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The Jewel of the Crown


The Jewel of the Crown and often the Crown of glory,
Amidst the masses the rich the intellectual and the clown,
Tales of his legendary status are heard up there in Space, Palaces, Provinces
Often covering the last mile that takes you to the end of the town.
Why was he born n what he got out of it?
~Very often the answer lies inside the heart as on the lips of the spectator who he has entertained with endless effort never with a frown.
Is his presence larger than the game which he has raised?
 Or is it the game's that would have lacked interest had he not been in it?
~Let's leave it as a puzzle solving which would put one down.
 O Sachin the great Tendulkar let naysayers be,
 Let fans talk and let critics hound,
For you ain't the world but the Universe of greatness and records scaling peaks,
Putting curtains on detractors while still answering from any pitch any ground.
Happy birthday

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