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England tour of South Africa 2015-16

Scorecard - 3rd ODI, South Africa vs England at SuperSport Park, Centurion, South Africa (09 Feb 2016)


318/8 (50) RR:6.36

South Africa won by 7 wkts

MOM: Quinton de Kock
South Africa

319/3 (46.2) RR:6.88

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48.5 - Rabada to Adil Rashid, FOUR, length delivery in the swinging arc for Rashid, he whips powerfully over square leg, couple of bounces and into the fence

45.4 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, full toss on the stumps, Stokes goes deep inside the crease to get that extra timing, smashed it straight down the ground, one bounce and over the ropes

42.3 - Wiese to Stokes, FOUR, on a length and outside off, Stokes drives and got it wide of long-off, Abbott runs across to his right and puts in the dive, couldn't prevent the boundary

41.3 - Behardien to Stokes, FOUR, Wohoooo! What was that Ben Stokes? It was a length delivery that kept a bit low, on the stumps and Stokes plays a reverse sweep, threaded the gap between backward point and short third man, superbly timed and placed!

40.1 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, short and begging to be hit, Stokes obliges as he clobbers the pull past a diving mid-wicket, beats the fielder to his right

39.3 - Tahir to Root, FOUR, that's the shot of the day for me. He stoops down on one knee and goes for an inside out loft over extra cover, just bounced in front of the ropes, that shot deserved a six!

38.4 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, Root has seen enough, he just wants to hit fours and sixes now. Short ball on offer and Root swivels to pull this over mid-wicket for a one-bounce four

37.0 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, ah! That's some shot from Stoksey. A bit fuller and just outside off, Stokes punched it past mid-on, beating the fielder to his right, it flew off the bat in no time

26.0 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, full and on the stumps, Hales chips it in the air but was in control as he places it wide of deep square. 14 off the over

25.3 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, Morkel continues to keep it short and this time Root hangs back and cuts well to beat a diving backward point

25.1 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, short and wide, Hales hangs back and late-cuts it wide of the cordon, well-executed!

24.3 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, another inside edge and another boundary for Root, he charges down to slog this length delivery wide of mid-on. Could only get some edge on that and Rabada's pace took care of the rest. Amla tried to make a sliding stop at fine leg but to no avail

23.2 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, tad fuller and wider of off, Root drives with hard hands and ekes out a thick inside edge which races away through the short fine region, Rabada had no chance

21.5 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, Wiese has his hands on his head. That was a nothing shot. Trying to run that down to third man and a thick edge was found, QDK dived to his right and couldn't get the gloves around in time. Definite chance and what's worse is that it runs away for four. The keeper was a bit late to react

21.0 - Tahir to Hales, FOUR, now gets four through backward square leg. Low full toss on the stumps, Hales knelt down and swept that powerfully through the leg-side. The fielder had no chance. Rocketed away. Tahir under pressure and Hales is getting a move on

20.5 - Tahir to Hales, FOUR, Hales goes inside out and finds the gap. Uses his feet and then makes room to go over extra cover. Everyone in on the off-side and that will be four. Sweeper cover was brought in just before the ball and Hales took full toll of that move. Smart batting

19.4 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, very poor delivery, short and at no real pace, sat up to be hit and Root smashed the pull to deep square leg, rocked back and hit it with lots of power. Beat the fielder with ease. That was hit with tremendous velocity

18.4 - Tahir to Root, FOUR, something had to give and Root goes for the slog-sweep and gets four. Sees the tossed up delivery and goes down to hit it over mid-wicket. Knew there was no-one there and picked his spot to perfection

14.5 - Tahir to Hales, FOUR, dangerous but Hales gets four. Showed all his stumps as he made room, then crashed the cut wide of a divig extra cover. Hit hard into the ground and that meant the fielder had a difficult job

13.5 - Wiese to Root, FOUR, Root runs at Wiese and gets four. Not off the middle of the bat, dragged wide of a diving mid-on. Came off the inside half of the bat, but once he beat the fielder it was four for the taking

