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When The Wall bowed out...


Rahul_Dravid_India_cricket_legend‘Concentrate on the task at hand’, seemed to be the clear message,
self derived by the force contesting a strong opposition while creating a safe passage,
Almost as if tight-walking on a non erroneous zone was the final solution,
for it to save its team from a state of decimation,
Alone it walked, time and again, constructing legendary peaks of brilliance,
every time it was tasked to bail India out when the team was tethered by the enemy’s  valiance.

Then times changed fast, and the seasons also changed,
The enemy put on different faces plotting the downfall with tricks seeming cruel and deranged,
At the backdrop of expectations, with a requirement not to be contained by ordinariness,
this force was meant to serve with true passion and prevent its fall into oblivion by showcasing its extraordinariness,
Producing timeless jewels with the bat in hand, and also taking a bow from behind the stumps
this force even sealed the fall of rivals by holding onto some blinders, often observing their demeanors from behind the safety nets.

An eye that could seal the focus and rest all attention on the intent of the cherry’s seem,
The technique applied by the force to contain the enemy was often impregnable and mostly undoable it seemed.

Every ounce of sweat & every droplet of blood that it fell- had an exuberance marked by passion not aggression,
through silence the force responded, its greatness was measured by the magnitude of its concentration.

The harder the situation got, the stronger became the resolve,
to commit the self to team’s purpose always remained Rahul Dravid’s greatest cause.

Though his contribution can never be forgotten and a thing can be said for certain,
there was just one Mr. Dependable who we could trust to bat longer than the span of rains, and the changing of season to autumn.

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