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England tour of South Africa 2015-16

Scorecard - 2nd Test, South Africa vs England at Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa (02 Jan 2016)


629/6 (125.5) RR:5

159/6 (65) RR:2.45

Match drawn

MOM: Ben Stokes
South Africa

627/7 (211) RR:2.97

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124.2 - C Morris to Bairstow, FOUR, South Africa are certainly under the pump. Morkel now drops a sitter at long-off. Bairstow lofts this fuller length delivery towards Morkel at long-off, who moves forward and tries to pouch the catch with both hands, but it pops out. Embarrassing moment for the tall quick

123.4 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow again looks to usher in the pull, but Rabada gets good shoulder on it. Bairstow gets a top-edge and it runs away to the third man boundary

123.2 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow stays deep in the crease and slaps this very full delivery to the long-off fence. This is now the highest stand for the sixth wicket in Tests

122.5 - van Zyl to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow again takes the safe route by lofting this length delivery down the ground and it races away to the fence in a jiffy

122.3 - van Zyl to Bairstow, FOUR, fuller length delivery and on the stumps, Bairstow plants his front foot and pulverizes the ball down the ground. It is raining fours and sixes at the ground

122.2 - van Zyl to Bairstow, FOUR, this now is T20 mode out in the middle. Bairstow clubs this length delivery across the line towards the deep mid-wicket boundary. It crashes into the ad-cushions

122.0 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, width on offer, Stokes cracks the cut to third man. The stand now is worth 350 runs between the duo

121.4 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, on a length and on the stumps, Stokes plants his front foot and hammers it across the line to the deep mid-wicket fence. No need to run for those

117.4 - van Zyl to Bairstow, FOUR, despite Amla bringing in the field, Bairstow composes his first Test century. He is delighted for sure. He is hugged by his teammate, Stokes. He removes his helmet and acknowledges the crowd and the teammates back in the pavilion. Coming back to the ball, it was a short and wide delivery, Bairstow hammers the cut and it rockets to the deep backward point fence in a jiffy. Raw emotion from Bairstow after he placed it in the gap. A loud shout of "yessss" and a look heavenwards. Almost close to tears was Bairstow. This means so much to him. Takes his time to compose himself. What a moment for the Yorkie ginger lad!

117.0 - Elgar to Stokes, FOUR, from round the wicket, Elgar spears it down leg, Stokes sits on one knee and murders it with a slog-sweep over the deep backward square leg boundary. One bounce and into the fence

114.3 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, Morkel drifts this one down the leg-side, Stokes whips it to the deep backward square leg fence. It scurried to the boundary boards. No need to run for those

111.3 - C Morris to Bairstow, FOUR, now gets one through. Rolled his wrists on the drive to find the placement and even a desperate dive is not enough. Only a fraction full outside off, Bairstow gets beside the pitch of the ball before unfurling those wrists to cream the drive

109.0 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, yes, Ben Stokes! He's done it. Slaps the pull well in front of square and up go the arms! Wow. Just stand up where you are and give this man a salute. Second fastest double hundred in the history of Test cricket. Punches the air, acknowledges the crowd .. who are in delirium .. and off comes the helmet. Doesn't even look overwhelmed at the feat he's achieved. Just waves cheerfully to the rapturing applause he's getting - from his teammates, from this crowd, even from the opposition - before being caught in an embrace by Bairstow. He has single handedly reduced this South African attack to rubble. Amazing knock, and what a way to kick off the New Year

107.3 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, back of a length delivery outside off and flat-batted over mid-on. Not one strike he's attempted has been mistimed. That bottom hand coming into play and he forehands it

107.1 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, oh clubbed! Man, this is a brawl, with Stokes showering all the jabs and clearing house. Pitched up outside off, Stokes sloshes it over mid-off. One bounce and over the ropes

104.4 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, both men didn't pick it up and it is getting worse for South Africa. Stokes uses his feet and swipes it over square leg, Elgar and Morkel didn't sight the ball and the boundary is found after a bounce. Piedt has a puzzled look on his face

101.3 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, right off the bottom of the bat but still four. Came off the toe-end as he went back to pull over mid-wicket, importantly he found the gap and since there was no-one in the deep, it was four

99.2 - Rabada to Stokes, leg byes, FOUR, cries of "Catch" but that has come straight off the hip and beats de Kock leaping to his right. Down leg, Stokes missed the glance and it deflected off the hip and flew past the keeper. Was a big no-ball too from Rabada, but not spotted by the umpire

98.2 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, doesn't take long, does it? Sees the tossed up delivery outside off and reverse sweeps past Amla at backward point. Hit along the ground and once it beat the fielder, it was four all the way

98.0 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, Morkel has his head down and the 400 is up for England. Short and wide outside off, there to be cut and Bairstow slapped it wide of cover. Raced away

97.1 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, superb stroke from Bairstow. He is a strong bottom-handed player and this shot shows us why. Full outside off, he just punched it wristly over the ducking Stokes and it beats mid-on comfortably. Hit in the air as the wrists came into play at the right time

95.0 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, he is batting like a dream. What a shot that is. It was just a back of a length delivery outside off and he has rocked back to power a pull through mid-wicket. The fielder had no chance at deep mid-wicket. What power behind that hit as well

92.3 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, when it is short, Stokes is in no mood to let go. Rocks back and smashes this in front of square, beats the deep fielder easily. Needs to get the short ball to bounce a bit more to create problems for Stokes

91.4 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, Stokes is in the mood. No doubt about that. Full outside off, he sees the offering and goes over mid-off with a clean blow. Another boundary to Stokes - now I have lost count of how many he has hit today

90.5 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, this is incredible stuff! Another boundary and Morris is being flogged to death here. Short on the stumps, Stokes swivelled on the pull and got great timing, Dane Piedt had ground to cover and not much but despite his dive to his left at deep square, he couldn't prevent the boundary. That's how well it was timed

90.4 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, runs are flowing and this one is a delicate shot. On a length and outside off, Stokes just dabbed that with an open face and got it through backward point. Temba had a chase to his right at sweeper cover but didn't even get a hand on the dive. Terrific timing!

90.0 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, the shot of the day so far and we are just 3 overs in. On the off stump and Bairstow got forward to knife that on the rise, beats mid-on and races away. Bairstow showed the full face and had a high elbow to boot as well. Technically perfect display of an on-drive

89.5 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, now Bairstow gets into the act. It was short outside off and looked like Bairstow was waiting for it, rocks back and pulls over mid-wicket, hit it well and that flew to the fence

89.0 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, utter dross from Morris and with the mood Stokes is in, he won't let go of that. Short and wide outside off, too much width for Stokes who flashes a cut over point. This time the sweeper ran to his right and retrieved the ball from the fences. He has raced along to 97 having started the day at 74

88.3 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, Stokes is on a roll. Fourth boundary in 8 balls for him. This was very wide of off and full too, but Stokes reached out and timed the drive along the ground, there was a sweeper out there, but he had no chance. Stokes almost lost his balance as he was playing the shot, but still got so much power behind the hit

88.2 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, this one isn't timed as well as the previous two boundaries today. Hit on the up and in the air over cover, Morris now pitched that full and wide outside off, gave Stokes the freedom to free his arms. Third boundary already

87.5 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, an action replay of the previous boundary in the over. Once again Morkel bowling full and wide outside off, with the angle that he is bowling from, that creates width and Stokes doesn't miss out, timing the drive along the ground through cover. The 100-run stand comes up as well

87.3 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, fabulous drive from Stokes. On a bent knee too. Saw the full delivery outside off and then lashed out through cover. Raced away to the fence

84.1 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, and another boundary! Seeming all too easy now. Desperate wicket-seeking short ball is nullified with a crunchy swivelled pull shot to deep backward square leg