9.4 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, pre-meditated but it has paid off. Root charges Kyle Abbott and then gets the length delivery over mid-on. Didn't get all of it, but managed to clear the fielder

8.5 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, short outside off, Hales went for the pull, got a thick top edge that flew over the keeper. Hales was late on that but got four

5.2 - Rabada to Jason Roy, FOUR, magnificent front foot pull. Not a bad ball at all, it was just fractionally short, Jason Roy was already on the front foot, muscled the pull wide of mid-on. The ball rocketed away

4.5 - Kyle Abbott to Hales, FOUR, cracking cut. The width was there and Hales pounced on it. Reached out and cut the short and wide delivery wide of Faf at point. Quick outfield does the rest

4.2 - Kyle Abbott to Hales, FOUR, intentionally done. Length delivery outside off, Hales stays beside the line and deliberately steers it wide of second slip. Third man was too square and had no chance of cutting that off

3.3 - Rabada to Jason Roy, FOUR, terrific pull shot. Short and Jason Roy swivelled on the shot, fine leg had a few paces to cover to his left, but the timing on the shot meant that the ball beat the fielder, who didn't dive. Raced away

2.4 - Kyle Abbott to Jason Roy, FOUR, there goes Jason Roy. He has seen enough of Kyle Abbott, gives him the charge and deposits him over wide mid-on, clean strike and that will put pressure on the bowler

2.0 - Rabada to Hales, byes, FOUR, very short and no chance for a leaping de Kock, four byes added to the total. Rabada banged that in halfway and the bounce completely ruled the keeper out of the equation

1.1 - Rabada to Jason Roy, FOUR, on the up and four. Was in the air as Jason Roy came forward and drilled the drive past cover, on a length and outside off, Roy didn't allow Rabada a sighter, laced that to the boundary. He will play his shots

49.3 - Kyle Abbott to Willey, SIX, this guy can bat! Length delivery, there to be hit, Willey pulls it straight into the grass banks over the deep square leg fence

49.0 - Rabada to Adil Rashid, SIX, full toss outside off, Rashid clatters the flat-bat stroke over deep extra cover

42.4 - Wiese to Stokes, SIX, that ball had six written all over it - Only after it kissed the booming blade of Stokes. Length delivery on the stumps, Stokes heaves for a maximum over wide long-on

40.4 - Rabada to Stokes, SIX, another short one from Rabada and Stokes has smacked it. Sat up outside off and Stokes fetched it from there, middled the pull and it went for a maximum over deep mid-wicket

38.2 - M Morkel to Root, SIX, Root is dealing in sixes here. He advances and flays this short delivery for a maximum over deep point. The fielder from sweeper looked interested but the ball was travelling...

37.5 - Tahir to Root, SIX, another candyfloss on offer and Root doesn't miss out on the full toss. Bludgeons it right off the meat, flat six over the cow corner fence

35.5 - Tahir to Root, SIX, "Imran Tahir continues to struggle" as Mic. Holding points out on air. He bowled a flurry of full tosses last match and now again! Dishes out a hip-high full toss which Root smokes it with utter disdain over the cow corner fence

31.4 - Wiese to Root, SIX, Wiese goes wide of the crease and angles it in from a fullish length, Root took a calculated risk there. Saw long-on was a bit wide and went through with the loft, came down the track and skewed it off the inside half, but it went for a flat six over the long-on fence

21.1 - Wiese to Root, SIX, now Root gets into the act. What a fine shot that is, on a length and outside off, Root transferred his weight back and murdered the pull flat over wide long-on. Timed it so well that it went all the way. The umpire checked for a six and got confirmation

47.3 - Kyle Abbott to Jordan, out Caught by Duminy!! TWO IN TWO for Kyle Abbott and guess what! He's on a hat-trick now. Back-of-the-hand slower length delivery outside off, Jordan makes room and drives aerially over cover. For a moment it looked as he hit alright but Duminy runs in from sweeper cover to collect the simplest of catches. Jordan c Duminy b Kyle Abbott 3(5)

