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England tour of South Africa 2015-16

Scorecard - 4th ODI, South Africa vs England at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa (12 Feb 2016)


262/10 (47.5) RR:5.48

South Africa won by 1 wkt

MOM: Chris Morris
South Africa

266/9 (47.2) RR:5.62

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47.3 - Rabada to Adil Rashid, FOUR, boundary to Adil Rashid. Helped by a filthy leg-side delivery with fine leg up, deftly glanced away. Freebie

46.0 - Rabada to Broad, FOUR, bad ball by Rabada and Broad won't miss out. It was a low full toss and angling across Broad, who opens the face of the bat and slices it over point. Raced away. Rabada put his head back in disappointment for he knew that was a poor delivery

45.2 - Rabada to Adil Rashid, FOUR, Adil Rashid had to wait for it and still got four. It was a slower ball bouncer outside off, Adil Rashid pulled it over backward square inside the ring, once he beat the fielder, it was four all the way, with the short boundary on the on-side

44.1 - C Morris to Adil Rashid, FOUR, huge dive from de Kock but the edge eludes the keeper and runs away. Full outside off and Adil Rashid got a thick edge on the attempted cover drive. Regulation catch if there was a slip

43.1 - Tahir to Root, FOUR, shouts of "catch" but that has gone to the fence. It was short on the stumps, Root rocked back and pulled it to deep mid-wicket, wide of the fielder. Four more

43.0 - Wiese to Adil Rashid, FOUR, length outside off, Adil Rashid sits on one knee and heaves it over mid-on, who was inside the ring. Calculated blow as he knew the ball was there for the taking, since the fielder wasn't back. Good way to end the over

42.1 - Wiese to Adil Rashid, FOUR, beautiful lofted drive on a bent knee and it has gone for four. Over cover. It was pitched up outside off and Adil Rashid went down to time that, beats sweeper to his left, lovely pose after playing the stroke. This guy can bat

39.0 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, Tahir needed to dive at backward square leg. Didn't and allowed the boundary. This slower ball bouncer sat up and Root rolled his wrists to pull it wide of Tahir inside the ring, short boundary and deep square had too much ground to cover

36.3 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, magnificent shot. It was just a fraction short, but Root is in such fine nick, rocks back and then murders the pull past a diving Amla at mid-wicket. The ball rocketed away to the fence, leaving no chance for the deep fielder. How well he timed that. Kyle Abbott shouldn't feel bad for it was not a bad delivery at all

35.3 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, slightly short outside off and Root pulls out the cut, placed it through point and has enough timing on the shot to beat a sliding deep fielder. Hit all along the ground and raced away

33.1 - Wiese to Woakes, FOUR, four straightaway, that was played deliberately. Waits inside the crease and steers this delivery past the keeper, no slip in place and Woakes can breathe a sigh of relief

32.5 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, edged and safe! Tad fuller and plenty of width on offer, Root throws himself into the flashy drive, the thick outside edge flies over the lone slip and there is no third man

31.5 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, this time he times the stroke. Short and Root would have smashed that in his dreams. Swivels and pulls over mid-wicket, a couple of bounces and into the fence

31.2 - Wiese to Woakes, FOUR, short ball on middle, Woakes keeps his eyes on the ball and executes the pull to perfection, raced away behind square leg

26.5 - Rabada to Woakes, FOUR, short at a friendly height for Woakes who pulls off the middle and places it in the unmanned deep square region

18.4 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, that's the slice of luck he needs. Full delivery begging to be hit, Root times the drive to the right of a diving cover and once it beat the fielder it was always going to be a boundary

16.3 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, shimmies out of his crease and hammers this short ball over extra cover. Horizontal bat mimicking a flat-batted forehand shot

13.0 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, just over de Villiers' leaping one-handed reach at mid-off! Got hold of this length ball and tonked it well enough to get the better of ABD

12.1 - C Morris to Hales, FOUR, with utmost ease. Powers this open-bat shot and places it wide of backward point's dive

12.0 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, it was long coming. Walks out of the crease and gets under this full ball with a crossed bat. Lofts it over mid-on and it scoots to the fences

