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England tour of South Africa 2015-16

Scorecard - 1st Test, South Africa vs England at Kingsmead, Durban, South Africa (26 Dec 2015)


303/10 (100.1) RR:3.02

326/10 (102.1) RR:3.19

England won by 241 runs

MOM: Moeen Ali
South Africa

214/10 (81.4) RR:2.62

174/10 (71) RR:2.45

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98.0 - D Piedt to Broad, FOUR, three shortish deliveries in a row. And this time, Broad takes toll. Camps back in the crease and thuds the pull through square leg. England just 1 shy of the psychological 300 mark. A mark which I didn't think they could reach after Bairstow fell

97.2 - D Piedt to Broad, FOUR, loopy full toss drifting down leg, Broad plants his front foot across to get inside the line and paddles it fine using the pace on the ball

95.0 - Kyle Abbott to Broad, FOUR, that's daggered through point. Short ball wide of off, Broad maintains a firm base and wields his willow to slash it through the vacant area

93.2 - M Morkel to Broad, FOUR, opens himself up and smears this back of a length delivery wide of mid-on with a rapid pull. Decked it hard and the ball raced away

92.1 - Kyle Abbott to Finn, FOUR, oh Steven Finn! He'll like that. Terrific straight drive. Only a fraction full outside off, he moves forward and chisels the drive straight back past the non-striker. Very elegant

89.3 - M Morkel to Broad, FOUR, this is rollicking stuff. Broad is going to throw his bat at anything in his half. Fullish and wide of off, flays it over the infield to the third man fence off a thick outside edge

86.4 - Steyn to Bairstow, FOUR, Steyn is really struggling for rhythm. Dishes it short and wide, Bairstow waits on the back foot and nails the cut through the vacant backward point region. There is a third man in place but he isn't quick enough to run across and cut it off

85.1 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, he's played that ever so well. Had to fetch the pull from way outside off. Rolled his wrists on the ball to keep it on the turf and hits it well in front of square. The ball teases the mid-wicket fielder all the way to the ropes

84.4 - Steyn to Compton, FOUR, very full outside off and Compton lashes it to the cover fence. Big stride towards the pitch of the ball before unfurling and booming drive

82.5 - Steyn to Compton, FOUR, flashes hard and collects four. There was width outside off and Compton threw his hands at it. Gets a healthy top-edge which zooms over gully. Steyn sports a big smile on his face as if to say "gotcha"

81.4 - Kyle Abbott to Bairstow, FOUR, once again straying onto the pads, no one at square leg and Bairstow easily flicks it in the air for a boundary. This is his 4th boundary already

81.1 - Kyle Abbott to Bairstow, FOUR, picked away off the pads, good length delivery angling in on leg stump line, Bairstow hits this deliberately up in the air and sends it over mid-wicket

80.1 - Steyn to Compton, FOUR, guided nicely and the new ball races across the turf very quickly. Gentle outswinger outside off stump, Compton leans forward and plays with an angled bat, sends it through backward point for four

74.4 - Kyle Abbott to Bairstow, FOUR, lovely, lovely shot! Looks like Bairstow is following Stokes' footsteps and not missing out on a scoring opportunity. Juicy full ball outside off stump, Bairstow leans forward and caresses the drive between mid-off and cover for his second boundary

73.5 - M Morkel to Compton, FOUR, the outswinger attempted by Morkel, Compton tries to defend the length ball, he played with soft hands, even though the ball took the outside edge it rolled all across the turf between second slip and gully

73.2 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, width on offer outside off stump and Bairstow opens his account in style. Short and wide, Bairstow waits and cuts through backward point. That boundary also brings up the 200 for England

68.4 - Steyn to Stokes, FOUR, now this is a top shot and he's played that against a quality bowler. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Stokes picks it up on the rise and whips it away over mid-wicket for four

68.3 - Steyn to Stokes, FOUR, cut away nicely, not all that short but Stokes made room and manufactured the length for himself by bending his knees, times the shot to perfection and backward point was a mere spectator

66.4 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, in the airrrr and just over the leaping fielder at mid-wicket. Rank long hop, but I must tell that it wasn't hit from the middle of the bat, in fact he pulled this off the inside half of the bat, could have so easily gone to hand

64.5 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, full toss and Stokes smashes it. Gets down on one knee and slogs it over mid-wicket for a boundary

58.3 - Elgar to Compton, FOUR, doesn't dip on the batsman this time, and ends up as a low full toss on middle stump. You have to be in a special kind of shell to miss out on these. Compton isn't. Whips it wide of mid-on. Morkel sprints to his right and goes down in installments with the dive. Doesn't even get close

55.4 - M Morkel to James Taylor, FOUR, what a blistering way to bring up the 100-run partnership. That's the perfect word for this stroke. Blistering in every sense. Short and wide and Taylor has butchered the cut in front of square

43.2 - D Piedt to James Taylor, FOUR, slotted away. Tossed up a bit too full outside off, Taylor stretches on the front foot, bends his knee and swats the drive through the cover region

39.4 - D Piedt to James Taylor, FOUR, dragged down from Piedt, Taylor rocks back quickly and cuts it hard square of the wicket on the off-side. It crashes into the ad-cushions

39.3 - D Piedt to James Taylor, FOUR, the Notts batsman, Taylor is well-known for using the slog-sweep to good effect. Here, he sits on one knee and cracks the slog-sweep behind square on the on-side for a boundary

30.0 - D Piedt to James Taylor, FOUR, Taylor is playing with a touch of bravado against Piedt. He sinks down on one knee and cracks the slog-sweep all along the carpet to the deep backward square leg fence

29.4 - D Piedt to James Taylor, FOUR, Piedt drags this one down, Taylor rocks back quickly and pulls it hard in front of square on the on-side. No need to run for those

29.0 - Kyle Abbott to Compton, FOUR, nice back foot punch from Compton. The length was short enough for Compton to rock back and play that with an angled bat, beat the man at point and it raced away

26.5 - Kyle Abbott to Compton, FOUR, oh beautiful shot! What a hit that from Compton. Crunchy, crispy, creamy, add whatever you want to. Full and in the slot, Compton doesn't try to hit it too hard, just leans forward, extends his arms and drives between mid-off and cover

24.5 - Steyn to James Taylor, FOUR, lovely drive, played away from the body but he found the middle of the bat. So that makes it a sweet cover-drive then. Full and outside off stump, Taylor extends his arms and drives along the ground to the left of the man at short cover

