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England tour of South Africa 2015-16

Scorecard - 1st ODI, South Africa vs England at Mangaung Oval, Bloemfontein, South Africa (03 Feb 2016)


399/9 (50) RR:7.98

England won by 39 runs (D/L method)

MOM: Jos Buttler
South Africa

250/5 (33.3) RR:7.46

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49.3 - de Lange to Willey, no ball, FOUR, high full toss sprayed down leg, Willey half-ducks and lets it go, QDK had no chance to cut that off. No ball for height and Willey gets a free hit

46.1 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, fifty for Stokes! Just opened the bat face and helped it with an open bat face past point, the pace on the ball took care of the rest

46.0 - Tahir to Moeen Ali, FOUR, make that 19 off the over and this is also the highest score in this ground. Attempted wrong 'un from Tahir and Ali picked it, kneels down and lofts it for a one bounce four over mid-on

42.5 - Behardien to Moeen Ali, FOUR, what a way to get off the mark! Length ball and width on offer, Ali drives it elegantly past cover, got it off the middle of the bat and it raced away!

41.5 - M Morkel to Buttler, FOUR, brilliant from Buttler, walks across the stumps and fetches this length delivery from outside off and shovels it past keeper for a boundary. Top stuff!

41.3 - M Morkel to Buttler, FOUR, over the keeper and into the fence. Pacy short ball on the stumps, Buttler backs away and tries to flick it over square leg, gets a thick top-edge which lobs over the keeper's head, streaky but a boundary nonetheless

40.4 - Behardien to Stokes, FOUR, short delivery and Stokes has used all those bulging muscles he has, slower delivery and Stokes pulled it to the deep mid-wicket fence

38.1 - Duminy to Buttler, FOUR, flat delivery and Buttler reverse sweeps it fine into the third man fence

37.3 - de Lange to Stokes, FOUR, Lange is spraying it all over, this time bowls short and Stokes pulls it over deep mid-wicket, a couple of bounces and over the ropes

37.2 - de Lange to Stokes, FOUR, sliced the drive this time on fuller length delivery, the man at sweeper gave it all but could not get to it, the ball raced away

35.1 - M Morkel to Buttler, FOUR, the ramp is in action and the model is Buttler, ignore the pun, short delivery and outside off, Buttler ramps it over the keeper's head and the ball rolls way to the third man fence

32.5 - Tahir to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, in the air but as safe as anything, went for the reverse sweep and it went over the men in the ring at and around point, a couple of bounces and into the fence

32.3 - Tahir to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, takes it on full and laps behind the keeper, the fine leg is fine and it races away to the fence

31.3 - C Morris to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, Morgan takes on the bowler this time, gives himself a touch of room and cracks the drive wide of the fielder at mid-off, the ball raced away into the fence

28.5 - M Morkel to Buttler, FOUR, full and outside off, Buttler stays still and lifts it over mid-off for a one-bounce four

28.1 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, fifty for Root! So everyone in the English line-up so far, got their eye-in and seized on the opportunity. Short and wide, Root hung back and flayed it over backward point, with a late-cut

26.1 - M Morkel to Buttler, FOUR, fifty off 34 deliveries. Buttler is in some mood today. Walks across the sticks and whips this length delivery past mid-wicket, big boundaries meant big gaps and Buttler-blitzkrieg continues....