10.2 - C Morris to Hales, FOUR, full and wide, Hales couldn't resist and half-deliberately slices it in between gully and backward point, runs away

9.5 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, short ball but lacking the venom that sent Roy back. Stays on the front foot, swivels and hammers the pull through backward square leg

7.0 - Kyle Abbott to Hales, FOUR, that's been walloped. Short and it's at that ideal height, Hales swivels and pulls it uppishly over square leg

6.1 - Kyle Abbott to Hales, FOUR, full and straight, Hales stays still and uses his wrists to whip it past mid-wicket. Beats Wiese's chase and a forward dive and vrooms to the fence

4.4 - Kyle Abbott to Hales, FOUR, gets this one away alright! Fullish ball and Hales carves it out over cover-point and beats the two men chasing it

1.3 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, overpitched and this has been creamed. Like how you butter your morning toast. Leans in, middles the drive and sends it roaring through extra cover

1.0 - Kyle Abbott to Jason Roy, FOUR, the elbows said "hello" to the heavens there. Fuller delivery, Roy stays put, lofts it through the line and sends it sailing over Kyle Abbott's head. And then holds his pose to celebrate getting off the mark

36.5 - Kyle Abbott to Root, SIX, there comes the big hit. Walks out and then biffs the length ball over mid-on. A flat hit and went all the way, outsmarted the bowler there by rushing out. It was bowled on a length and Root got good bat on it to get a six

47.5 - Rabada to Adil Rashid, out Caught by de Villiers!! How did de Villiers make that look so easy? As easy as snatching candy from a kid. Cross-seamer from Rabada, Adil Rashid flat-batted that and miscued it, off the bottom of the bat, it was going to the left of mid-off and low, AB covered ground and took it with both hands. Gets up and nonchalantly flicks the ball back. Athletic ability at its best. Any other fielder and it would've escaped to the fence. Adil Rashid c de Villiers b Rabada 39(26) [4s-5]

47.2 - Rabada to Broad, out Caught by Duminy!! An almighty hoick to leg and caught at long-on. Rabada rolled his finger over that cutter, Broad was deep in his crease and hit it straight up in the air. Duminy at long-on was never going to drop that. Broad c Duminy b Rabada 6(6) [4s-1]

44.4 - C Morris to Root, out Caught by Tahir!! End of Root. End of a tremendous innings. Shuffles across and outside off, looks to scoop the full ball over Tahir at short fine leg, doesn't get enough elevation and it is taken easily. Root walks off to a standing ovation. Nice little touch from the South Africans, when Root was walking back, Morris ran up and shook his hand. That's why the Proteas are such a loved outfit. The most likeable bunch after the Kiwis and the Zimbabweans. But that is my personal call. Root c Tahir b C Morris 109(124) [4s-10 6s-1]

41.2 - Rabada to Woakes, out Caught by de Kock!! A little nick and gone. High bouncer and Woakes was late on the hook, got a toe and a leaping take by de Kock. Rabada has broken through but Woakes has done his job. That was well bowled, over the shoulder of Woakes and it is always difficult to control the shot when it is bouncing so high. Woakes c de Kock b Rabada 33(38) [4s-3]

24.4 - Kyle Abbott to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Amla!! Nicked and gone! As simple as that. The umpires are checking for a possible front foot no-ball but Abbott's fancy pink boots are fine on that account. Amla is having a memorable time standing at slip, looks like he cannot drop any at the moment. This was short and wide, Ali throws the kitchen sink at it. Only a trailing plug of it making contact. A thick outside edge flies above Amla's head who times the jump to perfection to clasp another beauty. Moeen Ali c Amla b Kyle Abbott 4(10)

22.2 - Kyle Abbott to Buttler, out Caught&Bowled!! Abbott strikes and the boys in pink are flying high. Oh! Someone play the pinkfloyd tunes... The crowd go berserk too. This was banged in short at the batsman and Buttler was committed to the pull stroke. It hurried onto him and the thick top-edge grazes the helmet before Abbott came forward and grasped a dolly. Buttler c and b Kyle Abbott 1(6)