84.0 - Rabada to Bairstow, FOUR, 1000 Test runs for Bairstow! And it's off a misfield. Not perfect but Bairstow will take it. The ball was punched firmly and it burst through Piedt's hands at extra cover and raced to the fences

82.5 - C Morris to Bairstow, FOUR, that was hit with the precision of a tailor. Reminded me of Sehwag! Short outside off, Bairstow placed the cut perfectly between gully and backward point. No one moved. Literally

82.1 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, third time lucky! This was bowled short of length and angled across from over the wicket, Stokes rocked back, swivelled stylishly and played the pick-up pull through deep mid-wicket

80.5 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, when they come, they come in numbers. Boundary galore this! Just two slips in place. The second boundary had forced Amla to remove the 3rd slip! Stokes is in the mood. Was half-forward but went hard on the drive. The thick outside edge flew through the vacant third slip region and raced to the third man fence

80.4 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, that's dismissed. With a hint of swagger. Slightly short of length, Stokes stays rooted to the crease and just cuts the ball. Had enough time to place it well in front of square. Earns a boundary to sweeper cover

80.2 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, and it's a half-century for Stokes! His 6th in Tests! This was bowled on a length, Stokes slashed hard, eked out a top-edge that evaded a leaping second slip

80.1 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, ah, that's one for tired eyes! Dished full, Stokes stays put and just times the push straight through a vacant mid-on. The ball creamed the turf on its way to the fence

79.4 - D Piedt to Bairstow, FOUR, Rabada gives the chase but the ball was just hit too well. Another one on a fuller length outside off. The ball's too old to play tricks. Bairstow closes his eyes and drives it fiercely through covers yet again

79.1 - D Piedt to Bairstow, FOUR, that came with a hit-me tag! Overpitched wide of off, Bairstow let out a big front foot stride and creamed the drive through cover

75.2 - D Piedt to Bairstow, byes, FOUR, how's that missed? Deliciously flighted, drew Bairstow forward but the truck-wide bat-pad gap saw the ball sneak through. Nearly shaves the leg-stump, evades a befuddled de Kock and makes its way to the fences

73.0 - van Zyl to Stokes, FOUR, that is whipped away nicely with a strong bottom hand grip. Full and on the stumps, Stokes waits for the ball to come and hits it nicely between mid-on and mid-wicket for four. Fifth four for Stokes

71.3 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, full and outside off stump, Bairstow leans forward and drives, Amla dives to his left at mid-off but it beats him. First boundary for Bairstow

70.0 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, now the cover-drive, not from the middle of the bat though. More of a thick outside edge as it went off the outside half of the bat. Full and outside off stump, Stokes leans forward to drive, doesn't find the sweetest spot of the bat, yet it races away through cover-point and beats the fielder's chase as well

69.4 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, now the on-drive and it beats the dive at mid-on. Lovely shot! Good length delivery angled in, Stokes leans forward and drives with the full face of the bat, didn't try to hit it too hard, timed it beautifully and it ran away for four

67.2 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, driven off the front foot and with a full face of the bat, hit it very straight and mid-on had no chance. Morris overpitched the ball right up to the batsman and Root drove it superbly along the ground

64.3 - D Piedt to Root, FOUR, such good timing again! Feels like the ball has legs. Gets deep into his crease and punches it off the back foot. No force but all timing. Off she goes!

63.4 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, that looked lovely and what a way to bring up the 200! Claps all around. Isn't this Test in South Africa? The ball was shortish outside off, Root backed away to give himself room, stretched his hands a touch as he punched it off the back foot. The ball pinged bat's middle and hurried to the deep extra cover fence

63.2 - M Morkel to Stokes, byes, FOUR, what was that? Wayward short delivery down the leg side, Stokes swivelled inside his crease to connect but failed. The ball zoomed off the pitch and was too wide to meet de Kock's leap to his right

62.5 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, friendly full toss and Stokes muscles the slog over mid-wicket. There was a fielder there but it went well to his right. Rare bad ball from Piedt

60.2 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, excellent looking clip shot from Stokes, so much bottom hand involved and he timed it so well. Length delivery on the leg stump, Stokes hops and works it past the man at mid-wicket and it races away

56.5 - C Morris to Root, FOUR, Root drives and gets the edge this time, but it went along the ground and between second slip and gully. The length was full enough to draw the batsman forward and Morris almost won the battle

48.0 - M Morkel to Compton, FOUR, a desperate dive by Rabada at fine leg, he actually flicked it back, but didn't have enough power behind it and it rolled back to touch the rope. Full and angled in on the pads, Compton easily glances it away behind square leg, fine leg was very square and he couldn't stop the boundary

46.3 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, top shot! Short of a length again from Rabada, not quick enough or short enough to trouble Root, who rocks back and swivel-pulls it in the air through square leg for four

44.2 - D Piedt to Compton, FOUR, this is way too short and it didn't spin much, Compton went back and cut it away easily through cover. The fielder there dived to his left but it escaped

41.2 - C Morris to Compton, FOUR, dangled full and Compton obliges with an attempted drive. The ball takes the outside edge and flew very wide of the gully to the deep backward point fence. Looked like a half-deliberate slice to the fences

39.4 - C Morris to Hales, FOUR, fired in full but the ball swung across to make the line leg-stumpish. Hales bent forward and tucked it off his pads to collect a boundary to fine leg

31.3 - Rabada to Compton, FOUR, the crowd went wild there. It was silked through the covers. Got on one knee and creamed the full ball to the fences. That was perhaps the dessert after lunch

30.1 - D Piedt to Compton, FOUR, flighted and drifting across, Compton gets on one knee and shovels it over the vacant leg slip with a cute little paddle

30.0 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, edged and four! And it's also his maiden half-century! Invitingly pitched up outside off, Hales is a little impatient after lunch. Goes hard on the drive, gets a thick edge that runs wide of the second slip and to the third man fence

27.4 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, smidgen full, Hales is in the mood! Flays it hard, gets a thick top-edge that flies high over a leaping de Villiers at second slip and off she goes to the fences again

27.3 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, hurled on back of a length, Hales rocks back, opens the bat face and punches it past a diving gully. Four runs for the taking

23.1 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, Morkel begins with a loosener outside off, short and wide and Hales cuts in the air over point. Easy boundary. Got on top of the bounce and smashed it

13.5 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, all of Hales' boundaries bar one has come with flicks or tucks through leg. Full on middle and leg, easy for Hales as he gets the flick past short leg and away she goes

13.0 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, third or fourth time today that Hales has picked one off middle and leg, past the diving Bavuma at mid-wicket. Once it beat him it raced away. Rabada isn't a happy man for he drifted onto the pads of Hales which is his biggest strength

11.1 - C Morris to Cook, FOUR, even Cook felt he was gone when he flicked that in the air. He didn't want to run after hitting it but saw that the ball went wide of mid-wicket. To the fielder's left. A definite ploy from Morris and Amla to get Cook caught on the leg-side. This was tailing back in and Cook flicked and got lucky

10.0 - C Morris to Cook, FOUR, easy for Cook. On the pads and with no-one behind square except a fine leg, always runs there for the taking. Sliding into middle and leg and he flicks it away through square leg. Morris needs to go back over the wicket. This tactic isn't working at all

9.2 - C Morris to Cook, FOUR, shouts of "catchhhhh" from the fielders but there were none at deep backward square to catch that. Dug in short outside off, Cook rocks back and swivels on the pull to hit it in the air over square leg. Away to the unmanned fence. Top shot too for he got on top of the bounce

6.2 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, width outside off, bounced extra but Hales got on top of it and cut that wide of the diving gully fielder. No third man and it will be consecutive boundaries for Hales. Has a chat with Cook after the boundary

6.1 - Rabada to Hales, FOUR, first ball from Rabada at home in Test cricket and he has been put away for four. Angling into off and middle, Hales gets forward and whips that wide of mid-on. Raced away

