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WC 2015

Scorecard - 20th Match, Pool A, New Zealand vs Australia at Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand (28 Feb 2015)


151/10 (32.2) RR:4.67

New Zealand won by 1 wkt

MOM: Trent Boult
New Zealand

152/9 (23.1) RR:6.56

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30.1 - Southee to P Cummins, FOUR, lovely shot! It was pitched up and attacking the stumps, Cummins leans forward, presents the full face and on-drives it to the left of mid-on. The rich timing takes it to the fence

30.0 - Milne to Haddin, FOUR, too many full tosses now from Milne, he needs to pitch the ball on the wicket first, Haddin backs away just a touch and bunts it square of the wicket, Guptill from third man runs to his right, puts in the dive but ends up dragging it back towards the rope off the trailing hand

28.1 - Southee to Haddin, FOUR, banged in short and outside off, Haddin backs away and cuts it late over short third man and the ball runs away to the fence, almost took the face of the security personnel there beyond the rope

24.2 - Vettori to Haddin, FOUR, tossed up outside off, Haddin lofts it to the long-on fence, the fielder at mid-on jumps, but can't get a hand on it, it wasn't too high though

18.5 - Vettori to Haddin, FOUR, Vettori is not at all happy with himself here, drifts this on the pads, Haddin tickles it fine and the ball races away to the fence, a rare poor ball from the veteran

15.3 - Southee to Clarke, FOUR, first boundary for Clarke, it was fullish and angling in on middle and leg, Clarke flicks it off his pads to the deep square leg fence, the ball runs away to the fence

10.0 - Boult to Watson, FOUR, the angle doesn't work for Boult, drops it short and slants it in, Watson rocks back and muscles the pull behind square, the ball travels quickly to the fence. The fielder at fine leg had no chance of stopping that

4.3 - Southee to Warner, FOUR, Warner is toying with the field now, the fielder was moved behind square and he pulls it in front of square this time. Again, Southee goes short and pays the price

4.2 - Southee to Warner, FOUR, poor delivery from Southee, dug in mid-way down the wicket, Warner is quick to pick up the length, he rocks back, swivels across and pulls it behind square for a one bounce four

2.3 - Southee to Watson, FOUR, friendly welcome by Southee, offers a juicy full toss on the pads, Watson says thank you very much and puts it away. He leans forward and flicks it square of the wicket and the ball whistles away to the fence

1.0 - Southee to Warner, byes, FOUR, this one takes off from the deck, banged in halfway down the wicket, Warner goes for the pull, doesn't connect and the ball flies over a leaping Ronchi

0.3 - Southee to Finch, FOUR, Southee has still not got his radar right, drifts it down leg, Finch just needed to get some wood on that, he manages to do that as he glances it fine, no chance for the fielder in the deep

32.1 - Corey Anderson to Haddin, SIX, what a welcome to the attack for Anderson! Full and right in the slot, Haddin presses forward and hits it through the line, launches it over long-off for a maximum

24.4 - Vettori to Haddin, SIX, touch too full from Vettori, Haddin just launches it over the long-off fence with ease, there was a fielder at long-off, but it went way over him

2.1 - Southee to Finch, SIX, superb shot! That is hit through the line. Length delivery right in Finch's arc, he comes forward and launches it over mid-on for a maximum. It was a clean strike from Finch, he presented the full face of the bat

1.2 - Boult to Warner, SIX, mishit and it flies over the boundary. That is very cruel for the bowler. It was fuller and shapes away just outside off, Warner goes for the heave across the line, the ball takes the top-edge and goes over the slip cordon. The short boundary takes it all the way

32.2 - Corey Anderson to Haddin, out Caught by (sub) Tom Latham!! That's it! All over for Australia. They have been bowled out for their lowest World Cup score batting first. On a length just outside off, Haddin pokes at it rather feebly, the ball takes the outside half of the bat and flies to short third man, Latham completes the simplest of catches. Boult leads the team out of the field. Haddin c (sub) Tom Latham b Corey Anderson 43(41) [4s-4 6s-2]

22.0 - Boult to Starc, out Bowled!! Boult takes a 5-fer! This is just too good for the Australians. They are playing worse than a Divison 5 side here. It was on a good length and angling in on middle, Starc was looking to work it through the on-side, but fails to connect at all. He plays all around it and his middle stump is uprooted. Boult is just turning out to be too good for them. Mark Waugh on air says,"Well, I don't know what to say". Remember Waugh is an Australian selector and he's pretty shaken with this performance. Australia are being blown away here. Starc b Boult 0(3)

