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England tour of South Africa 2015-16

Scorecard - 4th Test, South Africa vs England at SuperSport Park, Centurion, South Africa (22 Jan 2016)

South Africa

475/10 (132) RR:3.6

248/5 (83.2) RR:2.98

South Africa won by 280 runs

MOM: Kagiso Rabada

342/10 (104.2) RR:3.28

101/10 (34.4) RR:2.91

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130.4 - Anderson to de Kock, FOUR, full and wide, de Kock consumes it with a mighty swing. Gets low on his knee and lofts it over extra cover. One bounce and over the ropes

126.3 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, opens up the off-side on this flatter delivery and flays the drive through extra cover, no exaggeration, that actually went like a bullet

126.1 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, he had enough time to cut that one and it went pretty square as well, cut it through extra cover and no one had a chance to cut it off

123.2 - Broad to D Piedt, FOUR, slipped down the leg-side and Piedt moves across to tuck it fine, beats a diving Bairstow and goes between him and Anderson at leg slip. Fine leg is pretty square and the ball races away

121.0 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, Mo decides to flight this one and de Kock accepts the gift, lofts it straight over the bowler's head to move to 99. One away from a maiden Test hundred

120.5 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, touch short and de Kock did not get hold of the pull but gets it away between mid-wicket and mid-on, the ball dribbles away towards the fence

112.5 - Woakes to de Kock, FOUR, Woakes is supposed to be the next Anderson and he's being one now. Even bettering him with the bad luck. Cook and Bairtow just let the ball sail in between them. Hefty bat swing from de Kock helped a thick edge that flew behind at a comfortable height only for it to go untouched and unwished for. It was a keeper's dive but a rare miscommunication lets it all go into the drains. Chance missed

108.5 - Woakes to de Kock, FOUR, ah, that's a shot. As brutal a whip you'll see. Fetches this full ball from wide of off and spanks it past mid-wicket for another four runs. They are flowing, aren't they?

106.3 - Woakes to de Kock, FOUR, made the best use of his height, stood high and swiveled to hook this ball to deep square leg. As controlled as a good driver when he's sober

103.1 - Stokes to Kyle Abbott, FOUR, everything is racing away at the moment. That happens when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Full and outside off, Abbott leaned in with a push and the ball sped away. Past Moeen Ali at mid-off

103.0 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, big, big over for South Africa. Touch short and a little room on offer outside off. Kock rocked back and cut it hard through the point region

101.2 - Stokes to Kyle Abbott, FOUR, induces the outside edge but beats Root at second slip. Lenght delivery and outside off, Abbott poked at it with laden feet and got a thick edge, the ball fell away from a diving Root and rolled away to the third man fence

100.4 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, FOUR, Short and wide outside off, gift for de Kock, he camps back and cuts it away fine to beat the diving backward point. Brings up his fifty

96.1 - Anderson to de Kock, FOUR, now that is poetry from de Kock, did not try to hit it too hard, moved across a tad to cover the line of the delivery. It was a half-volley but needed to be put away. Presented the full face of the bat and pierced the gap between the bowler and mid-off

95.2 - Broad to de Kock, FOUR, width on offer this time and de Kock makes merry. Flays the drive and beats the man scouting the sweeper cover fence

95.1 - Broad to de Kock, FOUR, flashes at this. It is in the air but away from the men stationed inside the ring. Short of a good length and outside off, Kock cracked at it, got a thickish outside edge and it flew towards the third man fence, one bounce and over the ropes

89.4 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, fuller length delivery and outside off, Bavuma brings out the drive and keeps it all along the ground. The ball runs away to the fence square of the wicket on the off-side

87.5 - Broad to Bavuma, FOUR, Broad bowls a half-volley, Bavuma leans into the drive and the ball races away through the cover-region. No need to run for those

87.1 - Broad to Bavuma, FOUR, very full and just outside off, Bavuma punches it down the ground. He keeps the shot all along the turf. Moeen looks to hound it down, but he can't succeed in his endeavour

86.5 - Anderson to de Kock, FOUR, Anderson bangs it short, this time, de Kock looks to pull without really rocking back. He mistimes it, but it had enough legs on it to run away to the deep mid-wicket fence

86.3 - Anderson to de Kock, FOUR, a touch of width on offer, de Kock stays slightly leg-side of the ball and then punches it to the sweeper cover boundary. Moeen Ali looks to hound it down. He even puts in a slide, but to no avail

86.2 - Anderson to de Kock, FOUR, with a concotion of timing and placement, de Kock blazes the straight drive to this fuller length delivery. It scurries to the fence all along the carpet

83.2 - Broad to de Kock, FOUR, Broad bends his back and uses the short delivery. However, de Kock rocks back to pull it all along the turf. It runs away to the deep mid-wicket boundary. de Kock rolled his wrists on that occasion

80.2 - Anderson to Bavuma, FOUR, a touch of width on offer, Bavuma stands tall and punches it to the deep extra cover boundary. It crashes into the ad-cushions in a jiffy

78.2 - Woakes to Bavuma, FOUR, Bavuma gets the width to swing a cat and takes a heavy toll of it. Short and wide delivery, Bavuma stands tall and blazes the cut. The ball runs away past the backward point fielder for a boundary

73.2 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, FOUR, Moeen Ali has bowled some ordinary deliveries in this spell. Duminy would be a pleased man if he keeps bowling such stuff. Dragged down delivery from Moeen Ali, Duminy rocks back quickly and pulls it to the deep mid-wicket fence for a boundary

72.5 - Anderson to Duminy, FOUR, Anderson again strays it down leg, Duminy rolls his wrists on it and clips it to the fine leg fence. The ball rockets to the boundary boards in a jiffy

72.3 - Anderson to Stephen Cook, FOUR, now, that was just out of reach of Root at gully. On replays it might have just about carried but it went wide of him. Fullish delivery that swings back into the right-hander, Cook shuffles across his stumps and ekes out an outside edge that runs away past the diving Root at gully to the third man boundary

71.4 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, FOUR, now, that was a rubbish delivery and Duminy took full toll of it. Juicy high full toss from Moeen Ali, Duminy dances down the track and clubs it across the line to the deep mid-wicket fence. A gift from Moeen Ali

69.3 - Stokes to Duminy, FOUR, got a bit of shape away from Duminy this time and made him play as well. But Duminy accounted for the swing and drove it beautifully through cover, the bat turned a bit in his hand but enough steam to make it cross the fence at deep extra cover

66.2 - Broad to Stephen Cook, FOUR, he has started to open up just after getting to his ton. Short delivery and he had been ducking under those just a while ago, this time gets into position and swivel-pulls it through mid-wicket with ease. That is his another side

62.2 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, fuller length delivery and caressed through cover, did not go full-blooded on the drive, just opened the face of the bat a little and there was no chance for the man running across in the deep