24.3 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, deft! Guided past the keeper, no slip in place and Root brings his deft touch into play, opens the bat face at the last instant and runs it past the keeper

23.4 - Behardien to Buttler, FOUR, Buttler continues to impress. Ample width on offer and Buttler dispatches it off his sight with a sublime drive through cover

23.3 - Behardien to Buttler, FOUR, if AB can't stop, no one else can. It was timed so well. Full and just outside off, Buttler lifts it over mid-off and ABD's desperate dive and sprint went in vain

23.2 - Behardien to Buttler, FOUR, placement! Low full toss outside off, Buttler opens the bat face and slices the drive, threads the gap between backward point and cover-point

22.5 - Duminy to Buttler, FOUR, innovative from Buttler! Placed this mis-directed full ball past backward point with a reverse sweep, once it went past the bowler it was always going to be a boundary

21.4 - de Lange to Buttler, FOUR, short delivery and again a bad one, did not rise enough and Buttler swivelled across to pull it to the fine leg fence

18.0 - de Lange to Root, FOUR, the wicket is not going to cow down Root, he moves across on this fuller length delivery on the pads and clips it away to the deep backward square leg fence

14.2 - Tahir to Hales, FOUR, too full and wide of off, Hales drove it past a diving cover for an easy four

13.2 - C Morris to Hales, FOUR, not that short enough and not even timed properly, Hales went back and pulled it between mid-wicket and mid-on, the ball raced away to fence along the carpet

12.3 - Tahir to Root, FOUR, that is the problem with Tahir, he keeps bowling short every now and then, short delivery and Root saw it early, camped back and pulled it through mid-wicket

11.5 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, he has not middled it but has enough legs to cross the fence at cow corner, Morkel goes full on the stumps and Hales flicks it uppishly to pick another boundary off Morkel

11.3 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, up and over and one bounce over the ropes at long-off, full and Hales lofted through the line to get it over mid-off, good looking shot from Hales

7.3 - M Morkel to Jason Roy, FOUR, edged and past Amla at first slip! Would have been a dolly to second slip. Good length jagged back in to catch the outside edge of Roy who was slashing hard, the edge flies to the right of a diving first slip and into the fence

6.2 - C Morris to Hales, FOUR, classic cover drive if ever there was one. Smidgen fuller around fifth, sixth stump, Hales leans on the drive and clubs it past extra cover

5.4 - de Lange to Jason Roy, FOUR, Roy is on a roll here. As soon as he sees the ball pitched up, he pounces on it. Width on offer to help Roy's cause who loft-drives over mid-off for a picture-perfect boundary

5.3 - de Lange to Jason Roy, FOUR, finally a short ball arrives and what does Roy do? He pulls and gets a thick top-edge. Hang on! Don't get too excited, fine leg is inside the ring and that will be a lucky boundary for Roy

3.2 - de Lange to Jason Roy, FOUR, class! Use of those rubber-esque wrists. Good length on middle, Roy whips it to the right of Duminy at square leg and he's offering a tough time to the Proteas

2.5 - C Morris to Jason Roy, FOUR, "He doesn't try to overhit" lauds Nass Hussain after Roy completed his stroke. True that! Morris sprays a length ball into Roy's pads and he puts it away nonchalantly wide of mid-wicket, just a flick of the wrist

2.2 - C Morris to Hales, FOUR, don't give width to Hales, to any top-order batsman for that matter. Sat up on a length outside off and Hales smacked it off the screws past cover, scorched off the turf!

2.0 - de Lange to Jason Roy, FOUR, rank bad delivery to cap off the over, sliding down leg and all Roy needed to do was to get some bat on that, tickled away down to fine leg

0.3 - C Morris to Jason Roy, FOUR, well executed! Pitched and Roy's eyes lit up as he clobbered the forward drive past cover, no point chasing that lads

0.1 - C Morris to Jason Roy, FOUR, follows up with an equally poor delivery, back of a length on the pads, Roy flicks and finds the gap through mid-wicket, raced away!

49.1 - de Lange to Jordan, SIX, fuller length and outside off, Jordan cleared his front leg and lofted it over long-off. Behardien anticipated well and jumped high to grab the ball, ended up palmig it over the fence, good effort though

46.2 - C Morris to Stokes, SIX, that's clean as a whistle! Overpitched on the stumps, Stokes clears his front leg and hoicks it over the cow corner fence

45.3 - Tahir to Stokes, SIX, way outside the leg stump and Stokes had all the time in the world to pick his spot, muscled the pull over the cow corner fence, almost hit that one-legged. Jeez! Those stubby arms...