47.2 - Kyle Abbott to Stokes, out Caught by Behardien!! End of a splendid knock from Stokes! Full delivery tailed away late outside off, Stokes was committed to the loft, ekes it off the toe of the bat and holes out to Behardien at long-off. Stokes c Behardien b Kyle Abbott 53(37) [4s-5 6s-2]

46.0 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Amla!! Amla in the action again. Shortish and outside off, Ali shuffles and whips it nonchalantly (played it one-legged - Flamingo-esque), timed it well but placed it towards the fielder. Amla at deep backward square moves across to his left and takes a tumbling catch. Moeen Ali c Amla b M Morkel 3(9)

43.0 - Wiese to Root, out Root Run Out!! Another run out but Root has done his job. This was a low full toss at the stumps, Root clubs it straight back and it clatters the sticks at the bowler's end. Stokes was sitting inside his crease and was never keen on the single. Root was half-way down the track as the ball ricocheted towards mid-wicket. Wiese sprints, gathers the ball and flings it to QDK who runs Joe Root out. Root wasn't even in the frame. Root run out (Wiese/de Kock) 125(113) [4s-10 6s-5]

34.0 - Wiese to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Amla!! A leaping take by Amla at mid-wicket and Morgan's troubles in the middle comes to an end. This was full and around off, Morgan was going hard at it - Probably trying to hit it straight, (mistimed off the toe-end) the bat handle turns on impact and ends up offering an easy catch to Amla. Eoin Morgan c Amla b Wiese 8(24)

26.5 - Rabada to Buttler, out Caught by Duminy!! Whew! A surprise. Jos Buttler who looked impeccable in the series so far is gone for a first-ball duck. Seemed like a trap from the Proteas. This full delivery was speared into Buttler's pads and he wanted to flick it fine. Placed it in the air (only for a fleeting moment) and backward short leg takes a tumbling catch to his right. Buttler c Duminy b Rabada 0(1)

26.2 - Rabada to Hales, out Caught by M Morkel!! No 100 for Hales again. It was a short delivery angled in and Hales couldn't resist his pull stroke. Could only manage a thick top-edge which flies down to fine leg. The gentle giant Morkel comes forward and accepts it gleefully. Hales c M Morkel b Rabada 65(73) [4s-8]

5.5 - Rabada to Jason Roy, out Jason Roy Run Out!! 1 run completed. Morkel is all smiles. And why shouldn't he be! It was flashed to his right at third man, he covered ground and rifled a throw in to QDK who whipped the bails off. Slight hesitation between Roy and Hales for the second and that has cost England dear. Roy didn't dive, tried to plonk his bat in as he stretched, was found an inch or two short. QDK collected the throw and then got it to the stumps. Had there been a dive, Roy would've made it. Out of nowhere South Africa grab a wicket. They needed that and the dangerous Roy is gone. Replays show that Roy was ambling along for the single, thinking that it will go to the boundary, then had to run around the bowler, which cost him precious time. Hales never wanted the second, it was Roy who pushed for it and paid the price. Jason Roy run out (M Morkel/de Kock) 20(23) [4s-4]

45.5 - M Morkel to Stokes, 1 run, fifty for Stokes! Flicks a full delivery to deep mid-wicket and gets across to the other end, no real celebration as he knows there's some work to be done

40.2 - Rabada to Stokes, leg byes, 1 run, good length delivery that pitched outside leg, Stokes was late on the flick, missed and is rapped in front of middle and leg. ABD, after a brief chat with his fielders, signals for a review but all that excitement was gone very soon...

37.2 - Tahir to Root, 1 run, ever wondered why cricket experts rate Joe Root as one of the finest batsmen of this era? This is one of those many reasons. When the going gets tough, the tough get going - Root just proved that saying right. He reaches his landmark with a punch down to long-on, gets to the other end and takes his helmet off to acknowledge the applause. Well played Joe!