52.4 - Woakes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, smidgen short and begging to be hit. Cook shuffles across as he's done all day and times the pull to perfection, placed it well wide of mid-on and got the desired outcome

49.3 - Anderson to Stephen Cook, FOUR, aaaaand England's woes continue... Pitched up and drew Cook into a drive. Cook obliges as he goes for the shot. Went with laden feet and got a thick inside edge which skims past a diving Bairstow, to his left and into the fine leg fence

49.0 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, that won't help! On the pads and Amla, like he did all day, flicks nonchalantly through mid-wicket. Alastair Cook wears a frustrated look on his face and he had every reason to be so

46.5 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, into the 90s now. Full and asking to be driven. Amla placed this to perfection. Leant forward and ensured he got all of it, went through the gap at cover

46.1 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, full toss on the stumps - Amla doesn't need any second invitation. Drove with sublime timing to the right of Moeen who tried to prevent the boundary

44.3 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, the 150 stand comes up. Slightly overpitched just outside off. Amla gets forward and clubs the drive through cover, elegant stuff!

42.4 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, this wasn't short and Amla could still pull it to deep mid-wicket. Not quite a pull but an uppish cut-the-tree slash. Was cramped for room as the ball wasn't quite short but then got on his toes and placed that to deep mid-wicket

41.1 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, another serving on the pad, Amla meets it with Warney's wrists and flicks it to deep square leg along the carpet

40.1 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, that inswing from Stokes and Amla slid deep in his crease and gave himself room to time the flick to deep mid-wicket

36.4 - Stokes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, overpitched and Cook takes full monty off it. Comes forward, opens the face of the bat and places it wide of the point fielder for a boundary

34.2 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, that's been clouted! Put on his jet pack, hopped in the air and pounced on this short delivery mediocred with width. Off she goes to the sweeper cover fence!

34.1 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, ever seen a chef carve out a slice of butter? This shot was just better. Full and curling away, Amla gets to the front foot and eases it through the off-side to get to his fifty

33.3 - Broad to Stephen Cook, FOUR, 100-run partnership is up. The ball was wide on a length, Cook slices it past the cordon and got it to the third man fence

33.1 - Broad to Stephen Cook, FOUR, this is what dreams are made of. Canes a drive through cover, raises his bat high in the middle of a debut he waited so long for and brings up his maiden fifty. Pure delight. Should be happy but there's more to be done

33.0 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, that sped off the bat. Almost like you've always seen Amla. Length ball outside off, Amla gets forward and creams it through cover. On the up and off the middle. Pristine

31.0 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, another four runs but it's spanked to the fence this time. Not a flowing drive but a stab off the front foot. Dragged his back leg further back and propelled into an open-bat dispatch through the off-side

30.3 - Woakes to Amla, leg byes, FOUR, horrible follow-up to that ball. Drifting down the leg side, Amla half-turns to tickle, misses and the ball rolls off the pads. To the fences

30.1 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, that's a delight. Fullish and curling away a touch, Amla gets forward, protracts his hands and canes the half-volley through cover

27.0 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, full and straight, whipped away in the gap at mid-wicket, nicely done that!

23.3 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, Amla seems to be in the mood today! Just a touch fuller from Anderson and that's enough for Amla who smacks the punchy-drive through cover, don't bother chasing that

22.5 - Stokes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, Stokes seems to have lost his line and length since that dropped catch. Bowls another leg-stump half-volley which the debutant smashes through mid-wicket

22.0 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, mark my words. CLASS! Hashim just exhibited that. He averages 85 at this ground I reckon. Pitched full and width on offer too. Amla dispatches it off his sight with a flowing drive through cover

21.3 - Woakes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, too straight from Woakes and Cook ain't sparing that. Wristily whips and finds the gap between mid-on and mid-wicket. Both gave chase, but to no avail

19.0 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, brilliant from Amla! Just opened the bat face and massaged that fullish ball through cover, save your legs Hashim!

17.4 - Woakes to Amla, leg byes, FOUR, drifting into Amla's pads who misses on the tickle and it runs away off the thigh pad to the fine leg fence

17.3 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, ah, shot! Short and asking to be slapped. Amla obliges as he rises on his toes to flay the cut square on the off-side

16.1 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, Stokes comes in and much like Jimmy Anderson he offers a freebie. Full and outside off. Amla leans forward and creams the drive wide of mid-off. The moment it flew off the bat, everyone knew it was a boundary. No one moved!

15.2 - Woakes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, another freebie on offer. Slipping down leg and all Cook needed to do was get some bat on that. He does so nonchalantly, flicked down to the fine leg fence

14.5 - Moeen Ali to Stephen Cook, FOUR, don't bowl there! Full and on the pads and Cook puts it away where it deserved. Clipped off his pads square on the leg-side

13.1 - Woakes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, Cook prods forward and traces the line through the cover-region with his drive to a fuller length delivery. It races away to the sweeper cover fence in a hurry. Cook's top-hand did all the work there

9.3 - Broad to Stephen Cook, FOUR, Broad bangs it short and gets good shoulder on it. Cook gets on top of the bounce and clips it past the leg-slip fielder for a boundary. He knew where the leg-slip fielder was placed and also rolled his wrists to keep it down

7.5 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, Broad bangs it on a back of a length and this one is angled into the left-hander, Elgar though, rocks back quickly and pulverizes the ball with his pull shot. It rockets to the deep mid-wicket boundary in a jiffy

4.1 - Anderson to Elgar, FOUR, Anderson looks for the inswinger. However, this time around, the seam presentation was not great. It was splayed down leg, Elgar neatly clips it to the mid-wicket boundary. No need to run for those

1.0 - Anderson to Elgar, FOUR, this time, leg-stump half-volley from Anderson, Elgar rolls his wrists on the ball and flicks it to the deep mid-wicket boundary. It crashes into the ad-cushions in a hurry

0.1 - Anderson to Stephen Cook, FOUR, gentle loosener from Anderson, Cook gets off the mark in Test cricket with a nice flick that scurries to the deep square leg fence. He must be a relieved man after scoring a boundary off his first ball in Test cricket

126.2 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, SIX, tossed up delivery and de Kock comes down the track like thunder and lifts it over Moeen Ali's head, almost took down the cameraman at long-on

102.5 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, SIX, he saw that one like a hawk. Got into position early on this short delivery, pulled with all the might and the ball sailed over the deep mid-wicket fence

102.2 - Moeen Ali to Kyle Abbott, SIX, that is a good way to tackle the spinner, tosses this one up and Abbott comes down the track. Meets the pitch of the delivery and lofts it over cow corner for a maximum