21.4 - M Morkel to James Taylor, no ball, FOUR, Morkel oversteps but Taylor has flat-batted that and almost knocked over his partner at the other end. Compton did well to sit under it to avoid damage. Short delivery rising steeply, Taylor plays a flat-batted pull through mid-on

20.4 - Steyn to James Taylor, FOUR, short and that's been dispatched to the fence. Taylor latched onto it in a flash, he swivelled and pulled it right off the meat of the bat, sends it scurrying across to the deep square leg fence

16.3 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, oh brilliant! That's the beauty of Joe Root. Splendid with his back foot play. Short of length delivery, Root doesn't have room to swing his arms. So instead, he jumps to ride the bounce and just dabs it behind square. Races away after beating the field

10.4 - Steyn to Compton, FOUR, the first real loosener from Steyn and Compton has shredded it to pieces. Short and wide, Compton moves his back foot across rather than the modern way of standing-and-slapping. Cuts it away powerfully square of the wicket

7.0 - Steyn to Root, FOUR, oooh, streaky! That fielder at leg-gully might have played on Root's mind. Gets stuck in the crease to a length delivery just outside off, looks to pat it away into the off-side but only manages an educated edge. Educated since he opened the bat-face at the last moment, and the ball dribbled away between the slip cordon and gully to the fence

62.3 - Elgar to James Taylor, SIX, rank long hop, it's a short boundary on the on-side and it clears the boundary by some distance. Short and on the stumps, Taylor rocks back and pulls over mid-wicket, he hit it well enough to send it 20 rows back

17.1 - Kyle Abbott to Root, SIX, oh what a cracking shot that is from Roooooot! Just short enough to rock back, it was around off stump line, Root quickly shifted the weight onto the back foot and played a lovely pull shot over mid-wicket, one thought it was one-bounce four but it actually went all the way

100.1 - Steyn to Finn, out Lbw!! Behold the majesty of the Steyn gun. Finally, gets one on target. Swinging back in, full on middle. Too good for Finn. He falls over on the flick and is hit near the knee-roll in front of middle. The only question would have been height. But it's good enough to take the bails. England all out for 303 and it will be Lunch. Steyn finishes with four to his name. Finn lbw b Steyn 12(33) [4s-1]

90.4 - Kyle Abbott to Bairstow, out Caught by Elgar!! And now, England's last hope of crossing 300 is walking back to the pavilion. The last 40-45 minutes have completely turned the game around. This could be the period which has a bearing effect on the match. Abbott pumps both his fists in delight. Length ball outside off, Bairstow is tempted into an ill-advised on-the-rise booming cover-drive. Gets a healthy outside edge which flies to the right of Elgar at second slip. He dives across, goes with both hands and plucks it comfortably. Came at a comfortable height to him but was traveling. Bairstow c Elgar b Kyle Abbott 41(56) [4s-6]

87.4 - M Morkel to Woakes, out Lbw!! Absolutely full and dead straight on middle. Woakes falls over looking to work it away on the on-side and is thudded below the knee-roll of the front pad. There was the angle created which appeared to take the ball down the leg-side. But just about clips the leg-stump. Morkel is cooking! On a hat-trick now. Woakes lbw b M Morkel 0(1)

87.3 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, out Caught by de Villiers!! Morkel has got his man. They are checking for the no-ball as always. And he's so close but just OK. So the hosts are fighting back and Morkel is leading the charge. The angle across the left-hander from over the wicket does the trick. Leaving Ali on a back of a length in the channel just outside off. Ali thinks he needs to play at it but what he doesn't do is get the back foot across to cover the line. Ends up nicking it to de Villiers. Moeen Ali c de Villiers b M Morkel 0(4)

85.5 - M Morkel to Compton, out Caught by de Villiers!! Morkel is jumping around and Compton is walking. Compton is walking. There must have been just a feather. His fort has finally been breached. He raises his bat to the galleries while heading to the pavilion and is lauded with a standing ovation for his efforts. It was another short ball, an innocuous short ball which looked to be harmless with the line outside off. Compton tries to pull it away. Instead, only manages a faint bottom edge through to the keeper. Compton c de Villiers b M Morkel 85(236) [4s-8]

71.3 - M Morkel to Stokes, out Caught by Duminy!! That's a strange dismissal. Stokes batted positively all morning and now he perishes attempting a boundary. Nothing really great about this delivery from Morkel. Short of a length angled in on off stump line, Stokes went for the pull, probably the ball just moved away from him, took the top-edge of the bat and flew in the air, the fielder at gully took a few steps back and completed a simple catch. So South Africa have got the early wicket they wanted this morning. Stokes c Duminy b M Morkel 21(34) [4s-4]

63.3 - Steyn to James Taylor, out Caught by de Villiers!! What a champion you are, Dale Steyn. This 125-run stand was really frustrating the Proteas and their spearhead has broken it. Lapse in concentration from James Taylor, who played very well to make a valuable 70. Nothing but a short of length delivery outside off stump, didn't do much, just held its line. Taylor moved across and tried to defend, ended up poking at it and got an outside edge which was easily held by the keeper. Taylor walks off to a good round of applause from the crowd and he raises his bat to acknowledge them. James Taylor c de Villiers b Steyn 70(137) [4s-9 6s-1]

18.1 - D Piedt to Root, out Lbw!! What a bowling change, Hashim Amla. Who would have thought that an off-spinner would get a top batsman out with his first delivery on an overcast day? Nothing really great about this delivery, but Root misjudged the line and length of this one. He should have been forward to this conventional off-spinner that pitched outside off stump. It turned and beat Root's defence on the back foot, went past the bat and the front pad to hit him in line with the off stump on the back pad. The appeal was pretty confident from the Proteas and umpire Aleem Dar thought about it for a while before raising the finger. Root decided to review, but Hawk-Eye showed that the ball would have clipped the top of middle stump. Root lbw b D Piedt 24(37) [4s-2 6s-1]

6.5 - Steyn to Hales, out Caught by de Villiers!! Steyn has another, and he's pumped. Doesn't feel shy to make it known. Loose from Hales. Not a ball to be driving. On a good length around the fifth-sixth stump, Hales aims an expansive cover-drive without moving his front foot across too much. Only succeeds in finding the edge resulting in a regulation take for the keeper. Steyn is off and away to punch the air in delight. Or anger. Or both. Hales c de Villiers b Steyn 10(22)