23.3 - Wiese to Root, 1 run, 100-run partnership comes up, this was clipped off the pads through mid-wicket

22.5 - Rabada to Root, 1 run, now fifty for Root. Gets there with a push in front of cover, quick single taken. Raises his bat to acknowledge the muted applause

22.2 - Rabada to Hales, 1 run, on the hips and nudged around the corner. Fifty for Hales. It has been a tough grind, but the important bit is that he has stuck it out and not thrown it away

9.1 - Kyle Abbott to Hales, 1 run, direct hit from AB at mid-off and Hales would've been gone. Risky run attempted. Made more riskier as Kyle Abbott was in the way, Hales had to avoid him and was struggling, AB covered good ground and rifled in the throw without much of a followthrough, just missed his target

45.3 - Jordan to du Plessis, leg byes, FOUR, Jordan continues to bowl that errant line, very full down leg, du Plessis fails to tickle and it runs away off the boot to the fine leg fence

45.2 - Jordan to du Plessis, FOUR, too short and Faf took full toll of it, swiveled and beat the fielder at leg gully as he timed the pull to perfection

45.0 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, slower short delivery outside off, Amla opens the bat face and twirls his wrists on the cut, cracked it square on the off-side and South Africa are just 18 away now...

44.1 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, runs are coming freely now! Full and heading down towards leg-stump, Amla flicks elegantly and gets four in front of square on the leg-side

44.0 - Jordan to du Plessis, FOUR, angled away on off-stump, sat up on a length and du Plessis comes forward to smack the punch past mid-off, sublime timing!

43.4 - Jordan to du Plessis, FOUR, short and at a comfortable height for Faf, he plays a short-arm jab and threads it between backward square and fine leg, raced away!

42.5 - Stokes to du Plessis, FOUR, goes wide of the crease and spears in a full delivery just outside off, with mid-off and mid-on up inside the ring Faf was always going to take the risk, gives the charge and cracks the drive past Stokes

41.3 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, off the edge! Quicker and just outside off, Amla backs away to cut, the thick outside edge flies to the right of the keeper

35.4 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, drags this short and pays the price. de Kock backs away to give himself room and cuts it in the gap between backward point and short third man, no need to run for those

35.0 - Topley to Amla, FOUR, banged in short and at the batsman, who swivels on the pull and even though it was in the air for a little while, it was well wide of the diving mid-wicket fielder. Trickles away to the fence yet again. 11 runs came off this over as well

34.5 - Topley to Amla, FOUR, nicely done by Amla! Topley offers enough width outside off, Amla quickly picked the length and goes for the drive with hard hands, middles it and it runs away to the deep extra cover fence

32.4 - Topley to de Kock, FOUR, slower short of length delivery outside off, de Kock picks the length early, waits for the ball to arrive and then heaves it wide of long-on, didn't get it off the meat but it had enough to trickle away to the fence

32.3 - Topley to de Kock, FOUR, too full and the line is wrong as well, Topley bowls it on the pads and de Kock clips it in the gap at backward square leg, bisects the gap between long leg and deep square leg with sheer precision, collects another boundary. 200 of the partnership also comes up

30.5 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, length delivery just outside off, Amla brings those wrists into play, turns it past a diving mid-wicket and even though mid-on gives chase, the ball wins the race. The timing was really good on this occasion

30.2 - Stokes to de Kock, FOUR, slightly short and it sits up nicely for de Kock, who rocks back and pulls it up and over mid-wicket, the fielder in the deep runs to his right but the ball easily beats him to the fence

29.5 - Jordan to de Kock, FOUR, full and straight, de Kock drills it past the non-striker, hit that powerfully and got the desired outcome

28.0 - Jordan to de Kock, FOUR, jeez! He's such a good puller of a cricket ball. Slower short delivery outside off, de Kock fetches the pull from there and it landed inches inside the boundary ropes. TV umpire checks to find out if it was a six but he was quick to spot the bounce before the ropes...

25.2 - Jordan to Amla, FOUR, class! Realised that there was no third man and just opened the bat face to glide a short ball to the fence, clever batting that...