132.0 - Stokes to M Morkel, out Lbw!! There's no need for a declaration if you can bowl like that. Stokes can quite describe his cricketing role in two words - "event manufacturer". The appeal was synchronized, the cordon united with hands up in the air and the umpire nodded in approval. The ball swung in and hit Morkel bang on the front boot. Looked plumb. Would be out even without the longish appeal. That ends the innings for South Africa and they have conquered the Wanderers demons with a 475-all out. M Morkel lbw b Stokes 0(10)

129.2 - Stokes to D Piedt, out Caught by Bairstow!! Right there. I've jinxed the man to end his ridiculously patient QDK-supporting blockathon. The ball was short and outside off, inviting for the upper cut but he's not Sehwag. Or Tendulkar. Manages the thinnest of nicks to the keeper who leaps up and gobbles it up. D Piedt c Bairstow b Stokes 19(104) [4s-1]

103.5 - Stokes to Kyle Abbott, out Lbw!! If the last appeal was a one-man show, this one didn't need a show of any sorts. The ball was fuller and swung in late to trap Abbott right in front. Given out immediately by the umpire. A formal review was sent upstairs by the batsman but the ball was going on to hit the middle pole. Goodbye Abbott. Kyle Abbott lbw b Stokes 16(33) [4s-2 6s-1]

94.4 - Anderson to Rabada, out Lbw!! (Review part: Rabada has reviewed an lbw decision against him. It is a legal delivery, and there is no bat as well. He has been hit low on the pad. Pitches in line and is hitting middle and leg. The on-field decision stays). Rabada cannot believe his luck. It is a good delivery to get early in the innings. Full and swinging in from over the wicket, the bat came down late and Rabada thought it was bat first but replays confirmed that the ball had hit him low on the pad and in line. The umpire had no hesitation in his mind and a bad start for South Africa on Day 2. Rabada lbw b Anderson 0(1)

94.0 - Broad to Bavuma, out Caught by Bairstow!! Edged and gone. Broad had him dancing previously in the over and this time he pitched it up to outfox him. Smart cricket from Broad. Pitched up and came in a touch, Bavuma push-drove it tentatively without getting a big stride forward. A thick outside edge carried to Bairstow and England draw first blood this morning. Bavuma c Bairstow b Broad 35(60) [4s-5]

77.1 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, out Lbw!! Another one bites the dust. Duminy has been chugged down. Poor shot selection from the batsman. It was shorter in length, Duminy looked to essay the pull, but missed it completely and was struck on his back thigh. He was trapped in front of off. The umpire raised his finger to answer the appeal in the affirmative. Duminy thought of taking a review. He even consulted Bavuma. In the end, decided to walk back to the pavilion. The right decision made by him. Duminy lbw b Moeen Ali 16(31) [4s-4]

74.5 - Woakes to Stephen Cook, out Bowled!! Cook's long vigil at the crease comes to an end. There was a touch of width on offer. Cook shuffled across his stumps and looked to punch. However, he could only eke out an inside edge onto the stumps. He gets a standing ovation as he makes his way back to the pavilion. He has played with steel and determination to put South Africa ahead in this game. Stephen Cook b Woakes 115(218) [4s-14]

65.0 - Broad to de Villiers, out Caught by Root!! Behold yourself! de Villiers departs on a duck. Rarity in every sense. Short of a length and outside off, why would he play at those at such an early time in his innings? But he is de Villiers, he does the unusual, fenced at it and it carried nicely to Root at second slip, who dived to his left and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. de Villiers c Root b Broad 0(2)

63.5 - Stokes to Amla, out Bowled!! And against the run of play, South Africa have lost Amla. This might just be the light which can show England the way. Length delivery and on off, came in with the angle and Amla poked at it from the crease, leaving enough gap between the bat and the pad, the inside edge crashed onto middle and leg. Stokes has provided the breakthrough. How often does he do that? Pretty often, I would say. Earlier, Amla was dropped on 5 by Bairstow off Stokes. He finally had his man. Amla b Stokes 109(169) [4s-19]

10.4 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, out Caught by James Taylor!! Taylor is simply a freak as he has taken another blinder! Wait! The TV umpire is checking whether he has taken it cleanly. The front foot is fine. I think he has clutched onto it. On replays, it seems to have fallen onto his right ankle to me. On expected lines, Elgar has been given out. He might count himself a touch unlucky though. Anyway coming back to the wicket, Elgar danced down the track and looked to loft it over mid-on. However, it came off the inside half of the willow. Taylor showed sharp reflexes to move with the shot at FSL. It hit his left thigh and then his right before finally falling on his right ankle. He squeezed the ball between his legs and held onto it just inches above the ground. On replays, it was clear that he had taken it cleanly. The entire England camp is delighted. Taylor is turning out to be a thorn in the opposition's flesh with his breathtaking fielding. Elgar c James Taylor b Moeen Ali 20(36) [4s-3]

119.0 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, no run, captain Cook has dropped de Kock, flighted delivery and outside off, Kock went for the full-blooded drive after opening up the off-side, failed to keep it down and Cook at cover flew to his right but failed to clutch onto it

92.2 - Anderson to de Kock, no run, edged and dropped. But a tough chance indeed for Stokes at gully. de Kock drove it on the up and went hard at the shot. It flew off the thick outside edge and Stokes leapt in the air, got his right hand to it but it did not stick

31.5 - Broad to Stephen Cook, 2 runs, it's the second in England's drop-pot. Dropped! On a length and outside off, the ball snaked away. Cook got on his toes but couldn't get behind the line there. Feathered an edge back that was dying low to the right of Bairstow who dived and finger-tipped the ball away. Went with one hand but his initial trigger movement towards the left defeated him there. Catchable it was and another opportunity missed

16.4 - Stokes to Amla, no run, dropped! Stokes isn't a happy man. He could have easily had Amla for 5 but captain Cook puts down a simple chance. Draws Amla forward by pitching it on a good length and then getting it to shape away (off the seam). The outside edge flies to the right of Bairstow who dives but fails to reach. Cook (at first slip), to his left, tries to grab it inches above the turf but couldn't do so. Just that he couldn't hang on. Bairstow's dive might have caused a bit of confusion I reckon!