2.5 - Steyn to Cook, out Caught by Elgar!! Cook has fallen for it. Oh dear me. Look at Steyn roar. He's roaring his nerves out. Thankfully, his teammates mob him soon enough and subdue his screaming. The English skipper is suckered into nibbling at a back of a length delivery leaving him outside off stump. Hangs his bat away from the body to poke at it. Ends up fencing it at a comfortable height to second slip. It was the scrambled seam delivery from Steyn. Pitched and nipped away ever so slightly. Enough to take the edge. Hit him high on the bat as well which indicates some extra bounce. Cook c Elgar b Steyn 0(11)

99.4 - D Piedt to Finn, no run, good turn from Piedt again from a length outside off, Finn opts to play this one off the back foot but is flummoxed by the grip on the ball. He is far too back in the crease and is hit on the back pad. But did well to shuffle across and outside the line of off

54.5 - Elgar to Compton, 2 runs, shortish outside off, Compton cuts it square of the wicket and hustles back for a second to beat the throw of sweeper cover. Brings up his half-century. No real celebration. Just a customary raising-the-bat

45.0 - Steyn to James Taylor, 2 runs, Taylor cracks his second fifty in Tests. He raises his bat to acknowledge the crowd and his teammates. It has been a fine rearguard action from him. Coming back to the ball, it was a length delivery that was bowled on the stumps, Taylor essayed a controlled drive straight down the ground. Amla at mid-on hounds it down and keeps the duo to two runs

5.4 - Kyle Abbott to Compton, 1 run, hurry, hurry. And Compton's home. Had to put in the dive though. An ill-advised single really. Worked it in front of mid-wicket and just set off. What worked in his favour was that he played it softly and well in front of the fielder. Despite his bat bouncing, he would have been in even with a direct-hit

76.5 - Stokes to Steyn, FOUR, woofs at a full ball wide of off and the edge flies past the right hand of a diving second slip. Steyn didn't hold back on the drive and the ball travelled at speed off the outside edge. 50-run partnership completed. How big this is in the context

73.4 - Moeen Ali to Steyn, FOUR, down the track and a wild swing across the line. The ball ends up at the opposite end of the ground than Steyn was originally intending to send it to. Doesn't turn as much as he would have expected, gets a thick outside edge which flies over slip down to the third man boundary

62.0 - Moeen Ali to Steyn, byes, FOUR, Steyn comes on the front foot to defend, but it turns a long way and goes down the leg-side beating everyone

60.1 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, another good on-drive from Elgar. Can someone support him? He's batting well at one end. Full and on the stumps, Elgar drives it along the ground, sends it very straight and well wide of Broad at mid-on. Broad was reluctant in his chase and the ball easily beats him to the fence

58.5 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, nice looking on-drive, Elgar didn't try to hit it too hard, just checked his shot at the last moment to ensure that it rolled along the ground. Full and on the off stump, Elgar drives it past the non-striker and mid-on was not even in the picture

53.1 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, Elgar straightaway gets some runs. Full and wide outside off stump, Elgar just opens the face of the bat and guides it along the ground between slip and gully

47.5 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, nicely pulled, no one in the deep at mid-wicket, the fielder at deep backward square leg gives the chase, but he was never going to win the battle. Short and angled in, Elgar rocks back, swivels and pulls it along the ground

46.3 - Stokes to Bavuma, FOUR, Stokes decides to test Bavuma with a banged in delivery and he gets good height on it. Bavuma brings out the pull shot, but gets a top-edge and luckily for him, it flies towards the third man fence

29.2 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, FOUR, oh hello! As Bumble puts it "Didn't see that coming". Meanwhile, Elgar crawls over 1000 Test runs. Dances down the track and lofts Ali back down the ground. One bounce and over the ropes

29.0 - Broad to de Villiers, FOUR, my word, he is timing 'em well. Such ease. Such poise. Such balance. I don't even reckon it was a full delivery. Pitched on a good length outside off, AB maintains a firm base with his feet and pastes the drive through the cover-region

24.4 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, and Finn is down again. Oddly, on both instances that he has, the ball had disappeared to the fence. Not much wrong with this delivery though. Only a fraction full outside off. And what follows next is a blinder. A scorching extra-cover drive from de Villiers beating mid-off and lighting up the grass

24.1 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, Finn is flat on the ground after tumbling over in his followthrough. Just as well that he didn't get to see the result. It was a tripe ball. Short and wide of off, AB slaps it in the air in front of square on the off-side

23.0 - Finn to Elgar, FOUR, now this is one of the most un-elegant drive if you can call it that. But it fetches the same no. of runs. Fraction full outside off, Elgar doesn't bother to move his front foot across. It doesn't move well forward either. Just crouches his back knee and shovels it through the cover region. The timing is there, so is the precision

17.4 - Stokes to de Villiers, FOUR, shortish and around off stump line, not quick enough or high enough to keep de Villiers calm, he rocks back and pulls along the ground through deep mid-wicket

16.2 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, freebie, low full toss on the leg stump, de Villiers won't miss out on those and he easily flicks it away along the ground through mid-wicket and enters the 20s

14.5 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, inside edge and luckily for de Villiers and South Africa it goes over the sticks. Good length delivery angled in by Finn, de Villiers moves across and tries to defend, gets a thick edge and gets away with it

11.1 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, the man at slip moved to his left as soon as he saw de Villiers get into position to play the reverse-paddle, but the batsman hit it well wide of him to collect a boundary

7.5 - Woakes to Elgar, FOUR, Elgar is just not sure about where his off-stump is. This one landed on a good length and angled away from the left-hander, Elgar's bat face opened and he was rooted to the crease. However, luckily for him the ball lands in front of the fielders in the slip cordon and scurries to the third man fence

6.1 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, Amla is still poking tentatively at deliveries outside off. Broad pitches this one up in that threatening zone outside off, Amla doesn't come fully forward. Eventually, he ekes out an outside edge that goes all along the carpet between the fourth slip fielder and the fielder stationed at gully to the third man fence

5.1 - Woakes to Elgar, FOUR, fullish and outside off, Elgar rides on the bounce and punches it firmly through the cover-region. He breaches the gap with needlepoint precision and the ball races away to the boundary boards

33.2 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, SIX, Elgar is taking him on. Down in a flash, moves leg-side as well to counter the drift and lofts it handsomely over long-on. Raises a fifty as well. He isn't looking to hammer the leather off the ball. Just an extension of the arms to get the elevation. The timing is sweet enough to send it all the way

27.4 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, SIX, here he comes. Puts the wheels on, gets close to the pitch of the flighted ball, makes sure to leave enough room for a clean swing off the arms and launches it in orbit over the sightscreen. This is how he rolls..