4.3 - M Morkel to Hales, FOUR, now Hales gets off the mark with a cracking flick. Morkel bowled that very full again and it drifted into off and middle, Hales flicked that past short leg and the outfield is very quick here. Nice timing on that shot too

3.3 - C Morris to Cook, FOUR, that's trademark Cook. Doesn't get fully forward but the bat comes down nice and straight and the cover drive purrs away to the fence. Morris bowled it full and outside off, no swing and that meant Cook could drive with no alarms. First boundary of the game and the first one in Test cricket in 2016

125.4 - Rabada to Bairstow, SIX, blasted over backward square. Short ball trying to follow Bairstow as he was backing away, he pulls it hard and pulls it for six

125.2 - Rabada to Stokes, SIX, and now clouted over long-on. Now the question is, "where do you bowl?" Pitched up in his half, Stokes loads up on the long-handle and gives it a nice spank

125.1 - Rabada to Stokes, SIX, mowed over deep mid-wicket and that's 250 for Stokes. Oh man. This is obliteration. Short ball and he blazes the pull. "Don't bowl short to me". He should put that on a T-shirt

123.3 - Rabada to Bairstow, SIX, Rabada flings in a bouncer, Bairstow stays inside the crease and pulls it hard to the fine leg boundary. It was one meaty blow

120.2 - van Zyl to Stokes, SIX, now that seemed more like a golf swing to me! Stokes prods forward and buries this pitched up delivery over the long-on fence. It cleared the boundary rope quite easily

114.2 - M Morkel to Stokes, SIX, stand and deliver stuff from Stokes. He twins power with lovely timing to loft this fullish delivery over the long-on fence for a maximum. He played that stroke with a clean flow of hands

106.0 - Rabada to Stokes, SIX, Stokes is in no mood to let up. This was a back of a length delivery on off, Stokes butchers a pull over deep square leg, out of the ground. What timing and power he generated on that hit, it wasn't a bad ball at all, just that Stokes is in such a murderous mood

105.0 - D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, six more. Stokes just goes on and on. He doesn't want Piedt to bowl to him. Down the track and to the pitch before slugging it straight back over the bowler. A flat hit too and more cheer for the crowd. This keeps getting incredible and more incredible from Stokes

104.5 - D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, there comes the slog sweep. Kneels down and takes it from outside leg to hit it over deep mid-wicket. That was a fine blow and away she went, sailing into the crowd. The Barmy Army love it

102.2 - D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, this keeps getting better and better. Down the track and not to the pitch, but still he goes inside out over cover and smashes it, goes all the way. He punches gloves with Bairstow

100.2 - D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, 150 for Stokes! Gets there with a big six. Uses his feet and goes over Piedt's head. Clean blow and into the sightscreen. No massive celebrations similar to when got to 100, just raises his bat and soaks in all the applause. At this rate he should get to 200 well before lunch

98.3 - D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, now use of the feet and six. Clears van Zyl at long-off. He was backpedalling to catch that one-handed arching back but the ball cleared him. Stokes used his feet and then smashed it flat, the wind helped him to clear the fielder. Maybe if van Zyl had been right there on the rope, he may have had a chance

65.0 - D Piedt to Stokes, SIX, and this one's for the huge New Year's crowd at Newlands! Bowled slow, Stokes stretches forward, gets on one knee and murders the slog-sweep over deep mid-wicket

30.3 - D Piedt to Compton, SIX, ho ho! The New Year fireworks are here, finally! Compton uses his feet, doesn't get too close to the pitch and lofts it dismissively over the bowler's head for a king-sized maximum

125.3 - Rabada to Stokes, out Stokes Run Out!! Stokes' magnum-opus, IS OVER. Oh I felt like Michael Cole announcing the end of Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak. What a knock. Everyone is on their feet as he trudges off and heck, why not? He has lacerated the pulp out of South Africa. Length ball angled away outside off, Stokes looks to slog but loses shape and slices it in front of mid-on. de Villiers rushes forward, settles under it and .. he drops it. Before having to bury his head in shame, he makes up by gunning down the stumps at the non-striker's end. I think Stokes expected the catch to be taken and never really put his wheels on. Stokes run out (de Villiers) 258(198) [4s-30 6s-11]

67.5 - C Morris to Root, out Caught by de Kock!! Is that a lapse in concentration from Root? He throws his head back in disappointment as he walks back. First Test wicket for Morris, he must be feeling great at the moment. The crowd gives Root a good ovation as he walks off. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Root goes for the cut, was caught on the crease and played late as well, got a thick edge that was easily held by the keeper. Morris jumps in delight and pumps his fist, Faf runs and hugs him. Root looks very disappointed. He knows that he's missed out on a big one here as the pitch is very good for batting. Root c de Kock b C Morris 50(79) [4s-5]

55.3 - Rabada to James Taylor, out Caught by de Kock!! Now Kagiso Rabada is on a hat-trick. This is his third wicket. James Taylor batted well in the first Test, but he's gone for a golden duck now. Hang on, hang on! The umpires are checking for the no-ball. Oh dear! Has he crossed the line once again? Third umpire Rod Tucker takes a long look. This is very tight. The zoomer is used, still not conclusive enough to say that there was nothing behind the line and the benefit of doubt goes to the bowler, much to the delight of the South African fans in the stands. Rabada breathes a sigh of relief. What a start for the Proteas after the tea break. This was such a poor shot from Taylor. England surely weren't needing 4 runs to win and this wasn't the last ball of the game either. Full and just swinging away outside off stump, Taylor plays the drive away from the body and he went hard at it as well. It could have easily been left alone but Taylor edges it to the keeper. James Taylor c de Kock b Rabada 0(1)

55.2 - Rabada to Compton, out Caught by Bavuma!! What have you done, Nick Compton? Robin Jackman on air voiced a few minutes ago that he expects Compton to do something silly if South Africa kept him calm and he's been proven right. Last over before tea, probably Compton wanted to get the fifty before the break and he gifts his wicket. Nothing but a short of length delivery just outside off stump, wasn't threatening by any means, in fact Compton rocked back and nailed the pull shot to perfection, however, he didn't get the placement right and the man at mid-wicket moved low to his left and grabbed it with both hands. Rabada has his hands aloft in joy and why not! He's bowled well. With that scalp, the umpires have called tea. Compton c Bavuma b Rabada 45(105) [4s-5 6s-1]

43.5 - M Morkel to Hales, out Caught by de Villiers!! Edged and taken. Good grab by AB de Villiers. In fact, he dived in front of first slip and took it with both hands. Thankfully he didn't spill it as it was going straight to Elgar at first slip. Good length once again from Morkel, the ball just holds its line and probably bounced a bit extra as well, Hales goes for the defence, he wasn't fully forward, played with hard hands and the ball took a healthy edge. It went at a good height, around knee-high and de Villiers made no mistake diving to his left. End of a fine innings from Hales. Hales c de Villiers b M Morkel 60(140) [4s-10]

16.3 - Rabada to Cook, out Caught by C Morris!! Stunning catch by Morris at third slip. One-handed grab to his left at slip, that too from such a tall man - unbelievable from Morris. Mind you he is a fast bowler standing in the cordon. That is an achievement in itself. He has a reputation for being a fine fielder at slip in the domestic circuit and he has taken a blinder on debut. His team-mates surround him. Full and outside off, Cook was lured into the drive and got a thick outside edge, was dying on Morris but he grabbed it with no fuss. Rabada leaps in delight. South Africa needed some inspiration after a dull first hour and Morris has provided that. Cook c C Morris b Rabada 27(49) [4s-4]

47.4 - M Morkel to Root, 1 run, edgedddddd and Morris almost pulls off another left-handed stunner. Remember, he took a blinder to remove the England captain and he almost pulled this off as well. Extremely tough chance, credit to him for the effort. Root finally loses patiences and goes for the drive hard and away from the body, it was a fullish length ball, it flew off the outside edge, Morris at gully flew to his left, but it came very quickly, got his left hand to it but it popped out and rolled to third man

