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The famous five of IPL 6


IPL_Indian_Premier_LeagueYes, you cannot blame the poor hen for delivering a few rotten eggs. While we can’t really afford to let events like spot-fixing damage cricket, we can neither keep chewing the issue non-stop. So, shed the seriousness for some time and have a look at what these five distinguished men have gained for themselves via this entire scandal.

1) Ajit Chandila: He is the most under-rated cricketer to have been found guilty in any of the spot-fixing controversies. With his talents varying from a middle man to a bookie in the making, a career outside cricket is as bright as ever for him. And like most of the villains from the movies, the means to earn money are immaterial for him. So, that’s a not a problem either. While millions are left to be too moral, Chandila has sent a signal that he is ready to be a punter, a disguiser par excellence, an agent for players who want to fix games, a bookie outside India (or wait, in Sreesanth’s firm).

2) Sreesanth: Unlike many other Indian bowlers, on the field and off it, Sreesanth did not suffer from ‘need for speed’ syndrome. In fact, he was too pacy for anyone else to compete with; especially in his extra-curricular activities. So, he vested (or wasted) days after days hammering about the need for peace in his life. While some find peace in bars, Sreesanth is altering that belief and finding peace behind bars. As they say, “different strokes for different folks.” He has been different than the rest for so long and those habits are not going to change even now. But what he has attained is time with himself.

3) Ankeet Chavan: There was not a chance for him to become the number one bowler for Mumbai or any side he would have played. But he has managed to be the first Mumbai player to have been accused of cricketing practices that are referred to as dreadful. Well, cynics and Mumbai cricket admirers are horrified by what Chavan has allegedly done. He can (if he wants) take pride in the fact that he has managed to pull off a very unlike Mumbai cricketer performance.

4) Gurunath Meiyappan: He wanted a break; a break from the multiple professional responsibilities at AVM productions and entertainment, AVM studios, AVM constructions, Chennai Super Kings and more importantly from N Srinivasan who always stole the limelight from him. By being in police custody, Meiyappan managed to not report to his father-in-law about every damn thing he did at home, in the car, in the office, in the plane, at the dinner table, near the CSK dug-out and everywhere he went. It is a different story that Srinivasan will grill him now; considering neither of them have much to do now.

5) Vindoo Dara Singh: Wherever he went, people thought he was a drunken bouncer. And when not that, they fondly kept talking about his wrestler father. In short, even after winning a reality show, acting in blockbuster movies (obviously not), no one took him seriously; neither the media nor anybody else. So desperate was he for publicity and limelight, he joined hands with intuitively superior souls (read: bookies) and Meiyappan and what followed was a burst of camera, media-bytes mentioning him and then days in jail. It is ‘Mission successful’ for Vindoo as he managed to get media’s attention.

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