81.4 - Finn to M Morkel, out Caught by Root!! That's it, job done! Morkel prods forward to a length ball outside off, plays away from the body and nicks it through to Root at second slip. He made the catch look easier than it was. Zooming quickly off the edge but Root got his hands quickly into position and cupped it in front of his right shoulder. England have a substantial 89-run lead. And it will also be Lunch. M Morkel c Root b Finn 0(3)

81.1 - Finn to D Piedt, out Caught by Bairstow!! The South African innings has had it's fun and frolic. Now speeding towards the end. Pitched right up just outside off, Piedt might have been expecting the exact opposite given the timidity he displayed in the previous over. His front foot went nowhere as he looked to drive. Finds the edge and through to Bairstow. Finn opens his account. D Piedt c Bairstow b Finn 1(9)

78.0 - Moeen Ali to Steyn, out Caught by Woakes!! Ali has broken through ending this frustrating stand from England's point of view. Tossed up invitingly and cleverly bowled wide of off, drifted nicely from round the wicket taking it out of Steyn's swinging arc. He saw red due to the flight and unleashed a massive swing of the willow. Due to the ball being wider, could only manage to lob it off the toe of the bat. Skied it towards Woakes at mid-off. Should have been an easy take with the reverse-cup but Woakes decided to add a dash of drama. It popped out on the first attempt, rolled down off the tip of his cap before being cradled onto the chest. Steyn c Woakes b Moeen Ali 17(52) [4s-2]

59.3 - Moeen Ali to Kyle Abbott, out Caught by James Taylor!! Wicket number three for Moeen Ali. Can't just defend the ball and allow a spinner to bowl to his plans when it's turning considerably and Abbott pays the penalty. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, there was a bit of extra bounce as well, Abbott lunges forward to block, gets a big inside edge onto pad, it lobs up, Taylor dives forward from short leg and takes the catch. Cook reviewed straightaway as he saw the ball take the edge. Kyle Abbott c James Taylor b Moeen Ali 0(6)

57.3 - Moeen Ali to Duminy, out Caught by Stokes!! Looks like Moeen Ali has learnt from Ravindra Jadeja's book of spin bowling. Dart it in and then expect the ball to turn sharply. That's exactly what happened there. Pushed through from round the wicket, pitched around middle and turned a long way, ended up just outside off stump, Duminy had to play at it and he was completely squared up in his defence, the ball took the outside edge and the man at slip made no mistake. England are right on top. South Africa are 6 down and they are still 153 runs behind. Duminy c Stokes b Moeen Ali 2(15)

52.2 - Broad to Bavuma, out Bowled!! He got Stiaan van Zyl second ball of South Africa's innings and now he's got Temba Bavuma second ball on Day 3. What a start for England. South Africa have lost half their side for just 137 runs on the board. Got to feel for Bavuma though as this one kept a little low. Short of a length delivery wide outside off stump, Bavuma was on the back foot to punch through cover, the lack of bounce did him in as it took the toe-end of the bat and crashed into the leg stump. Bavuma tried to adjust for the bounce, but he could only drag it back onto the sticks. Elation for Broad and Co, disappointment for Bavuma. Bavuma b Broad 10(35) [4s-1]

40.0 - Moeen Ali to du Plessis, out Bowled!! A rush of blood has cost du Plessis his wicket. He danced down the wicket to a flighted delivery and looked to loft. However, Moeen beat him with his path of flight and guile. For a moment it felt as if Bairstow had missed a stumping chance. But the English players started to celebrate as they reckoned that it had taken the top of off-stump. The on-field umpire went upstairs and after a few replays it was crystal clear that du Plessis was bowled as it had brushed the bail on its way. du Plessis b Moeen Ali 2(19)

32.4 - Broad to de Villiers, out Caught by Bairstow!! Broad's done it. He's got the big dog. Oh what a moment. One short of a half-century, AB feels for a delivery outside off. It was a brilliantly bowled leg-cutter. You can hardly spot it on the replays. No wonder AB was done in. Nips away from a good length and catches the faintest of outside edges through to Bairstow. And Broad is away. Doesn't bother looking back at umpire Aleem Dar. He knows. He knows he has pulled off a beauty. Well done! de Villiers c Bairstow b Broad 49(79) [4s-7 6s-1]

6.3 - Broad to Amla, out Caught by Bairstow!! Amla's rather tame innings has come to an end. Broad is bowling a crackerjack spell. He certainly has the knack of rising to the occasion. He again pitched it on a short of length and the ball straightened too. Amla got caught in the crease and poked at it and eked out a faint edge. Bairstow takes an easy catch. Amla, on expected lines, walked. Superb probing stuff from Broad and he is hitting the seam consistently. Amla c Bairstow b Broad 7(24) [4s-1]

0.2 - Broad to van Zyl, out Bowled!! Broad is chuffed as he has made the incision in the very first over of the innings. It was poor judgment by van Zyl outside off. It was a back of a length delivery that nipped back in a fraction, van Zyl perhaps thought that he could leave it on a length. However, the ball pegs back the off-stump. Broad celebrates the scalp with the rest of his teammates. Perfect start for the tourists and Broad's plan of bowling from round the wicket has worked. van Zyl b Broad 0(2)

3.5 - Woakes to Amla, 1 run, oh dear! Bairstow has dropped Amla and that can prove to be costly. It was a pitched up delivery that shaped away a touch, Amla tried to essay the drive and got an outside edge. Bairstow dived to his right, but couldn't pouch onto the catch. He attempted to snaffle it with one hand. It was perhaps Cook's catch, who actually moved to his left, but by then the ball had been deflected away towards third man

76.0 - Moeen Ali to Steyn, no run, Steyn fails to defend a flighted off-break and it pops up to short-leg off the pad. Loud appeal for a catch. Not as convincing as the one against Abbott. But England decide to review anyway. There's daylight between bat and ball. Straight off the pad

68.3 - Root to Elgar, 3 runs, it's running away fine, it's running away. Is that it? Oh it sure is. A brilliant hundred from Elgar and he is absolutely ecstatic. Removes his helmet and wears a big smile before being caught in an embrace with his partner. He has stood defiant and combative riding all sorts of waves England have created. Got a gift to get to the landmark. Drifting down leg-side, only needed to tickle it fine. And a comfortable three. Well played!