125.5 - Rabada to Bairstow, 1 run, clipped through the on-side and there comes the declaration. Alastair Cook has had enough. Bairstow rushes off, stops mid-way, turns around with raised arms to acknowledge all the applause thrown at him .. and speeds off again

121.3 - Rabada to Stokes, no run, well, South Africa have wasted a review here. This delivery was pitched outside the line of leg-stump by about 6 inches. Yet, Amla went up for a review. Rabada hits it on a back of a length, Stokes aims to tuck it around the corner and missed. It hit him quite high as well. Amla could have taken that review only because he thinks a declaration is around the corner

105.1 - Rabada to Bairstow, no ball, 2 runs, the 250-run stand is up now. Bairstow and Stokes get together. Full and Bairstow inside-edged the drive through mid-wicket for two more

92.2 - Rabada to Bairstow, 1 run, 50 for Bairstow. Angled in on off and middle, tucked to fine leg. Excellent knock this from the Yorkie lad. Played the second fiddle to Stokes really well

90.1 - C Morris to Stokes, 3 runs, look at Stokes! Just look at him. What a way to get to your hundred. The entire Newlands crowd are up on their feet to applaud that hundred. The England team do likewise as well. It was full and outside off, driven to the left of Temba at sweeper cover, great effort to stop the boundary with a dive, but Stokes raced back for the third and midway through that run, had his arms aloft and then leapt to punch the air. Third hundred for Stokes and a mighty fine one this, then the celebrations began from the Ginger lad

67.3 - C Morris to Root, 1 run, the crowd goes "Rooooottt." Remember, he made as many as 10 Test fifties in 2015 and he begins 2016 in style with a fifty. Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, Root tucks it away through mid-wicket and gets to his 18th Test fifty

62.0 - M Morkel to Stokes, no run, there were two sounds and that probably prompted the Proteas to go upstairs. However, the sounds were bat hitting the bottom of the front pad and then ball brushing the flap of the pad. There was no edge/glove on it to be given out caught behind and it was pretty high to be given out LBW as well. Morne needed to be at least 30-40 centimeters shorter for that to have hit the stumps. Good length delivery angled in, Stokes tried to work it into the on-side and missed it completely

209.1 - Finn to Bavuma, FOUR, edgedddddd and it runs away for four! Temba Bavuma you beauty, maiden Test hundred and he gets it in the picturesque Newlands! Look at the joy in him. He jumps high, takes the helmet off and then swings the bat hard in joy. His father is pumped in the stands as well. Alviro Petersen, Makhaya Ntini and Michael Vaughan applaud Bavuma's effort from the stands. Meanwhile, is Ian Botham shedding a tear? Coming back to the ball. Full and outside off stump, Bavuma tries to drive, gets a thick edge that goes past the man at slip, Moeen gives chase at third man but loses the battle. What an innings from the little man

207.1 - Finn to C Morris, FOUR, just two men on the leg-side and Finn bowls a half-tracker that wasn't far away from the off stump. Morris rocks back and pulls easily through the unmanned mid-wicket region

206.4 - Moeen Ali to C Morris, FOUR, now Morris plays the reverse sweep too, much more authoritative this than the one Bavuma played. The line was down the leg-side, Morris hit it in the air through the vacant point region

206.2 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, FOUR, the reverse-sweep from Bavuma, Moeen made life easy by bowling it short, Bavuma had enough time to adjust and timed it from the middle of the bat through the short third man region. Into the 90s now

201.2 - Root to C Morris, FOUR, fraction short and just outside off, Morris had all the time in the world, he goes back and punches it in front of square on the off-side, no one in the deep to stop that

200.1 - Broad to C Morris, FOUR, maiden Test fifty. He can afford a smile now. Not when he conceded more than 100 while bowling. Bavuma walks across to his partner and congratulates him. It's the leg-cutter on a driveable length, Morris leans into the drive and places it wide of mid-off, Moeen Ali gave up halfway through the chase. And every member of the South African unit were on their feet applauding

198.1 - Broad to C Morris, FOUR, fabulous shot! Morris closes in on his fifty. That shot should make any top-order batsman proud. Not all that wrong with the delivery, full and around off, Morris presents the full face and punches it past the diving mid-on fielder

195.4 - Anderson to Bavuma, FOUR, poor delivery and Bavuma helps himself to another boundary. The leg-cutter from Anderson goes wrong, ends up on Bavuma's pads, glanced away to the fine leg fence. With a 7-2 field, you can hardly err in line

189.0 - Moeen Ali to C Morris, FOUR, Morris is now using his feet as well, he must be eyeing a fifty. Chips down the wicket and doesn't try to overhit the ball, lifts it over the bowler's head, Root runs to his left and puts in a desperate dive, but the ball eludes his outstretched hand

188.4 - Moeen Ali to C Morris, FOUR, that shot sums up the partnership. Morris is growing in confidence and is bring out some funky shots. Tossed up on off, Morris reverse sweeps it past the slip fielder, no one bothered to chase that down

187.1 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, that is his 10th pull shot which has earned him a boundary, alright I might be overexaggerating. But why bowl short? On the stumps, Bavuma swivels on his front foot and pulls it behind square, right between two men in the deep

185.4 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, top shot! Overpitched outside off, Bavuma leans forward, presents the straight bat and high elbow, caresses the drive past the diving cover fielder. Held the pose for the cameramen

180.4 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, FOUR, nah, too full. Too, too full. Ends up as a half-volley outside off, Bavuma blazes the drive through extra-cover. Lights up the grass on the way

180.3 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, FOUR, ah, the hack! He tried one in the previous over. Didn't come off. This one did. Drifting across off, Bavuma does well to get inside the line with the front foot and stabbed it fine

179.0 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, FOUR, swished away! Moved well across on the front foot while sitting on the back knee, got it on a perfect length and walloped the sweep behind square

175.4 - Finn to Bavuma, FOUR, don't bowl short, please don't. Haven't you seen enough of it yet? This time it's more of a jab than a pull. Didn't really get the opportunity to extend his arms after being cramped slightly by this short of length delivery, pivots on the back foot and dismisses it through mid-wicket

175.3 - Finn to Bavuma, FOUR, and now off the back foot. This lad, he might be having some limitations, but is a plucky little fella. Back of a length outside off, Bavuma hops on the crease and deliberately slices his punch along the turf behind backward point

175.2 - Finn to Bavuma, FOUR, good grief! He has timed the guts out of that cover-drive. Oh boy. Sumptious. Tilts the weight forward, moves the front foot across to get beside the line of the ball and unfurls it past a diving extra-cover

173.3 - Finn to Bavuma, FOUR, and again pulled off the front foot, not with as much authority as the previous one but a boundary nonetheless. Purposeless delivery from Finn. Not enough height or shoulder into it, climbs only around the mid-riff, Bavuma fetches it from just outside off and thuds it through the mid-wicket region

172.1 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, oh Bavuma. Standing tall, as tall as he can be of course. Dispatches it with disdain. A short ball, came gunning for his badge, quickly transferred his weight on the back foot after the stride forward and muscled the pull in front of square. Didn't bother to keep it down

171.4 - Finn to C Morris, FOUR, sliced behind backward point. A real gift. Pitched right up wide of off, Morris crouches low without really moving across and helps it behind the fielder. Rolls down to the third man fence

171.0 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, third boundary for Bavuma and he's proving my word right. Dealing in boundaries that is. This one's streaky though. Touch fuller just outside off, Bavuma hangs his bat in defence, the ball kisses the toe end and runs to the left of Bairstow, beating his dive

170.2 - Stokes to Bavuma, byes, FOUR, four runs gifted! Stokes extracts venomous bounce off the surface and Bairstow tried his best to grab that, got a glove but couldn't prevent the boundary. Bavuma just sat under that

170.1 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, bouncer and all Bavuma needed to do was help it on its way. He does that and records his second boundary. In fact he's dealing in boundaries. Down leg and Bavuma pulls it sans any trouble, through short fine and into the fence

169.2 - Broad to C Morris, FOUR, back-to-back boundaries for Morris. This one's via luck though. He makes a late decision to leave that ball, which is outside off. Ball slams the toe-end and runs wide of a lone slip, Morris won't mind that

169.1 - Broad to C Morris, FOUR, half-volley on offer and Morris takes full toll of it. Gets a half stride forward and caresses the drive through cover, no point chasing that lads

166.1 - Anderson to Bavuma, FOUR, ah, shot! What a way to get off the mark. Picture-perfect stuff from Bavuma. Back of a length outside off, Bavuma strokes the punch through cover. Just massaged it and got a good stride forward. Kids, are you watching the game?