123.0 - Moeen Ali to D Piedt, no run, tossed up delivery and it turned in, Piedt was looking to turn it into the on-side but he got an inside edge onto the pad, England appealed but the appeal was turned down, first on-field then by the third umpire

122.1 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, 1 run, and he is celebrating. de Kock gets to his maiden Test hundred. What an innings from the young man, came in yesterday when South Africa had lost a few quick wickets, batted with the tail beautifully and scored a ton. Coming to the delivery, it was tossed up and outside off, he essayed the drive towards cover, where the fielder put in the dive but could not stop it cleanly and before Taylor could tidy up, de Kock had scampered across for a single

80.0 - Moeen Ali to de Kock, 2 runs, too straight from Moeen Ali, de Kock neatly clips it to mid-wicket for a brace. Hales hunts it down to make sure that the duo only pinch a couple of runs

65.4 - Stokes to Stephen Cook, 2 runs, hundred for the debutant. What a moment. Take a bow! Stephen Cook becomes the 3rd South African opener to get a ton on Test debut. Alviro Petersen and Andrew Hudson are the other two. Also, the 100th batsmen to get a ton on Test debut. What a moment for Cook scoring a ton in front of his parents who are in the stands. Takes out his helmet and his hands are aloft, lets the moment sink in and acknowledges the loud thunder from the crowd. Coming to the delivery, it was touch short and on the stumps, he tucked it away from the man at mid-wicket and pinched in a brace

65.3 - Stokes to Stephen Cook, no run, length delivery and it snaked in a touch, Cook did not get his bat down in time and was rapped on the pads. The English appealed but the umpire ruled him not out

53.4 - Anderson to Amla, 2 runs, take a bow Hashim! He's back to his fluent best. What a player he's been and he continues to impress and inspire. Faced severe criticism for stepping down from the captaincy and this is how he responds. South Africa needed this, didn't they? Badly, very badly I reckon. His 25th Test century. Gets a rousing reception from the crowd. Takes his helmet off and lets out a wry smile. Dressing room stand and cheer the effort. Bairtstow and a few of the English fielders are seen clapping too. He reaches the milestone with a gentle push wide of mid-on

103.5 - Rabada to Moeen Ali, FOUR, short and wide delivery, Ali slaps it square of the wicket on the off-side for a boundary. He got it right off the screws. Important runs this for England

102.2 - D Piedt to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Ali was lucky there. However, he will take all the runs that comes his way. Ali premeditated to play the sweep. However, he got it off the back of the bat. Elgar went the wrong way at slip as he looked to snaffle the catch and the ball raced away to the third man boundary. If he had not moved, it would have turned out to be an easy catch

101.5 - Rabada to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Ali reaches his fifty in style. Fuller length delivery and on the stumps, Ali thumps it past the diving fielder at mid-on and it races away to the long-on fence in a hurry. This has been a vital knock from the England all-rounder

100.3 - Duminy to Anderson, FOUR, The 'Burnley Lara' showing his repertoire of shots. Shorter in length, Anderson rocks back quickly and flays the cut to sweeper cover for a boundary

96.2 - Duminy to Moeen Ali, FOUR, sliding down the leg side, Ali half-turns, manages some bat and gets four runs to fine leg

94.5 - Duminy to Moeen Ali, FOUR, that's sliced. Waits for an eternity, lets the ball come to him and then cuts it late wide of slip for a sumptuous boundary

94.0 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, FOUR, fabulous. Morkel bowls short outside off, Ali fetches it with a pull. Kicks his front leg in the air as he swivels and dispatches the ball behind square on the leg-side

93.2 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Rabada is tired. Like really tired. Couldn't get down to stop a speeding Ali drive at mid-off and the ball just sneaked through between his compass-wide legs

91.1 - M Morkel to Woakes, FOUR, that's the wheelchair shot. No feet at all. Length delivery, Woakes just used his bat to guide the punch through cover. Stand and deliver, as they say

89.2 - Kyle Abbott to Woakes, FOUR, Abbott is getting the famous Steyn-curve but at a pace 10ks slower. Goes full, gets it to shape away. Woakes leans in to drive, couldn't quite cover the swing and the thick outside edge squirts wide of backward point

88.5 - D Piedt to Moeen Ali, FOUR, the Moeen skates are back out. Comes down again, gets to the pitch and wrists it through mid-on. Seemed to have dragged it off the lower half but the ball was wooded too well

88.2 - D Piedt to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Ali needs no second invitation. Piedt flights it, Ali skips out and tonks it over the infield to the long-on fence

86.4 - M Morkel to Woakes, FOUR, just back of a length and that's been punched away with swagger. Slides back and middles the ball through cover

85.4 - Rabada to Moeen Ali, FOUR, shot! Opened the bat face and tapped that behind backward point, there was width on offer and hence Ali couldn't resist. It paid off though..

83.5 - Rabada to Woakes, FOUR, short and Woakes had all the time in the world to place it wherever he wanted. Pulled nonchalantly in front of square on the on-side

80.1 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, not quite short but short enough for Stokes who rocks on the back foot to muscle the pull over mid-on, couple of bounces and into the fence

79.1 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, half-volley outside off. Stokes bends his back knee and times the pants off a forward drive, all timing and placement! Raced away through cover

78.0 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, cannot bowl to Stokes there! To any batsman for that matter. Length delivery on the pads, Stokes gets across and whips it through mid-wicket. Timed it well and the man in the deep couldn't cut it off

76.1 - D Piedt to Moeen Ali, FOUR, freebie! Full toss just outside off, Ali drives and ensures he got it wide of mid-off, raced away

75.5 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, errs in line this time! On the pads and Stokes is content to tickle it off his pads, way she goes into the fine leg fence. Don't bother chasing that

72.5 - Kyle Abbott to Stokes, FOUR, full and asking to be driven down the ground. Stokes acknowledges as he places the stroke through Abbott's legs, raced away

65.0 - D Piedt to Root, FOUR, great shot from Root, driving against the turn is a top art. Gets to the pitch of the delivery by using his feet and drives it through extra cover, creamed it

62.3 - D Piedt to James Taylor, FOUR, sounds of "catch it" but it is over the fielder at mid-on, used his feet this time, got to the pitch of the delivery and lofted it over mid-on, a couple of bounces and the ball races away

61.0 - D Piedt to Root, FOUR, Root gets a four but Piedt will think it's his victory, forced Root to go for the sweep, which he connected well to get past FSL. The ball raced through backward square leg after beating the man in the ring

59.3 - M Morkel to James Taylor, FOUR, gift for Taylor, gets a half-volley outside off and drives it straight past mid-off to get off the mark with a four

55.5 - M Morkel to Cook, FOUR, Morkel again drifts it down the leg-side, Cook gets a tickle on it. It runs away past de Kock, who dived to his right, but to no avail

54.0 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, Root has ushered in a slew of glorious punches. Again a touch of width on offer, Root stands tall to punch it through the backward point region. No need to run for those

53.2 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, a bit of width on offer, Root stands tall in the crease and punches it past the diving backward point fielder (Bavuma). It runs away to the boundary boards

53.1 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, Root just about escaped there. Length delivery and in that channel outside off, Root looked to play a half-hearted punch and eked out an outside edge. Duminy at gully stretched his left-hand out, but couldn't pouch onto the catch. It flew to the third man fence in a hurry

51.0 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, Root gets width to swing it hard. He goes up and over backward point with his cut shot and it scurries to the fence in a hurry

50.1 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, the first loose ball of the morning from South Africa. It was a half-volley bowled by Kyle Abbott. Root takes a heavy toll of it, by essaying the drive. He opened the bat face there and that helped him to place it square of the wicket on the off-side for a boundary. He shifted his weight superbly too

