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New Zealand tour of Zimbabwe 2015

Scorecard - Only T20I, Zimbabwe vs New Zealand at Harare Sports Club, Harare, Zimbabwe (09 Aug 2015)

New Zealand

198/5 (20) RR:9.9

New Zealand won by 80 runs

MOM: George Worker

118/8 (20) RR:5.9

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19.3 - Mpofu to Nathan McCullum, FOUR, short and slightly wide outside off, McCullum throws his bat at it as he looks to cut, he gets it over backward point and with no third man around, the ball runs away to the fence

19.1 - Mpofu to Nathan McCullum, FOUR, slower ball on the stumps, McCullum looks to heave it away through the on-side, gets an inside edge and the ball rolls away fine to the right of short fine leg, who gives chase but to no avail

19.0 - Muzarabani to Munro, FOUR, back-to-back fours for Munro! Low full toss outside off, Munro lofts it through the line yet again, one bounce and over the rope. He's playing a good cameo here

18.5 - Muzarabani to Munro, FOUR, half-volley just outside off, Munro stays back, gets under the ball and lofts it straight down the ground for a boundary

17.5 - Sean Williams to Munro, FOUR, tossed up on middle stump line, Munro goes down on one knee and plays the slog sweep, he timed it well and the ball just bounces in front of the ad-cushions at the deep mid-wicket fence. The third umpire takes a look and gives it as a boundary

16.1 - S Raza to Ronchi, FOUR, backs away and heaves this flatter delivery from Raza, gets it in the gap over mid-wicket, the fielder in the deep runs to his left but the ball evades him

13.5 - Cremer to Ronchi, FOUR, Ronchi joins the party now. Pushed through outside off, Ronchi kneels down and slog sweeps it towards the cow corner fence, the ball bounces right in front of the ad-cushions

12.1 - Utseya to George Worker, FOUR, darted around off, Worker gives the charge and takes it on the full, drills it through the cover region for a boundary

8.0 - Chibhabha to George Worker, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Worker hangs on the back foot and plays it late, guides it to the right of backward point, the fielder at third man runs to his left but the ball wins the race

7.1 - Chibhabha to Guptill, FOUR, muscled! That's a great strike from Guptill. Short and outside off, Guptill hangs back and pulls it over mid-wicket, races away to the fence in a hurry

6.3 - Sean Williams to George Worker, FOUR, finally Worker gets off the mark with a boundary. He gives the charge this time around and glances this flighted delivery on the pads to the left of short fine leg, the fielder gives chase but the ball beats him to the fence

5.1 - Chibhabha to Guptill, leg byes, FOUR, poor ball to start off with, down the leg-side, Guptill fails to glance it fine, the ball catches the thigh pad and runs away fine for four leg byes

4.1 - Mpofu to Guptill, FOUR, short and down the leg-side, Guptill had all the time in the world to swivel and pull it, he helps it past short fine leg and the ball hits the fence in no time

3.4 - Muzarabani to Guptill, FOUR, slower back of a length delivery just outside off, there was a little width on offer and Guptill latches onto it in a flash. He cuts it to the right of backward point, no need to run for those

3.2 - Muzarabani to Guptill, FOUR, lovely shot from Guptill! Half-volley just outside off, Guptill puts a good stride forward and drives it to the left of mid-off, races away to the fence in a jiffy

1.4 - Muzarabani to Williamson, FOUR, another lovely shot from Williamson. This was short and slightly wide outside off, Williamson gets on top of the bounce and cuts it in the gap between cover-point and backward point, who dives across and fails to stop the ball, the ball beats the fielder's chase to the fence

1.2 - Muzarabani to Guptill, FOUR, brilliant hit! On a length and in the slot just outside off, Guptill gives himself slight room and lofts it over the bowler, another boundary for the Black Caps

1.0 - Utseya to Williamson, FOUR, and again! Williamson gets New Zealand off to a great start in the first over. 15 runs came off it. Once again Utseya darts it in the channel outside off, Williamson just lofts it inside-out over extra cover, one bounce and over the rope

0.5 - Utseya to Williamson, FOUR, bit fuller this time, but Williamson is upto the task as he bags another boundary. It was like an action replay of the last ball as Williamson loft-drives it over extra cover for another boundary

0.4 - Utseya to Williamson, FOUR, first boundary for the Kiwi skipper, quicker outside off, Williamson lifts it over extra cover and it runs away to the fence in no time

19.2 - Mpofu to Nathan McCullum, SIX, low full toss on the stumps and McCullum dispatches it over the fence with utter disdain. He smashes it over the long-on fence for another half-dozen

