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Trying to Tie a Kangaroo Down

Fast forward to May 26 2008 and I'm left to ponder if Windies have become good old Jimmy forever putting the squeeze on the Swede only to see him wriggle free ever so coolly.  
There is little argument that Australia did not deserve their victory, Ponting's genuinely brilliant knock proved the difference in a game dominated by the bowlers and all the goodwill earned by Windies following the bravery of Shiv and their bowlers' second innings efforts was quickly equalized with Australia's corresponding effort. If Lee enters the next match in same high octane vein I'm going to have to admit that I've become now quite impressed with the lad.  
The psychic gut-punch felt in the region the day after has been the palpable equivalent to what Connors underwent after going two sets up only to lose (again) on that day.
How did we blow this one and just how do you provide wriggle room from 18 for 5?
To be fair, there were no fielding or bowling slip-ups.  We just could not it get it done - first with the ball, and then with the bat.
To be fair, maybe it all came down to that Mc Gill run-out of Ramdhin.  Both the Windies keeper and Darren Sammy were providing one final unbelievable twist to the game when a reasonable quick single to mid-on was thwarted by the leggies' astonishingly quick and accurate release.  So quick and savage was the play in its ruthless field-and-release, it resembled the act of a cornered cobra.  And they were indeed cornered:  Mc Gill had just been replaced after losing his line and length and the pacers were spent forces.  The run-out underlined the cliche that the great teams/ athletes always find a way to win.
Hopefully the Windies learn that singular lesson in a performance that otherwise deserved a win and when that defining moment comes, we grab a hold and never let go. 
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