43.2 - M Morkel to Cook, FOUR, that's the surprise of the day. Minutes before stumps and Cook just presents the full face of the bat and pushes the ball through the vacant mid-on region. On this outfield and pinged against Cook's bat, the ball sped off

40.3 - Elgar to Cook, FOUR, if the ball is dropped short, Cook will consume it. That's what the Royalty dishes him out on High Tea. The ball stayed low but it was dragged down, Cook swiveled and pulled it to deep square leg. As easy as pie these for Cook

37.3 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, rockets himself in the air, arches his back on the ball's impact and places the open-batted punch through cover for a delicious boundary

33.4 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, short and wide, Root makes a grimacing pace as he cuts this pacy delivery past point. Off to the fences in a flash

32.1 - D Piedt to Root, FOUR, short ball and it deserved it. Tripe. Gets low and swings his arm to pull that through square leg

31.0 - D Piedt to Cook, FOUR, brings up the hundred for England and his 47th Test fifty. This was floated wide of off, Cook got the opportunity to open the bat face and placed the back foot punch wide of a leaping extra cover

28.2 - D Piedt to Cook, FOUR, veering down on the ideal length to sweep, Cook gets low and brooms it away to the deep backward square leg fence

28.0 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, full on off and driven, not off the meat of the bat but will beat de Villiers who gave a chase from the covers

26.0 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, not that short to be pulled, but Cook saw it early and got into a nice position, pulled it well in front of square, through mid-wicket

22.0 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, short and enough time for Cook to rock back and pull it over mid-on with ease. He looks to be in good touch, finally some runs for the English captain

21.4 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, short of a good length and Cook uses the depth of the crease, clips it through mid-wicket and it races away to the fence

18.4 - M Morkel to Compton, FOUR, straying in line this time and Compton moves across to clip it through mid-wicket for the second four of the over

18.1 - M Morkel to Compton, FOUR, edged and rolls wide of third slip. It was a fuller length delivery and Compton was drawn forward to push at it, got a thick bottom edge. Luckily it rolled along the ground to third man fence

14.2 - M Morkel to Compton, FOUR, short delivery and the pull went between Bavuma's leg at FSL. The ball races away to deep square leg fence

11.4 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, buffet for Cook and he will gorge on those, short and wide outside off, he camps on the back foot and clatters the cut through point. It raced away to fence in a jiffy

9.2 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, that is the second four of the innings for the England captain. Very full and outside off, Cook squeezes out the drive through deep backward point

4.2 - Kyle Abbott to Cook, FOUR, that's ominous. You can count these occasions on your fingers. Full ball invites Cook forward who obliges with a push. Just an extended forward defence and the ball vroomed to the fence

4.0 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, ah, lovely. You won't see that being played that often but Tendulkar perfected it. And Hales emulated it. Xeroxed. Stood tall, pointed his elbows high as he punched it to the sweeper cover fence

3.5 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, short, wide and buried. Flashes at it employing a horizontal bat and ushers it to deep point

2.0 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, hurls this one full on the pads in order to make him play. And boy did he play. Timed the flick to backward square leg and ended a 9-run over on a high

80.3 - D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, that's Ben Stokes for you! That's the way he plays. Dances down the track and lifts this flighted delivery high and over long-off for a maximum

104.2 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, out Caught by D Piedt!! Morkel has picked up the last wicket to end Moeen Ali's entertaining innings. Ali looked to loft this full ball that was bowled outside off, but does not time it well and the bat turned in his hand. It goes towards Piedt stationed at sweeper cover, who snaffles a relatively easy catch. Moeen has given England a glimmer of hope of coming back into the game. Moeen Ali c D Piedt b M Morkel 61(101) [4s-11]

99.3 - Rabada to Broad, out Caught by Stephen Cook!! Sensational stuff from Rabada. He has picked up another scalp. Rabada bent his back and the short delivery vroomed off the pitch. Broad tries to pull, but gets it high up on the bat. Cook at deep backward square leg takes a few steps to his left and sets under the ball to pouch the catch. Rabada has bowled with fire and aggression today. Broad c Stephen Cook b Rabada 5(18)

92.4 - Duminy to Woakes, out Caught by Elgar!! There's the karma. Patted the full toss tamely last ball and he perishes this ball. To a luck that rivals Morkel's wicket-taking abilities. The ball was looped up, straightened as he looked to defend. Edge was dying down in front of the keeper. To make things worse for Woakes, the ball took de Kock's knee, ricocheted to the slip cordon and Elgar had a piece of it. A comfortable one high up and he was waiting under it like a hungry fox. Woakes c Elgar b Duminy 26(38) [4s-4]

81.2 - Rabada to Stokes, out Caught by Amla!! Thank you Rabada! Thank you for proving my words right. He certainly made that talk. Not by much but still good enough to draw an edge from a dangerous-looking Stokes. Kept it on a good length and got it to wobble away a tad. The line was on and around that corridor of uncertainty, just slightly outside off. Stokes, with cemented feet, has a lazy poke and the edge flies to Amla at first slip. Snaffled at a comfortable height and England sense trouble now. Stokes c Amla b Rabada 33(29) [4s-5 6s-1]

72.0 - Rabada to Bairstow, out Caught by de Kock!! You beauty, Rabada, this man is on fire. Back to back fifers for KG. He has sent back the keeper. As I had said the pressure was on the new man coming in and he departs without troubling the scorers. Rolled his fingers on this short of a good length delivery and by the time Bairstow withdrew his bat out of the line, the ball had kissed his glove on its way to the keeper. With that wicket, it will be lunch on day 3. Bairstow c de Kock b Rabada 0(3)

71.3 - Rabada to James Taylor, out Caught by de Kock!! And there is the bouncer. That short leg was playing in Taylor's mind and he did not want to defend the bouncer. Went for the mighty pull on the bumper outside off and got a thick under edge. Everyone heard it and the umpire acknowledged the appeal. However, Taylor confirmed with his partner once again who told him that he edged it and he continued his long walk back to the pavilion. What a wicket just before lunch. Pressure on the new man out of the hutch. James Taylor c de Kock b Rabada 14(46) [4s-2]

69.1 - Rabada to Root, out Caught by de Kock!! Rabada is chuffed to bits and why should not he be? He has got the big fish. He has got the better of Root, probing lines outside off and Root gets outdone by it. Root thought he had the length delivery covered on the defence but the ball just nipped away a touch to kiss the outside edge of the blade. de Kock behind the stumps made no mistake and England have lost a set batsman. Root c de Kock b Rabada 76(128) [4s-11]