162.4 - Anderson to du Plessis, leg byes, FOUR, errs in line, delivers one on the pads. du Plessis misses out on the attempted flick and it runs away off the thigh pad towards the fine leg fence

161.4 - Broad to du Plessis, FOUR, he's such a good puller of the ball. Isn't he? Waits for the short stuff and dispatches with a well-timed pull stroke behind short leg, rolled his wrists and placed it to perfection

156.4 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, drifting down leg, Amla goes back and flicks it to fine leg, no-one there and Bairstow gives chase to no avail. Just a hit away from a double ton

156.3 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, Amla comes down the track and takes it on the full, doesn't hit it as well as he would've liked to, but it is safe and beats Root's desperate chase and a headbutt slide into the ad-cushions

153.4 - Root to du Plessis, FOUR, driven and beats Broad's dive at mid-off. Root isn't happy that it has gone through and beat Broad. Tossed up outside off, du Plessis leant into the cover drive and even though the tall fast bowler did his best, the ball won the race

149.2 - Root to du Plessis, FOUR, du Plessis takes the aerial route and goes over mid-off. Down the track and just a chip, made sure he cleared the man and did so comfortably

146.4 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, well played! Takes it from outside off and then paddles it around the corner. No-one there and Amla gets a boundary. Made sure he get outside the line to play that

144.4 - Moeen Ali to du Plessis, FOUR, flies past Anderson's left-hand at slip. That is difficult to call it a chance. Went very quickly as Anderson is standing too close and had no time to react. Put his left-mitt out and the ball flicked the fingertips and raced away. du Plessis dug the drive out and the ball took off the bat. Why is he standing so close? Such a good fielder, but for the second time in the match, he has been made to look silly

137.2 - Finn to Amla, FOUR, cracking cut shot. Short and wide outside off, Amla slashed that through the vacant backward point and it raced away, beating the man in the deep at sweeper

133.5 - Finn to Amla, FOUR, that's Amla at his best. Close to recovering his very best form. Not a bad ball - just a touch of width outside off and that's enough for Amla to rock back and crash the cut late through backward point. Raced away

133.0 - Anderson to du Plessis, FOUR, now du Plessis gets into the act with a superb off-drive. Anderson overpitched that and du Plessis got forward to lace the shot wide of mid-off. A straight bat and since there is no lateral movement on this pitch, one can play that without any fear of edging behind

132.1 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, easy for Amla. Anderson drifts a bit too full on the pads, Amla gets forward and flicks through mid-wicket for a boundary

127.1 - Stokes to du Plessis, FOUR, Stokes errs in line, short and down leg, du Plessis is quick to jump onto the back foot to time the pull through backward square. He's timed that to perfection and no point chasing that

115.5 - Anderson to du Plessis, FOUR, full toss on the stumps - candyfloss for Faf. He clubs the drive past the South African skipper, who exhibits good awareness by getting his bat/leg out of the way and allowing the ball to race through

106.2 - Moeen Ali to du Plessis, FOUR, fraction short and around off, Faf gives himself a bit of room, opens up the off-side and punches it through extra cover, the ball teases the fielder all the way to the rope

103.4 - Finn to Amla, FOUR, Finn keeps finding the edge, but unfortunately for him they are not going to hand. Fuller and in the corridor around off, Amla is half-forward to defend, plays it with soft hands and hence the outside edge doesn't carry to second slip, Root got a hand but the ball had enough legs to reach the fence

102.0 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, that's a freebie from Broad, he might have gone for the yorker, dishes out a juicy full toss outside off, Amla doesn't miss out, he just relied on putting it in the gap, drove it wide of mid-off and picked up four more

96.3 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, edged and past the man at slip. Slider outside off stump, Amla went back to guide it late, but it took the edge and rolled across the turf to the third man boundary

95.0 - Stokes to du Plessis, FOUR, Stokes tries the yorker now after bowling a bouncer, but this one goes as a full toss, a freebie for du Plessis, who off-drives it past the bowler and beats mid-off. Stokes is livid with himself for bowling a bad ball

94.2 - Stokes to du Plessis, FOUR, good shot! Short delivery rising steeply, but du Plessis went back, rose on his toes and rolled his wrists on the pull to send it along the ground through mid-wicket

93.4 - Finn to du Plessis, FOUR, edgedddd, but short of the man at third slip. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, du Plessis tries to defend, gets opened up slightly, probably the ball left him late, thankfully he played with soft hands and it fell short of the fielder, who was diving to his right

87.3 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, edged, but wide of the man at second slip. Hands on head moment for Finn. On a length and outside off stump, the ball just leaves the right-hander, de Villiers pokes away from the body and gets a thick edge that runs away to the third man boundary

86.2 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, Anderson just flips his head and walks back to his bowling mark. He knows it's been a tough day and Amla's stroke will only add insult to injury. Short and wide, inviting Amla to have a crack at it. The South African skipper flays it square of the wicket with a well-timed stroke (cut shot that is)

84.5 - Anderson to de Villiers, FOUR, splayed down leg - that's a horrific delivery and de Villiers takes full toll of it. Hangs back and tickles it fine, another boundary added in the column

83.1 - Broad to de Villiers, FOUR, short and wide and AB couldn't have asked for any better. Jumps on the back foot and caresses the cut square of the wicket, fielder at point had no chance

80.1 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, poor first ball from Anderson. Swinging one down leg, all Amla needed to do was to put bat on ball - ho does so with a well-timed flick to fine leg, no point chasing that lads!

78.4 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, short and that's more than enough for a player of AB's class. Jumps on the back foot and pulls it over James Taylor at FSL, that raced away in a hurry

73.0 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, there it is! The most awaited 100 for Hashim Amla. The 2016 century calendar begins for the South African skipper - his 24th in Test match cricket. Takes his helmet off, raises his bat and hugs ABD. He gets there with a late-cut behind backward point

72.1 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, straightaway Moeen offers a candyfloss to Amla. Full and wide. Amla ain't missing out on those. Brings up 7000 runs in Test cricket with a classic drive through cover

67.2 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, that's Amla of old. Brilliant square drive. On the rise too. Opens the face of the bat and then times it wide of the diving Compton at point. Very classy and it raced away

65.5 - Root to Amla, FOUR, the 100-run stand is up. This is the first one for South Africa in 2016. They didn't have one in 2015. Can you believe that? This one is a touch short and wide outside off, Amla delays the back foot punch and opens the face of the bat to send it wide of backward point. Him and de Villiers punch gloves and share a hug and a smile. Nice to see

65.4 - Root to Amla, FOUR, he missed out in the last over, not this time. Short and wide outside off, Amla rocks back and flashes a cut wide of backward point. Broad just stood there and watched the ball go past him

64.5 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, 8000 Test runs for de Villiers! Fifty as well. His 39th one in Tests. Gets there with a shimmy down the pitch, and slams it back over the bowler's head. A raise of the bat and that's it. Back to business for him. Only the third South African after Kallis and Smith to get to 8000 runs