21.3 - Boult to Johnson, out Caught by Williamson!! Boult-Williamson duo back in action as Johnson goes now. A very poor shot from him there. It was fuller just outside off, Johnson went for the drive, but hits it uppishly, Williamson at short cover dives to his right and takes another good catch. Is there any stopping the Kiwi charge here? Australia are falling like nine pins. Johnson c Williamson b Boult 1(7)

20.0 - Boult to Clarke, out Caught by Williamson!! Boult picks up his third wicket in two overs time. This is the big wicket, captain Clarke goes back in his comeback game. Australia are sliding down further here. It was on a good length and angled across off, Clarke pushes at it and ends up chipping it straight to Williamson at short cover. A very, very soft dismissal for Clarke. Clarke c Williamson b Boult 12(18) [4s-1]

17.4 - Boult to M Marsh, out Bowled!! Ohh dear! What is happening here? The Australians have lost the plot. Marsh goes for a duck. It was a back of a length delivery shaping away outside off, Marsh pushes at it away from his body, gets an inside edge that crashes into the stumps. Boult is extremely happy once again. He is punching the air in delight. The Kiwis are on a roll here. M Marsh b Boult 0(2)

17.2 - Boult to Maxwell, out Bowled!! The Black Caps are on fire here. Boult gets his first of the game. It was back of a length delivery angling away outside off, Maxwell went after it and looks to cut, but he ends up chopping it back onto the stumps. The Kiwis are jumping in the air in celebration. Half the Australian side is back in the hut now. They have lost 4 wickets for 18 runs in the last 27 balls. Maxwell b Boult 1(3)

16.3 - Vettori to S Smith, out Caught by Ronchi!! Another one bites the dust. Smith goes very early. It was the arm ball from Vettori that skids on from outside off, Smith was looking to force it through the off-side, the ball takes the outside edge and Ronchi snaffles it easily. Vettori was pumped up after that, not a usual sight, but he was extremely delighted there. S Smith c Ronchi b Vettori 4(11)

13.1 - Southee to Warner, out Lbw!! New Zealand are right back in the game. Umpire Illingworth was quick to raise his finger. Warner consulted Clarke before going for the review. It was a back of a length delivery that jags back in, Warner hopped in the crease and is rapped on the pads, it hit him above the knee-roll. The ball was kissing the top of middle-stump. Australia in a bit of trouble now. Warner lbw b Southee 34(42) [4s-2 6s-1]

13.0 - Vettori to Watson, out Caught by Southee!! Vettori strikes! He is rewarded for some tight bowling. The crowd goes berserk. It was not all that short, but Watson still goes for the pull, mistimes it and picks out the fielder at deep mid-wicket, Southee moves to his right and takes a good low catch. The pressure was built for the last couple of overs and something had to give and it is the wicket of Watson. Watson c Southee b Vettori 23(30) [4s-2]

2.2 - Southee to Finch, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! The off-stump is uprooted and Southee roars in delight. What a comeback from him! Pitches it on a length and gets it to shape back in, Finch tries to repeat the previous shot, leaves a gap between bat and pad, the ball sneaks through and crashes into the off-stump. That should settle some nerves. Finch b Southee 14(7) [4s-1 6s-1]

8.5 - Vettori to Warner, 2 runs, dropped! It was a tough chance though. Quicker and outside off, Warner looks to flay it through the off-side, slices it to the right of backward point, Boult runs across, dives full length and gets a fingertip to it. Those need to stick. It was a great effort from Boult, not much he could have done

17.4 - M Marsh to Williamson, FOUR, great shot from Williamson, it was short and wide outside off, Williamson reaches out for it and crashes it to the sweeper cover fence, it was in the air for a little wide, but well over the two fielders at short cover

17.1 - M Marsh to Williamson, FOUR, poor delivery from Marsh to start his spell, it was short and little wide outside off, Williamson rocks back and pulls it to the deep mid-wicket fence, didn't middle it, but this ground is too small for that ball to be stopped

15.1 - P Cummins to Williamson, FOUR, New Zealand getting back the momentum. Cummins provides width outside off, Williamson stands in his crease and flays it up and over extra cover. He didn't middle it, but the ball had enough to reach the fence

14.2 - Johnson to Corey Anderson, FOUR, streaky four! Johnson can't believe how that misses the stumps. Tucks the batsman for room, Anderson looks to steer it to third man, gets an inside edge that runs away to the fine leg fence. That missed the stumps by inches