59.2 - M Morkel to Cook, out Caught by de Kock!! From that time, Morkel was looking to land it on a length and then get it to nip away from England's captain to induce the outside edge. He finally succeeds in his endeavour and makes the first incision of the day. This one was hurled on a good length and then it nipped away from the left-hander, Cook was not expecting it to seam away off the surface. He got himself caught in the crease and slightly closed his bat face. Eventually, he pushed at the ball and the keeper snaffled it. Cook c de Kock b M Morkel 76(186) [4s-11]

23.2 - Rabada to Compton, out Lbw!! Previously on a few occasions the ball had kept a bit low and I mentioned that it will be a concern for England. This time the lack of bounce devours Compton, nothing special with the delivery, came in with the angle after pitching on a short of good length, Compton did not get his bat down in time as it kept low. Hit him right in front, Rabada appealed and the umpire raised his finger. Compton was dejected and why won't he be? He did nothing wrong but the demons in the pitch got the better of him. He was so plumb that he did not even bother to review. Unfortunate dismissal from an English point of view. Compton lbw b Rabada 19(52) [4s-3]

5.2 - Rabada to Hales, out Caught by D Piedt!! How do I put that? He did employ his front leg whilst facing the last ball but decides against it on this occasion. Had his feet stuck in a blob as he looked to drive on the up. You just don't do that in whites because Test cricket is an evil vamp that punishes you hard. Ball swings away a touch, takes the outside half of the open-faced bat and settles itself into Piedt's hands at point. Hales c D Piedt b Rabada 15(14) [4s-3]

98.1 - Duminy to Moeen Ali, no run, what has Amla done? He has dropped an absolute sitter. Juicy full toss from Duminy, Ali drives it straight to Amla at short-cover, but it burst through his hands and the chance goes down

82.5 - M Morkel to Woakes, no run, dropped by QDK. Short and wide, Woakes has a wild slash at it. Ekes out a thick top-edge that flies high over the keeper. de Kock leaps high and gets a hand but fails to hang on. Went with one hand as it was too far out of his reach. The ball kissed his mitts but couldn't cling on. Morkel isn't happy with the effort

82.0 - Rabada to Woakes, 1 run, direct-hit and Ali was gone! But it wasn't to be. Woakes pushed this length delivery towards mid-off and Moeen Ali was keen on the single. Woakes had to respond. de Villiers gets across and flings the ball at the striker's end. Missed just by a whisker. Ali would have had his heart in his mouth. Tough times!

80.0 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, no run, angled away from a good length, still outside off and Ali leaves

64.2 - D Piedt to Root, no run, it was a similar delivery and Root once again attempted the lap sweep, missed and de Kock moved to his left to snaffle it, the Proteas appealed in unison and Dharmasena raised his finger. Root reviwed it straightaway and the decision was overturned

55.2 - M Morkel to Cook, no run, a wasted review by South Africa there. Morkel strays it down the leg-side, Cook aims to flick it around the corner and missed. Morkel burst out a loud appeal for a strangle down the leg-side. He then convinced de Villiers to take the review. However, on review it was clear that it had missed Cook's bat by 9-10 inches with the keeper diving to his right to snaffle it. Cook should be careful though, as his head has tended to fall across in this series

53.3 - Rabada to Root, 3 runs, Root is certainly in prime form. He reaches his fifty in style with a fine shot. Back of a length delivery and outside off, Root rides on the bounce and punches it right off the screws past the backward point fielder. Piedt gives the chase and hauls it back with a slide. The duo pinch three runs

80.1 - Broad to de Kock, FOUR, on the pads, de Kock bends forward and places the clip through the vacant fine leg region

79.3 - Anderson to Bavuma, FOUR, and this time his feet were in a pot. Stayed inside his crease and attempted a drive, the thin inside edge rolled periliously close to the off-stump and rolled behind to the fine leg fence. Like a bonus you get for playing a shot too well

75.5 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, beaten by the lack of bounce on this bumper, tried to roll his wrists. Eventually, he top-edged it and the ball ballooned high in the air towards fine leg, there was no one who could cut it off, and the ball rolled into the fence after a couple of bounces

75.2 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, the square leg was pushed back for this delivery but there was no fine leg, short of a good length and too straight, Bavuma moved across and glanced it fine, it raced away to the fence in a jiffy

73.3 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, intentional from Amla, steered this length delivery between slip and gully into the third man fence. Might have been a thickish outside edge, replays will confirm soon. Replays have confirmed it was deliberate from Amla

70.5 - Woakes to Bavuma, FOUR, bumper and it did not rise enough to bother the little man, he camped back and pierced the gap between the man at fine leg and deep square leg. One short of fifty now

68.5 - Woakes to Bavuma, FOUR, that is majestic from Bavuma, presented the full face of the bat, threaded the gap between mid-off and cover with ease. Do not bother chasing that

67.2 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, FOUR, overcooks the flight and gives a juicy full toss to Bavuma who opens the face of the bat on the drive to find the gap through cover, the fielder gives the chase but the ball beats him to the fence

64.5 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, width and still needed to be put away. On a pitch where the bounce is not true, that is some shot to play. Got on the front foot, it was not a half-volley but Amla went with the drive and found the gap through cover with ease

61.3 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, he ain't missing out on this one. Way too short for a batsman of Amla's class. He brings his rubber-esque wrists into play as he short-arm pulls over a ducking FSL. No point chasing that lads!

56.4 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, FOUR, not that short but Bavuma is happy to play the pull shot. Rocked back and stroked it over mid-wicket, no one in the deep and that will be four

56.2 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, FOUR, well played Bavuma! He fetched this full delivery from just outside off and swept it fine, got good wood on that and beat Woakes' dive at fine leg

53.5 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, streaky but four. Touch fuller and outside off, Amla throws his bat on the drive, gets a thick outside edge which races wide of the slip cordon

53.4 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, class! Rose on his toes and played a textbook-esque back foot punch, ensured he got on top of the bounce and placed it well wide of the fielder at cover-point. Raced away!