58.3 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, well played by de Villiers. He reverse sweeps and even though Anderson was anticipating it to his left at slip and moving, the ball eludes him and races away to the third man fence

58.0 - Broad to de Villiers, FOUR, pumped straight down the ground and de Villiers affords himself a smile. Broad went full and de Villiers smoked that past the big man's right shin for four. All along the ground

45.4 - Finn to Amla, FOUR, wide of the crease and angled in, full on the pads, Amla doesn't miss out and flicks through square leg. Easy boundary. Was in the air but in the gap as well

44.0 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, magnificent on-drive from de Villiers. But Finn aided him there with a half-volley, all de Villiers needed to do was to put it in the gap which he did by creaming the shot wide of the fielder. Classy and that should get him going

43.2 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, a soft edge and that's gone wide of the diving second slip. On a good length and outside off, Finn produced the edge but de Villiers played that with soft hands and that's why it went down and raced away to the unmanned third man fence

42.4 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, edged but it goes along the ground and beats the diving fielder at gully. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Amla pokes at it away from the body, gets a thick edge, luckily he played with soft hands and it didn't go in the air

42.3 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, top shot to bring up the fifty partnership. Full delivery on the off stump, Amla leans forward and drives with a straight bat, sends it between the sticks at the other end and de Villiers, mid-on gives chase but he was never going to win the race

40.5 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, cut late and cut nicely in the gap between backward point and gully. Short of a length outside off stump, Amla plays late and plays with an angled bat to get the placement right

38.3 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, "just a flick of the wrists and away she goes," one of those famous commentary cliches. Amla gets a fifty, his 29th in Tests and this is his first fifty in 12 innings. Full and angled in, ended up on the leg stump, Amla easily flicks it away along the ground through square leg. AB gives him a hug and then the Proteas captain raises his bat to acknowledge the applause

31.2 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, there's that pressure-releasing ball of the over. Full and slanted in, ends up on the pads, with no one at mid-wicket all de Villiers had to do was flick it past the man at mid-on and the South African star did just that

29.4 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, no batsman will have a problem if you bowl that full Steven Finn. Overpitched and in the slot, the freebie from Finn and de Villiers was obviously not going to miss out on those. He waits for the ball to come and drives with the full face of the bat and sends it straight down the ground past the sticks at the other end

28.1 - Anderson to de Villiers, FOUR, edgeddddd and dropped, it's AB de Villiers. How did you drop that Joe Root? That was a sitter. Anderson looks away and turns back to the bowling mark in disappointment. Full and outside off stump, inviting the batsman forward, de Villiers drives with minimal foot movement, gets a thick edge that went to second slip, Root got a bit early and tried to take it sideways to his right, got both hands to it, but it burst through and ran away for four

25.5 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, this is not the away-going ball, full and in the slot, came in with the angle from over the wicket, Amla was fully forward and into a great position to drive with an angled bat, found the middle of the bat and found the gap at cover-point as well

24.1 - Stokes to Elgar, FOUR, that's nicely hit in the gap. Short and outside off stump, Elgar stands tall, gets on top of the bounce and guides it between gully and backward point to pick up his 6th boundary

22.0 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, the swivel and the pull. Amla rotated full 360 degrees as he played that shot. The bumper from Broad, was high enough and at an awkward height, but Amla managed to control the pull and hit it over mid-wicket for four

20.2 - Stokes to Elgar, FOUR, a controlled flick from Elgar, no one at mid-wicket and the fielder at deep square leg has too much distance to cover, he loses the race. Full and on the leg stump, Elgar made full use of the freebie and sent it all along the ground

17.0 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, FOUR, nicely done by Elgar. Floated up outside off, Elgar presses forward and caresses the drive to the left of mid-off, who dives across but the ball was out of his reach. Crashes into the fence in no time. Fifty of the partnership also comes up with this boundary

13.0 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, shortish and on the stumps, Amla whips it away off his pads, gets in the gap at mid-wicket and collects another boundary

11.4 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, pitched up around off, once again Elgar offers the full face of the bat as he punches it straight back past the non-striker, races away to the fence, two fielders went after it but to no avail

11.2 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, that's better from Elgar. Overpitching outside off, Elgar squeezes out the drive back past the bowler, who dives across to his right but can't stop it, the fielder from mid-off gives chase, only to come second

10.2 - Moeen Ali to Amla, FOUR, pushed through down the leg-side, Amla comes across and tickles it fine off his pads, races away to the fine leg fence in a jiffy

9.0 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, a nice way to end the session, in which they were .. well .. MAULED to put it politely. Just a fraction full around the fourth stump, and Elgar lays into it with a solid punch straight of mid-off. So that will be Tea

6.3 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, aww, punched. He does load up on that bottom hand nicely. Stands on his toes to ride the bounce and belts it square of the wicket

5.0 - Anderson to Amla, FOUR, sliced between the slip cordon and gully. Full ball outside off, lured Amla into the drive. He doesn't hold back looking to blaze one. The bat turns in his hands, and it goes all along the carpet

1.1 - Broad to van Zyl, FOUR, angled into the pads, and van Zyl is away. No problem. Makes sure his head doesn't fall over too much. Rolls his wrists after leaning forward and flicks it along the turf

76.4 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, SIX, don't bowl short to ABD, never ever. He had all the time in the world to smack that anywhere. He opts for the mid-wicket area and sends it with a smashing pull, just watch that sailing over the ropes!

14.3 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, SIX, that's a great strike from Elgar. Comes down the track to get to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over the long-on fence, first signs of aggression from the South Africans

207.2 - Finn to C Morris, out Caught by Root!! Finally, after dropping two, Joe Root takes a catch. Morris almost knocks the stumps out as he swings his bat in disappointment. Bavuma shakes hands with Morris for giving him good support. Morris gets a great ovation as he walks off and he's congratulated by the incoming Radaba as well. Morris raises his bat to the crowd as he leaves the field. Full and outside off stump, in the quest for quick runs, Morris drives and doesn't control it, hits it in the air and hits it straight to short cover. In fact, the replay shows that the bat turned in his hands and hence he could not get the placement right. End of a handy innings from the debutant and that ends an excellent 167-run stand as well. C Morris c Root b Finn 69(111) [4s-10]

167.3 - Broad to de Kock, out Caught by Anderson!! That's a trap. Jimmy holds on to a good catch at backward square leg and flings the ball as high as he can. "Not the kind of shot you should be playing in a Test match" Michael Holding tells on air. This was short and hurried into de Kock who was looking to pull. It was a bit pacy and got good bounce too. QDK splices the pull and finds Jimmy to perfection. Anderson didn't even move an inch. de Kock c Anderson b Broad 5(10)

164.3 - Anderson to du Plessis, out Caught by Stokes!! How often do we see this in cricket? Settled duo getting out in quick succession. The round the wicket ploy has worked wonders for Anderson and England. du Plessis departs with a sorry look on his face and all of a sudden England sense something optimistic. Jimmy angled this across from a back of a length and lured a stroke from Faf. The batsman was on the back foot trying to punch, gets the toe-end and the edge flies low to Stokes at third slip. He takes it near his bootlaces to his left. Much needed wicket for the tourists. du Plessis c Stokes b Anderson 86(216) [4s-11]

164.0 - Broad to Amla, out Bowled!! Crikey! Let me take a moment. A WICKET - That's not a typo. You've read it right. Nevertheless, it's a brilliant, brilliant knock from the South African skipper. He walks off to a standing ovation. He couldn't make most of the reprieve. This one seamed in a little from a good length and went through the defence of a stubborn-looking Amla. Disturbed the furniture and Amla is on his bike. Amla walked across and it seemed it might have taken a bit of inside edge on its way. Handshakes all around and Broad claims his first wicket of the game. As Mike Haysman pointed out 11 hours and 43 minutes of hard work from Hashim Amla. Amla b Broad 201(477) [4s-27]

