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The Curse of the Jelly Bean


It can strike you down at any time.

You can talk about your core fitness.

You can talk about yogalates.

You can talk about your great new fitness regime.

You can talk about the egg and salada diet.

But the jelly beans don’t care.

As described before:

"A jelly bean player is built like tarzan, and plays like Shane (Watson)."

Once the JB's get a hold of you, there is nothing your pathetically well built body can do.

There is no religion, not even Sehwagology, that can help.

No pills that can fix it.

It just devours you.

And with that, Shane Watson is out of cricket for 6 months.

No Sydney test.

No South Africa.

No Ashes.

And most importantly, obviously, no IPL.

His back is gone.

He is gone.

Some guys just aren’t built for cricket.


(Jarrod can also be found on www.cricketwithballs.com. Click here to know more about him)

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