44.4 - Woakes to Bavuma, FOUR, Stokes sprints back, huffs and puffs but Bavuma wins. And so does the ball. Gets forward and places the push crisply between extra cover and mid-off for a boundary

36.2 - Woakes to Amla, FOUR, that's dispatched. With the flick of the wrists and through the covers. Stays put, protracts his hands and bullets this fullish ball to the fences

34.3 - Woakes to Duminy, FOUR, short and width provided, Duminy gets on his toes, flashes his blade and cuts it brutally square past point

32.2 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, FOUR, this ODI style batting is suiting Duminy, he sinks down once again and paddles it fine, the ball races away into the fine leg fence

32.0 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, short of a good length and outside off, Amla opens the face of the bat and guides it to the square third man fence

25.3 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, fuller length and well outside off, allows Amla the width to flay the cover drive, he does so elegantly and there was no chance for Taylor at cover

24.4 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, FOUR, Duminy gets low and paddles this tossed up delivery fine, there is no man stationed in the deep and the ball races away to the fine leg fence

21.0 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, having faced 5 deliveries and blocking and leaving them, this time Amla goes for the drive on this fuller length delivery, opens the blade just a little on the drive to find the gap through cover, the ball races away to the sweeper cover fence

15.4 - Root to Amla, FOUR, fullish around leg-stump, Amla flicks off his toes, manages to get it past a diving leg slip, raced away to the fine leg fence

11.3 - Stokes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, back of a length and angling in, Cook moves across and tucks it fine, the ball scoots past the keeper and races to the fine leg fence in a jiffy

11.0 - Woakes to Stephen Cook, FOUR, Cook had been quite quiet for some time now, not this time though. Gets a gift, short and wide and he cracks the punch through cover, no one bothered chasing it

8.0 - Broad to Stephen Cook, FOUR, just a touch short than the previous delivery, allows Cook the time to stand tall and punch it through cover-point for an easy four

4.4 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, edged and dropped. Hales at third slip got a hand to it but just could not get hold of it, it was a fuller length delivery that drew Amla forward on the drive. He played away from the body and the thick edge flew past Hales and into the third man fence

0.5 - Anderson to Stephen Cook, FOUR, width on offer, Cook cuts it through the backward point region. Compton looks to haul it down from backward point, but he had no chance there. Cook starts on a good note in the second innings

79.2 - Anderson to Bavuma, SIX, that's imperious. Makes up for half of the Amla disappointment. Short ball, Bavuma picks it up and short-arm jabs it up and over the deep mid-wicket fence. That ball had wings. Flew and kept flying

30.2 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, SIX, what a beautiful shot from Duminy, uses his feet and flicks it against the turn after getting to the pitch. Since he was closer to the ball, the turn did not matter and the ball sailed over the cow corner fence

79.0 - Broad to Amla, out Caught by Bairstow!! No. No. No. Amla perishes to nerves, a stroke so poor that my gully cricket shots would look superlative. He has chased a short and wide ball with a shuffle outside off and edged it behind. Had looked nervy all along after tea and has finally shot on his own foot. No Eden Gardens repeat, no nostalgia of the era when Amla reigned. No ton but Amla has walked after a brilliant innings on a pitch that's all but sleepy. Amla c Bairstow b Broad 96(199) [4s-11]

41.2 - Stokes to Duminy, out Caught by Bairstow!! Stokes has pulled out another one off the hat! Gets the ball within the stumps from over the wicket and angles it away on a length. Duminy runs out of the patience fuel, goes for the flashy drive and the ball swung away a tad to eke out an outside edge to the keeper. Bands are on in the stands and this wicket nails the session for England. Duminy c Bairstow b Stokes 29(64) [4s-3 6s-1]

21.3 - Anderson to de Villiers, out Lbw!! (Review part: de Villiers has reviewed an lbw decision given against him. The front foot is fine, seems to be in hitting in line. Nothing on the UltraEdge as well. I do not think there is enough evidene to overturn the decision and he has to go, the ball is crashing into the leg stick). Wicket part: What an inswinging delivery it was, came in the air and kept coming in after pitching. It would have got the better of any batsman in the world, this time it was ABD. de Villiers did nothing wrong, might have played a little late though to avoid it but it was only the second ball of his innings. Anderson appealed and started celebrating straightaway, he knew he was gone. de Villiers thought there was an inside edge, but it was not the case and Anderson has got his second wicket of the day. Third consecutive duck for the South African skipper and first ever pair for him in Tests.. de Villiers lbw b Anderson 0(2)

21.1 - Anderson to Stephen Cook, out Caught by Bairstow!! The full delivery has got the better of Cook. In the last over, Amla played a similar drive but he got the line covered by getting a stride forward, Cook does not do so and the ball swings away late to get a thick edge, an easy catch for Bairstow behind the stumps. Stephen Cook c Bairstow b Anderson 25(69) [4s-4]

2.2 - Anderson to Elgar, out Caught by Bairstow!! Anderson has finally induced an outside edge. From round the wicket, Anderson created a nice angle into the left-hander and then it moved away a tad. Elgar jumped in the crease, got squared up and then pushed at it tamely with him getting caught in the crease. Bairstow moved to his left and took an easy catch. This is only Anderson's fifth wicket of this series. Elgar c Bairstow b Anderson 1(3)

78.3 - Broad to Amla, no run, loud appeal for a caught behind. More to put off Amla it seems. And the reviews get reset in an over and a half. Reviewed by England. Fair delivery. No noise at all. Amla had crouched, protracted his hands to fetch that ball with a cut. Looked to have missed the top-edge by an inch or so. UltraEdge confirms. Not out. And Amla can still get to that ton

73.0 - Root to Bavuma, 1 run, that will be fifty for Bavuma, his second one in Test cricket. Well played, young man. It was a full toss and he mistimed the pull to fine leg but enough time to take a single

45.3 - Stokes to Amla, 1 run, oh, what a way to get to your fifty! Not ideal, I should say. The ball rocketed off the pitch and Amla hid his face behind his gloves in defence. Ball struck the front glove and lobbed to the unmanned backward square leg. Amla takes his gloves off, stares at his jarred fingers and lures Bavuma into calling for an arm-guard

44.0 - Stokes to Bavuma, no run, hooping inswing from Stokes, Bavuma stretches forward and is struck high on the pad. England have gone up for a review. Fair call. No inside edge. UltraEdge confirms. It hits him on the elbow first and then deflects on the inside thigh pad with the middle and off visible. Impact was in line but it was going just over the leg spigot. Decision stays and Bavuma survives. Looked more like a desperate intent-less appeal

33.2 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, FOUR, wow! Now the off-drive. Classical stuff from Moeen Ali. If ever there needed a demonstration of how to play the on and the off-drives, then these last two shots could be used as the best example. It was full on off, again just a push, no extended followthrough, the bat came down nice and straight and the ball comfortably beat mid-off. So effortlessly done by Moeen Ali and the 100 is up. The England supporters get a chance to clear their throats once again. They have been quite chirpy today

33.1 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, FOUR, beautiful shot. Very classy. Moeen Ali timed the on-drive through mid-on. It was full on off, Moeen Ali leant forward and just eased the push. Nothing more than that. Lovely stuff

29.5 - M Morkel to Woakes, FOUR, half-volley on the pads of Woakes and he clips it through mid-wicket for an easy four

28.1 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, oblivious of the situation of the match Bairstow is perhaps, drives this length delivery on the up and pierces the gap through cover with ease, the ball raced away

27.3 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, moved way too across this time and tucked it into the fine leg fence

26.5 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, a little too straight from Rabada, Bairstow moves across and clips it elegantly through mid-wicket. That will give him some confidence