24.5 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, FOUR, short and QDK was quick to pick the length, jumped back and pulled it to the deep square leg fence, that was timed to perfection

23.5 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, de Kock continues to impress! It was a slider, went on with the arm and was right in the slot for de Kock - he went down on one knee and smashed the sweep airily to the left of the square leg umpire

22.0 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, short and asking to be hit, de Kock rocks back and muscles the pull over mid-wicket, no one in the deep and it's an easy boundary

13.1 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, slower short delivery outside off, de Kock chops it past backward point and finds the fence. The key was to play it late and de Kock just did that. Put it away superbly despite the ball keeping a tad low

10.5 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, short delivery on the stumps, Amla pulls it to deep backward square leg, Rashid ran across from fine leg and put in the dive and missed it altogether, his knee got stuck in the ground and allowed the ball to go through his legs. Stokes isn't impressed with the effort. Shakes his head

9.4 - Jordan to Amla, FOUR, Amla is playing on the bowler's mind, gets across a long way yet again and flicks this fullish delivery outside off all along the ground to the deep backward square leg fence. Two strokes on either side of the wicket and that should cause more doubts in the Jordan's mind

9.3 - Jordan to Amla, FOUR, fullish delivery outside off, Amla moves a long way across and drives it on the up, the ball races across the turf and beats a ring of fielders on the off-side. He played with Jordan there

7.4 - Topley to de Kock, FOUR, de Kock has played the shot of the innings so far. Too full with no swing or seam movement, de Kock got forward, showed the full face of the bat and drilled it towards Amla who allowed himself to be nutmegged by the ball. That is a high class stroke and Mark Boucher on air sums it up aptly - when he says that, "almost like a left-handed Sachin Tendulkar." High elbow and all that. Held the pose for the cameramen too

7.2 - Topley to de Kock, FOUR, harmless short ball around hip-height, de Kock rocks back and dismisses the pull to deep backward square leg, rocketed off the bat

5.4 - Topley to de Kock, FOUR, Topley overpitches outside off and de Kock takes full toll of it. Bent his back knee as it touched the ground, caressed through cover. No-one moved as the ball sped away

5.0 - Willey to Amla, FOUR, wrong line and length, on the pads, Amla went back and nudged that past short fine, inside the ring, once he beat Rashid it was four

4.3 - Willey to Amla, FOUR, that is hit with force yet Amla looked so silky. Willey went a bit too full and Amla got forward to wrist that wide of a diving mid-off. The wrists took over and that enabled the ball to speed off the turf. Moeen Ali's dive was a despairing one

3.4 - Topley to de Kock, FOUR, that's a thick inside edge but de Kock will get four. Angled in and de Kock was looking to drive, the thick inside edge ran away behind square

1.4 - Topley to Amla, FOUR, he failed to hit the gap last ball, but this time opens the face of the bat on the square drive and gets it through cover-point. Point had no chance. When he is in form, those drives flow from Amla's bat

1.0 - Willey to de Kock, FOUR, two class boundaries in that over. Similar drive to the one that got him off his mark. On a length and outside off, de Kock got forward and timed it on the up, wide of cover, the ball kept the chasing fielders interested but had enough to cross the ropes. That's a good start for South Africa in pursuit of a record chase

0.3 - Willey to de Kock, FOUR, de Kock is off the mark. With a glorious drive. On the rise, leant forward and stroked it through cover. That should set him on his way

46.1 - Stokes to du Plessis, SIX, BAAAAAAANG! Just one hit away now. du Plessis makes full use of the free-hit, length delivery in the slot and he wallops this over the long-on fence, cleared the front leg and hit that powerfully

41.4 - Moeen Ali to Amla, SIX, shot! Bent his front knee and smashed this lofted drive over extra cover, all timing on that occasion and it went straight into the grass banks

37.5 - Moeen Ali to Wiese, SIX, Wiese goes downtown! Comes down the track to get to the pitch of the ball and he smashes the loft over long-off, came right off the screws and it clears the fence easily

