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The Parvez Rassol Story


Parvez_Rasool_India_cricketBy getting into India A squad, Parvez Rassol has become the first cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) to have played for India against an international side. With this, he has taken a giant stride in fulfilling his dream to play for Team India. But Rassol is not just a cricketer equipped with the skills. On a larger scale, he represents what J&K is.

Since India’s independence, J&K has been under scrutiny. The social-political unrest and continuous intrusion by various forces are worrisome. The administrative short-sightedness and lack of sensitivity from outside world have not helped either. And if that’s not enough, the media’s intentional or unintentional portrayals of Kashmiri youth being fond of guns than roses have stereotyped the opinions of many. In this light, Rassol’s rise is special. The things that a 24 years youth across India take for granted, is a subject of a great luxury for Rassol and many others from Jammu and Kashmir.

Although a cricketer, Rassol first made news as a suspect when the explosives were found near Chinaswamy Stadium in 2009. Like many others in Jammu and Kashmir, it was Rassol’s turn to go through his share of trials. However, that neither stopped him dreaming to play for India nor turned him disillusioned or impolite. His honesty, while thanking Bishan Singh Bedi for helping him to become a better cricketer, stands out.


Parvez Rassol - Batting stats (Ranji season 2012-13)

Matches Innings Not out Runs HS Ave 100 50
7 13 2 594 171 54.00 2 2


Parvez Rassol - Bowling stats (Ranji season 2012-13)

Matches Balls Mdns Runs Wickets BBI Ave ER SR 5w
7 1384 58 597 33 7/41 18.09 2.59 41.94 3


I am no Nostradamus to predict whether he will play for Team India. But Rassol’s rise amidst trials and tensions can give J&K youth hope and outside world a new perspective about them. Even though he belongs to the land that remains most disputed, there are not many speculations about Rassol’s hard-work. 594 runs and 33 wickets for this right-hand batsman and off-spinner during the ongoing Ranji season have helped his Jammu and Kashmir team better its Ranji record and put him on selector’s radar. How far Rassol can go from here on is subject to how well he performs. But Rassol’s story certainly has a feel good factor about it. So far, he has done his bit. Is J&K youth ready to follow the suit?

Stats by: Karna Yajnik

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