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Something poetic about India v England


Andrew Flower had a theory,
But I and others had a query,
So the pacemen, they got weary,
And Monty, must have been quite teary.

So onto a dust bowl we did go, with a single proper spinner,
All that happened to our quicks was that they got thinner.

When the Indian boys had scored enough,
And the English heads had gone to fluff,
The batsmen wanted to grab the scruff,
But the ball turned not just from the rough.

The middle order just fell over, and were it not for Cook and Matt,
The crowd would have laughed, and the game gone flat.

England's second fist was something more,
But Kevin's failure just as poor,
The crowd watched on and gave a roar,
But Captain Cook went on to score.

But in the end it wasn't close, and Che Pujara was just great,
England must right now improve, before it is too late.

Between the games there was some noise,
That England had the wrong spin boys,
And if they are to regain some poise,
They had to drop the quick cowboys.

Dhoni and his men did laugh and called for much more spin,
Would he get what he wanted and with it a series win?
It came along with the promise of turn,
Question one, would the English learn?
Question two, would KP burn?
And all this fun without an urn!

Dhoni won the toss and said they'd have to bat,
On a pitch that looked so incredibly flat.

But England's spin was in top form,
Monty Panesar appeared re-born,
Stuart Broad remained forlorn,
But Sachin's form had been withdrawn.

Big Che Pujara was not to be halted,
All of England's bowlers were assaulted.

But only Ashwin was there to aid,
Foundations of a lead were made,
Much of India was dismayed,
But in their spinners hope was laid.

And it came to pass that most of England failed,
Yet Bhajji, Ashwin, and Ohja were derailed.

The big boys were KP and Cook,
They put their names in the record book,
On and on without a single a hook,
Past their hundreds with hands they shook.

In the third innings it fatally changed,
As Swanny and Monty ran in deranged.

When big Che Puhara, he got out,
England knew they had a shout,
The batting seemingly lost its clout,
Monty-Swann amazed throughout.

With the series tied one each, it cannot just diminish.
So come on folks, give it your all, we need a thrilling finish!!

To view more of David Bird, visit his blog at http://quitecross.wordpress.com/

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