45.2 - Tahir to Stokes, SIX, Stokes drops to one knee and bludgeons this googly straight into the deep square leg fence

44.1 - de Lange to Moeen Ali, SIX, that's straight into the stands, length delivery on the stumps, Ali backs away a tad and sends it soaring over the deep mid-wicket fence, high backlift from Ali and he got it off the meat of the bat

39.0 - Duminy to Buttler, SIX, another one and this is even bigger, came down the track and got to the pitch of the delivery, gave it all and the ball sailed over the deep mid-wicket fence

38.5 - Duminy to Buttler, SIX, it is not turning out there, but still to go against the turn is a top art, came down the track, opened up the off-side and lofted it over deep extra cover for a maximum

34.1 - Tahir to Eoin Morgan, SIX, there is a bit of cloud cover around and Morgan has sent this one among the clouds, got down on one knee and slogged it hard over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum

27.4 - Behardien to Root, SIX, dragged down and sat up invitingly for Root who rocks back to pull it over deep mid-wicket, all the way for a maximum

22.4 - Duminy to Buttler, SIX, Buttler is looking in good nick. This wasn't that short but Buttler seems to be in such mood that he can smack everything at will, rocked back and smoked the pull over cow corner fence

21.5 - de Lange to Buttler, SIX, this will make it a great over for England, Buttler moved towards the line of the delivery, picked his spot and wristed it over the cow corner, it just carried over the fence

20.5 - Tahir to Buttler, SIX, that will compensate for a quiet over, it was a googly but did not matter as Buttler came down the track like a thunder and cracked it over long-off, that went onto the roof

16.5 - Duminy to Hales, SIX, signs of aggression for Hales and he has hit that miles, used his feet to get to the pitch of the delivery and muscled it over long-on, it went out of the ground, that is a mammoth hit. I will call that Halestorm

15.2 - C Morris to Hales, SIX, short delivery and a poor one, did not rise enough to trouble Hales, he camped back and pulled it off the meat of the bat over the deep mid-wicket fence

6.0 - de Lange to Jason Roy, SIX, this is the best of the lot. Short and splayig towards leg, Roy swivles and pulls, sends it high and sailing over deep square leg fence. Just stand and admire!

49.2 - de Lange to Jordan, out Caught by Duminy!! Who wants it? Who wants it? It went high into the blue sky and Duminy steadied himself under the sun to clasp a screamer. It was hurled in full and on the stumps, Jordan nails it off the bottom of the bat and Duminy from mid-wicket covered good ground to get there. Jordan c Duminy b de Lange 14(10) [6s-1]

48.1 - C Morris to Adil Rashid, out Bowled!! Another yorker from Morris and that leaves Rashid's stumps in a miss. Too full and tailing in late, too good for Rashid who was backing away. Ends up playing all around it and fails to get bat on ball. BAAAAANG goes the flying bails. Adil Rashid b C Morris 2(3)

47.3 - Tahir to Moeen Ali, out Caught by C Morris!! Another one bites the dust. Moeen Ali wanted to place it over the fielder instead he has holed out. Floated up on middle and leg, Ali went for a mighty swipe and completely mistimed it. Got it off the inside half and offered a lap-high dolly to Morris at deep mid-wicket. Straight into his palms. Moeen Ali c C Morris b Tahir 19(15) [4s-2 6s-1]

46.3 - C Morris to Stokes, out Bowled!! That will be that from Ben Stokes. Walks across the sticks aiming to lap this full toss over short fine. He misses and Morris strikes. You miss I hit stuff. Stokes b C Morris 57(38) [4s-4 6s-3]