14.1 - Johnson to Corey Anderson, FOUR, Johnson starts from round the sticks, banged in halfway down the pitch, Anderson flat-bats the pull to the left of Johnson, he sticks his hand out but the ball evades him comfortably

11.2 - P Cummins to Williamson, FOUR, just a bit of width from Cummins and Williamson pounches on it. Jumps up off his feet and punches it handsomely through cover-point, Warner gives chase and dives to stop the ball, all goes in vain as it touches the rope

6.4 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, McCullum is getting stuck into Johnson. The crowd are loving it. Another short delivery, McCullum rocks back and pulls it over backward square. He didn't middle it, but he will take four

6.2 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, no ducking or swaying from McCullum. Short delivery on the body, he swivels and pulls it behind square leg, the fielder at fine leg was inside the circle and he saw the ball fly over him

5.5 - Starc to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, edged and four! McCullum looks at the square leg umpire for the height on that full toss. He feels it is a legal delivery. A high full toss around off, McCullum slashes and the ball takes the edge, runs away between keeper and first slip

5.0 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, take that says McCullum, gives the charge to Johnson, makes it into a fuller length delivery, drills it straight down the ground. The bowler tries to stop it with his left boot, but fails to do so. The 50 is up in only the 5th over

4.3 - Johnson to Williamson, FOUR, Johnson errs in line, slips one on leg-stump, he was actually going for the inswinging yorker, doesn't get it right, Williamson leans forward and glances it to the fine leg fence

2.5 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, "catch it" was the shout from Johnson, but Clarke needed a ladder to get that. Back of a length close to off, McCullum slashes and gets a thick outside edge, it flies over Clarke at first slip

2.2 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, Alan Wilkins says, "McCullum is laying into the Aussies". Sure he is. Can't bowl there, full and just outside off, McCullum stays leg-side of the ball and hammers it over extra cover for another boundary

1.5 - Starc to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, mid-off back in the circle? No problem I will still take it on says, McCullum. Pitched up just outside off, McCullum drills it in the air back past Guptill, the long-off fielder didn't even bother to move

0.1 - Johnson to Guptill, no ball, FOUR, poor start from Johnson, strays it onto the pads, Guptill stays back and tickles it to the fine leg fence. To make matters worse, Johnson has overstepped. The fielder at fine leg had no chance of stopping that

23.1 - P Cummins to Williamson, SIX, what a game and what a finish! Take a bow, Kane Williamson! From No. 3 he has batted till the end and eventually, took his team through. It was fuller and around off, Williamson offers the full face of the bat after giving the charge and lofts it over the long-on fence. What a thrilling encounter! New Zealand win by a wicket! Starc in the deep can only feel disappointed as he did all he could. Williamson punches in the air in delight. Boult at the other end is also extremely happy. Ian Smith was so delighted. This was a superb game. Williamson celebrates with Boult and then shakes hands with the Australian players. Williamson is just unbelievable, with so much pressure and so much to do, he just gives the charge and that was simply too good. Ian Smith shouts on the air, "Ey, Warney. Ey, Warney."

20.0 - Maxwell to Ronchi, SIX, ohh what a shot to get off the mark, it was floated up on the stumps, Ronchi gets under it, offers the full face of the bat and just lofts it over the long-on fence with ease

14.3 - Johnson to Corey Anderson, SIX, nailed it! The ploy of bowling short to Anderson is not working, he is expecting it, sits on the back foot, swivels and pulls it powerfully over deep backward square for a maximum. That gets the crowd going once again

6.3 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, SIX, fabulous shot! Johnson tries to overcompensate, pitches it up outside off, McCullum goes through with the loft, launches it over long-off for a maximum

2.1 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, SIX, the ball is flying all over Eden Park. Dances down the wicket, converts it into a full length delivery, slices it over backward point, gets enough wood to clear the rope

1.1 - Starc to Brendon McCullum, SIX, fantastic shot! No sighters needed for the Kiwi captain. Shimmies down the wicket and hammers it inside out, lofts it handsomely into the crowd at deep extra cover

0.1 - Johnson to Guptill, SIX, massive! Free-hit and Guptill has cashed in. It was short and just outside off, Guptill backs away slightly, frees his arms and clobbers it over long-off. He stood there and admired the shot

22.4 - Starc to Southee, out Bowled!! Ohh my god! This game has turned on its head. Can Australia pull it off? New Zealand need 6 runs to win with just a wicket left. What a thrilling finish. This is the second time in this innings that Starc is on a hat-trick. It was the yorker on the base of off, Southee was pushing at it, but the ball sneaks under his bat and hits off. Warne at the start of this over said that he feels that Starc will take 2 wickets in the over and well, he has been proven right once again. Southee b Starc 0(1)

