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Keith Andrew

Some records deserve to be well-known but are usually not that popular among followers of the game.
One such was made in the 1960s but, quite astonishingly, never found a place in the Wisden records section.

It all started on June 12th in Portsmouth. The pitch always favoured the fast bowlers and on that day the ball did rear up alarmingly from the good length spot.

They played on a variety of pitches in the next seven matches of the season and did quite well under the able leadership of their captain.

No one had an idea about the record until the day their enigmatic scorer looked through the book rather carefully.

The sequence was broken on July 12th, exactly a month after it started.
It was extraordinary, more so if we consider the number of difficult wickets the team encountered in that month.


Keith Andrew in 1965. He had kept wickets for seven matches. Nearly 900 overs. 40-odd hours in the field. Over 2000 runs. And not a single bye!