93.3 - Finn to de Villiers, out Caught by Anderson!! Finally, after three drops, England take a catch and it's Anderson, who dropped Amla earlier, taking a good catch at mid-wicket. That ends a wonderful 183-run stand. No hundred for AB de Villiers, but he gets a great ovation from the crowd as he walks back. He raises his bat to acknowledge the applause. Short delivery on the stumps, de Villiers stayed on the back foot and pulled well, but did not keep it down, Anderson jumped and then palmed it before holding onto the catch on the second attempt. Must say that it was a good catch as it was hit pretty well. de Villiers c Anderson b Finn 88(211) [4s-12 6s-1]

24.5 - Stokes to Elgar, out Caught by Compton!! Leading edge and a well set Elgar has to walk back. Stokes battered them (the Proteas) with the bat and now he's hurting them with the ball as well. Must say that it was a very good catch by Compton at backward point. Short delivery angled in from round the wicket, probably it held its line a bit, Elgar was on the hop looking to work it into the on-side, gets a healthy leading edge and it flies in the air. The fielder at backward point dives full length to his right and takes it with both hands. So the partnership, which was promising has been broken at 78. Elgar c Compton b Stokes 44(71) [4s-6 6s-1]

2.3 - Anderson to van Zyl, out van Zyl Run Out!! There's South Africa's brain status right there. Numbed. van Zyl is in dreamland wandering down for a single without looking at his partner who has his arm up in disagreement. And now he looks after getting halfway, turns around trying to rush back. And is caught short by a yard. Patted this short of length delivery in front of cover-point and just set off. Compton swooped in like a buzzard, gathered and fired it on the bounce on top of the bails. Credit to Bairstow even for realizing the opportunity and sprinting forward to collect. Whips off the bails catching van Zyl a foot short. On a second glance, looks like Elgar initially responded before bailing out, leaving his partner stranded. van Zyl run out (Compton/Bairstow) 4(12) [4s-1]

202.5 - Broad to C Morris, 1 run, now this is a clear dropped catch, by Joe Root. The second chance he's put down in the game, he grassed de Villiers on Day 2 as well. Short of a length delivery from Broad, again the leg-cutter, this one hit the seam and bounced a bit more, surprised Morris on the defence, took a healthy edge, went quickly as well. Root, who is standing with the helmet on at slip, sticks his right hand out but it pops out. He was a little late to react, hence he couldn't get into a good position to take the catch

194.4 - Broad to Bavuma, no run, grassed! And when an edge carries, it is put down. The leg-cutter from Broad, gets the bit of deviation, Bavuma has a flirt at that, the outside edge goes low to Bairstow, who dives to his right and goes with one hand. It hits his palm and goes to ground. Broad is a frustrated man

179.2 - Finn to C Morris, no run, oh right through Finn! Another chance. Fullish around off, punched back hard in the air. Came to Finn at around knee-height to his left. He bends, gets both hands but the ball just bursts through them. It was actually close to knocking down the stumps at the other end where Bavuma jostled to make his crease. Gone if it had hit. A tough chance with the caught and bowled. Always difficult to catch them on the followthrough

163.1 - Broad to Amla, no run, dropped. Keep counting England. That's a hard one though. Stuart Broad's immediate excitement was brought to an end. He angled this into the right-hander from a fullish length, Amla flicks and it flies low down towards Taylor's toes at short leg. The tiny lad got a hand but couldn't cling on to it. Broad looks frustrated and so does the England captain

89.3 - Finn to Amla, 2 runs, Root, Anderson and now Compton puts down a catch at backward point. Compton took a good catch to dismiss Elgar yesterday, same area, similar attempt and this one pops out. Hands on head for Finn. Oh dear! The bowler must be a frustrated man. Hardly any help from the surface and the fielders aren't taking the catches. Short and wide outside off stump, Amla cuts, doesn't bother to keep it on the ground, looks like Compton moved a bit late to his left, went with both hands and only managed to fingertip it onto the ground. In fact, Compton suggests that he lost the ball in the background

63.1 - Root to Amla, no run, dropped by Anderson at slip! What a miss that is. Root nearly strikes first ball. Amla saw the tossed up delivery outside off and went for a big drive, Anderson at slip is standing a bit too close, saw it late and went for the reverse cup, it went to him very quickly and the chance goes down. Since he was so close, the momentum nearly topples him over

205.2 - Root to C Morris, 3 wides, down the leg-side, Morris tries to play the stylish flick, misses, the keeper doesn't collect as well, the ball runs away towards the fine leg boundary, Broad gives chase and just manages to flick it back in time. 600 up for South Africa

186.4 - Moeen Ali to C Morris, no run, it was an optimistic review from Cook. Moeen Ali knew it was outside off, but the England skipper wanted to chance his luck. Floated up around off, Morris kneels down and misses the sweep, rapped on the pads - the impact was just outside off. Aleem Dar got it spot on

180.5 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, 1 run, flicked through mid-wicket and there's another milestone. Young Bavuma reaches his second Test fifty. Gosh, he just sneaked up without me noticing. Well played lad!

158.4 - Moeen Ali to Amla, 1 run, the mighty Hash is back! What a 200 this is. Unbelievable pressure coming into this game after a barren run. His first one for quite a while after the most purplest of patches in a batsman's career. And amidst all that he has made 200. Shows the character of the man. Gets to the landmark with a flick to mid-on, who is deep and takes the quick single. No real celebration, a raise of the bat to all corners of the ground, a smile and then a hug with du Plessis. So understated and so cool. The Protea dressing room are on their feet and as are the entire Newlands crowd. Stunning rearguard innings from a man who knows how to churn up the big scores. Third double in Tests!. On replays we see that Amla touched the crest on his shirt with his bat and pointed to someone. Also Steyn raised both his arms and sported a beaming smile. On one hand he had a canned drink. Stokes applauded Amla's effort by clapping. Graeme Smith and HD Ackerman were delighted too at this marathon effort by Amla. Such a class act Amla and looks like he is slowly back to his very best. Certainly this innings should set him up nicely for the rest of the series

127.3 - Stokes to du Plessis, 1 run, much-needed 50 for Faf du Plessis. His first in 12 innings. His last fifty came against West Indies at the same venue last year. He got there with a flick through mid-wicket. Dressing room stands and applauds - they all know what it means to Faf

109.2 - Finn to Amla, 1 run, 150 for Amla. The entire Protea dressing room are on their feet. The crowd applaud the skipper's effort as well. He waves his bat around, walks up to Faf and shakes hand. No Test hundreds in 2015 and starts 2016 with a big one. Back of a length on off, Amla knocks it in front of mid-on, there was an easy single on offer, but there was slight hesitation between the two men, in the end they get it comfortably

107.4 - Finn to Amla, 1 run, back of a length just outside off, Amla punches it towards cover, Compton dives to his left and makes a half stop, can't prevent the single and the 50-run stand comes up. Another crucial partnership for South Africa

88.5 - Stokes to de Villiers, no run, it was a loud shout and Aleem Dar raised the finger in a flash, de Villiers reviewed and got the decision overturned, much to the delight of the crowd. Good length delivery angled in, de Villiers wasn't fully forward to defend, got an inside edge onto pad, the impact was right in front of middle. Umpire Dar raised his finger after a confident shout from England. However, he missed the edge. In fact, as soon as de Villiers reviewed, Stokes started walking back to his bowling mark and kicked the turf in disappointment because he knew de Villiers had hit it

81.2 - Broad to de Villiers, 1 run, 150 of the partnership comes up as de Villiers mistimes the flick through mid-wicket. Got it off the inside half as Broad swung one in from a good length