22.3 - Starc to Milne, out Bowled!! Is there a twist in the tale? Warne the Oracle called it right on air. It was fuller delivery shaping in from off, the ball beats the drive by Milne and crashes into the middle stump. Warne predicted it right. Also, this is Starc's 5th 5-wicket haul. Milne b Starc 0(2)

21.5 - P Cummins to Vettori, out Caught by Warner!! What is going on here? Like the Scotland game where they were chasing a low score, New Zealand are 7 down once again. It was a full toss from Cummins, Vettori just chips it straight to mid-on. He is very disappointed with himself and he should be, it was not a wicket taking delivery. A soft dismissal for the veteran. Vettori c Warner b P Cummins 2(3)

21.0 - Starc to Ronchi, out Caught by Haddin!! Now, Ronchi goes and he is Starc's fourth wicket of the innings. It was a good short ball from Starc, caught Ronchi by surprise, who was looking to leave it at the last moment by swaying away from the line. However, he doesn't drops his bat in time and the ball takes the glove on its way to the keeper. Ronchi c Haddin b Starc 6(7) [6s-1]

19.4 - Maxwell to Corey Anderson, out Caught by P Cummins!! Anderson has thrown it away. It was dragged slightly short and outside off, the ball got stuck into the pitch as Anderson went for the pull. He didn't get the timing right nor the elevation, picks out Cummins at mid-off, who takes a good low catch. The umpire check for the no-ball. Wait a minute, did Cummins catch that cleanly? Or did he touch the turf. Anderson is still waiting as the TV umpire looks at the replay. In fact, Ronchi is also out and the umpire needs to get this right first. This is a doubtful decision, but Anderson has finally been given his marching orders now. Anderson was not happy there, he threw his gloves after reaching the dug-out. Corey Anderson c P Cummins b Maxwell 26(42) [4s-2 6s-1]

8.2 - Starc to Elliott, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! What a way to start after the break! Starc is on a hat-trick. It was a terrific delivery to get first up. Full and tails back in, Elliott comes slightly forward and tries to push at it, leaves a gap between bat and pad, the ball crashes into middle stump. Starc runs away in excitement and his mates catch up with him. Game not over yet! Elliott b Starc 0(1)

8.1 - Starc to Ross Taylor, out Bowled!! Knocked over! A nothing shot from Rosco. Australia slowly clawing their way back into the game. Full and tails back in, Taylor is drawn into the drive, goes for it with no footwork, gets an inside edge that crashes into off-stump. It was an unnecessary shot considering the supper break is a few minutes away. Ross Taylor b Starc 1(2)

7.4 - P Cummins to Brendon McCullum, out Caught by Starc!! The entertainment comes to an end! A whirlwind innings from Baz comes to an end. Cummins sees the batsman give charge, drops it short and just outside off, McCullum still goes through with the shot, flat-bats it in the air to mid-off, Starc standing right on the edge of the circle holds onto it. Australia can breath a sigh of relief. Brendon McCullum c Starc b P Cummins 50(24) [4s-7 6s-3]

3.5 - Starc to Guptill, out Caught by P Cummins!! Starc strikes! Guptill goes for a needless shot and throws it away. Fuller delivery around off, Guptill goes for the on-the-up drive, hits it in the air, doesn't get the elevation to clear mid-off, Cummins moves to his right and holds onto to a good catch. Guptill c P Cummins b Starc 11(14) [4s-1 6s-1]

5.3 - Starc to Brendon McCullum, no run, dropped! But it was a tough chance. Actually, Starc saved four there. Good length ball close to off, McCullum mistimes the pull to the right of the bowler, Starc sticks out his hand and tries to catch it, but was not able to do. It would have been a stunner

19.0 - Starc to Corey Anderson, no run, fuller and homing in on middle and leg, Anderson fails to work it into the on-side and wears it on his pad, there was a loud appeal, but the umpire says 'Not Out', Australia decide to review but lose the call

6.5 - Johnson to Brendon McCullum, 1 run, McCullum brings up his fifty off just 21 balls. It is his 30th in ODIs. The crowd are up on their feet and bowing down to their captain. What an innings it has been! Williamson walks up to him and shakes his hand. McCullum waves his bat at the crowd and appreciates the ovation. It was a full delivery outside off, McCullum squeezes it to mid-off and scampers across for a single