20.0 - Tahir to Stokes, out Caught by Amla!! Oh jeez! Someone tell Imran Tahir that he has a cricket match to play. He is on his celebratory run as the rest of the players rally around him. Three googlies and three wickets. Mind you! Amla just grabbed a stunner at first slip. So it's more of an Amla wicket I would say. It was a googly which Stokes didn't pick. He gropes with loose hands and the outside edge flies to the right of Amla who times the dive to perfection. O-N-E H-A-N-D-E-D S-T-U-N-N-E-R. Stokes c Amla b Tahir 2(2)

19.4 - Tahir to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Behardien!! Tahir strikes again! Another googly and England skipper is on his bike. Tahir generated some extra bounce off the surface and that did the trick for him. It was well wide of off and Morgan had to reach out for the cut shot. He strokes and gets a thick top-edge which lobs high towards backward point who reverse-cups in front of his face. England are in some sort of trouble now. They desperately need a partnership to get something substantial on the board. Eoin Morgan c Behardien b Tahir 2(3)

18.0 - Tahir to Hales, out Caught by (sub)D Miller!! Hales throws it away - Yet again. And guess what! Tahir finally finds his name in the wickets column. This was looped up around off, in fact its the googly, Hales drops to one knee and aims a slog sweep - Could only get it off the toe of the bat and David Miller, the newly appointed PUN skipper plucks a sitter at deep mid-wicket. Hales c (sub)D Miller b Tahir 50(56) [4s-7]

5.3 - Rabada to Jason Roy, out Caught by Kyle Abbott!! And Rabada after all that full-saga bangs one in. Gets it to roar off the pitch, Roy doesn't shy away from the hook, goes for it, gets it high on the bat and lobs it straight to fine leg. Abbott just had to move in a couple of steps and then station himself to pouch that. Bullring, buzzing but half-full, roars. Jason Roy c Kyle Abbott b Rabada 6(16) [4s-1]

44.2 - C Morris to Adil Rashid, 2 runs, leading edge and Behardien drops running in from long-off. That should've been taken, especially once he got there. It was full outside off, Adil Rashid early into the flick and got a hefty leading edge, maybe Behardien was put off by Rabada running in from extra cover, must have seen him in his peripheral vision, came forward, slid on his knees, got both hands and out it went. Behardien wears a sorry look on his face

42.4 - Wiese to Root, 1 run, 100 yet again for Root. Successive hundreds and his eighth in ODIs. Got there with a flick to deep square leg. So easy as there were gaps on the leg-side. No big celebration, just a raise of the bat and then kisses the crest on his helmet. Nice touch from AB and Amla who clap that effort. When his side is in trouble, expect Root to come to the party. Another classy innings when his side needed him to stand up. What a player and what a talent. And so young as well. Right up there with the best batsmen in the world currently

40.0 - Tahir to Root, no run, good review from Root. He should know whether he has hit that or not. It was a googly on middle and leg, Root was looking to drive that off the front foot. Got a thin inside edge onto the pad. The umpire didn't spot that and raised the finger, Root went for it and the original decision was overturned. UltraEdge showing a thin spike as the ball met bat. Tahir will have to wait for a while to celebrate again. He was high-fiving his team-mates when the finger went up, but he too must have known that there was a slight nick. Root will bat on in the nineties

35.0 - C Morris to Root, 1 run, it has been quite a usual trend in this series - ABD failing to hit the stumps that is. Root shuffles and flicked this to mid-on and set off. He saw AB rushing forward and aborted, sent Woakes back. Woakes though gave up as he was half-way down the track, AB misses the target and the duo cross over on the overthrow. Woakes had given up but AB missed, but not by much

30.2 - C Morris to Root, 2 runs, short and wide, Root goes up and over point with a cut, brings up his fifty too - It hasn't been a fluent knock but he's been patient at the crease

17.4 - Tahir to Hales, 3 runs, flat around off-stump, late turn away from Hales takes the outside edge, he was going for the drive. The ball races away to third man and he brings up his 4th successive fifty - The first Englishman to do so in ODIs against South Africa

