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What happened during ICC meeting in London...


What happened in London would decide what will happen in India, England and Australia. And what won’t in South Africa; unless International Cricket Council (ICC) decide to continue the Champions Trophy and ask South Africa to host it. Although Sri Lanka’s name does not feature in host-list of ICC events to be played till 2023, it is almost a given that India would allow Sri Lanka to co-host the World Cup. Meanwhile, Pakistan as of now won’t get a chance to host an ICC event. For some, this might be hard on Pakistan. But with International cricket teams being unsure with the security issues in Pakistan, one can’t blame ICC for excluding Pakistan from the host list.

Here is a quick look at what ICC decided to do at their recently concluded meeting in London.

Australia to host 2020 T20 World Championship

Australia are currently in a phase of ‘no-rotation.’ But ICC’s views about the rotation would be loved by the masses and classes of Australia. It would give them a chance to host 2 ICC events in few years’ time. With New Zealand co-hosting 2015 World Cup and Bangladesh having co-hosted 2011 World Cup, South Africa and Pakistan are the only countries that have no ICC event in their home country.

ICC recognise South Africa’s record

South Africa is the number 1 Test team in the world. And although some of their stalwarts are certain to retire in a few years, they can continue to hold the position of the top Test team in the world. But with ICC refusing to grant South Africa with any big ICC events till 2023, it is a clear-cut sign that ICC (too) have recognised South Africa’s love affair with the ‘C’ word at the ICC events. Hence, ICC have decided that there is no point trusting South Africa with big events.

India continue to impress ICC 

The hosting rights of the 2016 T20 World Championship, 2021 World Test Championship and 2023 World Cup mean two things – (1) India are either damn good hosts (2) or the financial ability to hold such big events is so good that ICC have no other option but to ask the BCCI to host ICC events so frequently. While we can continue to ponder over that, we better notice Dalmiya’s ability to impress ICC.

England to host the first World Test Championship 

ICC decided to grant England with two more ICC events. A World Test Championship in 2017 and then 2019 World Cup (announced earlier.) Although the rains almost won the player of the Champions Trophy 2013, England did a fine job otherwise. To be fair to England, as fickle the weather is, the grounds are well maintained. Additionally, England, in practice has remained one of the key supporters of Test cricket; fully justifying the selection to host the Test Championship.

Afghanistan become the 37th Associate member of ICC

This was one of the most heartening announcements from the recent ICC meeting in London. Afghanistan’s story from a country marred by conflicts has often been highlighted. The tough times back home though have not bogged the Afghan cricket down. There have been countries that impressed during their début 50 overs World Cup. But many of those failed to gather any pace post that. While it is still premature to predict which way Afghanistan cricket would go, so far they have done a remarkable job and hence deserve the status of an associate member at ICC.

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