101.2 - Elgar to Bairstow, FOUR, cracking shot, Bairstow comes down the track, makes room as he did so and goes over extra cover for a boundary

98.5 - van Zyl to Bairstow, FOUR, lovely chip, tad fuller and on the stumps, Bairstow presses forward and lifts it through the line, presented the full face of the bat, high elow as well, almost went all the way, bounced just in front of the ropes

94.5 - Kyle Abbott to Woakes, FOUR, lovely shot, overpitched and on the stumps, Woakes gets a big stride forward, presents the full face of the bat and punches it to the left of mid-on for a boundary

94.1 - Kyle Abbott to Woakes, FOUR, too straight from Abbott, ends up drifting onto Woakes' pads, he shuffles across and flicks it with a straight bat, beats the diving fielder at mid-wicket and rolls away to the fence

92.2 - Kyle Abbott to Woakes, FOUR, short, wide and four, width on offer from Abbott, Woakes gets on top of the bounce and steers it square behind point on the off-side, rolls away to the fence for a boundary

89.2 - D Piedt to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow again aims for the slog-sweep. However, this time, Piedt extracts a bit of extra bounce. As a result, Bairstow gets a top-edge that flies over the fielder at leg-slip (van Zyl) to the fine leg boundary

89.1 - D Piedt to Bairstow, FOUR, Bairstow sinks on one knee and with a good extension of his arms cracks the slog sweep. He hits that stroke all along the carpet to the deep square leg fence

88.0 - D Piedt to Bairstow, FOUR, van Zyl has dropped a tough chance at leg-slip. It was a pushed through delivery, but was sliding down leg, Bairstow aims to tuck it around the corner and ekes out an inside edge. However, despite moving to his right, van Zyl could not snaffle the catch. It runs away to the fine leg fence for a boundary

86.2 - M Morkel to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Moeen can be a touch loose when he plays at deliveries outside off. However, this time, he leans into the drive to a fuller length delivery and creams it all along the turf through the cover-region and it rockets to the boundary boards in a jiffy

84.5 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, speared down leg, Bairstow with a crisp downward angling of the willow, whips it to the deep backward square leg fence. The fielder in the deep runs around the circumference, but he had no chance of stopping the boundary there

82.1 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, width on offer, Bairstow cracks the cut shot. He breaches the gap through the cover-region with perfection and it scurries to the boundary boards

81.2 - D Piedt to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Moeen uses the paddle sweep to good effect here. He premeditates to a delivery that was bowled slower through the air and with his paddle sweep cracks a boundary to fine leg

80.5 - M Morkel to Bairstow, FOUR, this time, Bairstow prods forward and leans into the drive to a fuller length delivery. He pierces the gap between cover and mid-off with needlepoint precision. Amla from mid-off tries to hunt it down, but to no avail

79.1 - D Piedt to Bairstow, FOUR, shorter in length, Bairstow rocks back quickly and uses the short-arm pull to good effect. He bisects two fielders behind square on the on-side and collects a boundary

74.2 - Kyle Abbott to James Taylor, FOUR, he has this tendency to lean across far too much to deliveries tailing back at him. As a result his head is way outside off and ends up playing round his front pad. This time though, Taylor gets a lot of bat on the flick. Although in the air, it speeds away well wide of mid-wicket and into the fence

73.1 - D Piedt to Stokes, FOUR, there will never be a dull moment with him at the crease I can guarantee that. Premeditates the reverse sweep, gets it on a hospitable length on off and hits it past backward point. Rocketed away

69.2 - D Piedt to Root, FOUR, now beats the South African skipper. Too much leg-side from Dane Piedt. In addition, he overpitched this one. Root squats low on bent-knee and just paddles it away fine on the half-volley. Amla puts in a desperate dive but in vain

63.2 - Duminy to James Taylor, FOUR, almost identical to the previous delivery, Taylor doesn't need to bend his back knee. He has a low centre of gravity as it is. Pulls it ferociously behind square and the ball scorches the turf on the way to the ropes

58.4 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, Abbott wants some punishment. And he is meted out with it. Half-volley on the pads, God save you. Root flicks it through mid-wicket and threads the leg-side umbrella

56.3 - Kyle Abbott to James Taylor, FOUR, that's how it's done. His head was in a much better position this time and very steady. Allowed for the late movement back in and whipped it in the gap between mid-wicket and mid-on

53.0 - M Morkel to Root, FOUR, it's an offering. The kind you make at religious ceremonies to brush off evil spirits. Full toss tailing down leg, Root is late on the flick. The ball catches a faint inside edge, deflects off the pad and into the fine leg fence

48.4 - M Morkel to Compton, FOUR, oh dear! South Africa have dropped another chance. It's AB de Villiers again. Big Morne is a frustrated man! He's furious, but it's AB, so he turns back and walks back to his mark. Got to feel for Morne! Short of a length delivery bouncing extra, Compton was surprised by the bounce and the ball took the shoulder of the bat, it was a big deviation, went towards first slip, who was diving to his left, but the keeper went for it. He went with his right-hand, but he could have got both hands to it, in the end, the ball hits the wrist and deviates away from the diving slip fielder as well

42.2 - van Zyl to Compton, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, there wasn't a big gap between backward point and gully and Compton split them to perfection. He moves into the 40s with that hit

38.1 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, wow!! Simply wow! When the batsman plays a shot and holds the pose, he knows that he's played a lovely stroke and he had it fully under control. Full and just tailing away outside off stump, Root drives off the front foot through cover, the fielder there dives to his left but it escapes past him. In fact, that was hit through cover-point. Fifty partnership is raised

32.4 - Kyle Abbott to Compton, FOUR, again the two paced nature of the pitch, forced Compton to wait on the pull. He holds his shot waiting for the ball to arrive before swivelling nicely and putting it away behind square. Lifted his front foot elegantly during the stroke

31.2 - D Piedt to Compton, FOUR, this is brilliant pragmatic batting. Forcing the bowler to think. Well flighted delivery around off, lands on a length before being broomed away behind square with a sweep. Got under the ball and lifted it in the air

30.1 - Kyle Abbott to Root, FOUR, ah, that shot! That brute of a shot. Hops on the back foot and punches it ominously behind square past the diving point

27.4 - D Piedt to Compton, FOUR, now Compton. He wants to be pro-active. Lobbed up just outside off, Compton crouches on bent-knees while reversing his hands and hits the sweep nicely past backward point

17.2 - D Piedt to Hales, FOUR, he has so many options to score runs. Just about getting a feel of the pitch before cashing in. Sits on his back knee to a well flighted delivery just outside off, it was on the perfect sweeping length. Uses his long reach and dispatches the ball behind square

0.2 - Steyn to Cook, FOUR, poor line from Steyn. Length delivery down the leg-side, Cook tries to tickle, misses the ball rolls to fine leg off the thigh pad. However, the umpire reckons there was bat involved