25.4 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, Stokes is not going to get cowed by the situation of the match, short delivery and Stokes went for the pull, got a thick top edge and it flew over AB at first slip, raced away to fence

22.0 - Kyle Abbott to James Taylor, FOUR, drifts into the pads of Taylor, he moves across and clips it through mid-wicket for the first runs of the morning

20.5 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, there's the fifty for England. Have trickled there on a wheelchair but at least they have made it. Short again, Root throws his bat at it, flashes hard and he gets a boundary. Didn't look out of the middle, more out of the top-half but he went hard and it flew away

20.4 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, fearless. Can easily chop it on but this short-wide ball stayed up. Root goes airy fairy and cuts it to the sweeper cover fence

15.4 - Elgar to James Taylor, FOUR, back-to-back fours here. If that was brutal, this was stylish. Flighted fuller on middle, Taylor hauls his back leg in the air, swipes the bat across his pads and flicks it through mid-wicket

15.3 - Elgar to James Taylor, FOUR, murdered. You do that when you are offered a full toss. Flung his arms and bulleted the drive through extra cover

9.3 - Rabada to James Taylor, FOUR, no. You don't do that. On the pads, Taylor reaches forward, flicks his wrists and clips it to deep mid-wicket

7.2 - Kyle Abbott to Compton, FOUR, edged and it runs away! Can't call it a chance as the ball just dug into the pitch and raced away between second and the third slip. Compton was defending the ball whilst being deep in his crease, doesn't compensate for the swing and ekes out the edge

7.0 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, ah, what a shot! Length ball, Root goes airy and pulls out his patented back foot punch. Opens the bat face and places it square of the wicket

5.3 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, short down the leg side, Cook's is unnerved by that run-out scare. Just swivels and helps it with a pull behind square

34.4 - Rabada to Anderson, out Lbw!! What a good review that is. South Africa win - they have ended their nine match winless run. They last won a Test in January 2015 against West Indies. Since then they have gone over an year to wait for a win. Rare that. Consolation victory for them. It was a superb yorker from Rabada, right on the boot of Anderson who was deep in his crease. No inside edge onto boot, impact in-line, crashing into base of leg and that will do. Wonder why AB and Kyle Abbott didn't seem interested in the review. Only when Rabada convinced them, did they go reluctantly upstairs. Dharmasena got that wrong, but the technology corrected him. Rabada ends with 6 and 13 for the match. This has ended so quickly. That's how games should be finished off. Anderson lbw b Rabada 0(1)

34.3 - Rabada to Broad, out Caught by de Villiers!! Another five-for for Rabada. He is having a dream game. Make that 12 in the match. Can get to 13. This was full and outside off, Broad went for a big drive, got a thick outside edge and well held by de Villiers tumbling to his right at first slip. Caught with both hands and went to ground. Just a smile from Rabada after the catch is taken. Broad wasn't going to hang around here, and this was always on the cards. Didn't want to get in line too and wanted to smash anything in his zone. This time it wasn't to be. Broad c de Villiers b Rabada 2(5)

32.4 - Rabada to Woakes, out Caught by de Kock!! Another one goes. Woakes walks. Such a loose shot that is. 11-fer for Rabada. On a length and outside off, a nothing shot from Woakes as he aimed a punch through the off-side, feet didn't move towards the ball and the outside edge was snaffled by de Kock. This time, they don't check for the front-foot. The umpire must have been pretty sure where Rabada's foot landed. Woakes c de Kock b Rabada 5(8) [4s-1]

29.2 - M Morkel to Stokes, out Caught by Stephen Cook!! What a game this is turning out to be? Who would have thought that England will lose 4 wickets in the first hour itself? Lack of application from Stokes, he could not curb his natural instincts and has to depart now. Short delivery outside off and Stokes pulled it, did not get enough bat but hit it straight to the man at deep mid-wicket stationed for the shot. What have you done, Stokes? Stokes c Stephen Cook b M Morkel 10(14) [4s-2]

28.3 - Rabada to Bairstow, out Caught by de Kock!! You can continue celebrating Rabada. For he has got Bairstow this time, the front foot is fine, so umpire cannot deny him his maiden 10-wicket haul. The ball came in with the angle and straightened just a touch, Bairstow was playing inside the line and the outside edge carried to the keeper to give Rabada the joy of his life. He will remember it for long. He is now the youngest South African to get a ten-wicket haul in Tests. Bairstow c de Kock b Rabada 14(13) [4s-2]

24.3 - D Piedt to Root, out Caught by Elgar!! What happened there? Root is gone. Tossed up delivery and outside off, a lot of flight on it, Root was lured into the drive and could not resist, went hard at it, it took a thick edge and carried at a nice height to Elgar at slip, who was elated as he took it. This might get over earlier than expected. Root c Elgar b D Piedt 20(56) [4s-3]

24.0 - M Morkel to James Taylor, out Caught by de Kock!! Back of a length delivery and Taylor could not have done anything about it. He is not that tall and by the time he decided to drop his guard and sway away from the line, the ball had brushed the gloves. de Kock does not commit any mistake this time and South Africa have struck early. In comes burly Stokes. James Taylor c de Kock b M Morkel 24(48) [4s-4]

9.1 - Rabada to Compton, out Caught by de Kock!! How many bowlers do South Africa have? Four. Rabada, Rabada, Rabada and Rabada. The 20-year old has another and the feared English procession is on its way. Full and swinging away, Compton is lured into a drive. He obliges with laden feet and hard hands, and the thick nick flies to the keeper. Review drama but that looked more out of shock than reason. "My mum would have spotted that", as Boycott would have put it. The worst review I have seen. England three down. SA seven away. Compton c de Kock b Rabada 6(9) [4s-1]

6.2 - M Morkel to Cook, out Caught&Bowled!! What a catch! That stuck like gum. Harmless full ball on off, Cook plays it perfectly - with a straight bat with his weight leaning forward. But Morkel had other plans. Aborts his followthrough, sticks out his right hand and palms it. And then roars and mistimes his high-fives. What a moment in the game. Have the floodgates opened? Cook c and b M Morkel 5(27) [4s-1]

3.4 - Rabada to Hales, out Lbw!! Compton'd! Odds on getting a good ball when you're playing for your place? Many. Hales looks back in surprise, ponders and then walks back. That was plumb - hitting the middle of middle. He was waiting deep inside his crease, the length ball seams in and stays low. He's struck on his back leg's knee roll and the umpire, witness of the low bounce on offer all through, sends him back with a raised finger. Hales lbw b Rabada 1(7)

16.5 - D Piedt to Root, no run, this was a review that was sent upstairs. Looking to sweep the ball on the stumps, Root missed his shot as the ball stayed low. The HawkEye suggested that it would have missed the leg-stump by a distance. A huge stride forward could have saved him there. Root survives a close LBW call. Would have been reversed even if it was given out on the field