5 - Barinder to Bailey, FOUR, oh no! Not quite the length to be bowling. But he's only a youngster. Will learn. Short with ample width on offer, flayed over backward point with a boisterous cut shot

42.5 - U Yadav to Bailey, FOUR, outside edge flies past Dhoni. Nothing he can do. Full outside off, Bailey looks to launch it straight back, only manages an edge which flies away

39.4 - Ishant to Smith, FOUR, that's been speared back past the bowler. Opened his stance to a length ball and slammed it back. Couldn't quite time it as well but his exaggerated bat-swing deceived Ishant who was surprised by the lack of pace. Hence was in no position to catch

39.1 - Ishant to Bailey, FOUR, when it ain't going your way, nothing works. Inside edge whizzes past leg-stump and into the fine leg fence. Bailey was on the walk looking to force a length ball through the off-side, only manages to chop it behind

37.5 - Ashwin to Smith, FOUR, super! What more do I say? He's cut that from middle and off stump. Backs away to make room, knows Ashwin is bowling flat and the length will be short, and threads it between backward point and short third man with a back-cut

36.4 - U Yadav to Bailey, FOUR, swatted over mid-wicket. Really poor stuff from Yadav. He's had a horror evening and the nightmare continues. Short ball without any sense or purpose. Bailey says hell yeah, "feed me more". Rocks back and dispatches the pull with disdain

34.5 - Kohli to Smith, FOUR, way too short and too easy for Smith, who helps himself to a boundary. He rocks back and pulls it through mid-wicket, long-on had no chance

32.5 - Barinder to Bailey, FOUR, Bailey has no problems timing the ball though! Sran overpitches one right in the slot and Bailey lofts straight down the ground back over the bowler's head. That will ease some tension in the Aussie dressing room

31.3 - Ashwin to Bailey, FOUR, now how did that miss the stumps? Beat Dhoni as well! The Gabba bounce folks, the Gabba bounce. That's what saved Bailey there. The Aussie No. 4 was right across and exposed all three sticks as he tried to paddle, missed and it bounced over the leg stump. Dhoni moved to his left but he moved so much and it beat him to his right. Should have been byes that, I don't think there was any bat/glove involved

26.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to Smith, FOUR, in the air but safe. That's risky from Smith, but he won't mind after all he knows how to play against the Indians. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Smith steps out and flicks uppishly, the man at mid-wicket dives to his right but it escapes past him

22.4 - Ravindra Jadeja to Finch, FOUR, this is a fine counterattack from the Aussies. Surely they must have discussed this in the drinks break and so far, both Finch and Marsh have executed the plan very well. Very full and on the stumps, Finch slogs over mid-wicket and there is no one protecting the boundary

22.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to Finch, FOUR, Dhawan and Ishant give chase, but the ball wins the race. Short and outside off stump, Finch cuts it between backward point and short third man once again as he did in the previous over and picks up four more

22.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to S Marsh, FOUR, not the ideal start to a new spell. Short and on the off stump, Marsh rocks back and pulls it handsomely over mid-wicket, no one in the deep and it races away for four

21.4 - Ashwin to Finch, FOUR, this is short and wide outside off stump, Finch rocks back and cuts between backward point and short third man. Excellent placement there

20.5 - U Yadav to Finch, FOUR, in the air, not timed well, but mid-off is inside the ring and that turns out to be a safe hit. 100 partnership comes up with that hit. Full delivery on the off stump, Finch lofts the drive over mid-off's head

20.3 - U Yadav to Finch, FOUR, with fine leg very square, you can't bowl a leg stump line and Finch helps himself to another boundary with a gentle glance to fine leg

16.4 - U Yadav to S Marsh, FOUR, that's the second boundary of the over, just what the Aussies wanted. Why would you want to try a slower ball now? This one goes down the leg-side and all Marsh needed to do was tickle it fine and he didn't miss out

16.1 - U Yadav to S Marsh, FOUR, a bit of pressure was built by the spinners and it is important for Umesh to maintain it. He starts his new spell with a rank long hop, short and wide outside off stump, Marsh reaches out and slaps it off the bottom of the bat, balls beats Kohli at mid-off

13.5 - Ashwin to S Marsh, FOUR, dropped! It was a very, very tough one though. Slower and spinning away from Marsh, he cut and got a thick top-edge on that. The ball flew off the bat and Rahane at slip could only get a fingertip on that, raced away to the third man fence

3.3 - Ishant to S Marsh, FOUR, poor from Ishant. Too many charity balls on offer. Slips this down leg, Marsh helps it to the fine leg fence with a tickle off his pads, raced away

