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Donn Robins played 20 FC matches for South Australia. In 1965-66, against NSW, he took 4 wickets in 4 balls.

Well, that is what he thought.

The score-books suggested that he took 4 wickets in 5 balls.

35 years later, Australian sports historian Bernard Whimpress went through all possible documents to successfully establish that he did take 4 in 4.

Robins' career ended the very next year ( 1966-67) and he did nothing else that is worth remembering.

Whimpress brought him back in the news one final time before he faded away and eventually died in 2013.

He wrote an article on this. It was published in 'Baggy Green', a journal he edited. And then the article made its way to Wisden. It had a nice title.


"Brightly Fades The Donn"!