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Afghanistan vs Ireland 2017

Date & Time Match Details Coverage
05 Dec 2017
10:30 GMT | 10:30 Local
16:00 IST
1st ODI Match - Afghanistan vs Ireland at Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah, Dubai
Afghanistan won by 138 runs.
Afghanistan 238/9 | Ireland 100/10

07 Dec 2017
10:30 GMT | 10:30 Local
16:00 IST
2nd ODI Match - Afghanistan vs Ireland at Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah, Dubai
Ireland won by 51 runs.
Ireland 271/9 | Afghanistan 220/10

10 Dec 2017
10:30 GMT | 10:30 Local
16:00 IST
3rd ODI Match - Afghanistan vs Ireland at Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah, Dubai
Ireland won by 5 wickets
Afghanistan 177/10 | Ireland 180/5

Most Runs Scored
NameRunsBatting StyleCountryRole
Paul Stirling 188Right-hand bat IE Allrounder
Rahmat Shah 126Right-hand bat Afghanistan all-rounder
Rashid Khan 108Right-hand bat Afghanistan Bowler
Nasir Jamal 96Right-hand bat Afghanistan Batsman
WTS Porterfield 86Left-hand bat IE batsman

Best Innings
NameRunsBallsBest MatchSixesFoursBatting Style
Paul Stirling 10197 afgire_2017_one-day_03 411Right-hand bat
George Dockrell 6248 afgire_2017_one-day_02 17Right-hand bat
Nasir Jamal 5363 afgire_2017_one-day_01 12Right-hand bat
Rahmat Shah 5075 afgire_2017_one-day_01 13Right-hand bat
Rashid Khan 4849 afgire_2017_one-day_01 14Right-hand bat

Most Fours
NameFoursBatting StyleCountryRole
Paul Stirling 20Right-hand bat IE Allrounder
Javed Ahmadi 11Right-hand bat AF Batsman
Rashid Khan 11Right-hand bat Afghanistan Bowler
WTS Porterfield 11Left-hand bat IE batsman
Rahmat Shah 8Right-hand bat Afghanistan all-rounder

Most Sixes
NameSixesBatting StyleCountryRole
Paul Stirling 5Right-hand bat IE Allrounder
Shafiqullah 3Right-hand bat AF wicket-keeper
Rashid Khan 2Right-hand bat Afghanistan Bowler
Rahmat Shah 2Right-hand bat Afghanistan all-rounder
Ihsanullah 2Right-hand bat Afghanistan Batsman

Most Boundaries
NameBoundariesBatting StyleCountryRole
Paul Stirling 25Right-hand bat IE Allrounder
Rashid Khan 13Right-hand bat Afghanistan Bowler
Javed Ahmadi 12Right-hand bat AF Batsman
WTS Porterfield 11Left-hand bat IE batsman
Rahmat Shah 10Right-hand bat Afghanistan all-rounder

Most Dots
NameDotsBatting StyleCountryRole
Paul Stirling 106Right-hand bat IE Allrounder
Rahmat Shah 95Right-hand bat Afghanistan all-rounder
WTS Porterfield 92Left-hand bat IE batsman
Javed Ahmadi 72Right-hand bat AF Batsman
Nasir Jamal 70Right-hand bat Afghanistan Batsman

Most Wickets
NameWicketsCountryRoleBowling Style
Barry McCarthy 8 IE Bowlerright-arm medium
Rashid Khan 7 Afghanistan Bowlerlegbreak
Mujeeb Zadran 7 India BowlerRight-arm offbreak
Tim Murtagh 5 IE BowlerRight-arm fast-medium
George Dockrell 5 IE BowlerSlow left-arm orthodox

Most Runs Conceded
NameRunsCountryRoleBowling Style
George Dockrell 127 IE BowlerSlow left-arm orthodox
Mujeeb Zadran 116 India BowlerRight-arm offbreak
Mohammad Nabi 103 AF all-rounderRight-arm off-break
Kevin O'Brien 93 IE all-rounderRight-arm medium fast
Rashid Khan 85 Afghanistan Bowlerlegbreak

Best Innings
NameRunsBallsBest MatchCountryRoleBowling Style
Barry McCarthy 4654 afgire_2017_one-day_02 IE Bowlerright-arm medium
Mujeeb Zadran 2460 afgire_2017_one-day_01 India BowlerRight-arm offbreak
George Dockrell 2854 afgire_2017_one-day_03 IE BowlerSlow left-arm orthodox
WB Rankin 4460 afgire_2017_one-day_01 IE BowlerRight-arm medium fast
Tim Murtagh 2860 afgire_2017_one-day_01 IE BowlerRight-arm fast-medium

Most Dots
NameDotsCountryRoleBowling Style
Tim Murtagh 119 IE BowlerRight-arm fast-medium
Mujeeb Zadran 118 India BowlerRight-arm offbreak
Rashid Khan 90 Afghanistan Bowlerlegbreak
George Dockrell 86 IE BowlerSlow left-arm orthodox
WB Rankin 80 IE BowlerRight-arm medium fast

Fewest Dots
NameFewest DotsCountryRoleBowling Style
Javed Ahmadi 0 AF Batsman 
Asghar Stanikzai 0 AF Batsman 
Rahmat Shah 0 Afghanistan all-rounder 
GC Wilson 0 IE wicket-keeper 
Shafiqullah 0 AF wicket-keeper 

Most Boundaries
NameBoundariesCountryRoleBowling Style
Mujeeb Zadran 13 India BowlerRight-arm offbreak
Dawlat Zadran 12 AF BowlerRight-arm fast-medium
Shapoor Zadran 12 AF BowlerLeft-arm fast medium
WB Rankin 11 IE BowlerRight-arm medium fast
George Dockrell 10 IE BowlerSlow left-arm orthodox

NameCatchesBatting StyleCountryRoleBowling Style
George Dockrell 3Right-hand bat IE Bowler 
Niall O Brien 3Left-hand bat IE wicket-keeper 
Paul Stirling 2Right-hand bat IE Allrounder 
Kevin O'Brien 2Right-hand bat IE all-rounder 
GC Wilson 2Right-hand bat IE wicket-keeper