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The overworked Brett Lee

The Australian selectors could take 4 bowlers into the next test.
Then the work load would be spread.
Ricky Ponting could use Rupert Clark as his Clydesdale.

That is clearly his station in life.

Roy could start bowling medium pacers again.

As that was his way, back in the day.

Ponting is a captain very much in the mould of Allan Border.

If Border found a bowler who was in form, he would plough that fucker into the crease until there was no crease.

Ponting does that too.

Conversely, if you are out of form, or Ponting thinks you are, he will simply not use you.

Shaun Tait has played as a spectator a couple of times.

Clark and Dizzy Gillespie have had tests where they clearly thought they were 12th men.

The overuse of Brett lee is a fixable problem, but it would require common sense and good captaining skills.

So it may never be solved.

The good news for Australian cricket is Shaun Tait is willing to come back early from his, um, what do you call it, sounds like repression, not stress leave, you know, oh, his sabbatical, and fly to the West Indies and save Australia.

Thanks Shaun.
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