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Reasons why India are out of the World T20 thingy


There will be lots of reasons why people think the Indian team are out of the world T20, but if you are an Indian and you want a good one to use for your friends I suggest using one from here.
Have you been to an IPL party? You have to sniff an entire mountain of blow just to get in the door. After that things really get crazy. All I’ll say is this, shaved poodles, whipped cream swimming pools and a Prince Randian impersonator.
Gary Kirsten is just another white overlord who does not get the sublime nature of the Indian male. Plus he wore a Greg Chappell signature hat to training one day.
Ravindra Jadeja was a Pakistani sleeper agent.
India are already number one in test cricket, baby. Why try hard for this pathetic form of cricket? Everyone knows test cricket is the Nun’s labia.
Sachin (the great unwashed’s God) & Sehwag (the thinking person’s God) weren’t there. That is some handicap to be imposed, like cutting off a leg before a race.
The players all decided to strike based on the fact that the man who signed so many heavy cheques for them, I think his name was Lalit, was in some trouble.
Indians are humble and beautiful people; they are already the number one test team. To continue being the number one T20 team would just be bad manners. There are plenty of titles to share around.
L Ron Stanford rigged the result.
With Ashish Nehra and Praveen Kumar in the one change room there was so much negativity from their general’s facial expressions that the whole team became massively depressed.
It was angst from Sania Mirza defecting to sleep with an averagely talented cricketer who gives away his life on the telephone.
In 2007 Lalit was working hard to ensure the success of the Indian team, in 2010 he is working hard to make sure he doesn’t get politically hung draw and quartered. The BCCi are back in charge now.
Pragyan Ojha was at home.
According to Quantum Mechanics India did win, just not in the world we currently inhabit. Hire season one of “sliders”, the answer is probably in there somewhere.
While it is highly illegal and known by few, we can finally reveal the truth for you here, Shah Ruh Khan owns shares in the Indian Cricket Team.
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