42.2 - Behardien to Buttler, out Caught by de Villiers!! End of a fantastic knock from Buttler. He's done his part though. Back of a length delivery that held on the pitch a tad, Buttler was committed to the loft over mid-off. Was surprised by the lack of pace and ends up spooning it of the splice towards ABD at deep mid-off. Buttler c de Villiers b Behardien 105(76) [4s-11 6s-5]

34.4 - Tahir to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by M Morkel!! Oh, Morgain, what have you done? He has thrown it away after all the hardwork, he was trying to loft it over the infield, did not reach the pitch of the ball and skied it off the toe end of the bat, Morkel at long-off had it easy and he did not commit any mistake. Eoin Morgan c M Morkel b Tahir 23(21) [4s-3 6s-1]

30.0 - C Morris to Root, out Bowled!! DRAGGED ON. Another batsman departs after a well-compiled fifty. Root certainly knows that he missed out on a big one here. Full and swung in late to catch Root's inside edge on the flick, flies past his pads to knock the middle and leg-stump. Morris is all pumped up and he knows the value of this wicket. Root b C Morris 52(58) [4s-4 6s-1]

17.4 - de Lange to Hales, out Caught by de Villiers!! Hales has thrown it away. After such a good start, he had all the time to build on his innings, Hales was trying to go over the top on this short of a good length delivery, got the hoick off the toe end of the bat towards mid-off who was a bit wide, an easy one for the South African captain. Hales c de Villiers b de Lange 57(47) [4s-6 6s-2]

7.4 - M Morkel to Jason Roy, out Caught by Behardien!! Roy doesn't make use of the reprieve. Morkel gets the first breakthrough and some relieved faces in the South African camp. Just short of a full length and luring Roy to drive. He goes for the stroke and could only manage it off the toe-end, Behardien stationed at cover, moves to his left and reverse cups it in front of his face. Jason Roy c Behardien b M Morkel 48(30) [4s-8 6s-1]

35.0 - Tahir to Buttler, 1 run, poor delivery and that effort from Behardien at fine leg hid the mistake from Tahir, short delivery and Buttler pulled it uppishly, Behardien put in the dive, got hands to it, just could not latch onto it but did well enough to prevent a cetain boundary

41.4 - M Morkel to Buttler, 2 runs, there it is! Back-to-back ODI hundreds for Jos Buttler. Gets there with a open-bat face steer down to third man, takes his helmet off and raises his bat in delight. A rousing applause from the dressing room too. Well played Jos!

15.5 - C Morris to Hales, 1 run, slower delivery and a low full toss, Hales gets his bat down in time and clips it to deep square leg to bring up his 3rd ODI fifty

33.3 - Jordan to Behardien, FOUR, will it be unfair if I put it as the shot of the night? Through the hands of extra cover who was lazy to get down and this front foot drive bulleted away

31.1 - Jordan to Rossouw, FOUR, just a hint of width, Rossouw flashes at it hard and makes a menu out of that. Kebab'd through extra cover, if I may put it like that

30.5 - Stokes to de Kock, FOUR, de Kock's bat only has a middle today. Back-bender sees him stand up in his crease and middle the roll-of-wrists pull through mid-wicket. This is his highest ODI score

29.3 - Jordan to de Kock, FOUR, this was so, so nonchalant. Moves across his stumps, takes this full ball by the scruff of its neck and picks this up over backward sqaure leg for another boundary

29.2 - Jordan to de Kock, FOUR, this pitch is a run-mart. Just go with a big bag and collect them. Fullish on the pads, de Kock flicks it through fine leg and it hurried through

29.0 - Stokes to Rossouw, FOUR, that was flat-batted down the ground. Shortish ball that was high but boasted of no pace, Rossouw hauls his back leg in air and pats it with a horizontal bat

27.5 - Topley to Rossouw, FOUR, don't bother chasing that! Why? Because that came right off the screws and raced like a tracer bullet - typical Ravi Shaz cliche. Pitched full on off, thumped past de Kock for a sublime boundary

24.5 - Stokes to de Kock, FOUR, whew! de Kock and his baby-faced 100's. This man is in imperious form and as Shaun Pollock points out "This is his 3rd ton in his last 4 ODI innings." Full toss on the pads, de Kock says thank you as he whips it off his pads, beating Jordan's sprint and dive at deep square. Out comes the helmet and the crowd greet him with a thunderous applause. Well deserved!