101.3 - Elgar to Bairstow, SIX, this is even better! This was tossed up on the stumps, Bairstow went down on his knees and mows it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum

99.5 - D Piedt to Bairstow, SIX, massive, tossed up well outside off, Bairstow gets down on his knees and sweeps it high and over mid-wicket, sends it soaring over the stands, the lead is now 404

77.4 - D Piedt to Bairstow, SIX, a mighty blow! Floated up invitingly and turning into the stumps, Bairstow goes down on one knee and wallops the slog-sweep over the mid-wicket fence

34.0 - D Piedt to Root, SIX, it's a short boundary on the on-side and Root sends it deep into the stands. Easily done. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, Root bends his knees and executes the slog-sweep to perfection

15.2 - D Piedt to Hales, SIX, that's a top shot! Flighted delivery on the off stump, Hales gets down on one knee and plays the slog-sweep, finds the middle of the bat and sends it easily over the deep mid-wicket boundary

102.1 - van Zyl to Bairstow, out Caught by Duminy!! No hundred for Bairstow, England have been bowled out for 326. South Africa need 416 for an improbable victory. This was a good length delivery outside off, Bairstow was looking to go big over long-off, gets it right off the bottom of the bat, straight to Duminy at long-on, who clutches it onto his chest and completes the catch. Bairstow c Duminy b van Zyl 79(76) [4s-9 6s-3]

100.4 - van Zyl to Broad, out Caught by de Villiers!! van Zyl has two in the over, a duck for Broad and England haven't declared as yet! On a good length and holding its line outside off, Broad went for the drive, played outside the line of the ball, gets a faint inside edge and it's well held by AB - standing up to the stumps. Broad c de Villiers b van Zyl 0(2)

100.2 - van Zyl to Woakes, out Caught by Duminy!! That's a stunner from Duminy at short extra cover! On a good length and well outside off, Woakes had to reach out for the drive, doesn't get hold of the shot, hits it in the air and to the left of Duminy. He dives across, went with both hands and holds onto it. A wicket for van Zyl, England's lead is 404 at the moment. Woakes c Duminy b van Zyl 23(38) [4s-3]

90.0 - D Piedt to Moeen Ali, out Lbw!! well, Piedt has a 5-for and he has deserved it. He has bowled with hustle and diligence in this Test. This time, from round the wicket, Piedt bowled it slower through the air, Moeen attempted to sweep and missed. On expected lines, South African players belted out an appeal for LBW, but was turned down. Amla though took the review and on review, it was crystal clear that it pitched and straightened. It then went on to hit the off-stump. Good review from Amla and Co. Moeen's enterprising innings comes to an end. Moeen Ali lbw b D Piedt 16(27) [4s-2]

80.0 - D Piedt to James Taylor, out Stumped!! England continue to push on and that results in Taylor's wicket. He used his feet to a delivery that was tossed up. However, Piedt beat the batsman with a straighter-one as Taylor looked to work it through the on-side. He missed with his shot and de Villiers, this time, showed sharp reflexes to whip the bails off in a flash. James Taylor st de Villiers b D Piedt 42(97) [4s-3]

74.0 - D Piedt to Stokes, out Caught by Elgar!! Restless. Eager. And now a gonner. Inexplicable really. Both innings, his downfall has been brought about by rash shots. Trying to create something. Okay, I understand England are looking for a declaration. But too many shots too early in the innings. After the success with a reverse-sweep earlier in the over, Stokes attempts another. This time though, Piedt cleverly bowls it slower through the air. Hoodwinked Stokes who was through with the stroke too early. It pops up off the glove and falls in the safe hands of Elgar at slip. Stokes c Elgar b D Piedt 5(14) [4s-1]

70.4 - Kyle Abbott to Root, out Caught by van Zyl!! Where's this come from? Completely against the run of play. Never seemed like South Africa could pick another wicket but Root decides to toss a potential hundred away. Back of a length delivery wide of off, Root was waiting on the back foot looking to dab it fine. Rolls his wrists on the ball which bounced a little more than he accounted for and ended up catching the upperedge through to van Zyl at first slip. He moves to his left, and clasps it with a reverse cup close to his chest. Root c van Zyl b Kyle Abbott 73(128) [4s-5 6s-1]

49.0 - M Morkel to Compton, out Caught by de Villiers!! Finally, finally, South Africa take a catch. This is a lucky wicket for Morne, but he deserves it. So the bowling change has worked and it has broken the 71-run stand. Short of a length delivery down the leg-side, Compton tries to glance, but gets an edge, de Villiers moves to his left and collects it with both hands. The appeal was spontaneous from the Proteas and umpire Rod Tucker raised his finger. A huge sigh of relief of ABdV's face after taking the catch. By the way, Compton misses his fifty by 1 run. Compton c de Villiers b M Morkel 49(116) [4s-5]

25.3 - D Piedt to Hales, out Caught by Kyle Abbott!! Why Hales, why? What's the rush? Just been given a life the ball before, but he is on a suicide mission. Runs down the pitch and tries to whack it downtown. Credit to Piedt as well, bowled it much wider after seeing the batsman come for a piece. Hales ended up having to reach out for the slog and dragged it towards long-on. Might have got it a lot straighter than intended. Abbott runs across and takes the catch close to his chest. Did really well to maintain his poise and counter the momentum his running had built. Hales c Kyle Abbott b D Piedt 26(84) [4s-1 6s-1]

9.2 - D Piedt to Cook, out Lbw!! Cook has been given out LBW. He is consulting his partner for the review, so that's a sign that he hasn't hit it and he's walking off. So captain Cook has made only 7 runs in the Test match. Excellent bowling from Piedt. He took the previous one away from the left-hander, now bowls the slider and foxes Cook, who was on the front foot to defend, the ball beat the inside edge of the bat and struck him plumb in front. Umpire Aleem Dar raises his finger in a flash. Impact was on middle and off and it was crashing into leg stump. Cook lbw b D Piedt 7(27) [4s-1]

77.3 - D Piedt to Bairstow, 2 runs, there is a leg-slip in place but the edge flies in between the keeper and him. A very faint inside edge while Bairstow was looking to tuck this flatter delivery. Not to hand

28.4 - M Morkel to Root, no run, another drop. South Africa. South Africa. What's happening? And this time it's Joe Root. Short ball which sticks in the pitch meaning that Root is through with the pull even before the ball arrives. Pops up off the glove and changes direction slightly. de Villiers was originally moving leg-side. Saw the ball change direction, jumped and stuck his right hand out with his feet in the air but couldn't cling on.