47.2 - Adil Rashid to Tahir, FOUR, South Africa win by 1 wicket. This was not the googly as many would have expected. Dishes out a legbreak and Tahir thrashes it past the infield and it scoots to the fence. It was all meant to be. Tahir had to hit the winning run and we were destined to see him celebrate. Punches the air and lets out a roar

45.3 - Broad to C Morris, FOUR, and again! He wants to go home early. Another full ball outside off, Morris throws his arms at it. Middles this forceful drive and places it through cover

45.2 - Broad to C Morris, FOUR, fifty for him! Just off 30 balls. Talk about timing things well. Full ball outside off, Morris stayed put and crashed it through covers. And then his bat followthroughs to pat his back, sort of

44.1 - Woakes to C Morris, FOUR, Rashid is not having a good fielding night! Morris throws his hand on the lofted drive, ekes out an outside edge. Rashid at third man dives to stop but then parries the ball away

36.4 - Stokes to Wiese, leg byes, FOUR, too straight from Stokes, ends up drifting onto Wiese's pads, he looks to flick and misses, the ball rolls away off the pads, beats Buttler and rolls away to the fence - for four leg byes

34.3 - Adil Rashid to Wiese, FOUR, lovely shot, tad too short from Rashid, Wiese waits on it, allows the ball to turn and cracks it behind square on the off-side for a boundary

32.3 - Adil Rashid to Behardien, FOUR, rank long-hop from Rashid, Behardien rocks back and pulls this over mid-wicket and finds the fence

27.2 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, FOUR, short and wide, Duminy gets back and makes room to cut this past backward point, finds the gap and the ball races away to the boundary

26.2 - Adil Rashid to Behardien, FOUR, full outside off, Behardien drives it past the man at cover and finds the boundary. That was hit all along the carpet and should give Behardien confidence

24.3 - Woakes to de Villiers, FOUR, that's arrogance from AB. Sheer arrogance. Can't describe any other way. It was a length delivery outside off, many batsmen would've defended that, but AB had made up his mind to pull even before the ball left Woakes' hand, rocked back and thumped it wide of mid-on. Has a smile at Duminy after getting the boundary. Woakes knew how good a shot that was and let out a "ooooh" shrugging his shoulders to suggest he was helpless at the genius batting on show

24.2 - Woakes to de Villiers, FOUR, full outside off, de Villiers dismisses it from his presence. No intentions of keeping the ball down. Cover leapt high to catch but was never in his range. Rocketed away

23.0 - Woakes to Duminy, FOUR, short and wide, asking to be hit, Duminy slaps the cut past the diving point fielder who had no chance of getting a hand on it

20.3 - Broad to Duminy, FOUR, this time Duminy rocks back and pulls it, gets it right of the middle and well wide of mid-on. Duminy was back in a flash and picked the length very quickly. Broad knew that he had bowled a bad ball and turned around to head back to his mark

18.2 - Broad to de Villiers, FOUR, full delivery outside off, de Villiers drills the drive past cover and adds salt to the wound. It was hit all along the ground and laced as Broad went a bit too full

17.4 - Stokes to de Villiers, FOUR, short ball rearing high, de Villiers picks the bones out of it and forehands it deep mid-wicket, fielder there had no chance of stopping it

10.5 - Woakes to du Plessis, FOUR, short delivery and du Plessis fetches this from way outside off, pulls it well wide of the man at mid-on and shows everyone what kind of a form he is in

9.4 - Stokes to du Plessis, FOUR, full delivery outside off, du Plessis drives it on the rise and wide of Roy at backward point who made a diving effort but it went in vain. Stokes wasn't happy with his effort though

9.0 - Woakes to de Kock, FOUR, full on the pads, de Kock flicks it to the vacant deep mid-wicket region and gets another boundary

8.0 - Topley to du Plessis, FOUR, full delivery outside off, du Plessis leans forward and times the drive well between cover and mid-off, no chance for the fielder. That was a long half-volley and du Plessis laced that, along the ground. Topley sinks to his knees in disappointment