18.0 - Sean Williams to Munro, SIX, even better from Munro!. This time he clears his front leg and heaves it across the line, deposits it over the deep mid-wicket fence

16.2 - S Raza to Ronchi, SIX, Ronchi's been put down and it goes for a six as well. This was tossed up by Raza, Ronchi kneels down and slog sweeps it towards deep mid-wicket, the fielder got both hands to it, but the ball bursts through his hands and goes over the rope. The fielder should have done better there

13.3 - Cremer to George Worker, SIX, lovely use of the feet! Maiden fifty on debut for Worker. It was tossed up on the stumps, Worker steps out and lofts it straight down the ground, clears the rope easily as well

12.2 - Utseya to George Worker, SIX, Utseya is not learning his lessons. Now, he overcompensates and bowls a rank long hop, Worker had all the time in the world to rock back and he pulls it magnificently over the deep mid-wicket fence

9.4 - Cremer to George Worker, SIX, Worker comes down the wicket and gets to the pitch of this tossed up delivery just outside off, he swings hard and sends it soaring over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum

7.4 - Chibhabha to George Worker, SIX, tonked! This was angling away outside off, Worker clears his front leg and heaves it over deep backward square leg, the connection was sweet and it clears th rope easily

17.2 - Sean Williams to Ronchi, out Caught by C Ervine!! Williams takes his third wicket of the day. It was pushed through on the stumps, Ronchi kneels down and goes for the slog sweep, Ervine from deep backward square leg runs forward, the ball was dying down in front of him, he puts in the dive and takes it inches above the ground. A good catch from him to end Ronchi's cameo. Ronchi c C Ervine b Sean Williams 29(19) [4s-2 6s-1]

15.4 - Sean Williams to George Worker, out Bowled!! New Zealand lose their fourth wicket. Worker departs after an enthralling knock. This was darted on middle and leg, Worker gives the charge and wanted to go big, he fails to lay bat on it and the ball crashes into the stumps. He almost yorked himself on this occasion. George Worker b Sean Williams 62(38) [4s-3 6s-4]

11.2 - Cremer to Elliott, out Caught by H Masakadza!! Elliott departs trying to go big. It was floated up on leg stump line, may have been the googly from Cremer. Elliott clears his front leg and swings hard at it, he got the elevation but not the desired distance. Masakadza from long-on runs to his right and takes a simple catch. Elliott c H Masakadza b Cremer 8(9)

8.4 - Sean Williams to Guptill, out Caught by S Raza!! Guptill will be very disappointed with himself that he hit the freebie straight to the fielder. Full toss outside off, Guptill comes dancing down the track and lofts it through the line, didn't get hold of it and ends up offering a simple catch to Raza at long-off, who moves to his left and takes it. Guptill c S Raza b Sean Williams 33(24) [4s-5]

3.1 - Muzarabani to Williamson, out Caught by C Ervine!! That is a brilliant catch from Ervine to send the Kiwi skipper back. This was banged in short and at the batsman, Williamson pulls and doesn't bother to keep it down, Ervine from deep square leg runs to his right, dives full length and takes a great catch with both hands. Williamson c C Ervine b Muzarabani 20(12) [4s-4]

19.4 - Elliott to Mpofu, byes, FOUR, oh how did that miss the off stump? Very full slower delivery, Mpofu was beaten by the lack of pace as he looked to defend, it went so close to the off stump and Ronchi fumbled behind the stumps

19.0 - McClenaghan to C Ervine, FOUR, McClenaghan can't resist from banging it short, Ervine gets inside the line and pulls it fine to the long leg boundary

17.1 - Neesham to C Ervine, FOUR, full and outside off stump, Ervine drives it over cover, McCullum runs to his right from long-off, dives and flicks the ball back but it rolls back and hits the boundary rope

14.5 - McClenaghan to Chakabva, FOUR, slower ball banged short and wide outside off stump, Chakabva extends his arms and cuts it fiercely to the deep extra-cover fence

14.2 - McClenaghan to C Ervine, FOUR, full and outside off stump, Ervine backs away and drives it hard through cover, the fielder in the deep had no chance as it rocketed from the middle of the bat

11.4 - Ish Sodhi to Sean Williams, FOUR, Williams races down the track and takes the flighted delivery on the full, lofts it straight back over the bowler's head and long-on had no chance

10.5 - Nathan McCullum to C Ervine, FOUR, shortish from McCullum, Ervine pulls it to the left of long-on, the fielder gives chase but loses the battle

5.3 - McClenaghan to S Raza, FOUR, healthy outside edge from Raza and it runs away for four, back of a length delivery wide of off, Raza drives off the front foot and ekes out an outside edge which flies wide of a diving short third man. Lucky runs these for Zimbabwe