7.5 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, no run, Elgar reviews this in a flash. Given out LBW, but he doesn't like it. Indicative of an edge. Oh yes. Big one. Smashed it onto the pad. From round the wicket, it Skids on from a length just outside off, he played for some turn and ended up playing outside the line. Saved by the edge

54.5 - Elgar to Bairstow, FOUR, short and slightly wide, Bairstow rubs salt on Elgar's wound. Rocking back and cracking the cut square of the wicket

51.5 - C Morris to Bairstow, FOUR, as I mentioned earlier Bairstow ain't missing out on any short stuff. He jumps back and cuts fiercely behind backward point, well timed and no point chasing that lads

51.2 - C Morris to Bairstow, leg byes, FOUR, oh! That looked like it has hit one of those cracks. Plenty of excitement as QDK dived in vain. That one rose higher than Bairstow expected as he tried to flick, the ball crashes the thigh pad and races away to the fine leg fence, beating QDK's desperate dive to his left

40.5 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, shoveled! Plants his foot across with back knee bent, picks it from a length outside off, and sweeps it hard behind square. A real daisycutter

39.3 - Rabada to Stokes, FOUR, lashed over gully. Too short, too wide, there is a flash and the top-edge flies out of the reach of any homosapien

37.4 - M Morkel to Stokes, FOUR, ahh! Amazing on-drive. Pitched up and Stokes creams it straight of mid-on. Half a stride forward and punched

34.3 - C Morris to Stokes, FOUR, oh de Villiers, check your body please. Don't want to be losing him to some freakish injury, surely. Pitched right up on off, Stokes' feet aren't quite there as he aims a drive. Squeezes it off a thick edge between the slip cordon and gully. AB charges from second slip and throws himself head-first to flick it back. Doesn't get enough of a finger to do that

28.3 - D Piedt to James Taylor, FOUR, when there is plenty of air on the ball Taylor doesn't miss out. Stretches forward as far as he could and times the drive to perfection, beating Amla's dive (to his left) at mid-off

24.2 - D Piedt to Compton, FOUR, too straight from Piedt and Compton takes full toll of it. Allows the ball to turn in and then clips wide of the keeper, neatly done and he records his second boundary

15.4 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, Root is a very classy player and this is a fine shot. Fraction too full from Rabada, no swing and Root leans into an on-drive, beating mid-on. That raced off the bat. All timing too

14.4 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, overpitched on off stump and that's put away for four. Root flicking it wide of mid-on, relied on timing and placement and ensured he got four for it. Morkel a bit too full that time and made to pay for that error

13.4 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, hit really well. Split the two men in the deep for the pull/hook shot. Short on the stumps, Root swivelled on the pull and rolled his wrists slightly, still it went in the air and bisected the two men trying to field that. Root has already moved to 16 at run-a-ball

11.4 - Rabada to Root, FOUR, that's squeezed away past the diving backward point. Very full outside off, Root's bat came down late and he got it wide of the fielder. Four more as there is no third man

10.3 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, poor delivery from Morkel, gives Root a sighter, down leg, flicked to fine leg, beats a sprawling full-length dive from Rabada. Root is off the mark

9.2 - Rabada to Compton, FOUR, ooh! Rabada nearly squared Compton up there, got the edge but it went to ground and wide of third slip. Length on the stumps, Compton's bat came down at an angle and he was lucky that he got four

3.3 - Rabada to Cook, FOUR, short and on the stumps, Cook rocks back and pulls well, rolls his wrists on the shot to keep it along the ground, the ball runs away through mid-wicket

26.1 - D Piedt to James Taylor, SIX, twinkling footwork from Taylor, gets to the pitch of this flighted delivery and smacks it high and saling over long-off, stand and admire stuff

42.4 - D Piedt to James Taylor, out Caught by Bavuma!! Well, well. The wickets keep tumbling and South Africa keep believing. Turn and bounce, something which has been obsolete so far, now finds its voice. Tossed up outside off, enough revs imparted to make it dip further away from Taylor's defensive reach, kicks and spits on him while gripping, catches some part of the glove onto the thigh pad and pops up to Bavuma at short-leg. James Taylor c Bavuma b D Piedt 27(84) [4s-1 6s-1]

41.0 - D Piedt to Stokes, out Caught by M Morkel!! Swept again, this time in the air, and .. GONE! Oh Ben Stokes, what can you say? He's amazed us with some of the most belligerent Test match batting in the first innings. Now he's fallen trying to play that way. Actually, Piedt consulted Amla and a fielder was placed in the deep precisely for this after the previous ball. Tossed it in the same region outside off, this time pulled the length back slightly meaning Stokes wasn't able to keep his sweep down. Morkel backtracked from deep square leg, cupped it over his face and then stopped his momentum within a yard of the ropes. Stokes c M Morkel b D Piedt 26(34) [4s-4]

30.3 - D Piedt to Compton, out Caught by du Plessis!! Goneeeeee! Faf ain't dropping that. Suddenly my mind goes back to Steven Smith's dismissal in the Ashes. It was a trap from Moeen and Cook and the Aussie skipper fell for it. It looked the same here. There was a straight short mid-wicket in place and why do you want play an on-drive, that too in the airrrrrr. This was looped up fuller and around off, Compton couldn't resist himself from driving. Gets it off the middle and hits it at around chest height to Faf who crouches low and accepts the offer. Replays showed that Compton's bat turned on impact and I reckon he was a tad too early on the shot. Compton c du Plessis b D Piedt 15(60) [4s-2]

17.1 - C Morris to Root, out Bowled!! The stumps are flattened. What a start for Morris. He is pumped. Root made that ball look better than what it actually was. That's the great thing about replays. They make everything crystal clear. To the naked eye it looked a great, great delivery. But replays show that it was angled in on a fuller length on off, Root was opened up by that and the bat was pointing to leg as he closed the face, the ball straightened past the edge and clattered into off and middle. A sorry sight for the batsman as he trudges off. So Root hasn't made use of the life that he got when Morkel overstepped. Still game very much on! Root b C Morris 29(29) [4s-5]

9.0 - M Morkel to Hales, out Caught by C Morris!! WHAT.A.CATCH! Chris Morris again! This time with his right-hand. He took one with his left in the first innings. This is an even better catch. Hales punching a back of a length delivery outside off, and getting a thick outside edge, it was flying low and to the right of third slip, where the tall Morris stuck his right-mitt out and it stuck. It was past him and he grabbed it stretching full-length. That is sensational and he is all smiles. As are the other South Africans. England in early trouble. Do we have a game on now? Hales c C Morris b M Morkel 5(26)

7.2 - Rabada to Cook, out Caught by de Kock!! Cook has been strangled down leg. And he walks off. No review which suggests that he has nicked it. Swinging down leg, Cook got leg-side to clip the ball, got a faint edge and de Kock made no mistake. Up went the finger from Aleem Dar in a flash. That's the early wicket that South Africa were looking for and Rabada has provided it in the second over of the day. Cook c de Kock b Rabada 8(27) [4s-1]

29.0 - D Piedt to James Taylor, 1 run, put down by KG Rabada. That's a tough one but should have been taken. Cries of disappointment from the South Africans and one can understand why. Taylor kneels down and attempts a sweep to this full delivery from Piedt. It took the top-edge and travelled to the right of Rabada at short fine leg who made good ground to get there. Dived aerially and caught it with his right hand, somehow lost the balance when he landed onto the ground. Lots of oohs and aahs. He had control till his elbow hit the ground and the moment he landed he lost the grip of the ball

7.3 - Rabada to Compton, no run, good first ball from Rabada, gets it to shape back in and if not for the inside edge onto the pad from Compton the ball was crashing into middle and leg, Compton fell over on the flick and only the nick saved him. But that was a waste of a review from South Africa and now they have only one remaining till the 80th over. Rabada though seems to be running in well and bowling with good rhythm