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Would've, Should've, Could've


Saeed Ajmal could've jagged in his last one to McCullum but he didn't and Mark Boucher would've moved the additional 12 cm to his right 999 out of a thousand times to snap up a roiling Pietersen (then on 16) but, you guessed it, not on this occasion.
The consequences of each of these footnote lapses arguably made all of the difference for their respective teams today as Pakistan lost by a solitary run to the Kiwis and South Africa were slowbowled to a 39 run defeat by England.
A six-hit and a reckless 53 don't pop eyes when recounted but their respective contexts of execution, and of course, the final results underlined how 100% effort is required for every ball in T20 matches. The past error can quickly haunt you to defeat in this game and one could sincerely understand several of Pakistan's team poignantly hanging around the player's enclosure to watch out the day's second game - the frowned look on all of their faces silently processing their probable departure from the tournament.
They shall be joined at the airport by either India or West Indies tomorrow and while neither team was present today, it shall make interesting viewing to see which grasped the painful and significant lessons of today.

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