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Why only Warne?


Look another d%^$%^&d.

Australia is losing, lets get Warney.

That is lazy thinking.

We also need an inform attacking opener, so lets dig up Victor Trumper.

A number 3 who can play in India would be handy, flip a coin between neil Harvey or Ian Chappell.

Having trouble swinging the ball boys, why not get the Demon Fred Spofforth, the man invented it.

Shane Watson can't get wickets, why not a bit of Nugget Miller.

A lot of byes in the first test, how are Wally Grout's hands these days.

Fuck it lets do the whole team.

Victor Trumper
Bill Ponsford.
Neil Harvey
Allan Border
Dougie Walters
Keith Miller
Richie Benaud
Alan Davidson
Shane Warne
Wally Grout
Fred Spofforth
Paul Sheehan (12th)

This team should make the idiots happy.

And after all, that is all the test team is there for.

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