20.4 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, FOUR, this was dragged down and de Kock was deep in his crease to pounce on that, but the ball stays low and he drags it off the inside edge which rolls to the fine leg fence

20.2 - Adil Rashid to Duminy, FOUR, low full toss, Duminy bends low and sweeps it through square leg

19.1 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, no. Veering down leg, de Villiers just gets huis bat across his pad and flicks it to the deep mid-wicket fence

18.5 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, FOUR, this is not BBL and this is not the Adil Rashid that I have been watching last month. Low full toss veering down, de Kock bends, sweeps and gets it through backward square leg

18.4 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, FOUR, overpicthed in length, de Kock just gets under it and tonks it over mid-off for a one-bounce four

18.2 - Adil Rashid to de Villiers, leg byes, FOUR, loud appeal but no bat on that. Turns around to greet this mediocre ball down leg with a tickle, misses and a Topley's dive at fine leg is not good enough

13.2 - Moeen Ali to du Plessis, FOUR, full toss just outside off, du Plessis manufactures some room and places the forward drive through cover, no one's stopping that!

12.0 - Jordan to du Plessis, FOUR, there comes Faf and there goes Faf. What a shot! Jumps down the track and slaughters it straight down the ground for a one-bounce four

11.4 - Jordan to de Kock, FOUR, what's this with de Kock and pulls? Must be his favourite stroke I reckon. Short delivery that didn't climb enough to trouble the batsman, sat up nicely for de Kock who pulls elegantly through mid-wicket, got it off the toe-end but had enough power behind it

11.1 - Jordan to de Kock, FOUR, oh! de Kock makes batting look so easy. Back of a length angled in around the hip, de Kock backed away slightly and dismissed it off his sight - with a flashing pull, all along the carpet

10.2 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, FOUR, late-cut executed to perfection, slower and spinning away, all de Kock needed to do was get past that man at slip, he does so

9.1 - Jordan to de Kock, FOUR, length ball asking it be smashed - de Kock obliges. It was going down leg and he helped it with a short-arm pull behind square on the leg-side

8.3 - Willey to du Plessis, FOUR, release shot from du Plessis! A shimmy, a biff and back over the bowler, smeared away into the fence

7.4 - Jordan to du Plessis, FOUR, sprayed into the pads and du Plessis whips it nonchalantly, flayed it behind square leg and Moeen Ali couldn't cut that off

5.4 - Topley to du Plessis, FOUR, that tripe ball almost got 'im. Turns around to tickle this ball well down leg, a thin edge to the keeper and a diving Buttler can only glove-tip it back to the fence

4.4 - Willey to du Plessis, FOUR, on this pitch and on this outfield, you cannot veer down the leg-side. If you do, du Plessis will clip you to the backward square leg fence

4.0 - Topley to du Plessis, FOUR, that looked like it kissed the bat face and hurried to the fence. Shows full face of the bat and then pushes it straight down the ground

1.3 - Topley to Amla, FOUR, full ball outside off, Amla leans, opens the face of the bat and rockets it along the ground to the third man fence

0.2 - Willey to de Kock, FOUR, just back of a length, de Kock stays put, opens the face of the bat and thrashes it through sweeper cover

30.1 - Stokes to de Kock, SIX, that's the shot you use to scare babies off. Brutal. On a length, de Kock swings though the line and clobbers it over deep mid-wicket

25.3 - Topley to de Kock, SIX, lo! This man is unstoppable at the moment. He's giving a tough time to the English bowlers and to my fingers too. Overpitched and in the swinging arc for de Kock, belted with a cross-bat swipe over wide long-on