3.5 - Neesham to S Raza, FOUR, brilliantly done by Raza. He rocked on the back foot and smashed this length delivery high and over mid-on, middled it and got the deserved result

2.2 - Milne to H Masakadza, FOUR, full and in the slot, Masakadza takes full advantage of it, stays rooted to the crease and smashes it straight down the ground, no need to run for those

2.0 - McClenaghan to Chibhabha, FOUR, first sign of aggression from Zimbabwe, Chibhabha advances and converts this into a length delivery, lofts it over mid-off, Williamson gave a valiant chase and tried to pull the ball back just inside the rope, ball beats him and races away. Brilliant effort from the New Zealand skipper

20.0 - Elliott to Mpofu, SIX, Mpofu finishes off in style, but New Zealand win by 80 runs. Mpofu picks the slower ball early, waits for it and as it arrived, pulled it hard over deep backward square leg for a maximum

19.3 - Elliott to C Ervine, out Bowled!! Ervine doesn't pick the slower delivery again, goes early into the slog, misses and the off pole goes for a walk. Ervine quietly walks off the field. Elliott is delighted to have a wicket against his name. C Ervine b Elliott 42(46) [4s-4]

18.1 - McClenaghan to Cremer, out Caught by Neesham!! Now this is a stunning catch from Neesham. Short delivery on the stumps, Cremer goes for the pull, gets a top edge, mid-wicket runs to his right, dives full length and grabs it inches from the ground with one hand. Looks like Neesham has injured himself while taking the catch and he's going off the field. Cremer c Neesham b McClenaghan 5(7)

16.3 - Milne to Chakabva, out Caught by Ronchi!! Oh that's a nasty bumper from Milne. Fast and on the stumps, in fact the side angle shows that it kept a bit low, Chakabva spotted that late, he tried to duck under it but couldn't keep his bat down, eventually he tried to ramp it, but it went off the face and went up in the air, Ronchi runs to his right, dives and takes a good low catch. Chakabva c Ronchi b Milne 13(17) [4s-1]

11.5 - Ish Sodhi to Sean Williams, out Caught&Bowled!! Oh that is a brilliant catch. Ish Sodhi dropped a sitter in his previous over, but he's taken an excellent catch and made it look so simple as well. Williams jumps out of the crease to go big, takes the flighted delivery on the full, drives it hard but doesn't keep it down, Sodhi just casually puts his right hand out and it sticks. He throws the ball up in delight, Zimbabwe have lost half their side now. Sean Williams c and b Ish Sodhi 16(15) [4s-1]

7.0 - Nathan McCullum to Chigumbura, out Caught by Munro!! The struggle continues for Chigu. He's not had a significant score since his hundred against India in the first ODI of the recently concluded series. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Chigumbura goes for the loft this time, but doesn't get hold of it, looks like the ball took the bottom of the bat and long-on didn't have to move an inch to take the catch. Zimbabwe have been reduced to 34/4. Chigumbura c Munro b Nathan McCullum 2(4)

5.4 - McClenaghan to S Raza, out Caught by Ronchi!! Zimbabwe are in deep trouble now, Raza gone too. Again it's the slower ball that does the trick, slower length delivery in the area outside off, Raza went back and looked to guide it towards third man, ball catches the outside edge and settles nicely into the hands of Ronchi. S Raza c Ronchi b McClenaghan 8(10) [4s-2]

3.1 - Neesham to Chibhabha, out Bowled!! Castled!! Both the openers are back in the hut now, Chibhabha was looking to send it out of the ground. This was a slower length delivery on the stumps, Chibhabha stays rooted to the crease and slogs across the line, doesn't make any contact and the ball hits the top of leg-stump. Chibhabha b Neesham 6(6) [4s-1]

2.3 - Milne to H Masakadza, out Caught by Ronchi!! Masakadza walks back with a grim look on his face. This was nicely set up by Milne, he was testing Masakadza with short deliveries and finally gets him. Dug in short and outside off, Masakadza makes room and goes for an uppish cut, gets an outside-edge which was easily held by Ronchi. H Masakadza c Ronchi b Milne 6(10) [4s-1]

9.4 - Ish Sodhi to Sean Williams, 1 run, dropped and Ish Sodhi is bleeding. Hopefully he's not split the webbing. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Williams drives it back to the bowler, it was a relatively easy catch but Sodhi couldn't hold on and it went to long-off

2.4 - Milne to C Ervine, no run, dropped first ball, Ervine must consider himself lucky. Milne fired it in the corridor of uncertainty, Ervine goes for a push off the front foot. Thick outside edge flies to the left of the keeper who dives and grasses it, first slip tried to take the rebound but the ball was dying in front of him