6.5 - Broad to de Kock, FOUR, length delivery outside off, de Kock punches it wide of the man at short cover who dives to his right but couldn't get a hand to it. He is in such fine nick and cannot afford any width to this man and that's what Broad did that time

6.0 - Topley to du Plessis, FOUR, full and asking to be hit, du Plessis flicks it past mid-on and gets an easy boundary

4.5 - Broad to de Kock, FOUR, Top shot!! Full delivery outside off, de Kock drills the drive past the mid-on fielder and the ball raced away to the fence in a hurry. Broad went a bit too full and was put away, bangs his hand on the turf in disappointment after the ball passed him

2.3 - Broad to de Kock, FOUR, that's a front foot stab by de Kock and it's four. Nothing more than that. Little width outside off, de Kock came forward and knifed it between point and cover-point. Raced away on the quick outfield

46.3 - Stokes to C Morris, SIX, that's the sealing blow perhaps. He's on fire! Looks like the Wanderers will collapse. Follows Morris with a short ball, Morris swivels and helps it with an intentional uppish pull that sails over fine leg. A mere brace needed. You know what? The ball's lost in the crowd!

45.1 - Broad to C Morris, SIX, Morris is breathing fire. Was already on his leg-stump to make room, Broad follows him and he backs away further to clobber this over deep mid-wicket. Just threw everything on this and took on the fielders in the deep

44.2 - Woakes to C Morris, SIX, woah! The Bullring gets its voice. Hales looks stunned. Absolute ball-assassination this. Full on the pads, Morris bends a touch forward and swings it away with disdain over deep mid-wicket

43.4 - Topley to C Morris, SIX, that's a million dollar shot. Short ball, Morris reads it early, rocks back and hammers the pull over deep mid-wicket - the longest boundary on the ground

18.3 - Broad to de Villiers, SIX, take that Broad, I'm coming for you, seems to say AB. Down the track and to the pitch of the ball before lofting it to the long-on fence. That came out of the blue, Broad would've been caught unawares by that for sure. This is a thrilling contest and the crowd love every bit of it. They seem to have woken up

47.1 - Adil Rashid to C Morris, out Bowled!! And he's gone. This is as anti-climactic as it can get. One run to get with the red-hot man on strike. Doesn't read the googly that in all fairness was a gentler with the pace, Morris waits to thrash it through covers but misses and it pegs the off stick back. C Morris b Adil Rashid 62(38) [4s-3 6s-4]

41.3 - Topley to Rabada, out Caught by Root!! Edged and caught! South Africa are slipping away, England can sense a series victory now. This was full and just outside off, a hint of nip away from the left-hander, he went with hard hands, gets a thick outside edge - to the left of Root at first slip. He grabs at it and hold on, on the rebound. Topley is chuffed to bits and so are the rest of the team. Rabada c Root b Topley 0(1)

41.0 - Stokes to Wiese, out Caught by Eoin Morgan!! That's a soft dismissal for Wiese! This was full and way outside off, the slower ball from Stokes, Wiese could have let it go, it was that wide, instyead, he went chasing after that, gets it low on the bat and spoons it in the air - to the left of cover. Morgan jumps across and holds on. Delight in the English camp, despair at the South African dug-out. Wiese c Eoin Morgan b Stokes 20(32) [4s-1]

37.2 - Topley to Behardien, out Caught&Bowled!! That's a stunner and the match has tipped back firmly in England's favour. The last recognised South African batsman departs, yet again, he doesn't convert the start into a bigger knock. On a good length and on off, Behardien firmly pushed it back towards the bowler. Topley was on his followthrough, he sticks his left hand out and holds on. The England camp celebrates, yet another promising stand has been nipped in the bud. Behardien c and b Topley 38(42) [4s-2]

29.0 - Adil Rashid to Duminy, out Lbw!! Will Duminy review? No he doesn't. Shakes his head after having a chat with Behardien and walks off. Rashid strikes with one that turned and raps the batsman right in front. Duminy should've been forward to that sharply turning delivery, but went back and didn't get the bat down in time. The ball skidded on and trapped him in front of all three. Easy call for the umpire and sensibly Duminy doesn't waste the review. England needed that wicket. Duminy lbw b Adil Rashid 31(49) [4s-3]

