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There was a spot fixed

The fixing detectiveIt’s the first day of IFL 7 and I’ve already detected contrivance. The interim Indian Fixing League chief Mr. Gee Sun himself was the culprit. It was after the first innings and the parade of the pretty chicks who were introducing random occurrences like fours and sixes. 

The tall bearded man interviewed Mr. Gee Sun and what Mr. Gee said was FIXED. 

Gangster and part-time rapper ‘Da Wood’ threatened Mr. Gee to say the exact words he did.

“Integrity cannot be compromised. Just because of a few people, an entire society must not be tarnished. The larger audience should understand there are honest players out there who genuinely sweat it out. Have faith in them.”

When asked what he should be called, he replied, “Titles don't change a person. You can still call me whatever you like.”

The signal was him pointing at the coat he was wearing. Mr. Gee Sun was seen sweating profusely. On closer inspection, it wasn’t sweat but bling. It was his reward for his cooperation. 

The odds of him saying ‘integrity’, ‘honest’ and ‘genuine’ were all very high. 

‘Da Wood’ made a lot of money from it and will be releasing his rap album entitled, ‘Eenie Srini Meany Mo, The IFL Is My Ho.’

Know that the match you saw wasn’t entirely original. 

I, Getafix will risk my life to get you more such dirty deeds. 

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