34.0 - Willey to Amla, SIX, what a strike! Amla goes right across and Willey fires it on leg stump line, Amla just plays the pick-up shot and nails it to perfection, there was a man at fine leg but he was a mere spectator, cleared him easily

31.3 - Willey to de Kock, SIX, that's been smashed! Banged in short and on the leg stump line, de Kock had all the time in the world as he rocks back and pulls it magnificently over the deep backward square leg fence

24.2 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, SIX, full toss outside off, de Kock biffs it nonchalantly, crashed straight into the boundary boards at wide long-off fence

21.4 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, SIX, see you tomorrow! Gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps this flighted delivery high and handsome into the deep mid-wicket stands

11.4 - Jordan to de Kock, SIX, that is some stroke from de Kock. On a back of a length delivery just outside off, de Kock picks the length early and pulls it way into the stands at deep square leg. The key was the quickness of feet and de Kock spotted the length and then sent it soaring into the crowd. Looked so nonchalant when he played that. Effortless hit

45.5 - Jordan to Amla, out Caught by Buttler!! Guess what! Jordan has got a wicket - Against the run of play. It was a please hit-me ball, short and ample width on offer, Amla rises on his toes to cut, only manages a thick top-edge to the keeper. Maybe he was tired and hence couldn't middle the stroke. Jordan got some extra bounce too and that perhaps might have forced the edge. Amla walks off to a standing applause from the dressing room. Amla c Buttler b Jordan 127(130) [4s-13 6s-2]

38.0 - Moeen Ali to Wiese, out Bowled!! Why, David Wiese? Why? He just got a six down the ground and now he tries to be a little too cheeky. Goes for the reverse sweep as Ali held the ball back a little, he plays the shot too early and misses the ball that turns in towards him, it goes past the inside half of the blade and crashes into the stumps. Wiese b Moeen Ali 7(4) [6s-1]

36.5 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, out Caught by Root!! This time he hits it straight to the fielder. de Kock gets a pat from Amla as he walks back. A magnificent innings comes to an end and everyone's up on their feet to applaud the effort. Coming to the ball this was bowled fuller around off, de Kock wanted to loft it inside-out over extra cover, ends up hitting it a little too straight. Root at mid-off times times his jump to perfection and takes a well-judged catch. Out comes Wiese as South Africa look in a hurry to finish this off. de Kock c Root b Adil Rashid 135(117) [4s-16 6s-4]

37.4 - Moeen Ali to Amla, 1 run, there it is! Amla's 22nd ODI ton! He goes right across and flicks this quicker delivery to the right of a diving mid-wicket, takes his helmet off and raises his bat to acknowledge the applause from the crowd

28.5 - Stokes to de Kock, 1 run, there it is! QDK - you little ripper. Off comes the helmet and the dressing room stand to applaud the effort. He made batting look so easy and I'm pretty sure he has a bigger role to play in the future of South African cricket. He gets to his landmark with a pull through square leg. It is also his 10th ODI ton

25.5 - Jordan to de Kock, no run, length delivery sprayed down leg, de Kock fails to get bat on the leg-glance. The ball brushed the pad en route to the keeper. Buttler was confident as there was some sound but it was off the pad. Morgan went up immediately but it proved to be a waste of a review. England have no more reviews left now...

22.1 - Adil Rashid to Amla, 1 run, fifty for Amla. It has been a knock of patience from him, punched this to the left of cover and scampered across for a quick single

17.2 - Moeen Ali to Amla, 1 run, flatter and on the pads, Amla comes down the track and flicks it to deep mid-wicket, gets the 100-run stand for the duo

15.2 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, 1 run, shortish delivery on the stumps, de Kock makes room and punches it to sweeper cover, fifty for de Kock

3.1 - Topley to de Kock, no run, what happened there? Direct hit from Rashid at short fine and de Kock would've been gone. It was flicked to the left of Rashid, de Kock took a few steps down and had given up, Rashid though missed