0.5 - Barinder to Finch, FOUR, length delivery slipping down leg, Finch jumps on the back foot and glances it towards the fine leg fence, that's a freebie and Finch took full toll of it

0.3 - Barinder to Finch, FOUR, "Too predictable" as the swing-king Wasim Akram points out on air. Short and asking to be slapped, Finch obliges with a lovely pull stroke through mid-wicket, Finch is off and running with a boundary

43.1 - Barinder to Bailey, SIX, now that's in the slot and been catapulted over long-off. Full and angled in the channel outside off, well within Bailey's swinging arc, he extends his arms and follows the path of the ball after timing it to glory. No better way to bring up a fifty

21.0 - U Yadav to Finch, SIX, now that is a top shot! Finch is turning it on and what a way to get to his fifty - his 10th in ODIs. Full and on the stumps, Finch plays the pick-up shot, hits it deliberately in the air and just about manages to clear the man at deep square leg

40.5 - U Yadav to Smith, out Bowled!! "His arrogance has got him out," was Harsha Bhogle's reaction as soon as the bails went flying. Can't put it more aptly. Backs away to a length ball looking to carve through the off-side, the ball sneaks under his cross-batted willow and knocks over the top of off. Smith b U Yadav 46(47) [4s-4]

29.5 - Ishant to S Marsh, out Caught by Kohli!! No one's dropping this. A dolly and Kohli calls for it early, takes an easy catch. Ishant has got his reward for some fine bowling. He didn't experiment too much and stuck to bowling in the corridor of uncertainty and it has worked for him. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, Marsh tries to flick, but the ball bounced extra and foxed him. Took the leading edge and went straight up in the air, Kohli moved to his right from cover and made no mistake. Second wicket for India in fairly quick time. How are the Aussies going to react? S Marsh c Kohli b Ishant 71(84) [4s-5]

24.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Finch, out Caught by Rahane!! Now that is how you take a catch. Gee, how good is he, Jinks Rahane? Look at the determination in his eyes after taking that catch. This is the sort of inspiration India desperately needed at this stage. Hang on, they are checking if it carried cleanly and I have no problems with it. Anyway, let's go through the process, Jadeja's front foot is fine, meaning it's a legal delivery. Now the zoomer comes in and Rahane's fingers are under it. The verdict is passed onto the on-field umpire, who raises his finger. End of a handy innings from Finch. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Finch went really hard at this as he tried to loft, but didn't hit it too well and it went off the outside half of the bat. Rahane ran forward from long-off, dived full length forward and grabbed it inches from the ground. So that ends a fine 145-run association. Finch c Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 71(81) [4s-7 6s-1]

27.4 - Ishant to S Marsh, 1 run, edged and dropped. It's Manish Pandey! Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Marsh opens the face of the bat and tries to guide, why would you do that with a man at slip, the ball takes a thick edge, Pandey was very wide at slip and tried to grab it inches from the ground after diving to his right, but couldn't hold on. So Marsh has been put down 4 times today. What did he have in the morning?

23.1 - U Yadav to S Marsh, 1 run, in the airrrr and that's a stunning effort by Barinder Sran. Extremely tough dropped chance. One thing is for sure, this wasn't a wicket-taking delivery at all. Short and on the leg stump, Marsh pulls fine, Sran runs to his left, dives full length and goes two-handed at it, but it pops out. Great effort that and he did well to keep it to a single as well

12.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to S Marsh, 1 run, dropped by Ishant Sharma! That's a dolly and you cannot afford to drop those. Marsh advanced down the track and goes through with the loft. Mistimed it completely, Ishant was at long-on. He looked settled under the ball, got both hands but failed to cling on

49.0 - U Yadav to Maxwell, 1 run, Australia take a 2-0 lead! This is now the highest successful run-chase by a team at the Gabba. They made that record at the WACA in the last game and they have done it today as well. Coming to the ball, it was short and wide outside off, Maxwell cuts it straight to backward point and sets off, Bailey would have been a goner had Jadeja found the stumps with his throw, but he missed and the batsmen complete the run

21.2 - Ashwin to S Marsh, 1 run, short and outside off stump, Marsh cuts it to sweeper cover and that brings up his fifty

21.1 - Ashwin to S Marsh, 2 runs, oh this could be tight! Oh dear! What were you doing Ashwin? Surely, he had to collect and take the bails off. Marsh works this into the on-side, Finch sets off for a quick single, but Marsh was late to respond, the fielder has a shy at the bowler's end, but misses. Marsh was not even in the frame and would have out by a yard or so even if Ashwin had collected and taken the bails off