21.1 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, SIX, jeez! That's some hitting I can tell you. Drops to one knee and smokes this quicker delivery over the cow corner fence, straight into the grass-bank

17.2 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, SIX, oh my! That's huge. Stoops low, gets hold of this flatter delivery that's a touch overpitched and swings across the line to deposit it over deep backwrad square leg

15.3 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, SIX, that was launched. Might even have been placed beside the moon. Just drifting down leg, de Kock kneels, sweeps it uppishly and over fine leg

8.4 - Willey to du Plessis, SIX, this one's as clean as a whistle, waltzes down the track and nails this length delivery straight into the stands

8.0 - Jordan to de Kock, SIX, on the pads and de Kock has smashed it over the deep backward square boundary. Just a flick of the wrist, but ensured he got it right of the screws. See you tomorrow!

33.0 - Moeen Ali to Rossouw, out Caught by Willey!! That was mistimed. To the extent that it looked out the moment this bleeding ball ricocheted off that big bat. After a few tight overs, Rossouw decided to go for the inside-out loft but toe-ends it straight into Willey at long-off. Half of the side back in the hut. Rossouw c Willey b Moeen Ali 19(20) [4s-3]

26.0 - Topley to Duminy, out Caught&Bowled!! This will go down as one of the tamest dismissals in Duminy's cricket career. I'm pretty sure he would never want to watch a replay of this. Slower short delivery speared in, Duminy was early into the stroke. Looks to drive but ends up chipping it straight to Topley who clasps it sans any discomfort. Easy as you like. Duminy c and b Topley 13(21) [4s-1]

19.3 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, out Caught by Stokes!! Stokes should just give up cricket and start up a production line of stunners. This was thumped off de Villiers's bat, swiveled in his crease and tonked it across the line but Stokes ran across at long-on, sticks his right hand out, stretches it a bit more as he continued to sprint in front and somehow manages to hold onto it. And then runs in an arc along the fence, making faces and celebrating. The replays are being seen to confirm whether he touched the rope while celebrating...the winds had blown the advertising triangles back and his boots seemed to have flirted with the softer grass where the triangles should have been. All's fine and he has been given OUT. de Villiers looked stunned. Absolutely shocked. One could have taken his face off and used it as a prop to explain the word "startled" to kids. de Villiers c Stokes b Moeen Ali 8(10) [4s-1]

16.0 - Moeen Ali to du Plessis, out Caught by Hales!! Ah, this was middled but settles itself nicely into Hales' hands at deep mid-wicket. Flighted full, du Plessis stoops and swipes his bat across the line, no intention to keep it along the carpet but Hales was waiting, inches inside the rope to snaffle it down. Have you got your tickets for the ABD show yet? du Plessis c Hales b Moeen Ali 55(44) [4s-7 6s-1]

2.1 - Willey to Amla, out Bowled!! Ah, there's the pressure of chasing 400. And the low bounce. Length ball outside off, Amla was fevicol'd to the crease, just protracted his hands and threw his bat at the ball which stayed low. An inside edge and the middle stump is bent back in its groove to signal Amla's departure. Amla b Willey 6(9) [4s-1]

21.2 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, no run, this didn't look close to the naked eye but on replays it did. Slider angled in and de Kock ends up playing all around it, missed and is slammed a tad high on the pads. Moeen forces Morgan to go up for a review but it proved to be in vain...

14.5 - Adil Rashid to du Plessis, 1 run, 100 partnership comes up. Punched down to long-on

14.1 - Adil Rashid to de Kock, 2 runs, full and down leg, de Kock tickles it behind square to get to his fifty

13.3 - Moeen Ali to du Plessis, 1 run, 20th ODI fifty for Faf! Couldn't buy a run in the recent Test series and now here he is whacking the white ball at will. Reaches the landmark in 37 balls with a clip to square leg