26.5 - M Morkel to Compton, no run, a hundred to his name, all the confidence in the world. And now some of it must have been dented. Elgar has dropped a dolly at slip. Compton tries to defend a full ball away from the body, gets a genuine edge and the ball travels at a comfortable knee-height to Elgar who was crouching low. The ball seemed to have hit the heel of the palm and popped straight down

91.1 - D Piedt to Bairstow, 1 run, fifty for Bairstow, this was tossed up on off, Bairstow gets forward, plays with the spin and works it in front of square on the on-side for a single

83.0 - M Morkel to Bairstow, no run, there was some excitement in the middle. However, in the end, it is given as not-out. It was a short of length delivery that climbed awkwardly onto Bairstow, he missed with his tuck. de Villiers showed superb reflexes to dive to his left and pouch it. However, despite dishing out a loud appeal for a strangle down the leg-side, the umpire gave it as not out. SA took a review and it was clear that there was no edge. Even on UltraEdge there was nothing for the TV umpire to suggest he had edged it. Bairstow survives

58.1 - Kyle Abbott to Root, 2 runs, there we go. Kingsmead reverberating with "Rooooooooooot". Back of a length delivery on middle, he clips it behind square and hustles back for a second. Brings up his half-century and sends the crowd humming to his tune

39.4 - Elgar to Compton, no run, that was strange! To the naked eye in real-time, there was a deviation and probably even the umpire saw that and raised the finger. Flighted delivery spinning away just outside off stump, Compton was on the front foot to block, the ball turned and missed the edge of the bat. There was a sound, but it was bat hitting the bottom of the pad and nothing else. Even AB de Villiers wasn't confident while appealing, but the bowler was. Compton rightly reviewed immediately and got the on-field call reversed. There was nothing on the Ultra Edge

20.3 - Steyn to Compton, no run, there is a huge shout for a possible strangle down leg. Steyn likes it. He belted an appeal demanding the finger to go up. Even managed to convince his captain to go up. But just a brush of the thigh it seems. No bat

13.2 - D Piedt to Compton, 2 runs, this is terrible running. Shortish and outside off stump, Compton guides it towards short third man, Compton calls for a risky second, Hales responds and both batsmen almost had a mid-pitch collision. Luckily for England nothing of that sort happened and Compton was home before the keeper collected Abbott's throw and broke the stumps

70.1 - Broad to M Morkel, FOUR, fuller and outside off, Morkel uses his long reach to good effect, drives it towards mid-off, Moeen Ali moves to his right, dives over the ball and allows it to escape

68.2 - Moeen Ali to M Morkel, FOUR, Morkel's eyes lit up seeing the flight on this delivery, he planted his front leg forward and tonks it over mid-on, couple of bounces and over the rope

68.0 - Woakes to Duminy, FOUR, fabulous shot! Has to be the shot of the day. There weren't many played, but this has to be the best. Angling in on a fuller length, Duminy presents the straight bat and punches it straight down the ground, once more the timing was superb

67.5 - Woakes to Duminy, FOUR, half volley and Duminy puts it away. It was outside off as well, Duminy gets a good stride and creams the drive through extra cover, the timing was exquisite as the ball raced away

60.2 - Finn to Duminy, FOUR, edgeee found. However, the ball dies on its way to the slip cordon. It races past the diving gully fielder and the fielder positioned at third slip to the third man fence. From round the wicket, Finn got it to straighten after pitching, Duminy came half-forward and eked out an outside edge. Luckily for him, it bounced well in front of the slip cordon

58.4 - Finn to Duminy, FOUR, fullish and on off-stump, Duminy comes forward and crunches the on-drive. He played that stroke all along the ground and the ball rocketed to the long-on fence

58.2 - Finn to Duminy, FOUR, Duminy leans into the drive and essays an eye-catching shot to this fuller length delivery all along the carpet to the sweeper cover fence

39.0 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, FOUR, good use of the feet and he drives well as well. Flighted delivery on the off stump, de Villiers comes down the track and then drives it between the non-striker and the bowler

37.4 - Broad to de Villiers, FOUR, low full toss outside off stump, de Villiers drives it hard onto the ground, Broad tries to stop it to the left in his followthrough but it runs away. Mid-off was very square and he had no chance

34.3 - Stokes to du Plessis, FOUR, aaah! Aggression from du Plessis! Short and not rising much, du Plessis rocks back and pulls fiercely, went uppishly but well wide of the man at mid-wicket

30.5 - Stokes to de Villiers, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, asking for trouble, de Villiers rocks back and easily cuts this on one leg for four through point

26.4 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, very full and targeting the stumps from Finn, de Villiers leans into the drive. He did not time it well, but as the fielder at mid-off misfielded, the ball scurried to the fence. His bottom hand also came off the bat handle, while he attempted to play that shot

26.1 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, width on offer, de Villiers gets on top of the bounce and cracks the cut shot. It rockets past the backward point fielder for a boundary. It came off the sweet spot of the willow

24.2 - Finn to de Villiers, FOUR, good length delivery, but sliding down leg, de Villiers tickles it to the fine leg fence. It was a freebie from Finn and de Villiers took a heavy toll of it

15.5 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, FOUR, this time, Elgar sinks on one knee and slog-sweeps it towards the deep square leg fence. It came right off the screws

15.0 - Broad to Amla, FOUR, imperious from Amla! Broad bangs it short, Amla rides on the bounce and pulls it in front of square on the on-side. It rocketed to the fence in a jiffy

14.0 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, FOUR, this time, Elgar leans into the drive and cracks a sumptuous shot all along the ground through extra cover for a boundary

12.5 - Stokes to Amla, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, didn't bounce much and Amla was quick to hop and punch it nicely along the ground through cover

11.4 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, FOUR, shortish and outside off stump, Elgar goes on the back foot and punches it through cover-point, there was no protection there it ran away for four

11.2 - Moeen Ali to Elgar, FOUR, edgedddd and safe. Stokes had less time to react as this flew off a thick edge. Shortish and outside off stump, Elgar goes back to cut, gets the edge, Stokes at first slip stuck his left hand out but it already passed him

8.5 - Stokes to van Zyl, FOUR, edged and four more! What a start this is for the Proteas. Full and outside off stump, van Zyl leans forward and drives, gets a thick edge that goes between gully and backward point

