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Statement - #AnalyzeWithHW



HW Cricket | HoldingWilley, part of Mumbai-based advertising agency Cartwheel Creative, kicks off the IPL season with #AnalyzeWithHW, a data-driven approach to focus on core cricket analytics & stats.

#AnalyzeWithHW is a concept driven by deep data mining of all previous seasons resulting into brilliantly analyzed stats which shall be out, live on the HW Cricket App and across all HW social media channels throughout the season.

This shall also track live match stats to provoke interesting stat outcomes during the matches, the result of which shall help fans enjoy cricket with a statistical twist. 

Analyze-stats-01Since the beginning, HW is known for its unique take on cricket and innovative cricket analytic tools just like Chance of Winning (COW), which shall also be running live throughout the season.

Chance of Winning estimates the chances each team has of winning a match at any given point in time during the match. HoldingWilley has registered copyrights over this analytical tool and has used it in more than 1300 limited overs cricket matches since the last six years including all the one-day Internationals & T20s and last six editions of the IPL



Other tools include Game Dominance, which also runs live indicating the dominance of one team over the other, a tool based on the lines of ball possession in Football and Form Factor, which determines what form a batsman is in and by how much he has exceeded or fallen short of his potential in a given current match.




Though COW is not actually a prediction tool, yet it has correctly indicated the outcomes of 41 out of 48 ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup matches with 85% accuracy, beating Microsoft Bing's 83% accuracy in that tournament.


Firstpost, part of the Network 18 group had previously tied up with HoldingWilley for last year's T20WC to have these high performance statistical and analytical tools on their website and app.

Analyze-stats-02To follow this innovative analytical coverage along with the Indian T20 season, simply use the HW Cricket App or search for #AnalyzeWithHW on any social media platforms.

HoldingWilley is a cricket website owned by Mumbai's advertising agency, Cartwheel Creative Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Since its inception, it offers a special experience of enjoying live scores with unique game analysis tools, tongue-in-cheek cartoons & passionate articles. They have contributed statistical and analytical tools to newspapers like HT & DNA in the past, and have now done so online as well. They have also been the creators of Chennai Super Komics, a fan comic merchandise launched by Chennai Super Kings way in 2009.

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