25.0 - Woakes to Duminy, out de Villiers Run Out!! Why Duminy, why Duminy? That was an unnecessary call from him and he has cost his side a wicket. That too of de Villiers. But what a piece of fielding that is from Woakes. It was nudged to the left of the bowler, maybe de Villiers was a bit late to set off, Woakes sprinted forward and then under-armed it direct catching a diving de Villiers short. A one-handed pick up and throw, lightning quick reflexes and athletic ability to get the quick silver AB out. Will that be the series winning moment? Only time will tell. Woakes knew it as soon as he hit direct, his side were mobbing him in celebration and the third umpire confirmed the same. de Villiers run out (Woakes) 36(27) [4s-4 6s-1]

14.1 - Woakes to du Plessis, out Bowled!! Peach!! Dream delivery for any bowler and what a sight, Woakes bowls this full and gets it to swing away late, du Plessis looks to drive as he stumbled forward with a closed bat face and is beaten all ends up. He was opened up like a tin of biscuits. The stumps go for a toss. He did nothing wrong there, just that the ball was too good. Woakes can certainly produce gems like that every now and then. England have two in two overs now and have comeback into the game. Woakes is jumping around in joy. du Plessis b Woakes 34(38) [4s-4]

13.4 - Stokes to de Kock, out Bowled!! Dragged on!! de Kock looked to play this back of a length delivery with soft hands but, only manages to get an inside edge that rattles middle and leg stump, Stokes yet again breaks the partnership which he's very good at. Like Root when England need someone to stand up and be counted, it is Stokes who does it with the ball. Certainly looked chuffed as his mates mobbed him. Angry too. What a big wicket that is. de Kock b Stokes 27(42) [4s-4]

1.0 - Broad to Amla, out Bowled!! Knocked him over. Broad has got the early wicket. Unlucky dismissal but it all counts. Full outside off, Amla leant forward to cover-drive, got an inside edge onto the back pad and the ball dribbled to flick the off bail. Maybe Amla should've left that alone, was late in moving his feet and paid the price for a half-hearted attempt at a drive. Broad is all smiles. Amla b Broad 0(3)

18.1 - Broad to de Villiers, no run, has he caught that? Broad is running around and celebrating, but Roy has put that down. Full delivery outside off, de Villiers square drives it uppishly as one hand came off the bat handle after he played it and it carries to Roy at point who puts down the opportunity after diving to his right. He had the ball in his hand until he went to ground and it popped out. What a move that would have been had Roy taken it. This could well be the moment of the series. And this battle could well decide how the series will go

16.3 - Woakes to Duminy, 1 run, Dropped!! Hales at second slip has made a mess of that. On a back of a length and outside off, Duminy went hard on the punch, a thick outside edge flew to the right of Hales who went with bot hands and could only parry it away as the ball was travelling. It was going to the left of Jordan at first slip, but Hales went for it. Mind you, Jordan doesn't drop many. How costly will that drop turn out to be? Woakes is a frustrated man

42.3 - Stokes to Kyle Abbott, 1 run, direct-hit and it would have been a goodbye for Abbott. Morgan collects this pat from Abbott and runs across at short cover to under-arm the ball at the bowler's end. Misses it and Abbott lets out a sigh of relief

35.0 - Adil Rashid to Behardien, 1 run, a direct hit and Behardien would have been struggling! He was well short had there been a direct hit, wasn't even in the frame, Roy was the fielder at extra cover. Behardien pushed a flighted delivery in front of cover and set-off for an improbable single

18.0 - Stokes to Duminy, no run, full and angling in, Duminy completely missed it and wears it on the pads. Stokes and Co. go for a review and is turned down as the impact is umpire's call. Duminy was playing around the flick and was struck low on the pads. Would've been crashing into the stumps. Duminy is a tad lucky as the umpire took a long while before turning it down. England don't have anymore reviews for the rest of the game