8.4 - Stokes to van Zyl, FOUR, given as runs, England were appealing for LBW, umpire Aleem Dar was right, no pad involved, that was straight off the bat. Stokes tries a yorker and bowls a low full toss down the leg-side, van Zyl tries to dig it out and gets the toe-end of the bat, the ball rolls to fine leg

8.0 - Finn to van Zyl, FOUR, van Zyl is playing very well. One has to say that England haven't been disciplined with the ball. Short and asking to be hit, once again not high enough to trouble the batsman, pulled away fiercely over mid-wicket

7.4 - Finn to van Zyl, FOUR, harmless short delivery on the stumps, van Zyl stands tall as it sits up nicely to be hit, pulled away through backward square leg and there was no protection in the deep

6.4 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, with the angle from round the wicket, anything on middle stump line would be easy pickings for the left-hander. Elgar easily flicks it along the ground through mid-wicket and collects his second boundary

4.5 - Broad to Elgar, FOUR, top shot from Elgar. He's in great touch out there. Remember, he made a hundred in the first innings as well. Overpitched delivery from Broad, he slipped after delivering the ball, it was full and in the slot, Elgar leans forward and controls the straight-drive to perfection and it goes all the way along the ground

3.2 - Woakes to van Zyl, FOUR, now that's a lovely shot from van Zyl. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, van Zyl goes on the back foot and punches it along the ground through cover, the timing is good enough to take it to the boundary

1.2 - Woakes to van Zyl, FOUR, cracking shot, overpitched and well outside off, van Zyl leans into the drive, plays with an open face and guides it square on the off-side for a boundary

71.0 - Broad to M Morkel, out Lbw!! England win by 241 runs. Their highest margin of victory in terms of runs at Durban. The players shake hands. The visitors are a happy bunch. Cook leads them out of the ground. Coming to the ball, it was the indipper on a fuller length, Morkel falls over on the flick, misses it completely and is struck in front of off-stump. Hawk-Eye confirmed it to be hitting middle. M Morkel lbw b Broad 8(20) [4s-2]

64.0 - Woakes to D Piedt, out Caught by James Taylor!! There goes Wicket No. 9. England are one wicket away from sealing the game. Piedt's vigil has come to an end. This good length delivery tails back in, Piedt presses forward to defend, the ball squirts off the inside edge, deflects off the pad to Taylor at FSL. Woakes gets his name in the wickets column. D Piedt c James Taylor b Woakes 0(27)

55.3 - Moeen Ali to Kyle Abbott, out Lbw!! Another one bites the dust. Abbott is trapped in front and an easy decision for the umpire to make. South Africa are hurtling towards a heavy defeat. It pitched on middle and straightened. Abbott played back to it and was rapped on the pads. Moeen is on a roll here. He is using the arm-ball to good effect. Kyle Abbott lbw b Moeen Ali 2(11)

52.3 - Finn to Steyn, out Bowled!! A peach of a delivery from Finn as he picks up his fourth scalp in this innings. The ball was too good for Steyn. He pitched it on a length and the ball nipped away a touch, Steyn did not cover his off-pole and was caught in the crease. He tentatively poked at it and the ball snaked past the blade to take the off stump out of the ground. England continue to march their way towards a significant win. The Proteas are staring down the barrel. Steyn b Finn 2(21)

49.3 - Moeen Ali to Bavuma, out Stumped!! Moeen has chugged down Bavuma now and England are thrilled to bits. It was the arm-ball bowled by Moeen from round the wicket, Bavuma ventured out of the crease and looked to tuck it around the corner. However, he failed to connect. This time around, Bairstow collected the ball cleanly and showed sharp reflexes to effect the stumping. Bavuma was miles out of the crease. Remember, Bairstow had missed a rather easy stumping chance yesterday to give de Villiers a reprieve. He had also missed a crucial stumping chance in Sharjah with Hafeez being the beneficiary. This is also the first time any keeper from England has effected a stumping in Tests since Pujara was dismissed in that fashion off Swann's bowling in Mumbai in 2012. Bavuma st Bairstow b Moeen Ali 0(6)

47.3 - Moeen Ali to de Villiers, out Lbw!! The big fish is gone and the England camp is ecstatic. de Villiers played back to a delivery that pitched on middle and straightened. It also stayed a touch low. Eventually, he looked to clip it through the on-side and missed. On expected lines, Moeen belted out a huge appeal for LBW and Dar answered the appeal in the affirmative. However, de Villiers went up for the review and on review the Hawk-eye showed it was clipping the leg-stump. The great man has to go back to the hut. Huge blow for South Africa first up. de Villiers lbw b Moeen Ali 37(86) [4s-6]

46.3 - Finn to du Plessis, out Caught by Cook!! Wow! Steven Finn! What a time to get a wicket. Faf du Plessis looks stunned. He can't believe that he's been dismissed and the South African dressing room looks shocked as well. Extra bounce does the trick for Finn and England. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, no doubt du Plessis had to play at it, he was on the back foot to block, but the bounce surprised him and took a big outside edge, he was also squared up a bit, Cook makes no mistake at first slip. du Plessis c Cook b Finn 9(66) [4s-1]

22.4 - Finn to Elgar, out Caught by Root!! Finn is on a roll here as he has chugged down the pugnacious Elgar now. Elgar was the batsman who stood amidst the ruins in the first innings with a ton. It was nothing but a very full delivery and bowled outside off, Elgar tried to squeeze it, but eked out a top-edge to Root at second slip, who grabbed the catch with both his hands chest high. It came to him at an awkward height and Root did well to pouch the catch. Elgar c Root b Finn 40(71) [4s-6]

20.2 - Finn to Amla, out Caught by Bairstow!! What have you done Amla? He looked in prime form in the second innings. However, Amla throws his wicket away. He won't be happy with the way he was dismissed. There was a touch of width on offer, Amla aimed to crack the cut shot and could only get a top-edge and Bairstow snaffled it gleefully. The England camp is ecstatic. Amla did not move his feet and that resulted in him losing his wicket. Amla c Bairstow b Finn 12(23) [4s-2]

10.5 - Stokes to van Zyl, out Bowled!! So Stokes has got the breakthrough. Credit to him. He wasn't fully fit bowling with discomfort in his left foot. He was bowling at gentle pace, but the last two deliveries have been quick. The previous one was around 137kph and now this was a shade over 141. Actually nothing great about this delivery. On a good length and angled in from round the wicket, van Zyl leans forward to defend, plays outside the line, the ball brushes the back thigh and crashes into the off stump. That ends a fine 53-run opening stand. van Zyl b Stokes 33(36) [4s-6]