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Taking a Stock of the Cricket situation


altThe excitements of the stock markets lie in its unpredictability. A typical broking house would see random bunch of heads jump up as if celebrating a hat-trick as others give a dejected look similar to opposition's captain. While some calculate, speculate, gather news and information (some even go on to properly analyze the price movements), the event portrays itself as One Day Internationals played 5 days every week.

Reports, analysis, T.V. bulletins flow in every morning to wake up even the people who fought with sleep the entire night. It's religious and by no means a fluke market as many people strongly suggest. Surely they faced failures or plain believed that life could well exist even if the stock markets were closed down. Yes, but not today please.

Over unlimited 'cuttings' (half a cup of tea served best when hot and on the road) that I have had so far in my life, one thing stands to be noticed always. These are places, and the ones frequented by almost all classes of people, that generate the thickest of the opinions. Opinions that sometimes turn heads to notice, even of the one who is making your tea. Debates follow almost assured. All this ends within the time you sip away your tea - 5 minutes!

And amongst the topics deliberated, the two that stand out are stock markets and cricket. I am not able to put an appropriate order to that, of course.

And then we thought of merging the two. Bring cricket to stock markets. Here are a few points why that would work, we believed:

1. Stock market depends on how companies perform. So does Cricket team’s form, it depends on the how well the teams are playing.

2. However the price movements of stocks function more on people's speculation. So does cricket, the opinions are strong here as well.

3. Companies typically generate a trend of their own over a period of time. So do the teams in cricket.

4. With them there creeps in level of irrational bias towards a few companies in every investor. They call that “fans” in cricket.

5. And then there are short term 'traders' and long term 'investors'. But then the guy sitting next table gulping his beer is not sure what his favourite team is many a times. And the person accompanying him is invariably fanatic about each of his international team, club, player and even a pitch somewhere.

That’s enough reasons to have a game which merges the two. No matter what are you good in, cricket or stock markets or both, here is a game that you can win on any of those.

For more details, registration and cricket madness, log in at www.holdingwilley.com/IPL-PL to play our very own Investors' Premier League. Hurry, we are waiting.

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